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Facebook® from a Memory-Keepers POV

Lesson 2 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Facebook® from a Memory-Keepers POV

Lesson 2 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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2. Facebook® from a Memory-Keepers POV

Lesson Info

Facebook® from a Memory-Keepers POV

So facebook the book of faces when I was pregnant, I was making my updates and my mom's not on there there are a few people left in the world, my husband's, another one I'm surprisingly surrounded by a lot of them that haven't taken the plunge, and so I remember she said to my aunt, her sister who is on there, I just don't want to hear that. Megan said that she's having a baby on that my face thing before I know about it and I just love it so we always called them my face thing, but it is facebook. For the most part, I was reading stats about in preparing for this class and like seventy percent of population of on this so pretty common and neat tool reasons I love it, it captures the everyday moments, and then we talked about that already someone go into great detail, but it's your life that happens it's not the highlight reel it's raw, it's, unscripted and it's basically writing your you're writing your own story with a lot of the pressure off to you ever when you're journaling for li...

ke I don't know if it's because I'm a trained rider, I like there's a different expectation or what, but I think we all put a lot of pressure on those words, right? They have to have be just but you want to say and only so much space to say it and then this writer's block and it's all done but facebook you don't just kind on being silly hottest on but those are your real words so it's amazing that all the work you're doing ahead of time then it's time to transplant that into your albums it's done it's just the fun crafty part so this is one example of the fun, crafty part on and really great use of facebook I think most of us when we're out and about we do updates if we're going and we're traveling and it's kind of going back to highlight rule like the key points you want to emphasize whether it's on facebook or another social media channel for me it was a trip to vegas and this old so I don't think instagram existed yet, but I was just as I was experiencing these different things jotting down little notes and sharing a picture and then when I was at home, I needed to create a layout actually for my job and I thought, well, it was time like I need yesterday kind of thing that well, like I said the work's done from you already I just have to put it on paper so it's a great way when you're traveling or any kind of condensed period that has a start and a finish that you could just easily pull out what you wanna talk about we've already done it and like I met I called him on my journaling the old guy but on the note I said the old man is no much pawn stars I got to meet him he's a grumpy is he would think he is he's really it's not an act was pretty grumpy so anyway I met him that was cool it's a conversation catcher I love this this is a trend I haven't done it a lot myself a few times but one form of status update if people will say like somebody's name colon and what they said in this thing this back and forth dialogue my cousin does is almost every day she is a grandma has a bunch of fun grandson turning terry lopez and she drives him here and there and they're at that age where they say the funniest things and you can't help but use dropped right here ah and show dot she jots down which I love because you think you'll remember this stuff that you don't I just the other day was saying to my husband what is this thing's maggie says they're so funny we even though she's still thinking we couldn't for the life of this on demand come up with it so the fact that my cousin and so many people are doing this dialogue jotting down as it's happening it's preserved kind of in the cloud is preserved so we'll make it more permanent but do any of you do this form of status update you do with conversations fifteen year old daughter so I'm making her a book of the coolest things she says love it so when they had their out your week from high school shall have eighteen years oh my god you're a good mama if they love that anyone else that's an excellent idea now maybe you will now, huh? So this one that specifically around their car conversations and what she's done is she's printed them off. We'll talk of tips on how to do that a little bit later and put him on a way out that she's made and she's actually just taken those updates and glue them right on there so it's preserved and they will level in their older their children will love it her, their parents, her children love it so you know what a cool way to tell a story facebook of so many stories just waiting for you to grab and back to the rare rot and wonderful so jesse chris first she's so cute I follow her on instagram she's jaycee chris she does a lot of instagram stephanus example from there, but the update is stat the status update is from facebook and I have a closer shot of it so you can read it, she says oddest. See the special bonding moment with baby caitlin melts my heart very proud daddy loved them both, and I love it how broad that is? I was in the hospital of mags and maggie, my daughter, and we took the stage photos, and I know there have a place I'm not trying to dis my foot and I know creative life has many an amazing photographers there's a lot of value in that we have this in our home, but this is like, I don't think he even knew let's go back and see the full view she was observing, and look how special that is. You can't rehearse that stage, that and it's, very emotional and beautiful. And then how then is the phone as an embellishment when you're telling a story that has a social media tie and