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Apps: Personalized Calendars

Lesson 8 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Apps: Personalized Calendars

Lesson 8 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

8. Apps: Personalized Calendars

Lesson Info

Apps: Personalized Calendars

The one that I mentioned earlier I said you can remix a design and I had a blank moment is studio so this is that lower row there with the blue? This is both similar to ron is a design platform, but it's also got, um, instagram characteristics in that you can share on it so you can design and share here and it's a newer community. Are you have you on here yet? Yeah, I don't want it. I haven't played with it as much, but it is catching on in its new issue, I think it's, newer to the scrapbooking world, it's very well populated and the the ideas are amazing. And so if I wanted to do one of these and be all professional looking, you know something there's so amazingly done, but I don't want I don't even know how or where to begin like this. Q one, here you can simply where it says remix you hit remix, says it's, building the remix and then you can go into your camera roll or did you see that high taking pictures that okay, e u make sure of your friends and across the way, which is cool an...

d what I'd like about this is it's, both, um, a time saver. And a short cut this off for me I found it very educational because I would see like I mention elizabeth carter and other people that are very proficient in this doing really remarkable things and I like to know I just have a curiosity and me how how did you get there right well if you want to know that or if you just simply want to alter something that you don't want to say summer and living is easy will say I like my friend over there you simply click that eight to eight and the lines you tap on that and there's just like in photo shopped there all of your layers so it's both so you can alter one you need to this you can also kind of in your brain file away that recipe or that formula in that nice it's a cheat pray you can be you could just learn so quickly so where there is still a learning curve here for me it was a little bit easier to pick up on because I could go behind the scenes pull back that curtain and see I didn't realize that till later and people kept asking on one photo they ask the person who did it how did you do this? How did you do this and she must not even available cause she was unable to answer and then the user from the site came in and said simply open it and remix it and then hit the layers and it's a step by step so it holds your hand so we can go in here and weakened d'oh. Um let's see, some in the living is we'll go in here and we'll take easy the easy layer and we hit the text and change the thought make it our own or we can actually hit the t feel around the word easy there's an x a circle that you want to hit the tee up there in the upper right corner and that will bring you up to your keyboard and we can say, in honor of one of our creative life friends behind the scenes, someone living is awesome! He says that a lot making you're gonna be awesome story is awesome, I love it and you can hit check and you can either you know, alter just different elements, you can totally overhaul it, you probably wouldn't overhaul it because kind of what's the point, right? Why would you start from a new existing design if you're going to change the whole thing? But it's really great that you could make it your own going back to that? Why would you do this? Well, you can still customize to yourself and I'll show you when you hit finish I don't want to post it, though we post that go for it okay you have my permission thank you we'll do there are make sure you use the hashtag I know I'm hoping that people will continue to share their whether it's here or twitter even I have to have it translated to me climb proficient burn instagram and he hit post when you hit post and gives you the option as you're very accustomed to at this point with maps of both posting here and feeding it elsewhere here you go you can take it facebook, instagram tumbler available but the one that always will default to unless you tell otherwise this camera which is nice it's nice it'sjust most designs anymore set up to that and then you'll see if you go to me there you are cute I like it when my favorites all right I should do it said selfie I did that one twice sometimes I have to confess I do one and I immediately delete it because I wanted my camera roll but I don't want a public and so I'm hoping no one's watching at that moment so self he was one of them but then I did with summer so you know you can just change change things around and have fun with it ok last thing I promised I'd show you the calendar so let's do that quickly kcc days the logo looks like this there's a libel there now, this one you have to, and as he set it up, it'll automatically kind of give you the promise and guide you through this give it permission to access these photos, otherwise it won't, and sometimes I found, but I have ios six and I know I'm old school, I'm on a a well of iowa six, and I'm teaching a technology class what that's weird, but because of that, I think sometimes I get a little glitch and it won't want to populate if that ever happens