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Working in the Scrapbooking Industry

Lesson 9 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Working in the Scrapbooking Industry

Lesson 9 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

9. Working in the Scrapbooking Industry

Lesson Info

Working in the Scrapbooking Industry

You know, it's weird to be thrilled to talk shop because this is my job, this is my living, but I am such a special creative field and one of the things I get most often as a question when I'm teaching here and there and everywhere is how do I do what you do? How do I work in this industry? Whether it's as a writer, the way you do your articles editor, I'm going to talk about different jobs that are available in this industry from everything from actual jobs scrapbooking, which is fabulous to be paid to do what we love to riding and marketing and, you know, more than business related stuff I know right now the economy as a whole is a little bit stretched and tap, but it doesn't mean there aren't things to be found, you just have to know where to go, but they're looking for and I'll help you with that. I can't say you'll have a job tomorrow. I'm not even full time employed, but just that you confined cool avenues may not know about, but before we go further, I want to share a funny mome...

nt from the break because it's crack me up, you don't mind, right, okay. So katie's name you will go back to our discussion a few moments in a few segments before now we're talking about creating a personalized hashtag and ways to use your name to do that to help make it more unique to you her name is katie doll well her katie doll bell your married name but your main means maiden name is katie doll, so she was playing with different doll equations in the search function to test it out, which I appreciate you being such a following my instructions so well on and you're glad you did, because why what happened when you type those in a bunch of creepy stuff? Yeah, but all head yeah fella, little dolls sometimes using your name works like hefner, which is a german originally known very uncommon, but well, maybe you have to go with a route that was money. So anyway, always test out your national that's awesome, thanks for telling us that. Okay, so back to the slide show and working in the creative industry before we welcome our guests a little bit later, I'll talk a little bit about my experience, so you do what if I'm not with my safe place? So if I'm my family, friends and family at home, they're not not safe, but they just don't get us you get paid to scrapbook but I thought, you know it's a legit thing it's a career I didn't actually go to school with this in mind it was a lucky kind of series of events not going to briefly but yeah, there are fields that pay you describe it and be in this lovely ofsome industry of ours so how I got started briefly it was just I was studying communications on dh in college and I was interning at a television station and I met a lot of publicists and publicist would just come in with a brand this particular one was a stamp in that brand with their client in their client in this case shellee gardner the ceo of that company would come on this television show I was interning at and I got to be the one that made her experience nicer you know, the grunt work I gotta get out of the water and anything they did all the real work but I've got to have the one on one interaction with the guests what a neat thing with the ceo of a humongous stamp company on dso and also in addition to her her publicist so down the road she knew his graduating college soon she gave me your card and she said, if you ever want a job in public relations you know, let me know I would love to work with you which is so wonderful and then a year went by. I kind of forgot about it. I've been doing some p r for mcdonald's, but I wanted something more. It was a part time and I want a more permanent and it came up and I applied and and they got that so that the lesson here and they are all going to have that exact scenario are scenarios air so different is networking it's definitely nowhere can you never know. You're talking tio aa lot of time saving people if you're not trained people just like people which is a driving crazy here, just treating them as stepping stones. You miss opportunities, publicists myself having been one for so long I realized that they were about shelly. Everyone was about shelly, you know, because she's fantastic. I was a little bit more focused in on trans justcause. She and I are sorry, might the publicist because she and I had a lot in common. We had fun talking together, and she really responded to that and you never know who you're talking to that can open a door for you. If you just see everyone. If people are not, who can get me the furthest where's, the leverage, an opportunity, you know, and so just I know scrap occurs to the most far so, like genuine and authentic, we do that anyway, and we're story tellers were kind of natural born reporters, so we love to talk to people and hear their stories that could really open doors for you on, so I got the job of stamping up I was there a while then, and I'm in that position. I worked with magazines, aziz like the point person for the company to the media and got to see the other side of the table. I got to see the media side and the editors at one point said, hey everyone, a job over here, let us know when you're at that age. It's a little easier to kind of hop around to find your your exact fit, so I went into the editing and did that for eight years and different capacities. Eso again, it's nothing I said, I'm going to this school to be a scrapbooking editor didn't even confession I didn't know scrap booking the way we know it even existed, I scrapbook, but I had the little rolls of stickers that I bought on my lunch break in high school, where all my friends about the tanning salon you know put you later on buying the