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Masking & Memes for Your Photos

Lesson 7 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Masking & Memes for Your Photos

Lesson 7 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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7. Masking & Memes for Your Photos

Lesson Info

Masking & Memes for Your Photos

Let's get to playing if you would like to follow along here with me with their phones yeah did you come with a photo from white space on it if you do go ahead and get that on the ready I'm going to move over to my phone now on pause for my flight show for the time being all right so we're going to first thing I had asked people I had a time who are joining me right here in the studio to install the rana designs app so you probably have that already one thing just kind of a general organization element that I didn't really still later in the front turn me on dio you can actually went back out of here for a minute and show you you can create just like we've been I keep hitting this point home again and again but it makes your scrapbooking and creative life so much easier to keep it organized you can create folders on your phone that then you can have like so for me because I am very apt heavy look I'll just give you a quick embarrassing to tour of my messy house look at this I really lik...

e the aps and so as kind of crazy and I don't want to again time's of the essence so instead of taking on my well many of my photography once it will only hold so many they're all in one place super easy, right? Party party brand new app brand new just came out and it'll be kind of that still motion stuff it's by a beautiful mess, right? Alison? Yeah, so few thiss this beautiful mess app which is also on the app guide I've prepared for you is very popular. It does a lot of with the rana one does that we're going to work with it's a little bit more simplistic and ron it's one that you'll see has a slight learning curve to it, but they want to get you just you're hooked beautiful mess is really straightforward, so if you want a nice entry point, you get in there and play right away, it's pretty straightforward, but they also created this party party won and it kind of does that stop motion video stuff, which is really fun, plus the name party party franken on right, so I'm going to open my ron and that's, the one with the rd in the top hat looks like this and what I love that she is she's, the one who did the follow friday said, I talked about earlier she's very people oriented, very connection based so many scrap bookers are that's the high importance that so every I think it's every week she these photos that you're seeing streamed through here actually people on instagram who have posted in hashtag rana designs and they go through I hope it's once a week maybe once a month I know it's more than that frequently they go through and pull images they like that their customers are actually doing these are real life examples to show how approachable it is one and also how versatile letting them know two of those air even close to the same but they're all beautiful and I was so excited one time I was on there like hey on you think this picture so you know it's not like it's very approachable if I pick me trust me you could see your photo on here any day it's really great so from here you have options you can either take your photo within the app that's what the camera means generally we go to our camera roll you can open your camera ll and then if you have your stuff I'll filed it's a lot easier but because um I wanted to do comment I had a photo save from facebook oh here's another example of one connects to the tree it says nobody sees the world like you that's another one that was just a mask super easy so china pick one that has good white space what's that halloween island that cute women the ghost the reason for this one see you around it above it to the right there's a lot of white space a lot of in other words place to put text now, if you want tio the technique behind what I did with my daughters bathtub one was I wanted to get instant our facebook comments into my crafting, and I simply just looked at them it's kind of a two step thing, I had my instant or my facebook open because at first I was trying to look at it on the phone remember it, go back in the happened type it it gets a little hectic that dance, so instead of you are going to use your comments as the text that you're running over, I'm not just going to show you for the sake of how to do it just type some words, but if you're actually transcribing some comments that people have left you, which I love the idea, but I'm really glad I took the time to dio then have if you are of able, able to do so, have your facebook open on your computer have that comment list right in front of you in that way, it's not this back and forth juggling like it's a little hectic, so in here I'm going to leave my square but it's nice, because if you have images, you want to do a square, but you want to get the whole long image if you had, if you pick original or phone one of these others it's still going to be in a square but it allows the whole length of it was just a white border on either side or up and down I use that a lot if I have a horizontal or vertical photo I want the entire photo included but I still want to in a square format that supports instagram which is entirely square then I square right but it's hip so I do that a lot but in this case I'm just going to select square and hit crop and we've got our first step down from here you can go you have options the teest text or fonts the little sunburst is images motifs, it's they I'll just show you quickly look at this so so many options and this isn't just a book is that's just like this the home page look they're so many within each one so so