to you. Even though you've already made that that marriage or that connection I found him, I just go back in the settings into three tap it again, it took me a while, the problem solve that air troubleshoot that's I'll save you the step that ever happens to you, and then it worked again. So see here's, the ones I've already done this month, it just pulled him right in july two thousand fourteen. I don't want the I guess that snow up top? Not sure, but it's not really fitting with july. If it is, though, and one other thing to show you so you can do your year in review, you don't have to start from here and build you can go back. As long as you've been on instagram, there are arrows kind of difficult to see the white on white, but since july two thousand fourteen, in the center and on either side of it are forward in the back. Cordero I'm gonna hit back, we'll go to june look at that by posted every oh, no, I've never posted every day of any month yet today fourteenth, I thought I had it, and another thing about this if you are doing it intentionally with a year in review project in mind, keep in mind that if you're a multiday poster is going to pull the first one of that day, so if you're doing it with an intent and a purpose, make sure the first post of your day will support that purpose. No, no, I mean, you can redo it, but right, yeah, you can't go in and swap out the photo that's a good question I couldn't give you back in menu to swap him. Yeah, yeah, so okay, then from here, it's designed to, like, share it. Actually, this app has challenges associated with this, so each day comes with a challenge that's really great if you're feeling in a creative red and you need a a promise is what they're known ihsan, scrapbooking and journaling prompt a photo prompt this is fun for that kind of how it got through and how it started I just thought in a different way I thought as a year in review tool so what I would do instead of doing anything with it I just I'm like officially along the bottom I simply screen grab it I'm done here this is a recipes were going to use a few different ingredients then I will go back to our rana we do have a question there's actually live pops imus says is this an apple at they can't find it in the store the cc days yeah days okay and that I'm gonna ask I mentioned at the beginning she had come in a little bit after that it is an apple app and I know there's a new one I'm hoping somebody out there can help us that is brand new like within a couple weeks but I can't find anything about it like I haven't exactly it was harder to find last night um and anything ee yeah I think it was just cc days without the period dots I think and then diane also ass you know do you have to have an instagram account to open up the cc app do you are you familiar with that that's a good question I don't think you have to have it to buy it but it won't do anything because it's whole purpose instead will you get the challenges but it generates its content and feels those calendars with your instagram activity I don't you cannot go to my knowledge I hope I'm not misleading people into your camera roll and drop things and however there are gaps for that I love that this pulls it all in for me it's not a step by step process but there are acts there's a brand new when we were looking at its three sixty five something three sixty five um three sixty five calendar I think and it is I populate my own calendar from my camera ll and not an instagram basing for android it's a really great solution we were finding in researching, trying to find you a solution that an apple a lot of us and japanese so I think it's still new yeah and it has high high ratings people are really liking it you're fluent japanese, you're in like flynn that you're not in your novel user we could only get to a certain point in that process where before it wasn't quite ready for the state or for even english language. So um that's kind of the problem there. So from here you still see that kind of snowy aspect of the top I don't know that she laces I'm sorry I'm not quite sure what it is, but I I'm not crazy about it also you can see the like refresh circle down there in the lower right, which probably isn't too fitting. So what I do is in the crop part right here, you can move it if you expand it, if you like, pinch it out, then you're gonna lose photos so instead sometimes I can I've taken two approaches and I'll show you both of them. I bring it in and, you know, let nine showing more of it there's a method to this madness he hit crop and then you go over to the that side drop down menu and you slept frames and there's all these two frames and they're they're designed in such a way that they'll do a lot of that cropping for you, you know, just depending on the feeling in a phone polaroid style in your calendars and that need so and it makes I know it's so fancy running such a talibans and her team are so skilled with the designing that they made me look really good. So for my two thousand thirteen year calendars, I've started fourteen I've done thirteen I did all of these like this with this frame around it and you can expand, you know it's still again it's not going to be just that framed the way it is there nothing you can alter the frame itself the size of it but the frame thing I'm not going to have