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Assembling Layout: Finishing Touches

Lesson 21 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Assembling Layout: Finishing Touches

Lesson 21 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

21. Assembling Layout: Finishing Touches

Lesson Info

Assembling Layout: Finishing Touches

So from here, I have some options again, I'm I'm liking the color palette so far it's kind of calm and neutral, not overly really earlier, boy lee, so I'm gonna look at my kind of comparing contrast. One thing I did that you you may notice is I'm t shirt kind of change it up to be my own. I went to the full bleed, the full length of the page, this one has rounded corners and I'm a margin around it, which I didn't do in this case, but that is just the preference I wanted and then over here I want to create this effect, but I don't have a diet cutting machine or a punch to do the tab. So what I think I'll do is with this fantastic sticker sheet in front of me from fancy pants designs, there's already stickers with tabs on it, which can add that it is don't all have to be paper. These layers can be whatever you want them to be, even like you could put your moss right there or your flower, your dried flower, you know, that's really cool s I'm going to look at this assortment again, find wh...

at I want to do for that middle panel, keeping in mind my pint, gallon court approach to things I like that one, I wonder in a small dose if that would be and I wanted to make my cute windy go away has my center like if it were basically or but where it could be right next to my photo and wonder what let's see I mean I have a solution for this I really want to use this floral it's beautiful so I'm gonna try something here I want to cut this down I should be giving measurements that this is c I'm such I just kind of kraft I don't I'm not precise it also I don't even know what my measurements have been actually documenting after people who are interested so I'm going to cut this one to a four inch four by twelve for starters no I'm twenty five and then I can trim off I need to add rather cut a little too much have some wiggle room then haven't you skinny we'll do five by twelve for now thiss over here we print back and view when I look at this I think I will cut this one down and I'm going to the full bleed this time how the room doing y'all feeling okay yeah enjoying the paper that is beautiful it's a nice line just turn it down a little bit because it is a louder print I'm going to use it fyodor it but I don't want to use it and access because I need my photos to still be my star but that there and now you can see I've done the that pint gallon court the base is my point paying court gallon right the courts the middle one the pint air the bases that pint is it's no pattern it's a yeah and neutral then I have that midsize dot and the more bold flower where's the feast to were loud and bold to will share the difference look at this on this dot versus this one and it's kind of well that's not your bags so muted but is still large and large and it competes a little bit more on this side in particular that's almost a neutral over here but but the contrasting dot on this side it's a little bit in the competition going on so we're gonna move that over come back here to this you keep my photo of you wanna make sure everything is still supporting my photo there we go and then I have one last layer I want ad it's also on my blueprint you can do that or not and that's a photo mat photo mat around there and in this case so like my photo can maintain its stardom I want to do a fairly neutral or even match and I think I'm going to go back to my a yellow that come or the color that compliment me yellow doily here they're going to be close by I mean look at my patterns and I think I will do the yellow and you can either go ahead and pre cut that something when I'm adding my photos that I generally do is just I'd hear them to the paper it and then cut it to fit so that I can have what are called common margins or equal amounts of space around the image. That's good and easy to apply design principle that's just add a little touch you khun dutilleux project to make a difference in the design and I know downstairs here in my bag, her basket of goodies, I have a corner around her punch and a cord around her punches just what it suggests a punch paper punch that will round those corners or those straight right angles. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that with my photo and to do that, you will put the the either photo or piece of paper in until the corners lineup with the corner in the punch this's by hold your ate it and put it in very well, I can't I'm looking at it very well. This is brian close to my heart, this particular punch like you see in there you can open it can't see it that's what I should do, huh? It is not hard, I don't know why, making it look so hard, I promise it's not all right, so I have my pick my photo, your corner they're probably gonna be a little cleaners in that, but for the second time I'm not going to redo it all this put it down and it's really about my memory with wendy so not going to agonize over that well photo mishap wardrobe malfunction, the photo department, right? I think that on there again common margins on the above it and to the left she's kind of hard because I mingled my corner is a