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Editing Photos for Printing

Lesson 12 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Editing Photos for Printing

Lesson 12 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

12. Editing Photos for Printing

Lesson Info

Editing Photos for Printing

This is fantastic it's a six by four prints a standard size from here again I consent it out or I can just hit file I'm not going to print it value just hit file and inflict I don't want to do in a letter I'm gonna just four by six at this stage you want to dio I usually do the border and the reason for that is instead of borderless yeah we have two options it already has a border created by pick stitch around it those two frames and you're gonna have to cut it in half so you're going to lose some of that it just could be a little bit more wiggle room to work with that doesn't over crop it when you're trimming out on your paper tremor so and when I have things that a collage like this I usually at a border to that outer edge I don't click borderless and that is true with the eppes and I'm working with the epson artisan fourteen thirty which is like my my crush I need to be what is that p see printer crush monday instead of man crashed because I'm in love with this printer hashtag pcm o...

n so that's my default your printers they the options they select from whether it says borderless or not may vary a little bit but just not there is an option to add a border around it it's usually helpful you guys cut it away it's better to have too much and trimming away then having overextended over full bleed and then not be uneven three by four card rights of the air on the side of caution there then I can just print like that and take my paper tremor cut it in half I have two old cards to drop in and not very standard three by four if you're into pocket scrapbooking, which we'll talk about later it's a very standard common size pretty easy right e said well, rezian ten minutes later but I promise you it's not when you're not stopping to walk each step through with a group of people you'll do that so fast after you do it a time or two. Are there questions about anything I did here? Just a general question about from blue pixie who says what is the best way to capture comments like these from your computer? I've made screen captures, but it it isn't cute and compact are you? Are you recommending basically to do the screen captures and the keep that activity from your phone so it can have that look? Well, you know I mean she's part timing could not have been better, I'm going to show that step next from my computer, right? You can do either way I usually do it for my phone one I have the app there that does the side by side, so I like to live there is easier on, and all of the comments are there already, but also you can do it from your computer. We don't always have our phones with this or it's, not our favorite most comfortable use. It just takes a little different approach that I want to show you now. So tell thank you for asking that was perfect timing. I'm glad we were right on cue with our training, we rehearse that? No, he didn't really I'm glad she's so if do that, I'm going to go back to my computer, and I want to open that my my facebook's looking faces. So this is a good example here's, a slobbery six month old here's my photos, same situation, there's, more not visible to make she always double check for that could make sure they're in view all these nice people who said something, and I still use a screen grab in this essence, but I just do it from a laptop perspective. If you're on a pc, there should be, unless is outdated, who works on a pc in here? It is still print screen, ok, so easy there's just a button in the upper, usually in the upper right corner, by the numbers that says it's like p r t crn and that means print screen and it just takes it and if you push that it takes your screened image and puts it on your a clipboard so that you can just go into a word document or anything else and right click and say paste you've taken a copy and then you just pasted in so that's a pc approach with a mac I had just use a shortcut, so I'm not sure what the theme keyboard approaches. I apologize, but the short cut is just command shift three and you can't hear excite my volume off, but it goes could cheat again that camera sound I know can in business and it's set up to default to your desktop just like kind of like this to the camera so super easy to find because you know the ever wonder it's living in there somewhere but it's like the bermuda triangle, I don't know where it went happens to me a lot so it's nice that just puts it in a very obvious place for you and in here I'm going to do that again. I know I ended up iona harris I'm going to scroll down, get it to just passed her I don't need her twice sorry iona thatyou are important, but to caryn the thing when you're doing this friends is to make sure you are giving all of the bottom will not cropping off the top of your comments they kind of to play with it see that's too far or just know that you are going to crop off part of one and that you'll have to do it twice to get the full thing yes you're doing the screen capture yeah you're going to get everything you know it's going to get your comments that you have a picture so you might wantto use the picture on your layout but you are gonna get pictures yes we're going to kind of cut away some of that ok? You're so I really appreciate you saying that because I do that can oh yes, yes and my cousin run in the same things cycle when I present when she just did right click print on her comments and like eighty pages a facebook came print not just like calling me making what is happening in like solitary in so sorry um so there is one more step that we're going to get to and I'll show you that now let's say I've done all of these I have all the comments I want but before we go I want to say one little trick that I just kind of happened upon assembled into but that I love and that is I held my my cursor do you see my little hand up there by erica hi