to go with here in class today because it takes so it's not hard, but it just takes a little learning curve to get accustomed to the feel of the programs they're going excited here we're gonna go back you have to make sure you go back and say no frame or it's going to leave that for you and now things have cropped it this way and I have but I don't want to leave it this way so I'll just go back against that main home page and I'm going to hit re crop and from here I can make it bigger and simply not somebody I lose my sides kind of weird to do in the air and, uh do that so that my days are still visible but that other part of it I didn't love isn't and I'm gonna worry about that refresh thing later we'll cover that in a moment and then I can hit crop and now we'll cover that my segway and go interior design elements and in this case for my two thousand fourteen ones I selected I'm doing them all kind of that brush script style, that kind of pain t lack, you know, art let jamie tendering had her plus one line with the caliber tess key element going on like that so I'm going to go into my insta paint that's what? I like pink and slide down there and you can do any color I'm gonna keep it blacks I like that kind of drastic look and then there's all of these options flatters xo how cute is that the heart that hearts what I use on that maker cover book I showed you when I said I printed it through artifact uprising and I had the heart and it said maker on it it was that one right there so I'm gonna do this pretty bitty I'm gonna bring that guy bigger course wide on whites not the most effective so you can change the colors whenever you choose him to stick with black this just like with the fonts and everything we were doing last time you could go down to that upper right court up to the upper right corner and messed with fine tuning I've lynch focusing primarily on the transparency but you khun with fine tune it is something that's really intricate as the again I keep saying this but my big hands it sometimes can get hard to move little things around and they bump each other. This fine tune option is really cool because it will do that those minimal tiny moves for you up down over what have you know I didn't do much chicks is just a big old brush stroke but that's available to you so I can hit done and go into the design area over here and there's one of these design packs are numbers. And so because this is, um, what month is this? Oh, joon, I'm gonna get six and I can either put the white on the black is kind of fun, but if I did that it's a little big or you can just do another black, you know and move it down here. It's sort of where speaks to you? Maybe this brush script kind of messy art looks not your thing at all. That's. Why I love this doesn't matter if you're very more romantic or that. What junk? Zhang quan with canada flourishes and top hats and all that kind of steam punky stuff is here for you. This is not a one size fits all it's. Certainly something you can adjust your unique styles, but also enough oven offering you can do a twelve month period and not having all the identical unless you. So there you go. I'm going to do the six for june. One thing I learned I didn't realize and I anyway assumed the area down in the bottom of the diagonal lines. I usually indicates that it's a clear background it's not I actually say this, and when I print it, those lines were there so just know that you probably want to cover that up to there could be a symbol is just covering with white, or you can give it a border, whatever you want to dio, but then when you save this, when you share it and save it, um cal dusty mid risks might for poor phone's about to kick the bucket, but you can save your camera roll. I will show you what to do next after you have all of them. So I asked you and mentioned that it's a good idea to have a collage app. So whether that we could do a lot of photos in one instagram post or in this case for printing purposes, I have all my told let's have all my twelve calendars done from last year or this year. I have up through seven for july well dies on over so path of the year done, and I'm ready to print them. You don't wantto print them unless you're doing him a larger size. I did mine pretty small, you know, want to print on one off? This is a great timesaver tohave a collage there so many that app download that I created there several right on there, I have always used just you attending is what you're most comfortable with because it's fast. I know pick stitches a little older has been around a while, but it's just been reliable for me. I know it well, so I use it and it does the job. I'm gonna open picks ditch and they have all these options of different photo counts, which is nice because, you know, you can either just do a single, but it was like, oh, I don't have a square, I can't use that. I'll just show you quickly when you select a single photo. If you go down to here was his aspect, then you can do a four by six took me a while to figure this out. I don't know why I was just again. I'm distracted. I don't notice the details, apparently, but you can do. You can stick with the one by one, which is what most people do because very instagram friendly but you could do for by six, but in this case, I don't want one. I'm going to go come on, I