stickers, right? That so my scrapping is not the way we need to find it, but it really opened ice for me, so don't feel like you can apply for a job, say, with a stamp company because you're not proficient and stamping that secondary to your skill. Set your underlying skill set in any particular area. For the most part. S o let's see that's, the secret scott success is a creative business. Ah, I think more this is more part where the jobs are. There are places you can find them. One is scrapbook update dot com. I'm nancy nolly runs this web site, and she actually does all this work for you. She is very, very finger on her pulse with the community. She knows if a creative company is hiring and she compelled that list for you like a one stop shop, you didn't go there and it's, not just p r or, you know, the standard business type jobs. Oh, this person wants a design team that's a very crafty job. This company are this company over here once product designer so, you know, alison can go over there and check it out, that kind of thing. Is it's really a vast option for you to look in two and you don't have? They're not all scrapbook related jobs require degrees just depends on what you're looking at, and also the jobs don't all require again, that knowledge of the hobby so much or on the opposite side of the business maybe you are just a really passionate user and they want to tap into that I mean you're their bread and butter there you're who they sell to so they rely on that so that's one way so that website but also what exactly what our subject matter is social media almost every well I edition generalize like that so many companies have social media accounts remember earlier when I showed you how you can go on to a page of business page and facebook and you click that except notifications or whatever it was box and that drop down menu if there's something a company or a brand you love whether or not they're in your backyard is a lot of work anymore could be remote click it because if somebody is looking for a design team and several of those pay and if they don't pay in the dalit bills to pay in the paper which some of us that's more valuable he know it just depends on your priority system but they if you subscribe to their feed you're usually the first to know these things that's where they get their information directly to their audience not through newsletters and things too but it's just quick they know you're there and you know they're they're so it's an easy, effortless match for me I follow most of mine well on facebook for more on instagram and I don't know why I just feel like it filters things better for the way I like to receive information very visual sometimes facebook I get all these candy crush that floods my feed on dh when I have a more high profile position public facing, I guess my feet probably fills up a little bit quicker than some I can have something there for mid sentence reading it and it bumps I used to think my phone was wigging out, but it's because there's so many people on there updating that I can't even read a whole update before it's going away where instagram is a little less rapid fire, I guess, but they still usually companies will post it in both places because I know we're not all in both places. I mean, they know it's not a one size fits all and of course, twitter, I don't too much speak to that because I'm not on I'm on there I'm just not very active on there. Twitter's, another excellent source for, like word of mouth from the source primarily for like design teams and things like that s o like I mentioned before that it's just like any other industry out there it's not like this kind of I don't know far off imaginary fantasy land it's just the regular skill set exists, I need graphic designers allison has a lot of use out there that have that that beautiful paper comes from somewhere from talented, wonderful people and same product developers. They're not always one in the same sometimes they need more like the creative director behind the product, even if they don't have that skill set to actually do the work to build it, they have the vision and can direct it from that point on, they look for those writers and editors, of course, whether that's bloggers, magazines, they're getting a little less common, but they're still out there this crippled in cards today, the one I work with, they're amazing. We'll show you most plug, but they are really amazing people. A good magazine option. They have freelance stuff available from time to time and then teachers, teachers I think that's probably the most asked, how can I teach? You know we love this if you was just hanging out with your friends and then you get paid from money. It's cool, right check. I think the best a door opening possibility with teaching is to go to your local, and this is another sad thing. There aren't as many anymore, but if you still have your local craft stores, local scrap book stores l s as sick simmons called hashtag l ss right they want to bring in customers, and they know that part of that is the experience of this store, and having a solid teacher who knows or her or his business really well is going to attract an audience, so he never hurts to ask, they tell, you know, I've done that. I've gotten remember I wanted to teach for the university of utah or the local school district night up, I'll pitch to you of you because cry get the school district. I had this idea for a crafting class, and they're like adult extra education field, not in their nine o degree lineup, but like that after hours fund stuff. And so I sent same pitched a bowl of ending in chance, really fat chance at the u of you that's, a pretty big establishment in my neck of the woods. I would call that the next morning they hadn't evil, but I never heard back from the local school district they could care less, but shuhei and you can stop a backup plan. I got to teach for two years for the university of utah because of that, a tv producer saw my I had