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Visual Storytelling with Instagram®

Lesson 4 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Visual Storytelling with Instagram®

Lesson 4 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

4. Visual Storytelling with Instagram®

Lesson Info

Visual Storytelling with Instagram®

Now it will be the more visual form in instagram, so if you aren't an instagram er you just don't get it like my friend I mentioned before I want to show you how powerful it is as a visual tool in your storytelling but also in your written storytelling because as I said before, there will be some common threats between it and facebook one of them being the comments functionality so instagram this is a view of instagram from your desktop or your computer and it's generally not use this way if not you can't up I don't think you cannot blow this way, can you? I don't think so I haven't been able tio it's primarily used to your smartphone device but you can view your account on life on your computer and there's also a web site. We're not going to go into great detail that's called follow gram and it allows you a little bit more funding because a site other than instagram itself but it allows you more kind of access to your account to your photos for saving purposes and things like that so ...

just know that's available for you if you're on a computer right now but primarily instagram's a phone friend like to phone a friend please s o the instigator investigation that sound a little formal it's more just like what we did with facebook we're going to break it down a little bit benefits being snapshots of the every day getting a lot of common threads with facebook collaborative but one thing that's very unique to instagram all these versus facebook not versus the twitter that I know so much about is the hashtag and I like this I thought on somewhere in commercial or something that a pound sign that number signs all it's the hashtag just what is that you need? You have some kind of unknown aspects that hash tags and what they are and why they're there it could be they have several purposes so some people don't get it because they're using so many different ways it's hard to without some instruction understand them we'll talk about that and then information center again we won't go into this in great detail because it has come with facebook but you can find people with like interests of your so that you can connect I've made new friends all over the world not because the crafting jobs I've had or anything beyond we both like this certain hobby and we connect and now we write each other emails you cannot use in each other presence in the mail it's really fun I love it and then a bit about photo composition and instant tricks fly on my block recently I asked about this class what would you like to know in the class of the topic of apt to archive and so he said selfies like the selfie I want that uncovered how do I get myself into my stories but not like you know that don't do it no no style of selfie there are ways you can take your own photo get you into your storytelling that don't scream selfie right and definitely no duckface okay, all right moving on quite clack anything goes instagram anything goes almost too much sometimes of the careful when you're searching but you know whatever your hobbies, your interests, your approach you don't have to, you can and there are certainly people who dio use it for business purposes so it's very targeted and they share set things like for me being a crafting I don't the word is not I guess personality or unknown crafter I could she get guru love that better? I did make my imprint gist crafts and have it just be a crafting channel. I know people enjoy that from me, but I choose to have the best of both with both my personal life and like crafting so don't like it has to be one way or another there's not really a lot of rules around what you post including you and I don't even like feet and I never post feet photos but including my growth feet and this is just illustrate you can even post sock photos and it's not that I like the disgusting socks that those ones on the far side where my dad's when I was a kid that's how old and aaron? Obviously these ones have seen better days, but I was just they were funny stories. It was actually the story behind the photo that made me take the picture and posted it. My husband gives me a lot of grief for my sock choices, so on and he's, very funny and witty and dry, and I wanted to capture what he had said. So it says cory took one look at my socks and said, get a job, you know, this one like, whatever, leave me alone hater, right? And then several, like that was, uh, I don't remember a long time ago. And then over here, maggie, my daughter took one look at my socks, my dad stocks actually and made her monkey sound. I said to corey, they do kind of look like sock monkey socks, which they do there that brown specially kind andi recently responded by saying they look like transient socks, and I said, why does he always hate on my socks? And then all of a sudden, I've got not intentionally air force a sock story coming together, right? And then I wrote, darn him hot because the pun is always an awesome option if you can work in these sox need to be darned right what is called you fill the holes okay yeah hope I'm using my puns and I was like I don't even know what you're saying weak weak pun yeah ok anyway anything goes um all right. So hash brown selfie have you seen this commercial? I think it's esurance to do that the a xerox machine and he's like he's taken pictures of himself on the copy machine someone comes and he's like are you photo bombing me older and kind of nerdy hash browns selfie means hashtag I love it and really supports us at what is this you may be seeing the justin timberlake jimmy fallon hashtag hashtag we haven't youtube that very funny so it is several things I think and if you need you know more about this again dialogue