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Mini Albums

Lesson 17 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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17. Mini Albums

Lesson Info

Mini Albums

There are so many options right with many albums have you all here with me today done many albums on one in one way or another? Yeah, only to newer scrapbooking recruits holly and phyllis have you after my the thing I have my whole you get way had a good printer party. I love that you miss phyllis, you ever made a mini album before? Yes, I got one this type of chip board, but it head love on it. And it was a valentine one about time day when satchel word was spelled out, huh? Yeah, you had the each time you turned turned the page, it was a different letter love that I was kind of staggered one right? Beautiful laura, you know, you have experience with many of you have a favorite favorite style, you know? You know, what's funny is I don't create a lot of many albums just because being a busy working mom and having four kids and it's like bigger projects bigger, you know, so many is tamir kind of treats for me. Yeah, that when I walked in, I was like, wait get too many albums so they act...

ually do this to like, we're doing this thing and I was excited I gotta moment, but yeah, so I'm excited because I don't many albums to me they're more of treats, you know, kind of extravagant for me where I'm just like I got a record, a go to record that man, right? You know, like they touch on that because they are sort of a holiday for us, says scrappers it's sort of like, I don't know you love scrap booking, and I don't want to ever seem like a chore, but it does have a task associated with it or the many still does. You're still documenting your life, but you can get a little different in your approach. Yeah, it's like shoes when you buy normal, comfortable so that they get to buy fun. Really kind of yeah, your what your french is. Yeah, I know. These two beautiful ladies are seasoned scrappers. So with kelly are you a mini? I am actually a user can do a lot of many school. Excuse me on a lot of money. Scrapbooks? You have a favorite style. Like many pockets of the chip border. Just like mal. Equally, I like them all equally. I've done actually, beloved one with the stagger. A lot of popular one. I actually did that one. But like I mentioned yesterday have done a lot of going away. Books so it's very easy to take the four by six pocket books that you can find it most lot of recent retail stores you put a four by six picture then you've got your pocket for people to write their cinnamon salt and then you can slip that until it matches the pictures I've done a lot of those that's awesome I'm really happy mentioned that I don't want people to think that to be using a many album it's a specific type you know with shapes in the chip board just go to your like a local store and get a two up is what is called her just two side by side photo album I could be in many album absolutely and they make wonderful guests and they are pocket album and right tuck in and pull out when you can get crazy you're crazy so they can pull him out and read the bag you could decorate the outside of the car I mean you really can't get a little nuts with it you have so much fun yeah yes thanks for sharing that it's a great point that it is photo albums are definitely in that category yeah how about you, my dear? I like to use uncommon non scrapbooking item so like a deck of cards that I had made for my husband when we got married was like mr and mrs for a paper anniversary so then I just used a little over ring punch the cards and then I have fifty two memories or reasons why I loved him and I decorated one side stop come on on your feet on he loved it I had little maps of like places we had been where we got married in mao li and you know so he absolutely loved it that's awesome and that's what I mean the thing is not just for the girl, my husband's the same way that it's a wonderful gift idea that from the very first many albums I ever made, it was just with my construction paper when I first met my husband at eighteen years old one hundred reasons I love you and I just took magazine clippings cut him out going old school here friends believe that in on construction paper again with those stickers I bought off the roll, stuck it on there and he still has it and and the decorative edge scissors you know it's so that's one thing I love about this copy of ours it kind of almost timestamps itself as we evolved through techniques and styles and approaches and it's fun nothing is you don't get tired of anything it's just need to see how your own styles evolved and great great gifts they are perfect as gifts and a deck of cards of a wonderful week repurpose ing approach it's just another way to do many albums he can do found items great segue way I have one to share you here have this in your kits and we're not making it, but I just want to give you some bonus ideas. Those following along. I want to show you that you can use just your everyday stash of supplies this's corrugated paper by fancy pants designs, and they have different colors black coral craft and it's, you know, it's like a cardboard like the inside layer of the cardboard, and I wanted to turn that into many album because it's a heavier weight. So if you're thinking about d I y options to make your own many something that's a little bit more substantial or a heavier way is nice to act as the covers the front and the back. What katie said about the calm over rings yeah, the o ring binder ring that these are great for making your own binding because you just use a hole punch and you can thread them on. They just