many to choose from it's a very ah well versed thing so but I'm going to go out of here for now done okay instead of going to the lines in the upper right because I want to run a mask so that's where the drama logo what is that comedy tragedy but it's something that click that and even in masking you have options so you can either do as you can see across the top white light blur lighter blur dark blur thing just tryem each tapper megyn first all star you want to make sure it's on so I it always defaults toe off so good in that lower corner and select on and that's why it is gone then you can control with that capacity element along the bottom there it's a slider you can control how much or how little I think the common eyes around seventy to eighty is good for what we're doing you want just enough you can get the gist but if it's if it's too light in the words don't show up you need a good contrast so I have mine at seventy I think that's okay for now do you know you're not locked into it if you get your words on there and you're just not it's not feeling right you can't see him well enough you can always go back and injustice later on and then I want to play at the different options up top so I have white right now I'm going to see what light blur looks like cancel a little bit more clear what the picture looks like lighter or the dark I use this one quite a bit and then it's dark with dark I'm going to add more mask I'm going to take that tomorrow not quite damage so just not kind of there's not like a one size fits all you just adjust as you go, maybe since it's the halloween photo I think I'm gonna go support that mood and go with dark but with yours no two are like, so pick the one that you prefer and then just ex out of it in the corner and your foundation is in place from here you can go into any either the text or the icons either one will be treated as a mask so it's not one or the other in our case we're going to a text they hit the t and look at this font library very impressive these air not just again single fonts within each of these are several choices, and once upon a time when I was a magazine editor and I woulda review people scrapbook pages when they'd mail into us earth and images, we want to be in your magazine that's a hard job and you have to, you know, sift through it on pick the ones to publish its a great job, but he loved them all. One thing that would help us kind of weed out or rule things out and to get that final selection was in scrap booking, it was kind of unspoken thing no more than three fonts on a layout because they got busy and when you're in a magazine and have to size that page down to the kind of a thumbnail size if there's too many funds is busy, you know anyone work, but in this case, the more the merrier. In fact, right now, there's, a very popular still going strong has been this way for a couple years now. Trend called subway art. Are you familiar with that? You say yes, what is it you mind describing it? You've probably seen it with the cities and it has or this, you know, new york and it has all the major cities or yes, and it's it's really aren't around fought treatments, right? Typography, typography, exactly. So it's a way of saying multiple fonts we used on an image like in a fun collage, how it wasn't even that map again that you were showing me at the break with the fonts cute thing you were showing me, we're swag now I just learned about it. I love classes I love crafting with my friends because no matter what, you're going to learn a new one so that one is not on my ap ground up, but she was showing me and it has a kind of a subway are looking feel to it and it's all word basically, and you can customize so there's another option words, swag in this case, you can create your own subway art. Look and feel by just selecting one fun at a time note with masking its some is usually a little easier to see when it's a bolder font like the one that's right there let me pick it where is when you get next door neighbor when it gets finer like that this one such a simplistic photo it's not a problem but even that hashtag joke I had with my dog and baby and all those hash tags on it it got a little busy with these finer fund so if you like it but something's not right you can put your finger on odds are he changed the font mess around your fun options you'll like it more in this case I'm just going to stick with this one and to make it bring up your keyboard you just tap it the double tap it excuse me there you go you can also do numbers have you just hit the number button down here but let's do oh do boo seems fitting right and you can see oh well it's not showing up so well because it's over different colors of the photo that's okay it can move it's not going to live there unless she wanted to and are oh it's kind of little that's right we can extend make a tiny or big sum I like boo expelled it okay with me I'm not a great speller I always need to check anyway bud's pretty easy to spell so I could leave it that could be done or I could just do one fun big mask pull it really big and that's simply grabbing ahold of that and dragging it that's really cool um or I can not have centered I can move it up in the corner will probably show up better see how much what's behind it this is why white space is so critical it is too busy your mask is going to get impacted by that because that's just a wall you know you can see boo very well and I kind of like the frame it's kind of almost spider web be there in that lower corner of the b so I'm going to place it there I like that and then I hit done, but we're not done because subway it's multiple fonts I'm gonna go back to the tea if you're familiar with photo shop it all or photoshopped elements or any of those design programs work with layers says the same thing. We're building layers on something you I'll go back out