police chime in but I believe it started primarily as a unit thanksgiving a universal cataloging system so it was a way for you to file in the grand instagram world your images under their categories one of calm when I use that's on this picture that I kind of treated with different hashtags, but underneath that is my daughter and my dog is jack russell jack russell the common breed of dog he is a jack russell, so when I post about him sometimes I don't always do this I'll hashtag jack russell, do you think look it it's a hyper link and it takes you to anyone else with public profiles you consult your instagram to either that private or public then anyone who was a public profile has posted with the hashtag jack russell e c all their puppies it's really cool right it's really need to see those kind of very common ones that's very obvious use comic relief a lot of people will do little one liners you need to do that well jabs with your hashtag like me with mine was darn him that was a hashtag about the socks which was so awesome another break news for hashtag added detail at a detail so especially for crafts and crafters when you're posting your projects people are following you because they want to know about those projects they want to know how you made and be inspired by it but you only have photo captions you can't go into a supply list eighty lines long or technique list eighty lines long so you want to make sure the prominent the heavy hitters our hashtag like a pattern paper that's very unique maybe you can say hashtag in our case fancy pants designs and that way people can have a clue will nugget to know I wanted that paper I'm going to go there hashtag alison craft you know that helps you and we're going to talk more about the difference between tagging somebody with the at sign and the pound sign the hash brown, right that's, right? So and how to do it and when to do which one? Because they're both forms of tagging to help your viewership understand more about what you're posting and one other thing I think in this class in particular and the way I use it the most is a personal filing system it's the opposite of the first point in that you wanted to be as you need to you as possible. The reason for that is as you're a story teller, a journal er of your life, you can then be filing and categories in your posts, so that was that hyperlink all of a sudden, if I want to do at one of my once that's most used is maggie don it's, my daughter's first a middle name if I click magadan almost all of them, sometimes I forget, but I'll tell you work around on that are right there and I don't have to do what we're doing with our facebook in all a scroll scroll, scroll, it's really nice and same are similar situation intimate group filing so you do that for yourself and you can also go up for a group the family reunion group we can all have a hashtag common to their re union that way whenever anyone posting what if the kraft family, when lovers oh, nice, a lot of leverage and that's probably pretty unique, like happen er with theo. Yeah, so if you have a unique name in particular, is easy, and anyone could say lynn liver reunion or whatever, and you'll know when you click on that very slim chance they'll be outsiders in that hashtag awesome. All right, so the universal I'm not a great detail for that, because it's kind of it's not as relevant to memory keeping, but there are reasons why, and if you're on instagram, maybe you are on there for business purposes, in addition to personal or solely business. It's a great way to grow your audience because their common categories people are searching its ways for people to find you and follow you. You can lead you two new followers like my keep friend that I mentioned in malaysia that I just adore. I found her through hashtag photo call them breadcrumbs so go over how that works the ad detail, just like I mentioned four and the awful they do offer you some financial storytelling assistance on kind of a higher scale not so mitchie unique. All right, comic relief why use it sarcastically? Well, it's, fun to have the will one liners, you know, and I think this is so is where look man, I had that conversation my friend who was a lover of the instagram what's all that nonsense of the body I mean all this is my cousin the same way all this run on text and it doesn't make sense and it's because people have muddied the waters it was originally filing and now it's like darn socks kind of thing so but it's fun is a nice way to out of one little element maybe in caption isn't about that at all but you want to say something silly that's the way that it often if I have found with my posting and if you're trying to generate dialogue and make your instagram activity more in layered if I do a comic hashtag that usually depends to get people's comments back you're going to find those you newer to instagram unlike facebook you get a lot you don't get as many comments here it's primarily I can't be we like to scroll down we like to look at it you double tap if you use bold instagram and facebook on your phones do you do this all time double tap on facebook and if you double tap the screen it likes it it makes a little heart highlight and that means you've liked it on ly on instagram then if you double tap on the facebook one because there just in that habit it opens the photo curses right yeah you do that a lot but anyway, and most of the time people are just going to scroll, so don't like if you're not getting a bunch of comments on your post, you're doing something wrong. Most people don't, you'll get more of the likes, and even then you don't always get those, but people are looking at so fun, it's such a fun place to view lightens the mood and, you know, really, why not have some comic relief? Life needs more of that, right? Here's an example of getting some feedback. I got this awesome mantle. I don't even have a fireplace, but I have a frame now and I'm gonna make this fun someday. And I wrote on here project time