didn't get these at the office supply store and a lot of your albums that you buy premade come with these. Just throw them on their tv. Is that so? That's one idea and then inside where made my cover actually is a template that all of you have in your kids here in studio I'm going to show you that before, before we get to the decorated it sees whisker graphics, flashcard calendars and they sell him free each year it looks like a flash card that you would get if you were studying arithmetic or whatever these air really keep with their calendars instead of math cards, and that makes a really nice background for many album just like the playing cards, you know you can go in unexpected routes with that and in this case, because we've done so much focus on how to take our entire instagram usage into a calendar year in review, I thought oh, perfect for this so where we printed on the last in the pocket I mean, I had the four by four calendars so everyone a little bit smaller with a three by three, which I showed you in our app segment I could either do fours or threes and I took this first I use the flash card to make the traced it I just simply put it on my corrugated paper traced around and cut it up and use your cover just like that and then I take my calendar's the three by three sides and I wanted a slightly bigger in my pocket page that I showed you before for my album, but this is so great to give to somebody else do have for my daughter's collection that when she moves out many, many moons from now, I don't want to go she's only two but you know it'll happen then she can take this with her and I wanted to have a platform er place because is my social media scrapbooking to also capture the comments received so on the back side, I'm going to say two options you could either well, I made all this until these haven't side by side um there are a pen out there there are pens out there now that right on washington because why she taped have kind of a slick finish to it unless you buy paper tape and that true, why she that meth japanese masking tape is hard to get a pen on because it wants to wipe off like a white board dry race, but there are pens now created designed to write on why she's so I just took a thinner tape and I put a strip for each photo that I'd posted and just drive it down a little caption not the full caption that put into instagram and I wanted to convey that idea all of you you don't have to have a verbatim translation word for word of what you posted on there, so obviously I'm kind of awarding gal, I don't know if you've noticed that by now, but I have a lot to say, so I couldn't do that with my captions instead of flipping this back over here's my calendar. So this is there's, a big caption about how I get sad when I take down the christmas tree. This is the instagram I shared on january first of this year. This is the start of my two thousand fourteen version of my calendar, so I just wrote on the back side to be taking the record out, you know, kind of sum it up so that I knew what was going on there without having to feel all of space. And then I numbered each one of these to coincide with the numbers on the calendar days because as we've talked about already, you don't necessarily post to instagram every single day. I don't want to just do one through whatever and said just do one and one three and three because those are the dates that you posted the same thing is true over here. Ah little teaching point, learn from me. Make sure you punch your holes and then start your journaling don't do it after the factory may punch right into your word did that on purpose so I could show you know I didn't I just messed up, so keep that in mind, but on here you can either do kind of a ah, it was my sketches you're my sketchy fans don't tell you like that kind of sketch look, I do tio I love that that free ham or artistic doodle the approach taken just and I kind of like it a time favorite to be perfect and measured, so I often with this kind of thing will just take a pen and draw lines or you get a little bit more and technique e or our linear with it you know, precise, I guess and do rulers and draw lines. Either way, you can draw some lines on here and write the words or you can take it and make it more colorful with tape. So there's some ideas for making many album with a product that's beyond just a true I sell this on the market as an album in these awesome card sponsored by a whisker graphics, they have a fantastic baker's twine and little treat bags and pockets that you know, that album I showed you where I had the tiny treats back in the back for the invitation and our former segment those air there's so, uh, you confined unexpected album ingredients if you well all over the place so that's uh, I'm really glad you brought your cars. We didn't plan that either that we were so in sync around here that's one idea I'll show you a few more kind of is a show and tell if you're all still I know you want to play sorry, phyllis I'd love to torture people so you can just stick with me yes have another example or use of to repurpose something we actually work in a hospital that just has changed hands. So all of our busy the cards are no good anymore. So we have these boxes of really nice card stock. Yes, because what are we going to do with them? You can use those on your scrapbook pages or, you know, cover them up the nice credit card size. Yeah, but the jumping on him and make a little mini album meddle in the attacks many picture and glue it on there. I love that. You know, that would be fun with that with the heavier weight if you clipped the top two ends and punch a holy vela shipping tag really darling that's a great idea I have a few