sorry when I got a head so I'm going to hit the tea and that activates boo again and because I want to add a layer I need to hit ad or the plus sign in the corner and if I want that same fun I just go back down and push it but in this case I'm going to try a new library will open it's really important that I do this all the time kind of mindlessly I hit a new one and I start to edit and it's changing the other one because I didn't put plus to add a new layer so make sure you I said your second layer you see something a little bit creepy like this and we'll dio we'll say creepy come on man, I got in and I won't do the whole photo I'm going to get the gist but it's fun to see um oh whoops mukri reply auto fix I fix killed me that thing make sure it hasn't auto corrected to boo reply from creepy I'm not sure why that happened but there you go okay, so there's creepy I like that I like the mood this is creating I'm going to continue one thing with subway aren't you do not twenties all the same font and you know when he's all the same font size so boost pretty bold right? I like that creepy already smaller you could even take it especially friends if you were adding your facebook comments, those get lengthy or they can that's another good teaching point a hit home is you going? You wouldn't do that boo font on a comment that's like a whole sentence if it's just two exclamation point that's fine, but if it's a sentence and you saw my, I'll show you the visual again in a moment but you saw actual sentences on there and it works it's fine. He just had to be smart with your font selection so you can continue to do fun things I could do that was maggie's first halloween like to maggie's first halloween. Then I can either post that to instagram or we already know how I can then take that and put it in my camera roll to print as a picture um it's kind of the choice is yours from here. Is this pretty cool? Do you like the way you can create words into art? Especially where comments are related to something you would I would spend the time doing? Yes, I want to tell you when you're adding comments, it does again take a little more time. So it may be something that you want to come back tio with this app in particular, if you close out, I don't I'm sure there's an exact way I should have researched this. I wanted to go fix my type on the dog example from the slide earlier today, but, uh it declared it it clearly is not gonna stay in there after you hit share, I think it's after you hit sheriff, if I close the right now had to run and change the laundry and came back let's test it, make sure I'm not getting information, what they've done and I'm gonna go out not doing official to share it just go out for a minute now I think if you go back in yeah, your campus is still there, but then if you go over to the right when you're all done, you can either start over different things or you can hit share that lowest button and that's going to give you options, you can email it to yourself. All this is on that app guided creative, telling you what options are available with each of these, you can post it directly from here to your very social media accounts and it defaults no matter what you choose, a copy will go in your camera ll but then after that, if we exit out of the app and come back in to fix the typo it's gone, you can't do that so know that you can step away from it, but after you've sealed it's like when you in photo shopped for those of you who speak that language when you flatten the layers, this is it it's flat and even if you brought the type of project back in here you can't bring him back to life so just a little tip learn from my mistake there but before I go out of here I'm gonna go back to mask for a moment I want to show you now that I've got a few words on there how they change depending on the mask that's kind of fun with all the white so it's certainly something where you can set a tone, create a mood and I'll show you another thing if you do it all the way up that's that could be cool at times there's a time and place for so many of these things so that's cool too the one thing you don't do too often do you might hold just turn it off but very rarely do go this far down it's almost more like a watermark which is, you know again there's a time and place for everything but rarely do you get that lohan capacity or just not using less that's my experience so there you go one last thing I'll show you with masks and creating art if you go into the image down this side here there are so many cheese from I know she has holiday ones I can't run if I purchased the halloween one think I purchased them all together it if instead spooky and then we've got all these cute and this is basically digital stamping right it's putting fun things right over our pictures. Well, there's another boo will do that so you can you don't have to do one or the other. You can certainly do a combination of different, um, text in and fonts army in excuse me in images, then you can also go add plus sign and do more of these. You can just get go bananas, right? And just going, going it's really fun. So anyway, hope that that little demo gave you some ideas. I want you home, mark assignment, teo, trade one, because tomorrow during our we are having a printing party and you're all invited, andi, I have a large format, epps and printer, we're going to take the's place. Make sure when you do create your real one to have in class it it's not an instagram photo, unless it's the original. If you take a photo from your kid camera ll thatyou shared through instagram and then you're now pulling it in here to do this, the resolution is going to be too low and then if we predict, we're going to print them in a twelve by twelve size it's going to look really great, but the resolution is compromised it in the mask case. Like I said, my photo was