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Facebook® as an Information Center

Lesson 3 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Facebook® as an Information Center

Lesson 3 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

3. Facebook® as an Information Center

Lesson Info

Facebook® as an Information Center

A third of my categories that that last was the longest just so y'all can kind of gauge where we're going here but it's an information center in and of itself you don't even have to lean on your peers and your friends, acquaintances, whatever they have so much on facebook just built into its functionality. So for me, oh it's always so overshare yeah, but I have narcolepsy and it's a a sleep disorder and it's it is what it is. It sucks but, you know it's fine, but one of things that's hardest for me about it is it impacts my memory, my especially my short term memory, I know things happen, but not crystal clear. And so, like after class today, I was like, who are you know, I'm kidding nothing like that, but I love that facebook is sort of my backup plan and this is awful of the mother to admit, but just the other day I was making a project and I couldn't remember maggie's birth staff I mean, of course I know her birthday, I couldn't remember the, uh what was the weight? I think, and I k...

new I had posted maggie fear here that's pretty typical here's baby here, their staff so I just unfortunates like trying to find a photo, they're easier to fall back on status updates we'll talk about ways to make it easier but they can be hard fortunately it was with the photos I found it fairly quickly and it was right at my fingertips I guess they literally you know you're it's right there for you also everyone's birthdays unless you she's not to share that so from a card maker perspective, if you want to have your birthday calendar and you're on it, my sister in law she knows who she is she's amazing it's all there for you and the great thing is called a timeline like the second bullet point says for a reason that it is that it a time passing in chronological order that happening in your world so that's nice to have that and let's see can posted info that data you don't have to go and say, can you give me info? They're putting it out there we're all putting it out there all the time it's available for us and it's not creepy you know you may feel a little weird being lurking on someone's timeline, copy and some of their stuff, but you're just doing it for a nice memory. Keeping reasons is awesome the creepy on and then incorporating family from afar like phyllis has said so let's see and exercise were I want you to think about with your own and dio we're goingto homework far e but it's fun homework tonight and a home we can do now are any time later take open your albums open your photo roll and goto also does not just there's a few different approaches you can take when you open the photo portion of facebook the way you're going to see all of them whether you're tagged in him or not is to do that also does so it's like I think and so visual I think it's the third one over then you'll see depending on how long you've been on there gobs and gobs of photos right? Yeah well it's fun it's fun take your mouth scroll down it's a little easier to do on the computer you can do it from your phones but it's kind of a nicer to have a bigger view because there's so many of them and just go down and see your photos and see especially of younger children you can see them growing up right there on the screen which is fantastic or your hair growing or your waistline growing or shrinking you know just it's neat to see that time passage it's also cool to see stuff about you that you didn't realize so we know the heavy hitters we know that we post about our families we know we post about our cruises you know the kind of obvious ones but there you're going to see I think naturally you'll notice as you do this that you have patterns of your two year posting unique to you that you didn't even realize existed and the brain is naturally trained to seek out patterns, your ideas you don't even realize it's doing it. So before long you don't have to sit there and say, where's, my pattern where pattern it's just going to kind of oh, whoa, I'm seeing this a lot and it's like that is a story in the making something show you an example. Ah, in a moment, let me finish my bullet points. That same thing could be true with your updates. Like I said, I didn't really until I was actually thinking about it realized how much I abuse that pulling put the polling aspect of facebook. I'm always asking anyone to help me marrying help me, everybody but it's. So nice to have that immediate help and let's see national are natural gathering place of common posting category, so, like we're saying online in here too, we have our groups that if you as a crafter, want to connect with others, whether you know them or not, you want to be inspired by them learn from them, they are on facebook and there are groups that conjoined, they don't have to be private just for this set. Amount people in jumpin be part of it can also follow manufacturers who are promoting their brands but giving you tips on how to use their products their latest releases house and just did that recently looking many stuff so cute and I love that I could be on like right at the the tip of that and no immediately what's happening you feel so much more in the know when you're at home with whether you're at home you know, for whatever reason sometimes you feel like you're out of touch facebook helps you feel less that way and the time passing like I said we talked about that let's show you an example fifty ninth guess it it's fairly obvious what is one of my oh my gosh she posts about this way too much why did she tape on and this isn't even all of them whatever I kind of love the stuff I should take with a decorative a form of decorative tape we're gonna work with it in our workshop which is awesome and it's I guess generic name is japanese masking tape it's from this rice paper the true washington others decorative tape that's similar to washy but anyway usually it's kind of translucent and kind of see through its not so tacky that you can't reposition if you need to know that you won't tear your projects but then when you needed to stay put it well you could so over it's amazing I love object into let's do a class on that primary all right we'll just see the washy bonanza ok have done already clearly stories look how cute it