of those cards myself recently we'll look into that that's a great tip we should go on to some other styles of mean, I kind of have dick a mini album wanna once you know what's available to you and then we'll get into making, so we're almost very promise another one is thie sister to live when we worked with in our first segment of the brad book, this is also a fancy pants designs brag book but it's a smaller scale kind of like the photo albums that side by side for by six and it is a beautiful cover, but unlike the photo albums and like our brag books that we worked with yesterday, those journals that we worked on it too has inside the line paper, which is fantastic and the two side by side for the four by threes is not great. So that whole thing we learned about with our facebook comments I know I had one sitting around here I get so excited, I move stuff around too much, but you can talk your comments in there you're journaling cars, you're brad cards that we've been using and then back to some more paper and it mixes it up it's not only that oh here's a pocket it comtech stuff in here memorabilia souvenirs what have you same thing down here? I know there's, not just a ford right there we go for by six for your traditional maybe a direct print from facebook, lots of styles, and here you can mix it up and put some tabs, which we will do in our next segment. If you want teo teo, create different categories within this and and there you've got a mini album and its need care because it can just be like this that's beautiful, the gold foil hearts. I love that, or you can take it further and put stickers on it it's kind of again, whatever works for you and your needs. If it's a quick gift after we're not on a wedding gift, this would be amazing for a new couple. Give it to him for their honeymoon or what having stepped on idea with the fancy pants brag book just kind of more of your basic another basic that's, a little less traditional in its makeup or in its part, are these little now this part I did decorate the outside of, but these holes already punched and I'll show you more about it. On the inside of these kind of eclectic little many albums, american crafts offers a lot of them. This is by dear lizzy amy tangerine has some as well, where the inside is made up of a variety of different papers, so here's some vellum felons back did you know that it's back welcome and embrace it yeah, I kind of know left e come in thes scrap booking trends of ours, the ebb and flow and things they're they're out not cooling in the oregon if you're like really in this, you know, in the ins and outs which is kind of silly, but kind of fun, so never throw things away just put him in safekeeping until it's ready to dust them off again like your balance on dh then it has patterned paper, so it's, this was a book for my husband. So you great gift ideas for when we welcome their daughter into the world and you can do more than one photo on the page you know you don't have to feel like it's, not as structured, maybe as the photo divided pockets are get to things like that this all it makes you look so fancy because like this clipboard and everything was printed the paint splatter that chocked effect that's all on the paper I just had to add my words, my chicken scratch and my stickers here's another tip, learn for me, maybe jot your journaling down first so you don't run off the I ran off the clip or because I get carried away with my words I never stopped talking on, so anyway, this is fun to see that you can look in an album I want to say a few more to show you it's not just six by six but here's a smaller insert and I have extra pictures of course I do I never want to stop and you take like fifteen that are almost identical but to you they're entirely different we parents do this in particular I have to print them all but you don't really have realistically room from all many albums air nice even though they are biddy because they sometimes come with these little guys we can add the extras in and though they're still part of the story, you're not going to be locked out in the cloud or on the phone and you can still be creative so and it's beautiful and it makes me look so awesome in my crafting when really a lot of this book was pre designed I just had to add the bits on the top that's an option against still in kind of a traditional shape and then they have shaped albums so in this case here's a camera when I teased you with last last time on dh this is the camera we're gonna work with today you can see these air both by my road this is sort of the um I guess first generation if you will this is a later release I love that this has that sort of very instagram feel to it, and I knew as soon as I saw, I need my instagram prints to live in here, so I thought about the stories I looked at the pattern's going back to all the things we've learned thus far, and I knew a hedge to pull out those holiday images. So that's what? I went with the knee thing about these both of these they have windows in the front that in pants the design of the product but also offer you cool title approaches, so I did her holidays on the outside and then on the inside it's the first year so and that's kind of a nice, more dimensional effect it's nice of many albums because they're not under those page protectors and get a little bit more creative with openings and closings and layers where when you put it in your true albums, that could be tricky to access that stuff because they're in a book and a sleeve, right? So and the other thing about your many? Get a little q basket and put on your coffee table there's something that they're kind of bite size, you can enjoy them cnn's air scrapbook albums