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Organize for Printing

Lesson 11 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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11. Organize for Printing

Lesson Info

Organize for Printing

I have a lot of different gadgets and gizmos up here I talked about yesterday a lot about how we're going to do different printing tricks and tips I know this is exciting we're going to get to in just a moment but I want to show you a few more behind the scenes computer things first so that we're all one hundred percent sure we're ready to rock these machines not that they're hard they're not hard at all in fact that's what I love about him there so user friendly for one and also create beautiful beautiful artwork at your house which is amazing plus if you aren't in the space maybe you live in a little tiny apartment in the sky would take up your whole kitchen you know are you just not in a place where you want a home printer? We're going to go into great detail about online services for you and also stuff around town so let's, check this out first self you recap from yesterday I mentioned when we were talking about business I'm working in the industry and in the crafting industry a to...

uch about about me see but first let's go over what we talked about all of what we talked about in kind of a nutshell that's a lot to fit in one slide, so don't worry it won't be hours and hours again, but social media is your storytelling friend camille agree on that at this point has a lot of good qualities to it that makes storytelling easier and more exciting and more creative and the stories we kind of helped understand the stories we've shared on our own personal sites that we want to take from there into our projects they want to have some time to kind of think about that like stories that you've posted in the past or how to approach future stories you're going to post in a way that is a little bit more meaningful or helpful in your documenting yeah it didn't have you do the exercise opening your photo role in looking for patterns you did what did you see? I thought you mentioned you like the food you had some yesterday you love cameras any others that kind of surprised you know my daughter is everywhere she's fifteen so that's right it's awesome beautiful but I hear your friend on the facebooks and I just beautiful on that's great and that's that's really what it's all about it's our families the people that were leaving this for and I'm kind of the bonus effect I guess is how much fun and creative it is so did you have a chance of look three years you were so busy figuring out the instagram I did decision in your life don't go they're doing not so bad when you you did I feel like I can leave creative by successful now I'm a semi convert may believe yet but well I'm a nature person I have tons of nature pictures you know nature's flower here's a flower here's a flower always look a lizard you know just yeah majors mother nature's an artist absolutely absolutely look beautiful on these prints and on your wall it's like you don't all that money on art staying in your home you have it in your own photography and the print qualities fantastic so I think you'll enjoy this laurie, I can't really say much to you but you said you watched from from home right? I did and did you have a chance that kind of as you're watching kind of you kind of represent both crowds now the online audience and our in studio audience did you have a chance to go through a camera roll or do anything like that? Did you know it surprises me have always loved old houses I used to own one hundred year old farmhouse that was cool I was the house that I loved and um I didn't realize it, but when I'm in different towns or different places I take a lot of pictures of old structures or houses or buildings very cool it was something I did I knew I enjoyed it, but it's something I never thought of really putting in my scrapbooks until I noticed my pattern yeah, you know that when you do things like that almost subconsciously and you don't think oh, I need to find a house to take it's. Not like this active decision, right, it's just that's. What motivates you? That's? What inspires you? Stop the car. That is all the time. Power. I want to get that old hotel sign that's my thing and I have for years and you don't think ok? We're gonna go find signs, it's just they grab you in there. Speak to you for a moment. Yeah, yeah. And that, too, can be wonderful artwork on a large format printer like this one. If you put some of those old houses and things on your wall, be beautiful. Yeah. Phyllis, welcome back. How are you doing? Oh, just fine. Yeah. What it's going to be back in about that? Did you do this photo? Roll activity, of course. And I take a lot. I'm like a lot of flowers. I tell you, I love macros into flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, those kind of things. Yeah. You use your phone for that. Or do you use a dslr? Have a dslr. Okay. And my ipad? I do a lot with your have been mostly about that. Most of them come from a dslr yeah the nice not taking those crisp macro shot I'll tell you right now that would look amazing printed out well I found one of the things I learned yesterday was the clip there's a clip on that I can use on my camera to do macro and there's a land yes very cool I'm that's my next toy yeah just in case I think this is such a very photo savvy group