is when you store it this is just a mug um I'm washing the dishes by hand and hang my mother on there thing drying rack yes this is a drying rack but it looks so much better without the dish of honor that put the washington wanted or this I would card catalogue at home my washington they're right I don't need to do the dewey decimal system tell me why she came in there and say when they first came out with the washing because it used to be unless you're blessed to live here in san francisco which lucky you fantastic in utah what why she was hard to come by it's better enough so when the stores like target the target in the office max came out with the scotch already about hit the roof I had instagram that facebook that look you know I was so excited so yeah that was a pattern for me and I know how excited it makes me but I didn't realize how out there I was with it you all have something like this that you know about you but you don't know to this degree right? So this anyone what as I'm saying this and you're kind of thinking about yours I have one that jumps out at you food? Yeah, food who doesn't love the food right drinks no one drinks you got wash it down have drinks everywhere that so hee like what's cool. How fun is this of a layout? My love affair with food I love affair for me food trucks and I love that greasy food good stuff yeah, you know anyone else have like oh, yeah I do this a lot that you didn't really you don't actively choose to do it just kind of happens we're online maybe, but you nelson anything that's kind like oh, I probably watched yeah, I'm not alone yeah, I've got it pretty even if we know this place I like the way when those look yes I don't know yeah, yeah try not to take him every time we've gotta anthropology urban outfitters but I'm gonna take it put it up there we love it we want to see it right there where you think camera yeah vintage cameras, cameras, new cameras, pink cameras yes delightful camera and you post about oh, yeah, I love that you went online having their love in the washington case and they're like, look, you know it's a little crazy awesome, yes, it'll be fun so I want you to try this senate because it will help you I think of potential stories waiting to be told I know we I have plenty to tell, but this one's kind of a little bit more fun and creative and playful cause they're different some things I for one like I get in a rut or a routine came telling another birthday story telling another which I wanted teo and I appreciate the importance of it, but you wantto spice up your creative mojo a little bit it's nice to have things that you haven't told before or the things that you do tell every your fresh ways to approach them and then yeah here's some ideas from online cat cat she said they post a lot of food photos, wendy's medley post their favorite books and ted talks and then cash the lives of those flowers too, so that will get the creativity going hopefully yes look that's a great one and hobbies right? Hani's a totally I think that's fantastic and sometimes even hobbies you didn't know you had that you just yet and actually mama of eight says that they're recognizing their pattern. I didn't realize how I always take photos of sunsets or sunshine shining through the trees or cool street signs yeah from him vintage vintage at a motel signs you know that was kind of off the beaten path towns along the interstate like that cars movie a love of old signs and they're going away so it's fun to capture that and cool stories to be told I love it thank you thank you for sharing that. All right, information center I think we've covered this we kind of got ahead of ourselves, but again thief stuff is out there for you. So somebody is that we haven't talked about we have talked about like minded individuals um and that's how you get them? I haven't really covered and it's simply a search. So if you're on the facebooks he go up to the top left corner and you can just type in scrapbooking that alone is going to be oh, right too much, but then on the right side there's a way to filter your search to target it to more specific whether it's a kit club manufacturer techniques stamping what have you there is something there for you could be scrapbooking, but, you know, kind of off the beaten path beings I'm trying to get a good example and I don't clearly don't have one, but even if your stuff is a little bit more niche here, targeted odds are there's another person in the world that wants to party with you, so look for that and then one thing, my friend, I did a lot of asking around as I prepared this site I know my level of experience with my social media but I wanted to know on a grander scale to be able to reach more people and one friend of mine had this great idea jennifer had said the quizzes I don't do a lot of these myself and the cuisine I mean like how redneck are you right now I'm megan I'm eighty three percent ridden it uh the color pink ursula come quat nice to meet you right is these things they're said, how much of this are you how much of that? And you take these little poles who knows how scientific they are or not, but how funny would that be is a layout I'm megan this is me in the face but met shell right kind of a random thing but as one ofthe but as a group it's kind of funny and playful and then following your interests so I got that example or some search results and they'll look like that in the groups and you can just wanna marry have like to use you can see if you have any and just click on it no take you to like it if you have stuff you've like this is kind of a little off topic, but if you follow groups and company pages already and you were used to and accustomed to getting great information from them, then it kind of went cold a little while ago what about six weeks ago? I think they spoke changed its policies a little bit on how companies can reach the consumer for free so they you have to actively go to the page so this is an example this is the magazine do you work for? They're still awesome and over here I like them but I want to make sure you know why I like them when there was a reason I wanted things from them write so well and they're great but you just go to the like button and there'll be a natural drop down menu right there make sure it won't be checked a default said it isn't now so you'll want to actively check get notifications or the flip side if you like somebody here like okay bob's burgers I don't need another hamburger post ten a day is plenty and you're kind of over it, but you