are up in the shelves and filed away. We don't actually dip into them as much, so put them out on display and if you are a die hard rotating through every so often you know I actually only have like the same four people come over so I don't want to say that one oh there's that again on and then just one per month one per month you don't feel like I have to do the entire instagram riel right so I just did a course in this holiday based one to say about ah halloween and thanksgiving and then we're moving into next year's christmas and new year's this didn't take time you know this is just back I think going back to our costco thing with the five by five I think I can't even tell essentially having these air fights yeah they are so you don't even have to do fancy instagram printing you compartment a costco or something as a proof hi my dear photography terminology for those five by five and then add a little something on top doesn't take much at all and I actually when I just a little bonus tip for you on many albums since they are more approachable and you can have lifts and flaps I didn't glue the entire tag down so I could put that over and have words on the back learn from me again flip it over and then write it so they're not have sat down and you're like wait what but you know the creative process that's what I love about it you don't go wrong don't start over please, please, for the love of pete it's like, why would you get that far into? Just learn as you go modify as you go because this is just it both preservers story, but also have fun and it's not something you want to agonize over too many of us do that. So anyway that's the shaped one and then oh, in a shopping back on dh then we'll get to this shaped one in a moment, but few more thing again the pockets I told you, I'd let you see my baby book and then I didn't do it, so I got a whole good on my promise. This is a snap many album, this kind of he's getting a little full grown for many, I think it's so I guess considered a mini album, but like I mentioned earlier, six by six is generally the the cap on the defined of many, but I'll still give you a little peek at some of this to show you ideas for your many is whether it's this bigger, slightly smaller that you don't have to work within the any of the provided pages you can create your own and again go back to that blended approach so these air just those four by six cards it's actually two of them that I have one way in the other and then I just took my own and go the office storing it that whole pack of those little reinforcement rings some people even like will take their incan color and make him their own or take their washi tape and create their own I'm kind of quick and dirty this way I just stick him right on and punch to reinforce the finding of my berlin card, but these are printed on here I just have to fill in the details the bracelets from the hospital and a little bonus tip. Speaking of the bracelets welsh any minute remind me to show you the bracelet from the books I used all my spying also these air all pre made products by simple stories drop that in and I can add this I did make this little dude out of tracing paper that I added on top, but it's fast it's easy it's kind of a little bit more playful because it's got these different layers and actions going on and I kind of like we're talking about with our instagram accounts elektronik lee was having monthly dividers that we create. I did the same thing here in my book to divide each month of her first year of life oh that's why I had to sell my mustang I love being a mother I wanted to be a mother for a long time it was hard hard time coming but I made it work but I do miss molesting her name was sally she was a good girl and beautiful and this is helga von hoeppner she's a little bit bigger she's fine she's no sally known will ever be sally right but that's that experience it doesn't have to just be about baby but getting ready for baby or adjusting to having a baby or whatever it's, not even a baby related maybe nursery decor are first walk in the stroller meeting your aunt for the first time you know so fun and another thing with pockets graphic mentioned mention this last time don't like you have to be locked within the confines of one pocket so in this case that's one photo but I just cut it and half to fit into those two sleeves on the key there the trick there is make sure not like cutting down still in space, you know try to avoid faces arms that's ok but turned out to cut the face that's a little weird on so there you go that's that's another approach to many this is kind of thanks that opens within there that's a good example of I said when you're washi tape is sticking but not as much as you want just had a little layer of machine stitching over the top of that your problem. Assault. So, uh, hello, honey. I'm going home sick from a baby girl, and I look at this but s so that's it anyway, that's many albums and in that shell oh, I promised to show you tracing on on on the actual sleep, so I just stuck my letter stickers on this. And then I checked my sharpie marker a permanent marker and traced around them, lifted them up in kind with that's entangle or that doodily feel. Oh, yeah, with the sketchy right, I just threw that inner doodled on that and I didn't need the stickers anymore and it's kind of fun, because if you change out the pattern here, you know that's in place, but it totally take some different feel depending on the paper behind it, so you can actually write on the sleeps latina anyway, that isn't many album. Oh yes, he's santa, I'm sorry I could do this all day. I was first tension it's, so true.

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