have that for your title? Very clever, facebook creates its own stories for those of you who follow me personally, maybe remember this? For years I've been looking for this dish, it was my grandmother's, and it was always on her piano on all of the grandchildren that's what we gravitate towards because it was full of brach's candy, remember the day so make that the brocks mixes and you come to see how high grandma and get the candy, right? I was your main mission in life is right to that piano. My grandma passed away. We all loved her so much, and all the eleven grandchildren wanted that dish, but there's just one of them. So for years I've been looking an antique shops I travel a lot for work in semen, haiti. I did check s o I finally and I just I don't know what it take me so long and I would even check ebay and that scene couldn't find it. And I should just ask facebook it's amazing what you can get from it. So I put it out there. I just posted this photo and I said that caption was, have you seen me explain a little bit about this story? Less than an hour had gone by and mr fitzgerald here, andrew said megan just happened to notice this threat in my feed. It's not even like he sought it out was just sitting there, you know, it's not like somebody was directing this orchestra. It was amazing and a whole bunch. My cousins have been commenting, too in this whole conversation, only I wanted to, I wanted to, so I know where it was, a hot commodity, something go by, and I bought it immediately less than an hour after I posted this, I owned three exact replica of my my grandma suspicion now it's on my piano, I'm hoping to find the brocks candy that it's powerful that's incredible and I got is you see, I'm making out with my dish, but I got my own happy ending, which is beautiful and wonderful. So do any of you have moments like that? Kinda like whoa facebook's cooler than I even realized? Yeah lot awesome! And so this quote by tom assessments and every day of your life is a special occasion, and that again goes back to my love side of facebook all those things were documenting all those important moments are special occasions, and they may seem silly thought dog truck may seem silly, but it's bigger than that. So questions so far I feel out of nodding and smile said, I hope that means yeah, I can see that in my own world and how it relates. Yeah, okay, so the second aspect of facebook I kind of came up with four broad categories of why it's so awesome in our storytelling and remember keeping the second one being collaborative, very collaborative, right? Which is what I said with the dish that can get more collaborative than that, so I'm talking about things about the collaboration and how you can use different elements of facebook different tools and components of it to help you tell stronger or more well rounded deeper stories on one of his notes and the group functions knows this kind of understated have any of you ever even used the notes function for a while there it was big like a minute oh there tell me thirty things about you that trend which I force did home crude write your will do that but then it kind of faded away it's not fancy it's not high tech it's pretty bare bones but is there to go to your timeline there on the left side is gonna have areas his notes and you click on that you can write a message and you can tag people in it so I recently used I'll show you how in a moment but it could be a good way they say hey you I here's my story help me up it's a nice delivery method same with group message is like a chat form on facebook. I think most people who are on facebook are familiar with that chat that we've sometimes chata and you can chat with multiple people so it's an easy way say hey, I'm telling the story and there's this one part of it I can't remember I can't feel in the senate to three people and I'm guaranteeing like my candy this she'll have an answer soon it's very rallies on there, what is with that? We're always on there, same with comments, I mean, chase and ideas for incorporating the comments he's you receives. Like I said earlier, when we did our intro on the comments are gift from those who are leading them, not always sometimes they're a little snarky, my brother, but usually I mean, there, I love him and it's him, but you know they're they're loving for the most part and awesome and show howto get that into our books and setting up an album. So from a photography point of view, how you can set up albums to help you complete your stories, a photos and updates how to post them in a way that does just naturally invite more dialogue so that they're not so one sided. The more dialogue and three dimensionally can get it. The more you have to work with in your story time and more useful. I find facebook, I think I overdo it, s armory said, I have a background in pr and I am a natural marketer and the way I think some always like you guys when you answer to his question almost too much, I think, but it's so awesome! I don't know why I'm six feet tall were going to buy jeans that was my latest one like I said, less than an hour later, like one hundred answers. So it's wonderful for if you have questions about your stories and your memories in particular or jeans, if you need answers for that, check my time like I have a whole library for you and then groups, even if you have private groups that you've set up on facebook, what are they saying? What therefore one of them of them have been for medical reasons? We didn't want anyone else to know what what was going on, but everybody this way, everyone was able to know very quickly what was happening to the people that was involved. You get the information out quickly as you need it, but it maintains privacy. Absolutely. Yeah, I hope everything's ok. And I'm thinking about, um yes, good, good. I use them for medical reasons. It's almost more. Not so much for