don't want to disconnect entirely it's a nice way to kind of filter that down a little bit gives you a little more control oh right facebook also and as with instagram has some prompt some kind of group effort uh where I'm looking for collaborative kind of games, I guess early games but common themes that people do for updates so in november the month of gratitude and should have gratitude haven't you done this? Have you heard of this it's where every day on from november one, two thirty you write what you're thankful for so it's not me it's obvious we're thankfully things but it's nice to kind of bring that to the forefront once a month of celebrating blessings, so if you're interested in that, they're readily available. It's a nice journaling prompt it's a nice, fresh way to tell your scrapping stories and a lot of other people are participating too, so you could even compile like a mini album and have several of your whole families three positive things for five days and no, my friends are doing that december daily in december one hundred happy days they're very prominent and then look here's what my cute friended she she took this is britney's, and she took her attitude of gratitude to a place a league of its own she's an editor but my gosh, it was amazing! I usually do what it's obvious I love and I'm thankful for family and on my car, she says, like the public library because so nice to have books, you know, just she really thought it through and I loved it, so I knew I was going to cover this and classes can you tell me what you do with that after she actually turned into a wall calendar, so she writes down last year's blessings for next year and it's almost like an advent calendar for november she wrote down her attitude of gratitude on one side of the heart and then they're all numbers side up at first and then as the days happened she turns over and can revisit that and like be reminded of why what was important to her some of that was very specific so maybe it's changed from a year ago you know it's just a cool idea and that's just simply using a hard punch I think she's a fisk ours handheld heart shaped punch and sim cards suck that the hobby lobby product that already came with the clips on it and everything super easy yeah clever she's creative all right I watch a facebook flick one thing I mentioned like the quizzes and stuff of facebook that is so neat they have a lot of things available for you one thing they expected with their ten year anniversary is they offered this free service is still available so if you didn't get on it then and you want to you can still do it and they just kind of give you your facebook experience in like one minute thing and they put me that gone and then you look right when you're watching it when we least at home for the first time in the privacy of your bedroom but cool fancy videos and they do it all for you really face looks amazing how do you find it again when I did it that one time out? No idea I had been waiting for two if you go to your albums, just all of your photo click on photo albums the very first one should be videos and it's going to be within that. So at the top of all your albums one I think that very one of the very first ones will be videos and it will live in there. Do any of you have any other questions about facebook that didn't make sense? Like where to find things or how to serve? Yeah, I love that you ask six it was hard to find. Did you still not fear? You know, let me look at it on the brand when you look at that speech and I think that was really cool and then you know what? I didn't know about this feature? Maybe didn't either you can actually edit it. So the first go around some of the photos were little I didn't want to share among creative life function of shared among face, but because it's from two thousand eight I was a young pop fact that right a little crazy so you can take him in edit that even now, even I've had that since january. So it's nice to personal life. So that's what? We're that's that's a good idea because there was a couple of pictures I didn't really want to stay on the yes, yes, now e went up in the corner and a little better at it. Ok, and then okay. And it does if you have comments and life already attached to it from when you originally posted. Don't worry. If you edit that video, those comments are maintained. Okay, okay. Great that's. Good tonight. Yeah, I really still don't understand the difference between the comments and the notes when people in comments are notes from people notice actually a functionality it's almost like a word processing program. Well, very, very primitive it's very thin nose within facebook that you khun type like almost like a block entry, and then you can tag people on it and within the comments of that blawg poster that note whereas comments themselves, they're just in response to status updates. Photos you've shared. Yeah, thank you for asking for clarity is that help? A little bit? So the note is something that it's more, um planned as opposed to the o actually, lori information, because there's a lot more room to write, you wouldn't want to put a notes worth of information in a status update, so it's, if you have a lot more to share, its not used a ton. It was for a little while, but we'll bring it back. Bring him back, you know? Okay, users where they find the note functionality. We do have one thought, nothing gone who is joining us from france eyes actually trying to figure out if if you could describe the icon or where it is, maybe you can walk us through. Yeah, well, I know that I try to remember you go to your timeline, see when you're on your home page when you open face, but most likely is going to default to home, which three see everybody's feeds, and then you click your name when you clicked your name that's your unique real estate on facebook's, and if I remember correctly down the left side, that left panel there's some different elements and one of those says notes it's very it's kind of some of those things that they have, they don't really play up, so it kind of needle in the haystack, you know, but is there, and then you can it'll say, create a note and you, you do. And then you can make. Choose you, publish it, too. You can even make it public for everyone to see. Then we'll just be on your timeline. Or you can make it a private note for a select group of people, which is what my joni one was. So it has more to. And then I think we realize and take advantage of.

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