crummy. It was it was adorable and I wanted to share quality was not there but it's ok, the mask will hide a lot of that so don't like all but I really wanted to use this one and it's on ly copy I have it's the one that went through whatever app that's fine with the mask it's fine, but as a general rule of thumb when you're printing like we've already discussed above like a five by five would be better off tio used the original and generally ah one thing always always when you're taking a photo and you're planning of shared through instagram, take the photo with your phone and then pull it in don't you know how you have the option just like he did here? Actually take the photo in the instagram program don't do that try to avoid that unless you're like me sometimes I do now out of desperation because I'm really short on space I don't know why that is but generally don't do that because then you on ly have the low res version at your you know doesn't give you a high res option, so take it with your regular just your camera phone capulet into instagram and make that duplication and won't eliminate the original unless you have instructed it to do so and when you go to things like this, you can work with the original some tips there so your homework something about to that is to create one create one that's high rez and if it's not no worries just know it won't be crisp on dh save it. You can just say that on your camera rolls and we'll talk about ways you can send it to me here in the live audience at home I'll tell you ways that you consent it's awesome services that will print twelve by twelve so that you two can get in on this makesem amazing art and go home with something pretty cool. So any questions before we moved to another demonstration on the means after that, he might have had something like I love the mask how that works that way I played with so much stuff in this app and didn't even realize that was there it's a less so I understand it's one thing to say about this app and I have no, uh connection that's not if you go here I get a dollar something I just a true genuine passion for it if you go to the run and designs. This is why in my app round up hand out I put the original home pages beyond just the shopping platform because they're often so helpful ron is is one of them he go to the original web site she has free video charles has won on masks and that's from the like the was the horse's mouth or whatever she's the expert you know I'm kind of relaying and I feel like I'm an expert in that I do it all the time that she made this so you want to cool video you can check that out there just quick little snippets we get into a lot more detail here but one of them was the mask when I think a lot of people don't embrace it as much as they could be if you just don't know as much about it and it's cool yeah and would you do with comments do you try that adding your yeah good yeah called nine fun thank you going to put you on the spot there is any chat room and I'm shining in on like masks iran is up in particular anything like that yeah I mean they're helping each other out there getting really x excited about the ads and it's what's fun about it that you know I'm sort of sensing and just also watching it it makes it so much easier when you're seeing someone else play with it it's an initial staff of lying ok I just press that button and just write write exactly yeah that's really great you know that is you hit on such a perfect point and one thing I say when I'm teaching almost every time I am surprised I haven't yet here that's why I love teaching both being here as a teacher but also being a student it's a test driving for platforms we can go and be a savvy consumer no, you know I don't love that those things that's not my cellar oh, that is so me I need six of it and he goes and you do so because so many we create as we hoard we buy buy buy and it just sits there because we buy it justcause everyone's buying it or causes pain curry on speaking for my own mental approach but and then it sits there because you need someone to take that that cross that cross that threshold with you and classroom platforms like this or perfect he didn't go and know what you love what you don't you're glad you tried it you're glad you experienced it I'm so happy they're feeling that way okay great anything else we'll move on to the means now all right, so and we'll stay in the same map if you don't have to jump around unless you feel like it around no, I won't do that I'm sorry ok and I'm gonna start over I don't sing well it all yes, I am sure I want to start over excited stumbling for you this thing we're going to take some of the same steps but our our initial approach is going to be different so I'm going hit the camera ll still like the film canister but instead of going into my camera roll I'm going to go to rana backgrounds and you can you can go with one of these backgrounds in this case I wanted to be a megan background so I'm gonna actually that lower center one the very bottom is white it's just a plain white campus I'll leave it I'll leave it a square but I sure don't have to help crop and from here is where you have choices to make your mean your own so I actually just went into the design area here and any of these things can be backgrounds it's like putting your own pattern paper almost right like look this washing tape you can take it one thing a little tip for you if you get anything that's too intricate and you want to try to line it up seamlessly like I learned from what I did, I wanted a map background like there's a map tapes I take this and I blew I pulled its biggest I could pull it up till it turn old sorry when the turnout makes them do this on this little gizmo that's cool but exactly much holding firm, so I added a few layers I'll just show you how easy to with sizing to make sure they're all the