who's in I put habitat for humanity restore because that's, where I got that steal of a deal, if you have those in your town, checked them out and it benefits habitat for humanity. So it's amusing it's, like the's, donated old household things they don't need any more, so I wanted to put the high level of the universal cataloging system. I also want to put on a personal level for me migs mantle project, but I wanted to get my little finger into so what I meant to say one thing with facebook or instagram, you're going to find if you're using your phone auto corrects a lot because it's the phones just have that way about them so I meant to write big mental project or is it meg's mental project because I don't even know I'm getting myself into writing my mental thinking about this being a good idea but instead isn't it auto corrected or is it mega mental project time will tell this still work fortunately that still worked and it probably is a mega if you ask my husband it's a mega mental project but it's going to be cool mark my words check back in the year he'll be on there anyway and because I did that did jesse st james hahn the hashtag you know and it's not a ton of dialogue going on but it got a remark because it's fun peacefully show your personality anyone can make a mantle with me on so adding detail you don't wantto dude this is why we talk about the hashtag versus the outside kind of a there I hate saying rules hardened past roles but there is some kind of common courtesies within the instagram when his frequency of posting we'll get to that a little bit more also how much hash tagging is kind of no no to have like a three line caption and then with a little bit a little the hashtag you don't try to limit I tried not to do more than well sometimes I break my own robot like five that's a very most but sometimes and because I was in this hard position I'd say I'm sharing this album I made posting it looking my album okay I want to know about the sound well I need to tell you who made it so my road album well I decorated his product it's so sudden I've got on here got the maya road I'm sure there's some alison craft in here we've got some tape from glitz I got is a lot going on because the whole album right I can't do all those hashtag I was miss using and abusing them and then somebody I follow margie romney asked that had put in print sees what I have here a hashtag that's a tap for links what so I tapped her picture all of sudden all of the manufacturers involved or whatever that happened to be with her project just like on facebook popped up and the way you do that is right before even after you've posted an image you can hit tag tag like you on facebook and you use the at sign in their user name no spacing so what is your user name? I can't remember artist soul at heart to seoul and well tad her she's alerted that I posted something that involves her but also you all if you want to know more about it if you tap it well, no and it'll take if you tap her name, it'll take you to her account and then I can save my hash tags for my poorly written puns in my you know, things that aren't as supply list oriented that I, um that is clear we'll see more action in the moment, but that's kind of the difference and kind of a rule of thumb with hashtag same with silas in high level technique, so maybe you want to cover the heavy hitters like if you've done water color, you could do the hashtag water color on my project, but maybe don't say hashtag paper clip from staples you know, that's getting a little too nitty gritty if it's something that's really prominent that people would want more data on then you would go for it, but it is something that's more every day or basic supply our basic technique like writing with a pen you wouldn't hashtags that right? All right, credit where it's due that's a big one in the creative community if you've been inspired by somebody scrap lifted which is just taking a project idea, maybe someone saw my album and name it made one similar I would appreciate it if they would they would tag me and say, inspired by me so you know it's just a nice appropriate it's not a must, but people appreciate it andi save you time down the road, it's courtesy the followers, which we kind of talked about an addition of that down the road, you don't get questions where'd you get that mantle where'd you get that mental? It was right there question answered, right? And more detail and fewer words which in instagram in particular not as much with facebook it's not worked, so use less on there. Yeah, okay, you know it's kind of like the instagram one o one I apologize about a lot of this support, what we're going to be doing in getting it into our books and how you can use it effectively and smartly to make your memory keeping easier, more fun save you more time to craft and less time on the trying to find the needle in the haystack. So from a personal filing system that great segue wig, this is where I think you as a memory keeper will really open your eyes to how you can use it most effectively. As I mentioned the magi don one, ever since she was born, I would have just done maggie, but you know there is that so odds are that's a lot more hashtag today I've only seen when I click maggie don I think there's just one of the key little girl eaten dipping dots that's not my maggie done but all the rest are mine aggie don and she could be there with us it's ok you know but for the most part is very unique to me it's easy saying with megan's handmade so whenever I post or I say whenever I try to remember sometimes I forget aa project I've made I put megan's handmade on it so that way it's a quick catalog for my viewers are only interested in my crafting they love my maggie she's cute but they don't need to see the baby some people aren't there for that I respect that I get that they can just quick one direction to the project so you get creative with it maybe you have a very unique last name hi alison like would you say land lovers blend a wind