information sharing, but for support to help with understanding my own situation and howto deal with it. So that's awesome. Alison, you said yeah. What about what do you have? All my relatives have our own little page and we just had a big family reunions. And now we're all sharing photos, and I want and we post public it's nice to have little private group too just for a little those stories wanted yes and also see you're not over the top public yeah you don't want to just people bombard like this in your face like is this person's life and that's it yeah guilty for e but yeah I love that about groups you can share as much as you want and the people there want it so they don't feel foolish and for the family and its like its own family reunion yeah and if you aren't familiar with the group functionality you can upload photos you can write updates is it's kind of like all the face looking in that shell but just for the cool kids in your well in the polls are really fun to where we're going to go on a tour who wants to do this time that time so I've never even used that that's what you want to do is a group without having to ask everybody individually nice tour guide yeah yeah there's also one that I'm on his creative block aloneness owe their chat room people in this in their shares phyllis says they set up a private group for sewing friends the halo mom has a group for the family genealogy and win has a group of with crafty friends for scrap book expo I love it and I know we can talk more about the power of facebook for your creative support groups and inspiration groups I like that they've already been there done that because we're like minded people and we get each other if I tell my friends at home love you guys but my whole room of stairs that should be a guest room is full of paper they look at me like I have three heads right I tell you you're like just one room I got a basement forward on a paper saying I'm in a safe place so it's nice to have the gathering place let us because of privacy or dna or shared craziness that make you feel like you have a home definitely I'm glad they shared that as larry I want to join the selling group tell me that I am trying to learn cool because I need another thing right let's see so from a words approach specifically so that the's statuses will put photos aside for a moment here are the notes function how you use it I'm not going to get a lot of time on here we are going to make this power point available with the purchased version of the class so that you have all this detail and these notes but it's pretty intuitive it's pretty easy to follow but if you are in new york to the platform this is a nice to have a step by step and I mentioned I used it recently so one of my dear friends osi crap I shouldn't put this in here, it's too raw to soon, I'm really sad, she's like my best friend in the world to moving on. Uh, so adultery this anyway, she's moving, and I'm really sacks it's far away, and so I wanted to do something nice for her, so I wanted to make him any album for her, but I wanted to be very personal, very meaningful, and facebook believed or not has that going for it? So we're having a farewell party that another friend of ours was planning? And so I sent this to them and said, can you share a joni moment between you and her cause I don't want the many albums, just megan and joanie, she impacted everybody's lives, and I think a lot of us still away, I'm reacting right now, and it was wonderful. I just put this in the note, it says right there, edit note my notes and right away several comments, the coals, another great friend of mine you mentioned a moment, we change, she and joni that I can't I wasn't a part of, you know, but now it could be in her book. So it's a write a really great resource for you when you're compiling words that you just don't have how can you have a moment between two other people, right? But there are times when you need that so it's very not in the same, like I said before, with the messaging system would be fine, too. This just for me helps kind of file it more messaging can get a little all over the place because we're talking a little bit, you know? And then you have to try to we back through it where this is a little bit more streamlined and structured, so depending on how much dialogue you think will be happening, or how many people you're involving that may influence which approach you take, all right, more from the collaborative words, this is just how to use the message function. I know that's pretty pretty straightforward for anyone he's on there, but if you're just, I like jury's out on whether even want one corey, my husband, this will help you, mom. Everyone I know see, why do you do this? Well, as I mentioned to gather details, but you weren't a part of but one of documents, urine reviews and album I do every year for my family from, well, primarily for my parents of the gift, so I am going to show you I made this book it's, just kind of my a month, a month, every year for my parents, and they kind of look forward to it the moment, but my brother's in denver, and we're all in salt lake, so I can't get his information. But now, thanks to facebook, I can and can include that my mom wants to know what her granddaughters they're doing that just cause there in denver doesn't mean they're not cool, right? So it's really great for such a purpose, like a year in review it's also nice for heritage. She was saying that they, oh, online have a heritage group that's fantastic, because, of course, they weren't there. That was before time I for that air memorial day, I had posted something about my grandmother's brother who had died in world war two. He was in the navy, and his ship was sunk in the pacific, and so were we started a dialogue around that so I could get to know clearly that know him, and he was a remarkable person. So I got to see more of