same I made a strip one of you, matt, background on it, the exact same width and everything. So I'm going to hit plus to add a second one oh, you know, at first I'm sorry. I'm gonna go to the corner and the right I'm gonna change my opacity a little bit. So to do that I hit transparency and then the slide my map down don't do them out I'm going to show you why didn't work so I'm just showing you so some learning tips along the way and I'm gonna get done okay? I want my next layer my map so I'm gonna hit this little icon again for a motif it's a plus sign again if you look at the top corner and I took me a while to even spot this I guess all this eye candy was distracting me. You can hit duplicate and take all that work that you just did and do it. The capacity is the same the width is the same. Just be very careful when you do this. If that little circle that allows you to scale it is in your finger range and you have big hands like ideo if you have touched that that identical match could get off because it was resize it, but that's not even in my my venue right here second just see how their exact matches and I can start to fill this but why it didn't work dot is it's a map and then my seams they don't they're not like a puzzle that's piecing together and so I thought, ok, no worries I'm going take this, I'm going flip it around, I'm going to rotate it so it's the other direction it still didn't work, it didn't work, so the point of all this is we'll just start over sorry. The point of all this is when you're selecting a background and create make sure that you select one that you can line up because unless you purposely don't want to because of you select one like that and you do all that work and then realize no matter how you cut it it's not gonna work it's frustrating, so learn from my mistakes, I'll go back into my images I like these paint one that's a big trend right now in crafting is watercolor and painting, so I wantto get in on that fun and look those layers air there so you don't have to worry about seems lining up right unless you want to do several of them, but I actually recently just did I just took this pretty green one that was my whole background hey there because you could make it a bigger as little as you want and then I don't know I'm kind of in a pass ity nut, so I always go back to that transparency. I mess up that a little bit just I think it's cool. It feels a little less flat when you have that kind of see through element going on or transparent. So from here, what I would encourage you to do when you get a background you like that was just a one step super easy that's a little washed out. What I would encourage you to do is sorry. Hold, please help that that save this save this file because especially if it were one where you did line up scenes and put a lot of time and work into it before you add your next layer your message or quote whatever it may be you want that now you have kind of your own background that you can drop in with different quotes and use over and over again, so I would go to here and I would say, share I usually unless I know it's instagram specific or I know I'm going to print out a twelve by twelve I usually go mid mid rest if you're doing your mask wins that we're putting tomorrow, please save them high rest. In this case and then you can select where it goes I'm just going to say to my camera rule and I'm not gonna leave I'm still going to build on this but now I have that stamped done I can pull it in later and build from it and save that step then I'm going to go but into may my text pick a font maybe because you can't even just preview them before you write a single word just nice all right? We'll do this kind of we're having a party would you like a carnival thing? The hashtag why not it's our theme I want to do having her live but the large font but see I'm learning ok some work I can fix it later and changed the font you're going to find there's a lot of trial and air you can even it's not like oh no I'm in this font library I'm stuck here no you can go out you just pull in taste that arrow and then there they are again you say how those were fun but they didn't fit hepner live as long you know what I say heaven or creates my gosh I'm sorry hefner creative hepner hi sorry I don't know what's my problem I'm going to change this hepner live my hashtag for my class so because I did that maybe it's a typo maybe it's a word I wasn't saying for some reason, you can go in and back space and you can actually write what you're saying you're writing and not be possessed for a moment like that. Okay, there you go, so helping her life really probably wouldn't do this a ten just a right a hashtag but you could do maybe you have, like when maya angelou passed away recently, instagram and pinterest well and facebook was just alive with these means of her quotes I had created for myself actually, I can show you, but it was so it's just so special to know that she had such an impact on so many that everyone wanted to pay tribute to her and all of a sudden there's all this art it's aren't working on you it's sayings and quote something again that's kind of a general usage it's also perfect for very personalized approach to your our work and you can continue to want to do in the subway art fashion and you can add layers you can do, you can do different things and then you can send it out once you feel like, oh, and we see this he had done first, and you can you can say that to your camera roll, and you need to be done. Or I'm sorry. I don't know if all of you will have the feminist show you book a full just was kind of fun to see thing. Sit back and enjoy the show. I know that that saved both versions. Just a flat background and the hefner live component or having her creative, if you will and then I can bring it into any of these. Okay, so here's book a full this