here a creative live but in the chance you don't know macro just very extreme close up almost very detailed shot where the back of is the debt the field is kind of blurry and then this one element is really crisp and clean and beautiful that's a am I accurately describing your matter and that's the way I go for just listen close is I can get into those they're always make a great shot whether portrait of a person or a dragon fly so that's great all right holly how about you did you get a chance I know you did you and I were kind of doing that after class together I went you're I was I was bad I was like one thirty I was really excited like oh I need to look at my pictures and then I was loading pictures on and then I went in that were holes like oh that was a good picture but my I think in my camera ll I am thea I could do a scrapbook on the sign ease my siamese cat seems to baby number one e that furniture or registers, furniture, textures and cats like something good, right? You had sitting on a chair with the cool wall behind it and best of all, work out and I think that's really cool. I'm glad you did that, and you have a question in classes today about where we could find our if you wanted to do a facebook, you're in review video and we're trying to I said, I'll just go to your albums and they'll be an album marked videos we did some more research because we could be on the brakes still couldn't find that right that's one of the follow up, but I'm someone who discuss turns out because you hadn't posted other videos yet, and so there wasn't a default video folder, so if you share this holly situation, I guess that we had where you haven't posted your own videos that you've created not sharing other videos, then it's not going to already have a default facebook photo album marked videos yet so if that's the case, then we discovered you discovered that there's a unique you are let's facebook, backslash well, look, look back it'll back there you go! Thanks so I think if you've watched it once and you saved it on your time when you could still go backto because I believe it was something they did is the anniversary yes, yes, so it may not work something hard to find yeah, it was really hard to find, but, you know, a little short I found it and then I started editing it a little bit, yeah, there's so cool and it was only a minute, but it's like that's really impressive to see, you know and like you were saying, you kind of get sucked into all of it when you're going through your photos, I love that feeling it's very nostalgic and cultivating as becky against wood said, cultivating a great life here. Yeah, yeah, we've actually got some really fun feedback from our online audience, scrapbook update says. I learned I'm a crazy cat lady centauri b says I learned on the people in everyday photographer all my photos have people in them and they're from everyday life and then finally scrapbook obsession, erica says I did a project life project three sixty five last year, so I find myself still taking photos of everyday things around the house s and around, out and about I that's perfect and that's really what social media documenting helps you d'oh because it's not let me get the tripod that fancy camera on it doesn't have to be, you know so well, did you see that pull over? I'm going to get a picture, right? So the everyday life that's great, thanks to all three of them for sharing your ideas, all of you. I really appreciate you taking it to heart and trying it out, just driving it and enjoying. I hope we all had a good time, right? It wasn't work or painful. Okay, good. S o we talk about saving and preparing our images. I want to show you just a a little bit more of a demo on that. I just think sometimes that helps when you're not actually following along and doing it yourself to see it one more time. And certainly as we used to say where I worked a learned by do person so you can tell me seventeen times, huh? But I'm actually going through those emotions. It doesn't stick, so I know you're not going through the motions, necessarily, but maybe one more, just quick over you of some of the app to like taking your images from a nap and to being ready to print will do briefly. And then we talk about finding work in the crafting industry, and that was so wonderful to have those guests. Panelists that sounds so formal because they're my friends, but we had kathy's ill ski at least block ripe and jennifer mcguire joined us you know? I mean, I adore all of them, but I really I was impressed and I swear it wasn't rehearsed or planned in anyway, it was just a lucky accident that they all three had a unique social media channel that was kind of there chief business channel so jennifer, it was youtube which high it wasn't even on my radar and so, so glad she said that you can make more out of your videos in your social media activity with kathy it was facebook and at least was instagram so it's kind of showing you as we've been saying all throughout this course it's not one right one wrong they all have so much to offer and just depends on your unique meet so pointedly stated on dh two that I'll bring me to the next thing that I wanted to recap on that I had more information on side mention my kid's friend nicole on a website and I said, nicole, if you're watching share the information and will she watched in the re broadcast last night so she e mailed me I'm watching now and sorry is that work on dh she was so