his life and have more of appreciation and felt kind of more connected to him, which was neat. Ah, group think around a shared event, we've kind of covered that, and then again, that the gift giving potential, I think johnny's gonna like her book, so comments so this why would you want to do the comments besides it being a gift and worthwhile it's just again that more well rounded story I feel like sometimes our updates khun b a little flat and the comments can make them a little bit more dimensional and also the will have learned ways to make the comedy update themselves have a little bit more depth to it but if they don't then this is a nice way to bring that support and excitement if you share things that on there I was reading us trying to find cool face but quotes to incorporate into our class and I went to pinterest it's not only inspiration is a great search engine by the way, you know and I typed in facebook quote on the majority of them were this isn't your entire e they were very negative why are you over sharing don't go away now right that I disagree with that to some degree I don't want to just put it all out there for the world I am a pretty much an open book but I think there's a lot of power and if you're struggling with something and you need help and you're feeling isolated, you don't hear go into great detail or even if it's a private group if you put it out there in some form the return is very valuable whether it's something you're strong with and this that's hard, this is gonna be sob our I promise, but when I had a miscarriage, unfortunately, just announced my pregnancy. And so because I have been I was in a fairly public platform it with my position at work, I was getting all these nice e mails if they had been taking classes from me, and I said, yes, I'm going to tell you finally in pregnant and was our first baby, and you can't wait to share shout it from the rooftops, you know? And so I got all these nice notes and I every time I did and I lost the baby is like this knife twisting in your heart they mean well, but just takes you right back there and it's very wrong, very difficult, but finally I had to say it publicly, which was also wrong difficult, but I love you guys thank you, but that's not happening now, and I can't kept it short and sweet, so I was not in a good place and I need to find those words because hundreds and you know what? The main thing for me, not that I'm glad this happened, but we're not alone. So many people have had miscarriages and he is just not talked about race, so I didn't know that and they could live in there you know what helped me? You know, they're just the words of comfort, not so much advice. You're not in a place where you're ready for advice yet. It's just it's okay, you're going to be okay. I've been through this I know, and I oh, my gosh, it was so eye opening, you don't feel alone anymore. So the one thing that I'm worried about when I was preparing for class, I already can't find them. It was a few years ago, I have since had my maggie, and I'm delighted, and she is my world, so, you know, things have definitely improved, but always missed that baby, and I want to find those words it's really hard, it's really hard, so the more we can do this as our lives, they're happening less risk, something that substantial gets lost in the shuffle and on a positive note. So it's not all sadness if, like a new job, got this new job I had said that riff. Oh, I got everyone so happy you're like, takes your excitement and amplified by a thousand because they're genuinely excited for you also, when you got your product line, I remember how something like that so amazing, right, you feel that you feel that to share with people that I mean, a lot of my friends just every day they don't that into scrap booking so they don't understand the excitement where if you share something like that online clean all your fun scrapbook friends really you're safe playing? Yeah, exactly it's a bigger deal it's the deal it is for you already like when you announced this class on facebook it was so exciting all the comments and yeah, and my friends are excited at home too, but you're right not in the same capacity anyone else have exciting news a share and it's been so much more fun because he's shared it there or on the other side? Not again to be daddy downer, but have you found support where you've needed it because of yeah speaking engagements speaking at conferences and stuff like you think no one cares but the support and love you get from even people that you haven't talked to for twenty something years amazing yes and it's like you're right back there it's a it's a really nice platform for that and again preserving thought so here's a new album I created many years ago my eye thoughts book and I wanted to do just were saying bring those comments in that it's just a basic got two by two four by six album and by two to up you know side by side not anything pants here frilly a real basic album but I was able to still work in the comments one thing with comments or not pretty though the words air amazing, but the atoms like this athletics kind of pretty plain jane, right? You don't want to just dominating your design, and so we are going in more great take a detail tomorrow, but we're going to talk about ways that you can take the comments and bring them in without overwhelming the design with words and white. So in this case, I just put my photos in there. I attached a little tab to the bottom of the I printed won't talk about how to do this. I printed my photos just like for my comments, like they were a photo, a four by six photo and put a tab attached the tab, a little bling, right magpie course and tucked it under there, and because you see the second page, you can see that tab is in place, you know, I'm going to pull that out, and then you can view comments if you want to it's not going