no knowledge of my magazine experience sought my course catalog for the you of you. Call me out you want to come on this show studio five it was a really lucky break I thought I'd do it one time. That was four years ago. I go on there at least once a month so you know you just don't know you know if you do if they ask you in a door opens just make sure you hit a party do a solid good product job impress them, show them your reliable you know your stuff your created you khun offer their audience whatever it may be something unique that they don't have your but that they want and then almost every time I've ever experienced that they want you to do it again or for years again, right? So you just never know um so yeah, that and then business shop owners I just had a friend I taught her in texas this fall. Oh, mill portland blurs together and I talked with her or I taught her she was a student in portland she's facing me that's the best thing when you teach else and you have all these new friends and she said I'm opening a scrapbook store she's just doing it right way not like short she just you have come up and teach sometime that is so cool I was so excited for her and she's no different than you or you or you should just taking the risk my cute friend that's here with me she's not in the room but she's here on this trip with me we were talking about that last night because I was kind of scared this is a big deal, you know it's scary to be here and even though when so friendly it's just but if you don't try it like maybe I crash and burn I hope I don't but if I do at least I know I I tried it you have to put yourself out there there's a level of being vulnerable which socks I'm very much thin skinned and with a hate me but you have to put those demons behind you and least are you always wonder just ask her just try are just open a store you know, just open a store right now here's some dollar bills and all this time and a location no, but I know I'm kind of oversimplifying, but don't be afraid of your dreams market npr same thing and then this one I think has moved the most universal approachable area, which is guest blogging. Maybe you have a cool technique that you love that like that you know how he took the calendars out of that app and used it in a fresh way that they didn't design it for you have something like that that you think is not as on the radar, but could really benefit your fellow crafters, and it relates to a specific product or brand cinnamon email, almost always, either through their facebook, their instagram or their website will have a direct channel. Hey, I had this I would let you can even send him a sample of the artwork. I would love to do something like this on your blogged odds are it's not always paying work, but it opens stores. You never know what that spring board is going to be, I'm saying, with creators creating designs for them to use in their catalogs, their trade shows very frequently, and they need designs. They need someone to take alison's, que paper and do it can't just be all allison using her own paper, that's a one size they want so many styles to fit more buyers, right? It benefits everybody. So they were polly. They went philistine, what, everyone to have that same paper, because, no, none of you would do it the same way it benefits all of u s o creating projects for their catalogs and their trade show boots and things to entice the consumer and design team members that's more like a commitment thing, where it's a set like akon, usually a contract based like a one year period or some nights, you could be again, I've done this a frequently like a guest designer, you're kind of part of the team, but just for one month, maybe, and then see you later, and they maintain some of those pay, some of those don't, and I'm afraid I'm not as into that level of this world as a lot of other my friends are, they could tell you more the ins and outs I don't really have that knowledge, but you can just ask to her desk so that's, the kind of work that there is available, and I love to know those of you in here that could share with our extended friends. I'm going to go around hollywood, you might ask what you spend your time doing, or do you have any experience professionally in this world or so? No, no, no, but I tio, but I agree with you with the you just kind of to do things and opens up another dorcas. I do finishes, and I used to dio says on films, but that turned into people's homes, and now it's turned in to furniture. But now I'm thinking, I have this slew of textures that I've had to make a sample boards, but as could figure out a way to photograph them, and they would be all the backgrounds for the photos on the aps now so they just one kind of done, so it went a really long path, but I could see how they would all fit together and, you know, eventually, yeah, again, yeah, that's, brilliant. And you're as long as you keep an open mind and you're willing to take those turns, even if there's an unknown element to it, maybe you can be unpleasantly surprised. I'm not going to lie and say it's always rain both, but you could be really pleasantly surprised, and I can see how you if you can make those connections and help them fill in the blank why your expertise would work it's perfect. Yeah, phyllis, he said you retire right because you're yeah, so a number of quite a few years ago, I did work in hobby shops where I talked classes and then all that it kind of developed into now it's with my grandkids and my grandma, grandpa camp like that interpretation also know really bring creativity into your family. I'd like to do a lot of we try to teach him that you can make things, you don't have to buy it at the store I love, so we work with a mom buying things so that gets with my grandkids and our friend's kids come over and they're all work and doing things like that so that's how I'm playing with that when we went into the hobby stories as you mentioned did you just kind of go up and say, hey, I