nice and stimulus email with more specific information one of the items we were talking about was about dot me under the how to work in the scrap booking industry section and if you want to have, like, an online portfolio and I said, I think it's about me dot com no, I was incorrect it's about dot me dot com and its ill talked about you are codes and how you can drop this into the about me. And I said, I think it's just on that site, and you can make one know you actually make that in a different site. So thinking the coal for providing this information for us, you just goto it looks like you're going to google without the it's g o o g l but it's geo dot g l and that will generate a cue. Our area? Yeah, you are code for you, but you just copy and say it was an image to post on your about me portfolio if you want to it's just a free way to make yourself look really professional, really sharp. And they didn't call your favorite scrapbook companies like how cool I am. You want me to work for you? Of course they will. So thanks to nicole and I'll show you a visual example, how kind of polish that look is not professional. You just can drop in any head shot you want with a background. It's got a nice little couple of paragraphs on her, and then if you keep scrolling, which we're not going to d'oh, you can see the q are quoted the bottom that can then take you to a blogger or anywhere to see your professional groups of works printing party, let's talk, printing party. I want to just show you a sampling. This is one of the many we're talking about today. Beyond what's in studio is that there are so many online options available for you to and by online out I mean, you can do through your computer, but also most of them through your phone, so it makes it so easy that they have come to where we are. You know, he stepped kind of chase him around and try to make that jump from phone to where they are, whether it's getting it in a memory card to go target and plug it in or what? Not now. So many of these companies persnickety prince being one of them have aps we can use so you can just stay right on your phone. This computer can stay with the lid closed, and you can do out at the park with your children, whatever you want to d'oh. And little sites like this which we'll talk about in more detail actually pull those photos off and have him and then say, hey, they're ready come on down so that's really awesome the advancements we've made and I wanted to show you the screen in particular because they have all of these square options um at protests persnickety prince and that's wonderful for the instagram so it makes it very easy absolutely and one more kind of recap item or I guess really re cabbages doesn't have a category in my class, but I didn't want to not share it is this beautiful page by jennifer gallagher she said, oh dear friend of mine and it has a technology connection it's not necessarily social media but it's email and I thought that's a good ah ha moment for us to jot down as a side note she has taken the very first emails from her sleep boy there and printed them out almost like an image or a background paper pattern paper and put that on there simply by the techniques we've already discovered with screen capturing printing on just basic copy paper putting his photo on top and her journal is done because it's that email correspondence back and forth between them and it's so adorable you know, because it's his first emails to hurt I love you mommy great and I just think it's so special so it seemed kind of like an everyday thing sending an email some of us and every moment thing right? We just live and die by the e mails but that very first main voyage is pretty amazing and to have the the wits about her to not only save that but captured as an image and printed is pretty fantastic and I hope that it was the spirit of the printing party that's something that inspires you and the gallaghers amazing and very creative segment five printing party ready got your party had fun the horns I'm gonna bring horns I thought maybe they kind of frowned upon us making all that record on go back are rising mentioning to show you a little bit of the behind the scenes with the technology and how that will support us. So this is one one photo that I posted all of the comments I got you think well make you are way popular now this is very unusual it was when I had my daughter you know it's a pretty big deal and I posted her very first photo to the world and I had I think some three hundred comments there wasn't any that I wanted to weed out they were also wonderful and so caring and nice I want maggie to read those when she can read so I just want to show you that it didn't take much to get all of those comments three hundred off of there and we show you this is a little less messy version for my more orderly types in the rail and out there you can see that they're just little e don't know this but there three by four cards I created I'll show you how to do that and which is great for as we've talked about pocket scrapbooking project life those kinds of things they slide right in which is wonderful and it's a nice efficiently to print because you can get two columns worth of comments on one four by six print so that's a money saver right and a paper saver especially your printing at home somebody to walk you through that top over my phone go to the camera roll here uh oh there we are okay and you can see all my photos