little bit, but I get the gist now when I flied in my trimmer, I know that I'm going to cut it over on the right side equally amount so I get the same with the space it's on its left rather than having to do math place after another approach, though, is to just cut a piece and center your photo you know it's just it's so hard to teach scott clicking sometimes because we don't always approach even how you trim stuff the same way and from here it's going to be a you're looking at the sketch bring in the blueprint again, it's going to be a longer piece I want to have some this yellow area down here intact I'm gonna cut it almost like are insects prince huh? With that sort of area down there like a printed image with the frame around it okay, we get in there, get in there, get in there and then I'm looking here to see if I like how much the's have similar these two are in width and I don't see I think I'm gonna trim that down make it a little thinner that more of my floral is showing because it's sort of equal and that's the thing with design you wantto not have too many things exactly equal because as I said over and over already they tend to compete a little bit one thing I love to dio and I've done plenty of is on pinterest speaking of social media I like to pin scrapbook page ideas I have an entire board on there for a scrap booking an invite anyone that is interested to come in take a look if you need page ideas that are fresh approaches these blueprints or another way to help freshen your scrap booking a piece like you're cut caught in a rat and you do the same style over and over again are any of the gals here in the studio with me on pinterest yeah do you have scrapbooking board off some you just do general scrapbooking or do you have ways to organize so smart yeah down this front table here you go pinning your scrapbooking ideas here to focus on you know you're okay absolutely am ru I pin um color combinations that inspire me to so that's a great idea laurie, there are they're colored palate generating sites out there and if you just put in there what search terms fees to try to find fresh one well, you know what? When I have extra time I don't necessarily even search I'll just go to the popular page or or the everything page and look at home to court or whatever and it might be a paint sample in a room or it might be, you know, a living room or a kitchen or thie outside of a house or so it's just something like, oh, that color really inspires me, but they do have, like, color palettes or paint swatches or lots of people have done that work for you already where you may not think that you know, purple and green or something would go together yeah, grapple with purple green but that's what's fun about it. Yes, you do look a little out of your comfort, so yeah, I know that it goes because you can see an example on pinterest and you're like, yeah, that looks really good there's a reason why I like that, right? Exactly. Yeah. Cooler app okay, yeah kul e r your app expert my friend, yes, and I think because you can type like the name of an apple or ice cream sundae or if you peg generate them right yeah or if you pick the color if you're in photoshopped elements and you pick the color out of your photo and you still want the colors from that photo in your thing you can kind of pick it out that way to it's sort of like a picker tool then yeah that's neat that's neat that you do that and do you do it from your smartphone I guess snap or ugo that when I do on the computer that's neat say it one more time in case people were watching cooler cave you l k u l e r yeah for her aunt and its part if you have photo shopped the proper one it's in the exchange it's it it's in a drop down menu it's part of it's actually part of the shop very needs so it's pretty and then you make your palate and they came a few hours and you can save them to say if he found a way they write you could keep it go back to it that's awesome and a great pinning topic for sure it if you want to pin inspiring ideas now I'm just creating a border I didn't like how my little mishap with my order or my corner rounder made my cut even though I'm not pretty precise of my measurements that kind of threw off my even miss I guess of my lines that doesn't mean I'm going to start over no way and I should mention that was totally user malfunction, not the not the punch it's a great corn arounder, so you'll have them your tables don't shy away, and I don't want to send a lot more on this basic approach cloney to some artistic ideas in our in our art journals, but I just wanted to show you that a strip of why she kind of helps hide that unevenness and makes a little bit more forgiving. And then I also have my doily to factor in. I'm gonna bring this back. You can see that that's kind of tucked up under here and not out of the washing, but I can tear it terrace bravely, which is awesome, and I kentucky the doily in, and I can put a title here. There's several letter sticker options for you in studio friends that you can choose from within that one sheet of stickers from the fancy pants collection or there is a solo isn't in there with the paper with the kind of burlap, texture and stickers gloria, I know you had used them on your on something that alphabet sticker with a burlap texture on it. It was that in with the paper and with the paper back. Okay, great and last thing. So I could put a title up here