in the city linds lovers so there you go yeah so we have unique or hepner you can use that we're going to talk with cathy dyleski weight around in the workshop she's a very well known crafter she for many years has called me help and I'm called her ville right family and she texted me that hey happy that it only help has my hashtag megan's too common heppner's too long and weird hat it is so then from then on I've been using hep hep july fourth have this up so think about the ways you can do that. You won't forget that's the thing sometimes. Well, I think anyone will run into memory issues or not. You want to make sure it's one that's easy enough to remember not so unique you forget, but that is unique enough to you that's not bombarded with different dots, right? And then test it tested. Cho yeo, fail. Let me show you about this in a minute. If you you think you're clever with your hash, how you go to and then you find out it's something oh, that that's a thing and you go to find your co yo it's all this other co yo, and I'll show you want me so you can test and I'll show you how to do that and include specific so from a journalist and a scrappers standpoint. It's a great way to get the data that the caption so jennifer mcguire, another personally speaking within our workshop, she and I will have children about the same ages, and she and I both often will do, uh, not so much out of every stage two but up until age tio eleven months, fifteen months, you know? And so because had one thing about instagram that's not my favorite, it doesn't give you exact date stamps instead it will say thirty eight weeks ago so unless you're like my husband and you're the bean counter math wiz and you say oh that was august bottle I don't I doesn't work for me so I need something to help me when that really was from a time perspective because after so many weeks that's a lot of counting back on my I don't have enough fingers through that right? So I tried to give me helpful little clues when I'm going to scrap book later uh not so unique he won't remember it like be consistent so for a while I was saying all right I do make ins have made him and I just decided to make my life hard and I added makes him made for a while I forgot and then I couldn't make that man it was like two things we're all my stuff go happening meltdown oh no I'm just not remembering incorrectly don't making me so it will with hashtags it's going to have like a auto fill if you use it frequently. So I've been doing hepner lives for the class and I hope people watching will be using hepner live and if you're talking about stuff you've made where you've taken pictures that you've printed off of instagram I've love it so much of people post pictures of that hashtag it hefner live there's our catalog going on you need to our community we can go, I can't check him out at lunch time. Please do that if you can. If you are doing lots of hair in your lives, all the better, you only have to enter it once. I know hefner's that german name a little unusual and then I'll drop down for you and it'll auto feel for you if it's been used recently so you can just do hashtag usually you just have to do like hashtag h or maybe h o and then okay, you want this one, right? And you can say yes or no then you're going to ho, ho ho something else, right? But that's a nice feature that it will do for you branding. So from there you go head in her life. So if he knew anna is watching her, no taking there it is, but it's, nice way from a business standpoint to brand whatever is a launch of a product line. If you have an nc shop and there's a specific product you carry like I have little bracelets that I say like posey bracelets or something that way again, any kind of category thing that you think will benefit you no matter the way you're using it, it's a really awesome tool. Coolio all right so here's the situation we were driving to colorado and I say to my husband I want a cool hashtag for our trip that's one thing if you have kind of started inundating event tash tag their great tio come up with and fun they're hard those minutes and was tired of late like colorado cho yeo uh you know I'm funny we're in co yo so cory's all right that works he's not really indulge this social fun as I am so he just humor me so I always said I'm doing hashtag o yo even got that we were at a vacation home I even took my sidewalk chalk out of my easter basket and co yo just for layout to use later you know not to put on instagram but ah then I got home and I wanted to see that kind of the the highlight reel of our trip and I clicked it always yogurt is coming out thiss I guess have you had this? I had never even heard of it that's coolio is a brand of what looks like very delicious yogurt so anyway what you can do is test your hashtag in the search function you can search for users there when you open your search on your instagram at the top they'll be two options a user and a hashtag click hashtag and then type in co yo if it says my mind is like forty thousand entries ok that one's out it was clearly used right? This is zero then you're in like flynn so always test him burst learn from my mistake on and then how can you use these and take him further not just in your personal storytelling but from a business standpoint so in this case my megan's handmade ones I enjoy coming called artifact uprising there pretty awesome there an online they print photo books for you and I wanted to take this almost like a portfolio of sorts and I will talk a bit more about this in a different segment where you talk about how this relates to business specifically but it was fun too have all this compelled forming because if you use another app on your telephone and you want to take your instagram activity and populated book, many companies nowadays will go right into your instagram if you allow them to if you allow them access and pull out whatever you do you select so it'll have your whole instagram right there and I want all my handmaid's it pulls