I've taken aiken select which one kind of on here that I want to share so like last night we did creative live it was so awesome so I wanted to go into my instagram and share that with the world naturally who wouldn't right now everyone is posting photos it was so fun so I just quickly we all know how I did this made a collage super easy I want to just get my comments on the screen some have six smart of you I'm gonna open, make sure and see all of them I don't need to see my caption, but I kind of like ticks that helps further document my story so you can see it pretty much filled the entire screen. The comments and this I don't know if you're all familiar themes. This is just a little side note these air emoji khan's, if I'm saying that correctly only saying that yeah, emoticon um, so in the olden days, we would do colon a princely right air colin, principally to make a smiley face so ancient. Nowadays there are actually app you can have on your phone that as part of your keyboard, there are all these little symbols and things hearts clapping, the gauge whenever it's really fun is really fun, and they will translate for you can still print them like that. It's not going to get funky or any things were just capturing that program. We're not trying to read it right? So I have my comments up here. I'm going to just do what we already know, which is the round, but not for the apple phones for androids, it's slightly different bacon do that screen capture he said you hit the camera icon, right, kelly okay around, but and then the the kind of the power button at the top a pity those together and you'll know it worked, because if the volume really would go much like a camera flash sound, I can't never get that invitation thing, but you also see the white flash. So you ok? Good, I know I'm in business and then from there, let's see, I'm gonna go back out here and do a second one about my creative I've advent tricks. I definitely want to scrap book all of this, and I want to have more than one screen worth second show you a side by side print. So this is when I was at see the picture trying to get ready to come here, and as the staff here knows very well by now, I don't travel very lightly at bags and bags. Thanks, I can't wait to share with everybody, and scrap booking is such a visual activity that I can't leave at home, and I basically brought my house so of the a and the way station people didn't love that like, no, you're going to pay one hundred dollars. Bill. Yeah, if you want to take this with you, I can't pay one hundred dollars, so I spent, like thirty minutes out on the curb shuffle in stuff around my husband thought I was a riot, this is my life. If you know you know me by now and this is my life so you know it was worth one hundred dollars right? Everyone would do this I'm not alone in my craziness but he thought I was not asleep snapped a picture and one that's pretty funny and it's definitely a part of this experience but I want to remember even if it highlights my insanity pretty evident and making I don't want to interrupt you, but this is actually part of the very cool thing here that we're trying to activate with you is think about those everyday moments that you have you know, are you a person that has to sort of take you know, your suitcase apart on the curb? I mean, I know that I've done that before or you know what fun experiences happen in your life start to brainstorm and think about you know what? What stories do you want to tell in your life? So meghan is providing such a great example just get your creative juices going absolutely if you hit it right on the head right that or you don't want to just write bar like that singer song you don't want to just do the the highlight realize I said a lot yesterday you want to make sure it's just sleeve moments and these shows true character okay, well I'm not necessarily proud of this fact that's me love it or hate it and not everyone love that I get that I totally get that and I appreciate that but it's me and I don't want to put often image that it's not so bad to less than we talked about yesterday don't over crop your life this I don't just mean message actual cropping in a photo I don't like over script it and make it a portrayal that isn't you why would we do that? What kind of legacy does that lead it it leaves a legacy of a an impostor right? And there are people that are the opposite of me the yin to my yang if you want to say it that way very organized this would never in a million years happen and there's a room for both of us in this world and so don't try to think that I admire and I want to be them I dio ah hard way to be however it's a very creative way to be so I'm thankful for that but just because I admire that doesn't mean I'm should pose should be a poser right? So document that even though you may feel kind of ashamed, I think people would get a kick out of it and connect like jennifer said yesterday you make that really connection it really does resonate with people including and by people I don't just mean growing a business audience I mean your people you know your family your when your great granddaughter is running around like a mad person on the curbside at the airport so that all this is from my grandma megan thanks a lot grounds right? And she'll get that. So anyway, I posted this is one of my creative live moments and getting here you'll see little scamp in the corner. You probably know how I did that