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Expert Panel Google Hangout

Lesson 10 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Expert Panel Google Hangout

Lesson 10 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

10. Expert Panel Google Hangout

Lesson Info

Expert Panel Google Hangout

I want to introduce our big league guests could I respect and admire them so much? They're going to come in here as a google hangout for fancy and against kathy's ill ski kathy's ill ski and I have a history through simple scrapbooks and she has done work with ck and she has she's, speaking of a website launch just launched her new web site it's beautiful. Please check it out if you can s ozil will be up here, we can all colors ill she likes that andi also have jennifer mcguire. She and I have a lot of history through creating keepsakes magazine. She was a calm regular parliaments there and buy far the most popular one we had. That girl knows the reader, the crafter, the user great person asked, super humble and kind, so she's, very open and receptive to feedback and has one of the key this toddler's right elson that you'll ever see. So if you want to follow her on instagram, get ready for cute overload. At least block cried, as kathy put it, is on fire! This woman is beyond just craft...

ing she's I can't ever the name I'm gonna slaughter like world domination summit does that sound right? She was just invited to be a speaker there week or two ago and has her own web site and was that all which is another blogger summit that's another weighs just quickly to get in a work ideas is through these summits is a great networking opportunities so having these three is the powerhouse and I'm humbled and I hope they're just gonna pop up here I think we hide ill how are you? Hey good to see you that's hash tag so just so you know how hashtag sorry hashtag have their lives e o j I love that official could see a girl looking good in that head set he looked kind of like you're going to the moon very stylish but it takes I'll take orders after I leave how are you? Good luck as nice I'm not actually talked face to face with you so you got it right he said world that people I want to hear more about that that is quite a big deal very impressive yeah it was fun because it was so different than the audience that I had before so it was exciting that's awesome and you have just gone gangbusters I can't wait to learn from you you're so impressed I'm so impressed by what you d'oh it was my kid where's my kid third window I saw it pop up for a minute and then a e u e o looking pretty room her craft room is impeccable by the way how are you even doing this? They jennifer you're crafting how long have you been professional cause you started as an engineer? Correct, I imagine here for about five years and I quit to do this full time about ten years ago. You don't look back, he love it, I couldn't go back if they were to save my life. I love it and what I love that you took that risk you saw what you wanted and he went for it. I know I have need three here to talk kind about social media usage and high ys it professionally and personally, but sharing any tidbits like that, they naturally come up people freaks who kind of got that on the mind right now we want to hear from you, kathy, I'm I'm kind of putting you on the spot light to sort of springboard this discussion because you said something to me that I never even thought of and I gave him a taste of it earlier you edited down your social media activity. Can you elaborate on why you did that and what that was about and kind of give people the the reasons? And then we can let that sort of springboard our discussion a little more like you took your fun remove them, right? Yeah, I literally in the past three or four months kind of went through my instagram feed and just started deleting things and it wasn't because I didn't know it was because I didn't want people to see something, but I started to think about instagram and I started to realize I kind of want this to be two things I wanted to be first and foremost, just another way to document write another way to document things that are going on in my life and the other thing that I decided I really wanted it to be with something that was a little more of a creative expression eso instead of just taking a bad photo of my sandwich, I'm going to take a good photo of my sandwich, you know? I'm saying, so I went back through my my feet and I just took out stuff that I'm like, that that doesn't fit either category like it doesn't save a memory that I'm really caring about right now and so that's what I did and I probably deleted like four hundred images, it felt really good and now I can kind of scroll through it and look and I'm like, yeah, these these all I kind of do what I want to do, they say the memory or they take a photo that looks good to my eye that makes me feel creative yes, it was very freeing for you had helped you polish and continue to hone your brand, your personal you as a brand that's all that's part of that's part of why I did it to you know I am working on having you know I have this new site and I have this brand that I'm trying to have things a line that makes sense you know? So so that's part of why I did it just to kind of streamline it and have it be something that I felt was more of a reflection of what I care about what I like to look at so and consistent across the board which I think is so important you want if you are branding on a person or a business level consistency is really important jennifer annalise have either of you done anything? I think drastic to me though I'm very motivated by in fact when she told me that before we talked today I'm like I'm going to do that I mean have you done anything like that? You've grown and developed professionally where your social media is concerned I that's really interesting cappie I didn't know that but I like that