mean, scroll, scroll, scroll nice. You can kind of get a quick preview of all these different options all the way to the end I'm gonna do that, big guy. So with this, if I'm putting this at twelve by twelve square, then twelve divided by four means that each of those squares along the top is going to be three by three, so I know that if each of those is a home for one of my calendar's, when I run that twelve by twelve print through my printer, my when I cut those with my trimmer, I'll have little three by three calendars. If you don't have a twelve by twelve printer, you khun certainly adjust that the aspect ratio that we just showed I just showed you two it eight by ten, four by six or you can print them individually and you confront them bigger. I just like the little with pocket scrapbooking in particular, the idea that can print these little three by threes and there are page protectors available that have three by three slots that I can't just drop the whole year in one page wham bam! Thank you, ma'am, right? So I'm going to click my my, uh square the first one go to my photo album and from an organizing teaching point I have not with you today, but I have set up a calendar unique to my car I mean an album excuse me, you need to my calendar's so it's really quick because you don't make them you kind of make him as the year goes on you don't make him all in one batch unless you're back logging so they could just be so time you're going to find them but not because I have a calendar album I go in here and I could just pick one that will go the one we just made two leased a consistent and then this too has effects I don't usually use them because they're more for photos and something like this everybody run unique effects on each of those pictures not exactly necessary but do you know just in general that there are filters and editing effects here not going to do anything just go back to the editor same thing with light I mean it has editing capabilities sharpness I use a lot if you do sharpness too much on people it looks a little artificial little phony but in something like this where they're so tiny more help the better right so I'm going to apply that and then if this were not square I do this one frequently as well you want to go into crop and select square square there you go and hit apply and then when it goes in hit done it fits that perfectly it's that space perfectly and then I thought I wanted to load the next we won't we don't have a next but you just repeat repeat quickly now all a sudden you it's sixteen so you do first twelve, and then I just started my two thousand fourteen no have to I just wanna waste the space and the printer ink, so I filled it in or you just drop in extra photos their toe have on hand for pocket scrapbooking if you do that or for many albums, so you can you leave them empty and stuff have a finished file, if you do that know that it won't be great when it prints out all these twelve were populated with calendars, those bottom four would just be a white strip. So you know how you can do what you want with that? And then you would hit export and you can do it always anything's, and you can send it to yourself. So if you were printing it, you could email it to yourself. I'm not going to do anything, it's not really. I'll show you the in one cell to see what the end result looks like back to my photo roll, he said, someone's there we go, so these and I wanted to make bigger actually made these four by four, which required to piece of paper, and instead of that sixteen up grid that I selected, I slipped in nine up for the nine holes and there, if I can get through the ninth month september and then the rest remaining you have to just do on a second one and then I run that through again square print twelve twelve in this case and cut those out and your whole year your whole instagram year is right there it's like that with a two bastard, it was a pretty straightforward and either so user friendly. I'm hoping it was pretty pretty straightforward, but I feel kind of confused look hollywood's on your mind you mind if I put you on the spot? Well, it no because you're just doing this and say, you want to do that? What? No, from long time ago, instagram these late day that power back that's a really great question, I know it does at least a year because I did two thousand thirteen recently, ok? And it went all the way back to january I don't know how long you talked, how long have you been on? They're like, oh wait or something a long, long time no, not that long, like when I was in london, so I find that I was like, when I'm traveling, I do lots of pictures and when I'm not traveling on not having anything you like, oh, like very like a long time ago, I love I love that like at a glance look at my year you can see what your life happening it's really cool enough of the camera now I don't e r holidays I'm super busy so I don't think many but now it's christmas morning at one hundred yeah, they love that I'm sorry I don't know for sure I know it will go back but I can't give you like I don't know that has cut off date during and I'm sure you could just all you have to do is hit that arrow back and if it stops, it stops like I kind of don't think it will but I could be wrong but we do have another comment that are helpful thing from the chat room thinking