erica by the way, a special thanks to erica she did so much to help me with my course prep and I sure appreciate it. So see, when I have my cursor there it brings up this I'll come back it's a short lived thing brings up that mobile upload data information if you go out of this back to the main screen here, if I do the same thing, it brings up the number of thumbs up and a number of comments, the number of likes and the number of comments I like that that's just more detail that's just more photo captions, right? So I want to make sure it's not my culture is not like right on her little nose or something, but it's close enough in the neighborhood that I can now all that is showing you have to kind of be quick because like I said, it won't be there long and then it gets tired and goes away, but you can do your command shift three and do a screen grab there and all that information is tagged on there for you and it's nice just again added detail in our storytelling is always a plus. If he's too much you don't want to, you can remove it but it's nice option tohave so from there right on cue kelly thank you will close up the facebook and they're going to be living here so it's just well, if you're working from your usually they just label a screen shot, I think it'll be your newest image, so see, there it is, and there is that that information on the bottom there, but like you said, there's also a lot of other stuff going on what I did for a couple of I did two things from this when I was playing at home, you're going to want to if you have a photo editing software, I use photo shop elements I haven't older version, I hope you know that for the most part, the steps are the same, if not very, very similar. If you find that they're not, and you're working with a new, newer followership photoshopped elements, just ask the question in the chat room, we'll see if we can answer that for you. Yes, but when you're doing the screen grab do you ever do command ship for and just picked my good buddy laurie there? Tell me about that morning. Yes, it's a shortcut. I don't know about that on the pc, so I was kind of talking around it, but let's share that you brought it up let's, bring up our facebook again. And I just learned of this so I'm really glad you brought it up command ship three just grabs the whole thing everything you see there if you do just like how he said need to command shift for then it should bring you there it is a little like what do they call that across? Yeah crosshairs and then I can do that and you hit enter why did you just or just saved it just say that when you let it go so when I opened it will be over here and there it is but I don't know if that's true for pc mac users that's amazing you don't need photo editing software and you're done where were you like six months ago? Frank? Whatever the hours of time my voice do you know any pc users that there is a similar screengrab functionality we had when my father was there is something I think it's called print because we call it pinky at work and it will do the similar you'll hit your screen print and it'll give you the little plus icon and then you can go your way but I don't know if it costs anything because we got it to work for free all right that's awesome thing to get all prim key it's a body ability we're going to pretend you don't have that just so you can see that there's still a work around and then I can show you what I know have known forever my time waster from now on I won't do this but just for the sake of giving you options you can drag this into a photo editing software photo shop and photoshopped elements they're so similar it's just a price point where functionality is quite different but for basic photo editing like this elements is less than a hundred bucks by adobe you don't need the I have photoshopped as well you know I rarely go into it but I'm not a graphic designer I'm not a professional photo editor that you use it a lot huh? Yeah exactly because that's your bread and butter your professional photographer I know my graphic design friends he's a lot too but for just the at home scrapbooking usage they're both awesome and I could send I have them both but for this purpose will go into elements there are free programs as well if you don't have them like picasa by google will do a lot of this basic editing functionality for you so you can do that approach if you want to do something now and have it on your computer I just gonna drag it in there I already have my crop function set up but I'm goingto bring up my background on pcs it will just bring it up so if I wanted to get me and um let's see my painting that rock a flag on that rock so you'll spend your time painting rocks. Is that just me? Thank you can either just pull it and crop as you want, tio. Or you can actually set and this is wonderful. You get a preview. Are you sure this is what you want? Yes or no? No, not quite yet. And said, if I go up to this top area here where says with hype with resolution I can put in let's say I want to do for my instagram prince a two by two then I can put in to cab two and then resolution. This is key even though it's always just always do three hundred always do three hundred when you're printing, so just put in three hundred you can do seventy two and safer web, but for this sake of this training just always three hundred and hit enter and then now when I pull up the cropping tool, it always is a square it won't do anything but so it's always going to take it down a two by two square if I've pre set that up and then I could just isolate that image on ly get away all that clutter that you were talking about. Can I have it and it's a print little bigger than a prince? It'll be a clearer shot, but that way then if I wanted to I could either drop it back in a drop box and added two o'clock I probably wouldn't do that because clauses you can cross right from them so I could just send the image the original image before I dropped it in the photo shop closes for a moment this guy here I could have just uploaded that to drop box and brought it in here and done the cropping they're