them out isn't that amazing so fast so easy and then he hits in and make it cool book so I actually been put my hashtag on the cover megan's handmade and you make that cover which I'll show you the whole book later but used an app called oh no I always called the wrong thing what is that style? Um oh no fail fail what is it? Um tell me at home knows I know they know it's a new one kind of like ron a divine shoot we'll ask our chat room yeah company no, we'll do a group think on that one thank you. This is my cute friend wendy smedley and she and kathy's ill ski and I all work together on simple scrapbooks many moons ago and we were zil smith and help that's just how it happened wasn't intentional but s o her son got married how perfect midwood you don't get a better personal life and not adorable I loved it and so when she was saying me and how can I help you with your class? God bless her I said you know I want to do some around him edward I love that and she was wanting to make the bride and groom a mini album anyway and she wanted to incorporate guests photos and the entire wedding collaboration was using smelled wet already they put that to make sure that happened. They put that in the save the date in the invitation you know so it's a well known k hashtag midwest but then it makes lenny's job very easy teo put in hashtag med wed and pull the photos out and not only that but she's got an instant title ready to go she's a great football hq show a few slides of it that is, by heidi swap and and she's got this midwood and these are not just her photos. He says she could just go on the bed wed it has its own page, not feel so official, you know, and from the guests point of view from the bride and groom's point of view, her owner's mother of the groom, and and, you know, it's easier there he tread lightly, I guess you don't want to run into copyright issues. I'm not just going to go to some stranger, and while I followers would be effects, it doesn't really work that way and with their photos. But in this case where it's intentional, common hashtag, they want you to use the idea that with family and events like this, you have an extended permission to pull photos. But if you go over to cho yeo, you probably don't want to take a branded product like that and pull up their photos on a public scale. You know, if you just be careful of that stuff, especially your posting an online later and here's one more so than not fun came together so quickly because stories there the photos were there and every so often when you do a sprinkle in throughout sprinkling that hash tag just reinforce it so if you wanna ones not tend the time but some basic cast hashtag usage you khun do numbers in your hashtag and you can do underscores those will remain active by that I mean, there'll be an active hyperlink if you add however punctuation or a dash instead of an underscore those things there but my fancy husband says the women are the limiters I said those break it like it's called it the limiter so if you speak that programming speak it's a dilemma and that just means that breaks the hyperlink so if he did hashtag megan and ampersand corey, the hashtag would just be megan and from ampersand on it's a broken link okay, spacing you can't dio and that's I think a lot people are confused it's just this weird gibberish so one thing I do a lot that you can do to help with that to counter that is you can put upper and lower case to kind of make it a quicker read one thing. However, if you do the auto fill function later, like when I ran into a lot with hefner life, I would do capital age capital l same with creative lives, cnl it won't auto fill case sensitive so I would have to go back in and recapitalize its always going if auto feels lower case just keep that in mind that something you use over and over it might get a little tedious to have to recapitalize things over and over again and then the tap testify talked about and near search to make sure it's not an overused thing okay so do you ever read the hashtags and everyone's doing and you feel like so out of loop what are they doing hashtag and c m I don't know what that means but that guy's cute have you seen this lately? I rented a lot so I don't have a teenager at home I don't speak this way I have a few common ones that you are going to probably see the more you use instagram so your step ahead of where I had to kind of seek these out and what I do is I follow my bread crumbs and I finally get it oh tbt throwback thursday these are all old photos you know you get there it's nice to have a guide so and cm I've seen it both ways man candy monday or man crush monday either way I'll take it right bring it that's nice and what people do with post hunky guy all right w c w is not a wrestling reference it's actually woman crash wednesday so if you have a girlfriend he just can't you think the world of they're on there it's a nice way to do a tribute um an intentional post without feeling like you're up on, you know, kind of being a little obnoxious because it's a commonly accepted way to show your old childhood photos without look like out, you know, I was again and again socially acceptable now because we're on tv t throwback thursday, right? So everyone does this and there's also fbf flashback friday, but the more common of the two if you wanted to get into that is the throwback thursday, which I had to learn my originally was on the friday and like, oh, I'm not with the crowd, I gotta move over to thursday's so you know, just some little you pick it up with you go and ff is follow friday so if you want to help grow people's accounts and share the love, I could say, hey, look att artist soul is it just our distiller photography just are so look at how great she is ff and they'll know I'm a father, right? So anyway o t d outfit of the day sure enough so that there's some hash tags you need to you and I want you to tell more stories about yourself you could say, look at my fun, but from adorn it violate nice opportunity