levin mama of eight says the android app is my three sixty five thank you, mama baby, yes and that's the one that you run into the japanese pull component of it on the apple products as of now, but it did have a very high user rating, so I'm guessing it's kind of maybe it's in beta or something here so it's not quite ready, but I think it's coming and I don't have a lot of hands on experience with it to say when we're the other bit people sure seem to like it and android users don't seem to have any translation issues I'm wondering this polish and ready to go there and just not for us yet I'm speaking completely without knowledge sorry, yeah check it out check it out yes I just look back to two thousand ten just before I was on instagram but it's trying to pull in that stuff hey, it doesn't go back a few years creed what a time saver yes that's pretty cool that is very fun to go back and look at everything and so technically, yeah, I had yeah it's a neat little alibi nowhere kind of stretching its use beyond its intended purpose at the scrap pickers do that with things that's what what we dio felt thanks for doing a little trial and that anything else any other comments are at sea love I haven't mentioned that maybe you want to give a shout out to you know what would be great is actually the chat about this a guy that you've created this is the resource document that I mean, obviously we have a limited time here to go into all of the knowledge that you have around abs that you've created this guide and we can actually show it and I think that if you just kind of chatted threw me told me like it took you like ours, our producer here created life, I was needing something else and I always underestimate and I'm like I won't take that much time hours but I'm so glad I could do that work for you I'm it seems so silly for all of us have been that same time and really it's an over it could be a very overwhelming process going to those app stores and you just type in photo grid for example dozens of things they're going to come out there so many choices and I really like to rely on user experience and endorsement so again I'm going to my facebook polling station and I asked my friends I got some great feedback I know the ones I love but one I don't know if they're old school like my oh well account is old school in niger seem oblivious to the fact or if they really are that great or if I just love him from a comfort level so I like to get more opinions in the mix so you have a more solid product it's pages and pages and though the approach I took with it is from a memory keeping perspective so there is it's broken up into different reasons so there's a whole section with the rawness style stuff well design up like the ones we looked at here today and others and kind of their bells and whistles then there's one that it's primarily around grids the grid aps like we've just been looking at is one primarily category not one app of one category with gaps within it focused around just the fun, the frill so I don't know he saw it in my face when we watch my little face, but movie one of them was a photo strip from a photo booth. Did you catch that that was actually did not done in a photo booth that's an app called pocket truth? I think so. It's cute, huh? Do you have that one that little green one night in the middle pocket booth? So you know that that's just one taste there, some capable absent it once. What will do like your face, pencil drawn or water colored? Or so have you, like you said, allison, kind of in the down time when you have a moment here, they're the jiffy lube lot when you're getting your oil change or whatever it's fun to play and be creative with your app, but then there's also the ones that are more focused on our scrapbooking in our hobby, not just a silly well, the playful one like there are font aps on there, filter aps a lot of filters to change the options there. The bookcase als on there and then also journaling from your storytelling is an apple heyday when you've you have heyday. He heard of it I have it and it's it's one of many that I list but it kind of reminds you to journal to tell your story like since you little hey what's happening today and you just write a little note and libraries that for catalogs that for you so it's not all photo centric it's scrapbooking centric memory keeping centric and I think that you're going to find the tools on their very useful and I tried not to get carried away with price points they're very many of them are free there are a few that are maybe upto upwards of four dollars but you know you go to a scrapbook story's been ten times that right that's not terrible and so yeah, I think it's going to be really worthwhile and I hope my hours and hours payoff I'm guessing I know they will you getting people quick started with the scrapbooking supplies getting their knowledge bank in order for all of those best aps that the scrap workers used to really pull that social media experience in yeah, you're right, right customize it to you absolutely that's the whole point here make it yours I'm not you know I'm not you know me and I get so caught up sometimes I think I need to be this certain person her image and these abs remind, you know, just put my own unique stamp on it

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