guzman and bite you actually took classes and then I started out lived in there just about one my kid was in school so they finally decided they might as well pay me I love it that's kind of way it is I was just in here she's a creative live alum she takes a lot of classes here too so maybe you'll see her in this seat prison it's going todo about that but it's fun it's a lot of fun that's cool I love it thanks for sharing that alison, you have a cz you mentioned at the beginning class quite would you say over ten years you've been doing this and by this I mean deciding in this world but you've done a lot more than just not that just that a lot. In addition to designing, you can give it bring recently I just finished a scrapbook book our photo book for shutterfly that's coming out in the fall but also it's a baby book they'll be released in september, so that was kind of fun because it kind of came from one of the lyons I credit for webster's pages and then kind of with a starting base so that kind of build on it so it's kind of fun like you say you never know what's going to come next scene right at what industry could shutter flight does have a tie into our world but also kind of creative live by phyllis for me open stores even more than that so it's really cool you just can't prepare for it but you sure enjoying the ride, right? Yeah when the woman will your book be out do you have a and I think it's in the september day I'll look for our baby designed their darling I mean if you seem hello world the line by webster's you get the nice sampling right there but I love the sea and shutterfly form thanks for crunching the tease. You got insider knowledge here? Awesome. You have anything else to add her? You know, just like you said, you never know. What's going to come next. You know what? It's stamps paper? Yeah, I don't know what more the merrier over here you two keep girls. Kelly, do you have anything that you know I late. So I actually work in a fairly titan, which I worked in a medical record field in a hospital so there's not a whole lot of room for creativity, but several years ago I got a business license under a refresh my memory is the name of my little group because I was teaching classes so my goal actually is to eventually when I'm not working in ical field to do something more creative and maybe teach classes and go back to refresh my memory and I have something on that line I like the name too well, thank you very much could benefit from that myself when you said you would just teach classes you did you do it in an online capacity or did you go to a shot? No, actually, the hospital where I worked let me rent out one of their meeting rooms and then a bunch of people are like, I like that a bit of money and then we do the class together is basically for beginners I still have people when you can start teaching classes again. I've made several scrapbooks at the request of our ceo when people relieving the, you know, asked me to make the scrapbooks with folks that are leaving so I keep my hand in it, but I'm not professionally in it, but I enjoy it. Hell, I don't think any of us really are, you know, we just make it up as you go, but you hit on something so important there you can kind of if you, you know, when you're out of college, you want that first pr job but you can't get you need experience to get it and you can't get it you know what I insert the blank that b p r that was my life so I would go toe I worked as a waitress and I went to the restaurant my manager on I said, hey, can I just kiss npr with a new restaurant? I mean, it had it was established here in l a but was new to us kind of justice npr free for free because I need something on that resume to open a door that will pay me and he's going to say no to that will you connect me with their pr person who had another client with mcdonald's and then also and I'm the pr person for the intermountain west well one of them for mcdonnell's and then I'm ronald mcdonald and about making this up ronald mcdonald's personal assistant for a while so we would be in the briefly I was I'm loving it lady they had just launched that bought up up you know, with the justin timberlake campaign is dating me and so I was and I'm loving it lady like hang out with ronald and I'd be in the first night praised, you know? You just don't know I'm like, oh my gosh, I paid how much money to go to school four years to hand out tattoos and ronald called them he's, the first new year's eve parades. But it then he had ronald mcdonald house charities and stamping up have a direct partnership from a tropic point of view. And he actually served as one of my references on. And I was really nervous here, young kid. And like, trying to show in my portfolio. You right? I couldn't even keep my hands still. I bombed it. It bombed and was on actually interviewed on new year's. Eve hopped in the ronald van weird and went to the break. And I was really sad. And so he took it upon himself. I didn't know he waas and called them and then I got the job. I know he is. Why, you know, and it's? Because I said to the manager, some free stuff for you need something you say to the hospital. Can I borrow this room kind of space? I know it exists. If you need to have a starting point, they're everywhere to be found. You just have to be willing to kind of see them and ask again. Worst case they say now, you know, you have a meeting that day that you could come next saturday. Right or like you said, churches are another option community centers start your ice to do that on my free time so much of it when I was a full time magazine editor, I would you actually use our office building and do little craft boutiques on the weekend because I knew he had a big break room I knew there's craft stuff galore, right? Not that I was stuff that we weren't using anymore just to clarify and we'd have friends I mean have fun and we played menu that space was day for me and then I could kind of grow that side of my teaching I was