e think that he doesn't have to be but if you want them to be your social media channels are kind of like a resume and you wouldn't put bad stuff on your own may so maybe wouldn't put on your feet and I don't again I don't think it has to be like that you don't have to make it perfect but I like the idea that and I recently questioned I'm using the ceo filters and my photos looks so different and it's so weird there's like a really clear line where I started doing it, I was like, whatever care, at least now they're all it looks like this girl can have similar lighting and similar feel, and I really like how it looks so I think if you want, you could be a deliberate as you want. But it's good idea to think about and, like happens to questions like, do I want this memory? Or do I want this as part of my brand? I'll probably start thinking like that that's good and I love your tip that you mentioned about and it kind of leads me to the question, the look and feel the stylized approach he takes your images, do you? You said the ceo, the app of something called visco do you think it's smart to use the same ones I was talking about? Jump over here and do this jump over here and do that. But maybe for a consists going back consistency. It's nice to use similar filters every time. If you want to set a tone and the mood would you say that I started, I felt like my he and I wanted until a goal difference I went back through a lot of the people who really like on instagram like two people whose photos like every single one and I looked at their feet like I went to their profound saw their nine photos and all of those people had a similar five like it wasn't like their photos all of their food or all of their kid all like you know apartment but you know they also kind of look the same and I realize it's because they were hitting him with the same filter and I I love that tip and that's my view the ah ha moment with kathy that's a big one for me so I love that thank you jennifer I invited you for many reasons I'm glad you're here partly because I love that baby girl in all the instagram that you do there are two things I would love for you to talk about and then of course anything else that you want to mention but you are really great as a mother of showing a balance of your family life and you're sweet kiddos and you're also really awesome about using your video function which we don't talk about a lot in here needs some fantastic videos through instagram specifically I'm talking about and then with I like how you approach your project posting because it's usually just a little nugget writes a little teeth can you can give us the reasons behind that it's not like here's my full project can you talk about a lot to fire at you? Any one of those things you can take your pitch you want? Tio? Well, first of all, I think I come at this a different approach sink kathy even though I she rocks this, this is totally her thing. I I'm not that good at this kind of stuff I'm just sitting over here doing my thing kind of making cards is being a mom and I keep it really and I just want to share and that's kind of how my social media goes, um, I put very little thought into it and maybe that's embarrassing to say, but I think it works out for me, okay, I think the reason is because people can relate to it, you know? We're all well, most of us are moms where we're straight where all stretched thin, we're all just dying for time to create, and we're just squeezing bits and pieces in when we can and I think that's the approach that I've taken. So for me, I just think about what I would like to see and I think it's fun when people do little snippets or little sneak peeks to kind of draw you over there block, I know I had a lot of success with that in a release has done them where she write things on the screen like a chat with someone said a certain time and that just catches my eye so I like to do go peace to kind of draw people in, but then my next post will be a video of my daughter just being you don't know on I'm really about it, like all post if I'm struggling as a mom and all post, I'm like succeeding as a mom because I think that is so important for people to relate to you and the part of the sharing, so I honestly don't put a whole lot of thought into what I'm posting I probably should filter through my like kathy says, I got I share this much sometimes, but you know, you know, about ten hours out of the day, I've got this little girl running around me and that's my partner in crime and then there's the four hours why work? So I share what I've got yeah, I love it, I love that it's I know cathy does that too, from she definitely is very keep it rule, but I like what you're saying without the thought and the intent with it in just ah, I have a second between this toddler moment and that one and our daughters are very close in age, so I completely relate to that, and I have been very drawn to jennifer even more than when we worked together on that level and I love working with you, but it you are so wonderful with your posting in that balance between personal and professional, making me feel like as a mama, I'm not failing and it's hard to feel that way, sometimes certain not none of these three, but some of these posters remember how we talked earlier in the class don't over crop your life or overstayed your life there so beautifully staged and cropped and you not that your art, your stuffs awesome, but I like how approachable you feel like you and I just hang out, eat potato chips and let the girls play, you know what I mean? So I think I'm glad you shared that. I really appreciate that, megan, we actually do have a question from the chat room, though hopefully the rest of the panel came can build on this topic scrap story and says, um, I hesitate to share a lot of my family on social media is that hindering my personal brand? So this is kind of a similar topic, yeah, that's if you're in