to promote them they're amazing, oh t d adorn a thank you kind of thing about my surroundings so one of the ones you see a lot from where I stand it will be the feet, shots and cool places on the feature in hey, um on my desk, a lot of crafters he's this look at the little sneak peek they're like little teasers look, I'm working on right now on my desk and then post specifics one for this is later graham and re graham later graham instagram the instrument is happening now I'm not very good at this my life is too busy I will have all taken with the idea that they'll eventually end up on instagram but right now I would love to do that of all of you but I can't okay hold on a second and the little instagram so you take the picture and if you too much time has passed by that I mean several days it's kind of a common thing for people who say later, graham just clue people and I'm not at disneyland today I was there a few days ago um you don't have to do it. I don't do over I just post but I don't know why media of the minority you don't have to do that re graham however it is a good idea to dio his re ground is where you are lifting those photos from somebody else that they've posted like, say kelly posts a scrapbook page that I loved I'm so inspired by and I want to share with my friends I know they'll be inspired by it but I don't want them to think it's my work or I don't want to take credit for your work I'll post it and say re graham and tag kelly and that way people know that that's not my property but they can find out whose it is it's just a courtesy thing and there is an app called re graham that will do it for you you know like making all fancy where you can just take a screen capture we should talk about in the filing section and just take a picture of it on your phone and reposted so there are different approaches that you could think let's do a little quick are you ready okay what is m c m yeah that's my man candy that's like your husband in the handsome kind of got that james dean thing going on with his hair right now which I like wcw crash very well play that's heather bailey I look a little star struck like I am in love with her I don't mean to sound weird but she's pretty awesome she designs fabric and she was at my fabric shop I want said hello you met a few times so you right bzw tvt about back there is the day I didn't wear a drop of makeup on my birthday but we went and got my very first iphone many moons ago and in spirit of the class I thought that would be inappropriate throwback thursday at that ron is gonna love me for this friday and you know I put rana there and I have a better picture but I thought we both look she's teeny and I'm gigantor right? And they were both doing our thing but rana every friday rana designs are h o and in a design she hasn't at the ring he's a lot in class and she does a follow friday that she's done forever and she pulls out the most amazing instagrammers so if you're looking just to go here for inspiration to kind of fill your creative bucket go on fridays and see who she calls out she's got some fantastic people I wanted to give her a shout out for that that's such a nice service that she does she does some of that bread crumb gathering for us you know and one more time and see em because it's worth a repeat dean cain on my ring my friend maybe a ring with the eye top tool which the scrap booking tool and she put mr superman for most on clark on my ring that dreamy you remember him ok so ri graham my family went on this great trip my deck she got too I know it's not dr conduct sit in the seat of the train, which is an unusual thing. He had his brother won a contest and they drove this train. Unfortunately, we couldn't be a part of that. My sister in law and her family did go. I wanted to share that that's a cool thing on my friends. Look at calmly, dad, is he's driving a train, you know? So I just picked hers up. I didn't use the re graham app. I just captured it from my phone and we've posted it and made sure that I this is the at sign that's how a tagger that's her username um, and that way the credit where it's due, right? Um oh, another reason I wanted to mention not too much related the class, but why you would re ground a lot of people if they're running contests will say, share this image that's your entry, your ticket to ride when I first started reading that like, well, how and it means share the image I don't I want to enter, I want that awesome thing, you just do what I'm talking about here and reposted, all right already like my name england, I'm not going to go into this too much, I should show you it is easier to see so here we go, searching for c at the top user or hashtag you can see the difference of its on user is going to populate with people and their icons of its companies has struggled just the ones that you use, eat that was for creative, like so getting so excited and then here's my bread crumbs. So I follow one called brickyard buffalo it's kind of baby related young mom related, and she had a post that had house of mia tag away to follow. Breadcrumbs is not just hashtags, it could be the at sign the tag, and that means they're linking you to more information on something. I'm always curious killed the cat right here, but I'm always looking, and so I hopped over the house and mia on, and I saw this picture or I saw her feed and in particular that picture on the far right on the top with that balloon and all that prettiness hanging off of it really caught my eye, and she had done the tap to credit, so the thai tapped it, and I discovered that that was from I don't know why I picked this example x I'll never in a million years say that user name correctly, uh, that long e f h a m e r eight. In the week ciena something sienna okay, I'm who I like this I went over I checked out her feet is all it sounds kind of long and involved it was fast it's that you just did it to these breadcrumbs take you quickly where you want to go or ninety back out be careful but I follow the