just easier for me personally, but either way you can add it to a collage and have like a two by two two by two and a four by four on a four by six print so if you want to hop over to my phone one more time, I'll show you what I mean I won't do it, but I'll just show you the collage that you would select so you would go to your c and you're going tio all these options over here it's gonna be a three and so that then you can just set it dropped them in you can have like a three by four or you can change that ratio to get squares but you can adjust your ratios till you get a four by four into two by two's and that way it's still again that six by four common size that you print so it's a great short cut it really makes your more efficient in your printing because you're not paying photo paper is not expensive but if you're kind of doing it wastefully khun add up right and same with thinks so that suggests any questions on how you're ready to have files to print everything that I didn't mention or that you want to add you know like you did I love it please the dialogue I love that there is an addition actually from the chat room saving you a step on google nicole larkin says for the pc snipping tool you get it you go to the start menu accessories and then snipping tool I love her like and see about me girls on screen the q t you know I mean pretty sharp there's a really great conversation going on I mean they're just really ready to get going with the printing I mean this is such a tease see all this grand yeah I just made sure we knew how to get here so that's awesome thank you so much, nicole and everyone who commented ok, I'll get back to my slide show then I just need to make sure we're all on the same page with that I thought just one more refresher because again you were listening to me and not doing it so it never hurts to have a little refresher course and when you're done, it looks like that from here you can just leave it a lot of project lifers using that as a burb level around the corners just that one more step to make it look like those journaling part that's optional. Totally up to you I want to shame another one I don't need any more so I just stopped here but see how when I crop goes down I've got those great date stamps so that's the day we brought maggy home from the hospital yes. And so anyway, it's it's just not it's easy and nice and added information on the same here. This one is a four by six you can't tell and I just centered it sometimes I do that I just centered on a four by six piece of paper a four by four image from my instagram and I know I'm gonna have to cut off a little on either side. You can do what I just told you and I could have that and then two more two by two's and be as efficient as possible. Sometimes I just don't have time for that, you know our angle but more wasteful, but then you can throw that on to a six by ford cut off what's not needed and again cem some ap action that is all from the studio ap on these is saying is in the same pick stitch functionality it's, the nine square grid that I talked about yesterday we looked at the calendars this time, however, because I wanted to do for by force of my month and review, you can only get nine on there and a whole year. Our year in review is twelve month, so I had three leftovers october, november and december. So I wanted to feel in the rest of my space again to be efficient in my printing. And I thought, you know, I'm going to eat some journaling card, so I simply created these in the ron app it's already created for you. Remember when we went and opened a background instead of a an image and we cooked the white clear one? One of the options that she has so many key ones to choose from is lined paper. So I just open the background saved in added to my thing, I have my own personalized journaling cards, short cut money saver, and I actually got to alter them a little bit, so I wanted to have them have two columns so I could do. And a great we shall show in our next segment have been running down the middle with the month on either side so I have okay column a's for this month and column b is for this month and this came together in just a minute you know, that's what I love about this social media and the ap support and here's the remaining nine this is not our calendars that we were looking at what I wanted to do here in illustrate to you is those were so tiny we learned how to create all of our instagram usage for a month on a calendar which was really fun but then its beauty you get you get her magnifying glass out to sea each detail because the whole month of images in one little square so I like that I could still in and that shall see everything that happened but I wanted to have some might my favorites one from each month, which is a hard choice to just pick one but that I pulled in to have at the same size in a full size just to have both options and some balance between the full shot and the calendars so it's january, february, march, april that's a fine idea so if you're doing a year in review project and you're using your instagram and you're having the whole month and review because of our tutorial that we've already covered look at the one that speaks to you. The best is one tip and then also try to do variety a mama, a llama baby. I would I naturally would have just done all her, like, not try to make it for the mass is try to make it a little bit more varied. And but it's true gis for your storytelling don't just make it all maggie all the time, and I'd be weird she's, my kid. But I mean, don't do it in your own life with your own children as much as you love them or your cat and your chairs, you know, try toe, try to do it a variety of things. So your trips, your easter holiday, that's, my old, a fisher price phone and my daughter's new one. We I still have all my old toys. My mom is st. So he was taking that as a fun little shop my father in law gave me his old were they a super eight cameras? Isn't that cool? And it still works if I definitely want include that in the year at a glance project.

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