and some journaling. I need the journaling. You can either use actual journaling spots that they make. They're just little spots like that with lines on a mohican, right right on there. I tend to do that a lot right now on and then I wanted before my stickers away grabbed my tab so I will do that as well. Just stick it over here with a sticker thie did to the doj and put it next to my hide hide my cutting her my punching there we go that and that's my journaling! I love to use my my markers. Um are black pan and I've had some pins out here to change there they are in this case I had so much black in the paper and my colors are a little too bright for the style I'm going with my pen this's actually speaking of his entangle, this is entangle collection of pens has that name right on there and it's a cool example of what's entangle is and the reason this is these pens are specific to that is they have different wits on the tip and it's nice to have with sent tangle a very, uh fine point pen in some instances but not always because when you do fill in work too and you want to have a variety so that's a secure a product I want to say I'm gonna grab my pan here and again I'm not too precise and he's going to draw some lines so that have space to tell my story ad sticker is a little caption on the sketch here there's this flag so I think I do like having something they're the reason for that is you can see it sort of act is an anchor between the various layers by having one piece that stretches across all of them I'm gonna look here it for at some my my little stickers that have words on him pretty much love smid to the moon and back but um not an accurate way to fit she so many things I think I'll use that one put it here but I like the dove tail cut on me in that you know it's just not really meant to be that you necessarily I'm going to create a dove challenges just a triangle on the end go and then I mentioned I don't want to just do the single photo I want to smother instagram so we've gone to the donut who truck many times it's called in for my utah peeps watching it's the art city donuts and you must go because they are bolos and I'm going to make sure include that the pages well cause that's kind of a part of what we do is we go out and eat but I don't believe that this partner it's a really I want to kind of keep the square or the grid style of this so when I just do this two by two's and not that one piece save that for something else or put it in my art journal or something yeah get in there now isn't it fun to see your pages start to come together and you piece them together with the different layers and they should feel more like I don't know it just makes it so fun to memory keep my guests and we're going to get out there and do more things like right now I'm really craving donut match what's exciting tio hopefully we can get a chance to do a little show and tell on this if there's time that would be great when they be fun yeah because you know what they're doing what I'm doing even if it's the same sketch entirely different and that's amazing on then from here I would just add my journaling my details of course again if I had my stickers out in front of me I would do sometimes kind of title about my time with my friend and then I want to add texture I'm not going to hear about that something I would encourage you to do and with your projects and the idea pretty regularly is add some layer, not tons because again it goes in a page protector so can get too thick but buttons or the sequins would be cute on here my snow cone flash geo tags on here just something that gets it a little less flat because as it is it's kind of flat and I kind of probably put this down for their two it's a little there we go that's better on dh that just like that because I had a sketch where if usually I'm not kidding tease me about four hours to create a scrapbook layout in this case I had the photos printed through an app that was fast they were already edited and nice because I put them through my my online and act options like instagram and I had the little ones clay's another app to create the collage on the blueprint one of the many available to you to create the element in this scheme or the you know the overall design so just simple is that you get a scrap of page done you keep working with stuff tart talk about the arsenal techniques but then maybe we can work in a little show and talks honesty, hollows, layouts, air coming together, any questions from you here in the sea or online about the using of a blueprint or suggestions you have as the view sketches or page maps, blueprints, and you're experience that you wantto share before you move on anything at all. I will sometimes use, like a cz inspiration or jumping off point, but not the full page. Because I, as a photographer you never wanted, like jack somebody's idea completely. Jack idea. Also known a scrap lift. You go. I just like to use, like a component, and then make it my own a perfect and that, you know, that's. Why, I think they are so well received in popular as a tool out there, is that they just they get yet out of that block or that you know, kind of writer's block, scrappers, block. If you can just get oh, something to start, usually than the ideas flow a little bit more freely. So that's a good point that you make with jacking of the idea.

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