to take over, because they want to still look pretty and cute, right? So it maintains that simple, fast, easy, not a lot of frills here beyond that, but that's all I really wanted or needed from this project, so images let's see creating an album again I want to send a lot of class time on this but you can create an album here's how you do that oh and one thing I will mention the bottom note here with the option you can make them private or not and also you can add other album contributors and what that simply means is on I did this recently for the joni project that's like now the joni project that sound so official I created this album and I am contribute which means I can upload my photos obviously I made it but I wanted all these people that were coming to this party to be able to do the same site out of them each so we're all a co ownership right over the joni project and they could actually their photos that I of course won't have and it's wonderful to see I'll show you that right now how it went from here's my albums page and I'll show you how you'll know the difference something you can't remember that one collaborative or not oh yes I can't sew these ones aren't there just straightforward but then this smart says contributors fifteen contributors five contributors ad then you'll know ok that's a co ownership album and so what happened with that is you conceal got photos of joni with a lot of people not just megan joni our right it's fantastic and she cute his cute girl and then I could then print these we'll learn more about doing that get put him in her book very a lot more purpose behind my album. Now a lot more, uh, layers to it, which is wonderful. Okay, why do use against you through the eyes of others here's one that I and not emphasize enough air you all mamas, the non mama's no, mama, no mama but a photographer. A photographer? Yes, if your mama this is extra true, I'm just recently a mama. So even if you're not, but you're the kind of the toking photographer they always know meghan will get the pictures and then one gets lazy, right? This happens when you're scrambling here this happens, then you're never in them. You're never in them because you're the one taking them. And I have come to the point and you hated me feel stupid and embarrassed. You take a picture of me, I do it all the time because I don't want you have to do that right. And it's like corey, take a picture of me and pouring the champagne and I little that's when I that's an exact quote from a recent fourth of july made these bomb pop pop rock pops you take a bomb pop, put it in a cup and pour champagne over so delicious just so you know it's not an umbrella drink but it's delicious anyway I wanted to capture that because it was kind of my own so this will be fun but I can't be like doing the selfie important the champagne that's a risky situation you know? So the reason collaborative albums are so nice you don't have to do that and you're in your stories because odds are somebody else is going to contribute somewhere hopefully come on people we know step up are going to get some pictures too and then bill surely have you in them and mama's it's always like I'm gonna do this for my child I want is for my child's it's all about them or daddy and daughter you know we used their behind the scenes but if you think about your own life as the child with my grandmother I really miss her we were very close and I don't want to see me in my books with her I wanna know or my mom to what was your life like I know more about you I know about me I lived my life you know and I want to know like when my mom got breast cancer this is when it really hit for me she's she's doing well but it was, you know, that's a very scary scary situation and suddenly I don't know anything about her I mean it's just my mom but I know about me I need to know about her so hopefully it's not a life or death situation that gives you that ah ha and finishes daily you're adding your own thoughts to it I'm filling in the blanks you really get that point and complex experiences founder unions way didn't even rehearse that how you can't when you have a large group of people you cannot be at all places I'm over at the pool, their golf courses at a family reunion if it's that kind of swanky party you know we can't all be in all the places at the same time so group album that was when I said that showed you the two albums someone with the five contributors that was a recent family party. Now I know what happened at the putt putt mini golf course well, I was over watching the parade and it's nice that you can get all aspects nothing with the visual that's fun is seeing some kind of time lapse well, that girl got bigot the end holding welcome only but it's you know you can do silly things I like to call this photo documenting because a lot of the you don't really need words the chalkboard does that for me and of course the the growth has come for me but it's neat tio whether you're taking the photos and uploading mall yourself or from others to see time a time lapse like that, all right, collaborative tips how do you get it? Well, don't be shy, just ask, like I said, who has a candy? I need this candy that's just put it out there just ask make it fun. So one thing I'm a couple of my friends are doing is five things about you or something, and they tag ok, now you share five aboutyou intact by more people, and it just sort of grows like that chain letter thing has sort of a negative connotation but actually could be meat from getting more than information about the people in your life, and it may be stuff that's just that's cool, I didn't know she was prom queen or whatever, but later in life, maybe you're making a joni project type thing and, you know, I need more information about her oh yeah, she had done that thing, I'll go back to that in reference it, so those may seem kind of like silly