in a teacher yet, but I wanted that if I needed to make sure I could prove I could do it or that I liked it so yes love that I love that you hit on that thank you so much now that act to follow this creepy doll head what about you? What you have here? Truthfully, photography is more my lens, but when I teach those classes I have a huge emphasis on printing and a lot of people are like why you have a digitally you don't need a printed anymore and so you know, I brought in one of my scrapbooks and they're like this is amazing and so then that segue wade into, you know, classes at the local college and stuff like that so it's nothing like super fancy like everybody else but I do because I love it and I think that there is an important component tio honoring your memories whether it's you know, printing it and framing it or printing it and making a beautiful scrapbook for yourself for your family or someone else. So and I have have had some of my pages published a long time ago but yes, you know I didn't even hit on that that was my job for a decade whatever thank you, thanks forgive me not subtle to kind of missing a big category here. Yes, that is another option. I'm really glad you mentioned howard that was a fancy your stories as good as anyone else but not you shared it you can it's a little harder as I mentioned anymore but you can submit your work to different magazines. I had talked earlier about how I used to wear that hat and be the one that would get those and say ok, that one now and not you know which is great and hard but they most of the time the ones that air out still they'll have on their website a like a tab at the top that says how to submit or they walk you through it it's not sort of have to know the right guy who noticed the guy you know it's it's very open and welcoming and you don't have usually to my experience and knowledge you don't send your actual many album with she kind of hate to part with in the hope that they like it instead use in our photography photos of it and then if it's a sure bet usually that point well sometimes not always depending on where the magazine is located, you will actually mail the product and it's about away from you for about six months for the full process, they have to write everything about it, photograph it, send it through proofs and editing it's a long process, but it does come home eventually, and it comes home with a magazine that you're in, you know, that's such a neat thing, some magazines pay some don't, and usually when they do pay it's just to buy the rights technically so that they can they kind of own that image of your work, so you may see it later in like an ad or online in their website, I know that something I was working with before we would re purpose them a lot and it was great. So yeah that's a really nice option and it's easy to dio I'm glad you mentioned that and you could get swag they usually send you goody so yes, this is true this is true if you are picked up and published then they will some not all of them but when they return your project and you're mad you're complimenting magazine or magazines depending they send you a bunch of supplies to so yeah it's fun to get a dig in it's like christmas and you get a magazine spread it out of the deal tio sometimes saying with online content they don't not always do they pay in that platform but you never know like remember is an editor but in the hat back on would work with online contributors frequently and online community that we had at that time and it wasn't where they were paid to be in that community but pretty soon you start seeing the same names on the editor side of the desk it starts that whole scene patterns right with our photos the same it's like oh there's never a hunt again that's one of the people that we saw one of her projects earlier and she's we'll look into her I'm seeing her a lot why is that? And then you say, hey, you know what? I have this article on such and such I'm kind of in a bind I've really seen you a lot online even though it's not actively connected to me and editors are seeking you out where they're looking for you as much as you're looking for them so and then because she was always in the forefront she could feel that spot in that in that bind moment for me and then opened the door again if you hit it hard and you have a solid and do a good performance maybe she's in the next issue or six months later so yeah publishing the great one it is it's a nice way to earn a little extra income and the same is true with classes not on such a global scale, so ideo primary a few set cos and they moved me around but you can go to the ones that come to you like the traveling circus kind of right you know it's like a roll in the town and the big to do and then they're gone the next morning you know what I'm talking about? They need road people boots so that's like one of them when they do it's creating keepsakes conventions, I teach classes there they have a component of that that's a called the vendor fair and it's all their shopping stores, their vendors and it's not only manufacturers and that most of them aren't fish store owners that travel around and they're selling their swag their stuff there turned the church key's, but they don't always have the means to fly some do exclusively but not all of them fly it the same traveling team to every stop along the way instead local passionate crafters who know the product can represent it well come in and on that web site in particular I think ck events or something like that it will say you want to you want to teach you want to help in the vendor fair and it step by step walks you through and you could make a few dollars by company shoes so usually a convention center than the floors they're hard and you're on your feet all day long it's so fun you get a touching live it and breathe and be a part of it and that maybe you meet someone who's shopping there a company owner across the aisle who needs a defined team representative