now. All right with the rana at that we played with yesterday. All right, let's, get my comments again. I want to make sure I include my caption there. Oh, there was a type of that stupid anyway took replacing four bags curbside that was repacking but that's ok for about thirty minutes but I managed to get my fish in my seat creative life here it comes, so I'm going to do a screen grab in this case I have to do a couple because there's a few more than well fits I just scroll it down again. Here we go now when that happens it's automatically you don't have to do anything fancy is saving those as images into my camera lll done and done. I love that because as you can see, I'm not the most organized person, so it kind of helps the people like me in the world said that to you this is great if you are more organized you want to take it a step further from there and even if you're not I try to force myself to do this you want to come into your camera roll let's see where they're living there they are there's the first one we did and don't worry that will go those there you go so there it is when it's like this you just seen atop your screen again and see the real image there's the other one just like a lot this perfect from here you can just leave them in your camera roll which is fine but I actually think it would be helpful for you to set up an album so to do that I'm gonna hit the plus sign we'll do creative please don't spell check on our auto correct afraid of life save I have my album and I go into my camera ll and I can put oh I have to tell you about japan town later it's like the most amazing place in the whole wide world and that's part of my creative life experience because you bet I had dinner there last night all these photos see how fast this is all of these air from this high summary I only thought of there from this awesome experience so I can say done and just like that because it's not duplicating it's not eating up her space it's just a short cut now instead of well, for me like later today there will be buried under a whole bunch more photos, right? But in probably a regular photographer's life a week from now you're gonna have your your photo album so your camera roll these will be like here, right? And then it's like scroll scroll scrolls well, where are there again? No instead just go over here and it's going to be I wish their alphabetical and they may be now I have ios six for the apple users so maybe they've had to soon have I always seven no yeah, but I don't think it it doesn't alphabetize it in the meantime, it's just by the day he created it so it's going to be very bottom one now they are just like that there we are friends, class friends any ola coming dork around a cheery those kind of exciting moment so you could have it. So from here I'm going to go out of my camera roll and I talked yesterday to you about pick stitch it's one of many photo collage options available to you I want to start a new one and it's basically it's got all of these different templates in it from different photo quantities everywhere from one single photo all the way up to what we determined sixteen right was the biggest and you can add more if you want to but that's an additional add on they call it an ad on packing you pay a little bit more about pick stitch itself is completely free self you're following long and just joining us today it's a free app for android and apple hooray and it's just super easy way to add photo quashed so I want to take those comments and like I said, I don't want to just print one at a time like what I'm smaller and I want to make the most of my paper in my ink which can get kind of pricey I'm going to take this one which uh yes started in clash that doesn't look like it's going to translate to a four by six print your right that's where you go into the aspect sometimes it's called ratio and you can slept so I want to do a six by four which is you know the four by six horizontally and that is a true like I could submit to a costco or wal greens very standard common photo size and then it's simply a matter of you tap on the first one and we'll bring up a prompt you go to your photo album in this case so you know I can already know when to go all the way down to todo photo stream our creative life whatever anyway wolf in this when you go to your album that you just made and there it is and the thing is this is not all going to fit, but I kind of appreciate say that because a little bit more narrow so it's going to condense it but I don't need some of that business up down so I'm just going to say dunn and watch how it fits I don't necessarily want it that way where's his comments and cuts people off instead I'm going to just use my finger and you can adjusted to make sure that freckled those little exclamation points fit and it's all in there or you can if you have more if you couldn't end that freckled though and you wanted to just crop her often starter on the next one of the top you could do that too, and that way you could have your own little head in there like that, okay? And then you're going to go to the other side and do the exact same thing photo album creative live pick your second one you say uh done this is for that second image same thing and then once you're here you can just hit export and you can say that your photo album one of my short cuts that I love when I had the three hundred comments you don't have to go out and in and out in and I simply click