question, I would like to know that answer is well, then you have you have some thoughts on that girl's woman I do actually because when I used to scrap book I scrapbook to my girls a lot my stepdaughters and as they got older and what with me all the time I kind of backed off on how much I'm sharing and I think about that when I post up I mostly post about lila because she's with me you know and I don't know I feel she's safe because she's always always with me so I don't have to worry about that but you know if you're looking at it from a brand point of you like I don't think of myself as a brand on just this our own place of paper and scissors and it works for me but you know, if you think for band frankfurt point of view you know you may want to think about that that aspect but you've got to remember we're in a different industry than most people this is a really personal industries where we want to be really and we want to share the good and the bad and I think that people who share the good the bad and the ones who I don't know have had good success and feel approachable so yeah, that resonates doesn't it yes, yes with the hashtag ease the other day when you were saying about supporting and was it something something something about encouraging encouraging each other? Yeah, I love that love that but village since you've been kind of in a brand overhaul do you have kathy I should be more formal mrs ill ski do you have anything that zeal army like whose zeal wanted strong about do anything to add to that time that you've done a lot of really concentrated focus work on branding so it's right it's really timely for you right now you know with your knowledge of your site and everything right and what jennifer said you know we do work in in a unique industry in that part of your brand does become your family it does become the people whose stories you're telling because that I mean that's how I got known right that's I make scrapbook pages about people and there's only four of us and our families so they they are part sharing their stories is part of my brand for better for worse may don't mean to make it sound super corporate you know I mean but there is an aspect of this that is a business for me and yeah they're my family is part of it now in the last couple of years one family member has asked to be dropped out of that mix is often it's possible that's my teenage son he doesn't want to be part of it I try to remind him if you want to buy things makes crazy concept but yeah so I do think that you know it's the answer the question that came in it depends on what what do you want that brand to be? You know, if if it is part of sharing stories from your life there's a lot more in your life than just you so I mean it's a it's in this kind of it tricky thing it could be great and it has some problems to it teo I think it kind of muddies it a little bit yeah blurs the line definitely at least you have anything going that can answer that question it's an office yeah just you are not comfortable sharing your family then I think definitely don't even if it does for your brand because it's going to hurt your rent way more if you are like kind of going happen on something so I think you like I'm in a position in the past couple years I've kind of shifted out of my family right basically right now if I never mentioned my family again, I think I could still make some money and I would probably lose some people so they're like I'm only here for a cute kid ok? And then you know I'm I decided to stop showing her I think I could still keep it rolling so you know, I I don't think you just have to do what's comfortable for you and all three of us have just been a made our own past so differently I could never take on jennifer's life or kathy slaves and they couldn't take on mine exactly, but we're also kind of making it work so don't worry too much and just kind of do it helps you feel comfortable yeah you think you're such a perfect mix to be here today for that very reason you all come out so differently but you're all doing it successfully you know it's I feel that if I get a lot out of it as a user of follower I gave that success but also the numbers your numbers indicate that um do you have anything to add to this discussion? I need the three of you about the channels you use where and win so facebook versus instagram interesting even talk twitter if you want to have kind of been leading that poor one out for the class but anything to chime in how you approach them differently or maybe it's a one size fits all I'd love to hear your thoughts on that and the least you're up there somebody just sent you this time you feel like I instagram and like by far my favorite I love it because it's so easy and in a portable everything I like about instagram where they feel like it's a relief level playing field and that basically all have the vaccine camera so yeah, we can all do what we do with that I like that a lot and it's so easy to share that the engagement is really great. I didn't get so many more comments and so much more feedback through instagram that I can throw block post on sometime and then I don't need facebook at all at all professionally, it's just I never had an account in college and that the only one I have kept it's just kind of my first all accounts, so for me, instagram is my major channel on dh that like general thing arjun everything I do do some peaks to so hey here's, a product you don't go by here are hey, this is what I'm bloody but today go check here so I do use that to kind of drive traffic and thus my only that may biggest one my favorite one awesome and you said you mentioned jennifer. Do you want to take it from here? Jennifer mad, too, that I shouldn't say such things there. I I should say for many years, twitter was my focus, and the reason I was on twitter is because facebook, as you know, sometimes to be a little, well, a movie or, you know the bad news seems