or you no see again it's just being open being out there I think that's where this is so wonderful what we're doing here both from scrapping perspective but keeps you out there you know especially sorry kelly but especially instagram from this side of the world because it's so visual and craft companies if you hashtag if you are like an uber my road fan and you would give anything to work with them create with their stuff use that hashtag they're going to see it and you keep doing it I mean they know their hash tags there and they rely on it as much as we dio as fellow crafters you know they want to see what the responses to products they're putting other, so they're going to clip the my road hyperlink hashtag wow there's had kelly again she sure likes her stuff and I really like how she does it in her own signature way and then they'll do that private message function on the instagram possibly you know hypothetically and a lot of being better bone right? Of course there you go so it is just keeping yourself present in open ideas and knowing that if not silly to approach somebody and sometimes they will say no like I said it's a little harder any more jobs there fewer for further between, but they're not impossible and so that's that and I want him one more thing before we welcome guests because it's kind of back to that using your crafts and posting a member I mention my maker book I pulled that out for you so this is by artifact uprising um we all know this now this is a mask that I created and rana rana designs app um and then I added the text over it, so I just selected that black mask like we did on the ghost picture but the heart over it because what you'll do with this artifact uprising website or excuse me apples both it's a website and a nap I didn't all from my phone super convenient is they'll say, what do you want on your cover and you can just upload an image but I wanted my image to kind of look like a cover, right? So I did the mask treatment on there, but phyllis had a really good question on the brake, and why bringing us that part of why I'm bringing this up was the brush stroke, one where that heart lives and that I was doubling is actually an add on. So if you are brand new to the ron and designs app and you were trying to follow along with me, I sincerely apologize. I forget how many have purchased I'm that impulse shopper, and I buy them all if you were trying to find it in that library that I pulled up on the screen on the side, that big paint smear it is an ad on tv, what it was called, I don't remember well, it was under a but in that you click on then there's thirty it's his thirteen additional or something like that it's at the top, you click on that and it gives you all the ones that you can purchase. Yeah, they're pretty reasonable, nice, and I think that, yeah, I think I think when they first come out there, maybe not. I shouldn't say that at one point there were dollar ninety nine, but that one's been around awhile, I wonder if they go down I didn't look at all of my just happened to look at that one, and you get a lot you get, you know, it was a group of a few and then within that there's, that whole library, ok, get all of those with that purchase can button open it up to see how many it's very good deal, okay, that's a very good deal I'm like, well, I have problems, I'm shopping problems anyway, so thank you for bringing that up in case that fellow creative lives out there. We're running into the same where I don't that brush stroke that's? Why? So I appreciate that both go back to my book, you can see one thing is if you just doing the instagram can learn from me don't always do what I do here. It will it's smart enough the technology in this artifact uprising program to say, hey, you know, if we do that to the full believe that you're telling me to it's going to look like craft, you know, you don't want that, so it gives you this kind of dropped down thing you can say, I still want to use it, but just make it biddy and so I love this little project that made something a project just a tag painted on a tag had it on my instagram but I didn't follow my own advice and I didn't have an original I just had that but I still want to do in there especially how it says hello and it's right at the front yeah, so I had him do it so no that they're not all that tiny that was just a resolution user error I suppose you can see qualities fantastic. I am kind of all over the map. I have a lot of interests fabric, paper, all kinds of things. So I purposely kind of put my book together in themes so first it's my fabric work I mean, these rosettes on stuff that's what my business is all about, the usual things that then pass that is like do a lot of party to core like super bowl. This is one of my most I think it was on a website called craft gawker way back when it's kind of like pre pinterest and they come and find you but it was on there and I think that helped but it's taking cupcake liners hold a cupcake liner in half, stitch around the edge so it's like a half circle, you know, leave a little bit open and put some mints or something there in it simply because of the nature of that paper when you do that and then put your finger in on the fold it makes a fortune cookie shape and it just holds it I didn't mean to do it was accidental, but I loved it and I put on my block of the fun party favor and that I thought I want if I'm going to kind of pick a sampling of things I've posted think about that with your own work think of things that have had a good response from people and even cooler if you could do it and I wish I wish I did and should have bringing some that endorsement some of those comments those air endorsements for your work I love this I've never seen this so creative your colors, your color palettes or so unexpected anything like that that is authentic it's not peggy hepner so they all know it's making the mom she you know, he's just a fellow user if you can somehow work that into some kind