on the left want tap on the left the left one again and later, a different photo over the top of it does not starting over, because I know that because it did the little saving image that one that we just looked at is permanent and safe, and I can now all turn build upon that and create a second image and a third image. So I'm going to cancel this because we know how he did that, but I want to show you how, with my facebook three hundred common example, what that looked like it was all said and done, all of these all of these air, those little cards is not incredible even has a little head shots which I love, because not only does it date stamp when they commented, has their head shot, the person that is and their name that's really need these are the people you know and you care about and of course, this is a thumb now, but these air each, um, side by side four by six, very cool, right? Very, very cool. So then from there he looked yesterday at the, um, dropbox, if you have dropped, if you don't have dropbox, I really recommend it because a super easy way to jump from your phone to your computer while also backing up your image is kind of a two for one benefit and it's really wonderful for quick upload very fast up loads and it's free for the most human. You can add space and investing more space, and it does on both machines. So it's just they figured it all out for us, you know they've done the work, we just have to take advantage. And if anyone remembers me, they'll ask you I'm gonna put on the quiz test time at this point, if I want to upload an image to my dropbox from my phone to remember what I push anybody, this is what I learned by dues helpful. How are seeing it one more time? Do you remember lori? You were just watching online to marty it's the three dots, usually those three dots that kind of I don't know what the name for them is. Does anyone know that is their names? But I know there's an ellipse ease, but I think that's what these are that three dot symbol is kind of universal to know that there's an action attached to that and it's not just used in dropbox. I've seen it in many areas, so if you're like the first time I'm telling you, this is like I looked at my screen and I use drop box for weeks before I knew I could do it from my phone. I could I knew I could download to my thought I didn't know I could upload from my phone and finally I don't know why it took me so long. I realized I'm going to hit the three dots and it's right there so that if you see those and you kind of confused because it's not the quick read doesn't say upload, then check it out, then that does say, upload and you add the plus sign. Go on your camera or if he saved it in a folder, even better it's going to be your most recent one and you have flood are running in. There we go feel fast, that it and for these old, easy, they're both oldies, my dot, my equipment and for them to be that fast for most people would be done. When you blink, you just be done right because of thieves can go that fast. That's. Great! Then when I hop over to my computer, we can jump back over here and into my dropbox. I put that in blawg my blog's folder talked a little yesterday, but it bears repeating in here if you see. A little guys on there the buddies that means that somebody else is sharing that folder with you if it's just blink it's a private one and I have shared them it's not like you have a drop box holding people just jump into it you have to allow them access it's wonderful though if you have people in different locations like afterwards we have our creative life re union tour then we can have all have a drop boxes through our photos into or better yet a facebook group as we learned yesterday that we can upload our photos to tell our stories you can ask me more questions the online audience can join us I think I'll work on that gives some kind of group set up for us but just so you know if you kind of again the lay of the land if there's nothing on there that means it's private to you you're going to open it and in a moment it jumps in here I mean you're not sure if you're on the right one the other helpful kind of navigation process with this if you look along that far right call him it shows you when you added it yesterday a minute ago obviously that's the most recent one and I was looking for so because those these can be a little hard to see especially when you're working on your phone you're gonna open this and you see um a familiar friend. The three little thoughts that is going to tell me how to download it to my computer go in the opposite direction. This time we uploaded from the phone. Then we're gonna download from the computer and there you go and you can just save it. I just said save it to your desktop that's what I do first because it's quick it's, easy, it kind of defaults that way, but you can save it wherever you have a file system in place because he saw that shot of my desktop. We looked at that before, right gets a little crazy up in there so it's a good place to start. I wouldn't encourage you tow, leave them there. And I I also would suggest that you rename it in something that's going to make sense to you because photo july twenty four doesn't mean a lot, so I'm going to say instagram comments or creative life I had saved and now when I go to my desktop, he should be living there. Yeah, right there. Okay, when you open it, there it is.

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