having out there sometime on that scared me away. So I was I was on facebook for a very long time and I just started going back there and seeing seeing the good in that I guess and twitter just seemed to be a happier place for me and so I have more followers on twitter than anything it just worked for me and I was easy place that I could share like if I found another artist I thought was great I could say hey check this out very quickly and it seemed to work for my business very well instagram is fun and it's a happy place it's never it's never unhappy so I like instagram also but another one that way we should mention is youtube youtube is my e I think think I started posting videos my business took off so for what I do it works so it might work for other people I don't know but youtube by far has been a game changer for me and I don't share anything personal there that is all just just work stuff and I think that's maybe why it is so successful is because some home so people I don't want to see lila dancing around that got you know why are they don't care to see all the little peaks or whatever so youtube is a place where people can go and they mean business and they can see it they can cope while they watch it or they can you know, change a diaper while they watch it they don't have totally read our focus or whatever so do youtube is something that I think people should consider more and I know a lot of people have had success with it that's a great tip and with this industry in particular because it's so visual and so driven that way showing a technique versus a flat image showing kind of that magical process of it happening through video that you can't do otherwise is awesome I'm really going to know too that another thing I saw that people were really liking on my blogger through my work back in the magazine when I worked with you is when you show more than one way to use something or you talk about making more out of what half and in a video you can talk about additional ways to use things instead of having to make like five or six layout for six ways you can do one and then talk about the other four five and it makes people and we're excited about what they're doing so you know why I think how I use social media is a little bit different than everybody that's what's great about this everybody just kind of found their own little slot and what works for them yeah and you know as far as being effective and using your time well in that life balance that we all strive for that hits at home jennifer because you're right you can just say it the idea is there but you're not making it that's one thing to be prepared for when you're doing trying to put yourself out there creatively it's a lot more time and work on it you can even imagine it looks like those steps shots and taking those and editing them and recite it's a big process yeah, it is it was also saved me a lot of time yeah, yeah, right less on my block, which I don't like to write that so I went to engineering school it also saves me from having to take all those pictures and edit them, which I'm not great at I should have gone to graphic design school so if I just throw it all in a video saves me a lot of time love it it's a lot of it does take quite a while but in the long run it's season kathy you, on the other hand, are, um a graphic designer by trade but also brilliant writer what do you think about all this? What your channel approaches you do youtube it all? I'm not sure I even know the answer to that not really I think I have some really silly videos like I did a tom cruise impersonation wants that got like a a zillion hits e o e way it's a time of scrapbooking parity and that's all I'm going to say, but I love it, I don't I don't really use you to what what I started doing, okay, I came late to facebook, you know? So whenever I hear at least talk that she you know, she's not doing it, you know, professionally, I came late to it because I didn't quite understand how it worked, but that has turned into what I feel like is my best channel because I feel like I know I see it in the numbers too more people come to my site from facebook than they do from anywhere, not a lot come from instagram, not a lot come from twitter and I'm like jennifer, I have more twitter followers because I got on board with that pretty early, but I don't know what that means for me like it doesn't, it doesn't seem to drive traffic to my site, you know what I mean? But it was fine to have conversations with people on twitter, but yeah, facebook just gives me a place that not only can I promote work stuff, you know if there's a new product coming out, and I'll do like a sneak peek to like a little snippet of image of the layout or whatever, but it also gives me a place to post silly stuff like this is my favorite cat video of the week which I'm not necessarily a huge cat video fan but harrison good ones look let's be honest, there are some really I've got to interject right here go and fault she does this both under you do it's easy design and kathy will squeeze your what's your what's the one that you're on there with season designers that kathy selsky your name on on on facebook, facebook yeah how can they find you? Oh my gosh, I should know this I'm sorry it's easy it's easy designed, I think yeah it's a little green circle logo right? Unless you changed recently, your icon was blue a little trying to keep up with things go there because she do the nacho chip video it changes your life it's the funniest thing ever she post gray videos and I love that going to jennifer's point about being personable and approachable phil kathy, that is one thing I've adored about you from day one and the really scale and aspect is like she laughs of this stupid crap like ideo you know, I'm not so lame and embarrassed that I'm watching the cat video of cathy's watching the cat video so it's interesting to me that that is your professional channel but