of portfolio, you may not have a printed book if you're pitching it and sending it off to people, but I've seen a lot of people who do it in blogged format they just have a blogged sole purpose is to be a sampling of their work elektronik lee a lot of people didn't even take it and make a queue our code from that and technical I have a friend of coal if you're watching the coal remind me in the chat room what that web site is that you she has a portfolio website and it's about me about me dot com I'm pretty sure that's what it is it will generate it'll do this kind of stuff for you and give you a cue our code so whether you put that on a business card and all you have to do is hand that out which is super cheap or even just take the image and email it to people very easy onda q r code if you don't know it's those little boxes that look like they're out of focus a little squares they always kind of I don't even know my husband such a geek and he's like did you know that there can be you will never have the identical q r po for another did it a number of times that there's this many possibilities with the q r code but you can have your own cue our code to your unique portfolio you're not putting lots of books that costs lots of money or sending out your please don't ever, ever just send out your work cold your real work don't do that because people on the receiving and I've received that so many times in an editorial capacity we don't have the bandwidth, the budgeting any of that to return it and even with the cute notes with the handling and please return, it can, and then it killed us emotionally, we feel like jerks, you know? But you lose your works a senate in some kind of electronic format like this if you want to or if you want to save money, put it in a block, but just kind of you the best, your best and that's where social media is, so because it tell you, you know, you get so close to something you think it's a home run, I do this all the time, so embarrassing I can't wait to share this one, they're gonna love it, there's one but I'm going to say it was embarrassing that something I did, I thought would be a home run like two likes chaos sucks, you know, if I had pitched that not in having this market research at my fingertips and put that in my portfolio maybe with a belly flop, but then my cupcake liner accident that I stumbled into is like a great rating success. It helped you target your work and know how to send us. And if you are kind of like me where you dabble in many things just to a sampling show them, you're versatile show them many of these companies I can speak with full confidence I don't want to be just scrapbook companies anymore because that industry is struggling and it needs to grow and expand so they want to see that you two are going expanding beyond that home to core cards stationary digital like the shutter fly you know stuff like that put it in here I mean even things like putting some felt on a baby food jar with socks inside it seems kind of weird but maybe there's a company that is looking for someone who can do just that you know, so try to make it one thing I would suggest if unique make your whatever you final selection maybe if you choose to do this kind of a different approach don't do something we've seen seventeen times and then also something that you know has a positive result because you tested it to your channels selling outlook house and fabric so that was a paper that she had that's hello world right yeah and then you are through spoon flower is a website that will take patterns, artwork and turn him into fabric and so I bought some cause I love it and I mean that and I shared on that studio five tv show you know, dead a domino domino domino but and then I got a great response it was one of those ones where it wasn't even done yet right here and I got so many like because it's free thank you, alison that's why? But you made me look good girl yeah, justice when my new ones I'm learning any creative life course I'm embroidery aiken take anyway, I got a huge response from that so you know, and I put that in here so there you go and again, as much as you can show some versatility and style people want to know you're versatile, they wouldn't take him two different looks this is then tangle pentangle I'm addicted to you right now is anyone in here know what that is sent tingle? Can you do you mind explaining it? I don't know that well, but I'm just fascinated you recognize us it's kind of a doodle and that's simplifying it but sent angle is a form of doodling it is very then so I can see why they call it that because you create shapes within a shape it's likely their numbers that I just traced with a stencil. And then I did these triangles and part of it, like I created these columns within my zero and then each calm is like its own little palette, right? So I did little dash is here and swirls here and triangles here and it's like, oh, really? But it's actually kind of get caught up and it's like that at work we're doing and I'll send you here, in our in that, you're really relaxed, because a lot of times when we're crafting, I think our brains, air processing and we have a lot on our minds or, you know, things up are weighing heavily. We don't realize we're even thinking about him, and you walk away from something like this. You do feel more then, because it's ready helps you process so, anyway, included, even though that's so drastically different from this, I wanted to show it that's enough for megan, blah, blah, blah. If you'd like to look at my book afterwards in studio audience, let me know. Otherwise I should get on my block or something, or my web site, I shouldn't say block anymore. I'm big league now.

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This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

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What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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