game, but they have a lot of journaling and storytelling possibility, and in this one, this can be a double edge sword post a common experience topic from your standpoint that people are just going to naturally whether you ask actively a question not they're going toe chime in. Does this happen parenting right? Parenting no matter what, I have actually gone kind of to the extreme of how do I word this? So people don't think I need I love advice I guess I use that my facebook for that almost exclusively and you help with this? I'm clueless. I'm a new mom, but sometimes you just want to say something to get it off your chest for example, my daughter can get on the ferris wheel. She was a quarter inch too short. I was very frustrated. They let me buy the ticket and wait in the long line and two other employees have cleared her. And then the third guy didn't the I guess the lay down the law guy and we had to leave and I just wanted to say it, I'm frustrated thank you, shield so I was very careful about not opening a door for for ah what I didn't need at that time. I just needed event and it need pointers, their criticisms air supporting shield but it inevitably comes and he talked about it it's going to never lee come, we usually that's a great thing so we talk about these common topics that we can all relate to music we love music where you were win things like that even if you don't say a question something that ends in a question mark, you're most likely going to get more and dialogue and listen more feedback from that and I don't mean to be negative like usually I love it once in a while it's not my favorite but that's just nothing too perfect all the time, right? Ok, so if you look here one way I wanted to do a common topic a cute friend of mine action on instagram and we'll talk later about how all of these can work together to make a solid product off on instagram someone I follow susan weinroth had posted a picture and she said it was their son out on the balcony and she said my son that on the balcony oh, and that was he's a little boy you know that's no his way of saying balcony and I love that she preserved that and that's why? He's asked corey, what maggie's things on it? We're just kind of both blanket he couldn't believe it I said this isn't wasn't staged for class, I'm like I'm gonna put on facebook ing that be a fun topic of conversation and so I said that what are some of your fun kid phrases that make you laughed and are close but no cigar like for my family? They still say compartment because that's how I said apartment so well, I hope there's the compartment solo I never get old but actually it's kind of fun and cute that we can remember things like that and this isn't even all of them I got so many fantastic comments and they may be laugh and laugh and then finally put up a disclaimer I share these with creative lives there all right that they were so that's nice but and that's a that's a cool story in fact, speaking of one person who replied said, hey, you know, I've actually done only out about this that she did she just and again it's not status post but the same you could this was just could easily be that updates are the comments he received instead of hand written notes not clever not to debra hunt that made that cute little kid oh so yeah, if you can think of a topic that has common reach to many people special it's fun like that boy, they were funny if you have time it's pretty high up on my timeline it was fairly recent should read through some of those they're really fun s o coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success by mr henry ford and it's truly if we work together, our stories are going to have a higher but they need success rate but we're gonna love on more even more any questions or anything here? You? Yes, just I was looking through, I don't seem I've kind of missed the last ten years, my nieces life because we've been away, but I was looking through her old pictures, and I saw one that my mom, it was a picture of my niece, um, my sister and then under is like, mom, thanks for hacking my facebook and she's like I closure in this whole conversation when I e story e and I only guessed learned kind of take the snapshot of like, this today for so now I know I can oh, good her photographs in this conversation because, you know, a lot of that s o funding it was very teenage and it's really him. And it is really you know, that was their life. Yeah, like the book about what she says, yeah, I love that and I like they already are thinking that way. Yeah, for that, like, oh, that's how I can make it come further. Yeah, yeah, I'm more permanent, more lasting for grand kids, great grandkids, nieces, great bases, confused. Is that what they're called? Yeah, long generations from now. Yes. Thanks for sharing that that's awesome I love team talk with parents. Way are getting a share from phyllis online, who says, I live in texas, and my grandchildren live on the east coast and the west coast. So when my daughter in law post on facebook, I feel like I'm part of their lives, oh, I love that. So what about really nice for grand parent? Yeah, and taking that to the next level on making it physical. Yes, she's, surely already documenting stories about them, and she wouldn't have interest in this class is going to give her a lot more to work with you. Yeah, yeah, same with my brother, and they're moving in further this month. They're going to kansas city, and so it kind of makes it a little less part. Tio, hey there, will ya? Awesome, thanks, fellas. Listen, phyllis, good, crafty name.

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This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

fbuser dbf1207c

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

Christina Henry

What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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