is what I mean. You see there's, the dot, the star of the heart that hoechst gone and you can pull in your open your image and there they both are the before and the after it's. Cool. Because over here you see this color the color palette and you slide that it's going to give it's going to change. So if you have a warm color palette in your photograph and if you touch the wheel that brings up paint swatch kind of things, then you can go with more warm colors. If you have a cooler color palette in your photograph, you can do cooler ones and it looks kind of artificial but it's not gonna be that blunt, color wise, they still have that light burst effect. You'll just have these undertones to the color buy select one and it's just simply a matter of sliding your finger and there they are and what I always do when I'm doing this, I get all carried away I'm excited like, oh, look very natural well, that little round guide the bomb by the hexagon there is just a reset and you could do it as many times as you want every time you lift your finger, so I did all that in one motion, but if I had done this and then this and then over here and then I don't, I can undo all of them, which is awesome, sometimes certain absolutely let you go and do one step prior that you've just done this one is when you want to undo you can do and I could be my heart, I do my stars, so you have fun, that is, and when I'm making the means, I feel so official, and I say that now I like to run it through your you'll see a lot of facts when we saw that ronald home screen did you see how many had that kind of light flair treatment? I don't know why we use creative people like to add that it's almost like it's just that one last thing it's the bling, right, kelly these at one last thing on the top? Yes, that one little bit of sparkle and not overwhelming my core design, I don't want it to just track especially photos are concerned, but it's fun so bouquet fools and my son in there you can see the spelling any questions on this process? Where it's a two step two at oh, yes way! Just have a clarification, you're you're excited about the main thing and that's more of a marketing term I had never heard e they're called that no worries. Yeah, but just to clarify, like torrey via saying, well, would we use thes means in our scrapbooking pages? I mean, you're using the hashtag is an example. Yes, yeah! That's that's what I meant by how fun it is to personalize I could do maggie don, age to I could even do the hefner the family reunion name you could do invitations you khun put find both free and for purchase artwork with quotes and things on pinterest all over the place they're stunning. So why would you go to this extra step to create your own? When there's so much at your fingertips available to you it's more? I use it more when I want to do something personal to me that I can't just go pick out of a line up like the maya angelo thing. There were so many amazing quotes and I love them but the one that really spoke to me I couldn't find I was listening to I think that ted talk ono some oprah thing and she didn't been interviewing her something she said really resonated with me I wanted those words in my album but I can find so it's not my words it's still a quote but it's not readily available I'm really glad you clarified and mean is that I think it is a marketing term but it makes me feel more comfortable to know that I'm not the only one you know if you heard that either writes I'm not the only one so you want to sound official on marketing fancy otherwise just you're making some fun treatment and messaging artwork yeah thank you thanks for asking that any other clarification or you know how I like to use it is this way or because I would love your tip if you do anything like this already with all your photos and if he did like pocket scrapbooking and had what's from my view or something and then had that with the hashtag than all your photos would be really cute that yeah like a maggie don and then yeah yeah you have all those pictures that are on your instagram account would be really cool yes and you know I like it for both in the scrapbook and on my instagram is a quick reference point you know, it helps when people do it for their month that's so smart as I said, they don't give you specifics on date stamps, so it's like how do you remember with happened when? Oh, I have these cuties every month to lead in my instagram feed and that pocket scrapbooking these are great for that now, alison, how is this for you? Because you know the ins and outs you create the stuff I wouldn't say for really you do in the in design, right that the program he's faso's traitor, traitor! You make our beautiful pattern paper that she actually in a lot of her pattern papers has a that bouquet effect and when you see it so simplified, are you just excited by that? Okay, just hours thinking so easy just playing with all of rawness designs is like, oh my gosh, that is perfect! We're usually at home like taking a picture of, you know my own lights on the christmas trees and the colors and adding everything else. So it's fun how quick this is and I like the way it looks and it's really easy and funded on the go approachable yes, yeah don't stop doing what you're doing, though I love your paper it's beautiful, I was fun when I'm not at home with you, I'm glad you find it's. Still funny or not. I'm so over that I don't know. It's. Time to do this all day, every day. Cool, thank you for offering that. And it is perfect for the pockets to drop in. Yeah.

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user 3dc619

This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

fbuser dbf1207c

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

Christina Henry

What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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