bride come into this awesome user page, don't it and town apples and balloons and cameras and pink it's like everything I love I don't know who this is I am so inspired by the feed I could see it inspiring my crafting follow so I clicked in the middle bottom button the green and now those keep alone so things are going to now feel my feet as she posts until I decide one day and she takes a turn and goes over into ah garden products I'm not a gardener you can always just on follow later but it's that simple and you don't it's not weird instagram it's very socially acceptable to follow people you don't know people, especially if they're in position of of authority. So there you are and you having this on my feed don't over crop your life do not instagram we perpetuate this we try to show the best versions of ourselves, but I want to show you something in a moment about why we shouldn't do that don't over in stuff, right, instagram there's a little less leeway to just flood it people do it anyway, but other people kind of alienates people reading your feet if you buy flooded I mean no more than two in a row I try not to be more than two or three a day. Some people just do one today, but don't flood it if you have the whole story you want to tell, put one on instagram and have an album created on facebook for the rest, but you're still out there for people to see but not flooding and that can you can just do from your instagram, you pig feed and all this populate that for you, and then I understand why you're doing it. We talked about already business personal keep it fun, I mentioning these kind of guidelines, but don't let that body down and make it like if I don't do this right and feeling and alienated, alienating everybody in the process that's not so you know, just enjoy it and be inspired by it. So why not over crop your life? These photos are from my tbt throwback thursdays. This one is of my grandmother's house I remember so clearly and I love that I get little with the donkey on the telephone that was always there this little stuffed donkey I don't know why I vividly remember that this is the grandmother had the candy to shut our piano, it was right around that corner and the art that way and the wood paneling I would self and it's a love that my mom and that then we just didn't do that didn't get writing on my brother and me it's kind of from afar, so I get all that and that makes nearly said this when I was looking this kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. I am way over cropping for my mags, right? Because I wanted to be pretty for you. I love you guys, but I've loved my mags and I'm doing her just service for people that may or may not be in my life ten years from now, and you can do both, especially if it's a business perspective, you can crop and make it beautiful because you're trying to sell a product or brand yourself. But if it's just for family and you happen to have others involved, you know, I think care about what they're not family don't prop him out even in my house is gross. My dogs pee in my house all the time, it's filthy have a toddler running around, I don't really want to show that, but I don't want to not let maggie know where she grew up. Think man, mom, he really were rough on me, but, you know, I mean, say, with this gold, the gold harvest gold can we relate to that harvest gold stoves and the shag carpeting, my brother's like my brother's hat what's with that the fringe on the lamp, right? I I was born in eighty one says that date stamps that baby right there. Um oh, this is just a support that don't overpopulate instagram, facebook this is from the same you. Then I put my favorite over here and the rest live over here if you want to suppose the whole bunch of photos, but you don't want to overpopulate, we'll talk about in class from different maps that are available for your phone that will make them into grids like this. Let's one single image with a bunch of different macros are close ups, so this is awesome. This is my friend. This is one I actually met through instagram or friends. L had sand why somehow, as she did this page about her instagram photos and just the caption should put on there was don't forget to be often so she then brought that into our layout. But the reason this is here is because instagram is a great springboard for inspiration and she's one of her people that she follows had done with meat, water, clear treatment on a card and I didn't want to just show you because it's not my property to lift, but she was so inspired by that she made the translation from that to this layout and you don't have to be laid out to lay out so many things quilters and their quilt patterns can inspire scrapbooking that wonderful woman with her balloon tassel friendly outgoing can inspire scrapbooking don't be so locked into I can only follow scrap bookers because odds are you'll get inspiration all around you should follow her her feet, beautiful insta stories there are a lot of pumps like throughout thursday that help you tell your stories and they're apt to support that's on this case insta place is a fun now because you have these different options for date stamping my dad you he puts his don't leave any pastry and bowl of milk he needs it that's how I eat always has its very him and he always reads the paper size over there and I thought, I need to remember that you know got him and date stands where he is and his weird breakfast and in my room my mom and dad god bless her soul they have not touched my room from high school, so there's my dean came poster hi there m c m on my fluff ball kitties and you know, all right. There it is. There is still there. So I wanted to date stamp, that's kind of fun. I was there.

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This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

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What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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