then I get it because I feel more connected to you even if I don't know you as well as I dio because of that you know we have that shared everybody can relate tio sitting in there wherever better whatever watching the chips and laughing in the not so chip video where it's funny check it out under thing so I'm glad you brought that up when I love that you three each have a different one that's your emphasis to go ahead sorry no I used to I used to do running commentaries and post on american idol I don't do that anymore because I had to give up america but you know, like I would use facebook for that and I didn't really understand why I was doing it but it seemed to get a lot of conversation you know? Yeah, I think there's that expression is like a friend is born when someone says me teo are something you know it's like, you know you say that you like grace and someone else like scrapes and then you guys are friends and you bond over that and I think that what social media does is it gives you you know when people handle their own accounts and it's not like they're super celebrity says someone else does it for them but thank you to a real look at how people are and some of it you can you can't scripted you can't script some of these things and so that's ok, I feel like sharing the random video that's the stuff that always gets more likes than I think and I don't share them thinking that they'll get like, but I shouldn't like them, you know, in the just remembering what you actually like can in sharing that can be really helpful. Yeah, that perfectly said, I totally agree, and I think that it again just keeps you human because it's it's crafting you know, we're not tom cruise. Sorry, kath, we're not so sure you know she's a good tom cruise I e o better than is still out there that you have this in the link now. It's still up there right now if you if you go to my you, if you google me on youtube or whatever and it's called the tom cruise scrapbook gain olive pair, I don't even know oh it's there can't wait it's embarrassing, but I leave it yeah way talked a lot about it from your your branding in your profession, can you talk? If you have anything else to that point to add, please do but any personal as memory keeper's, whether that's, jennifer with your awesome and beautiful cards to make photo cards and how you translate your instagram you such that way or your facebook updates that way or how you're inspired by pinterest kathy a least same with you if you how do you use your social media just to enhance your personal crafting life you might kathy you're up there you mind if I put on about yeah yeah I I I actually use my instagram images in my scrapbook in projects all the time all the time because every day I don't know what other people do this but every day I sit down at my computer I plug in my phone and every photo that's on I always upload my iphone photos every day I don't like to let him build up it's just kind of a thing right? So I'm always getting you know, hey, I always crash photos right? And you know, it saves my instagram photos the ones that I have you know, done things too and so I always have this stash of instagram's the's square images and I used them on layouts I just made of many album this week with instagram images and I want to I want to start doing more of that but so I yeah, I use them in projects all the time because I take more pictures with my iphone that I d'oh you know it's probably ninety percent with my phone and ten percent with my good old fashioned giant digital you know, dslr camera whatever um yeah so I I do I use thumb all the time on projects and you know before we jump to any of the gals on you're too modest mention it kathy actually got permission to release she mentioned that she designed products around for instagram now you didn't you get permission for our benefit to release an instagram specific design he made early so that we could enjoy it we get the first dibs that creative live can't is not ready to share or am I getting here already? It's just it's just an instagram template set for people to use with photo shop and they basically can plug in their images and it has a journal card and it's super simple and the idea is to keep it simple you know I don't think you need to complicate using instagram's on that was the idea is like I want just a really simple place to display them in one of those cute little four by four out and you know so yes I mean yes the answer the short answer is yes yeah through your website yeah we'll get more info on your website yeah okay yeah cool thank you I'm people out with instagram's love it jennifer sorry to do this to you when I know you were kind of are prominent scrap occur right now you're an amazing scrapbook her though and that doesn't change but can you talk about how the social media has enhanced her creativity in general sure. Well, I use my instagram pictures or pictures from my phone on cards all the time, so, like, I'll stick a little picture of my kids on a card and send it to grandma or like I did a baby get this morning for somebody, and I couldn't picture of lila holding up a sign that said happy baby just kind of makes it personal. I got the, you know, little new french, your himself, a friend or whatever, so I could easily just put them off and include them in my car making that's prominently. What I do right now is it's hard making, so I do incorporate it just in a little bit of a different way. I you know, my list of things to do, we all have that list project life has been transferred from my to do this every week like the past around eight months, so I started when I stopped because christmas came and I'm looking for the reason to get back on board, but I can't guarantee I'm going to be looking through my instagram or, you know, the kind of guidance so that when I do jump in, I can quickly just know exactly what order things happen and I could just jump right in and feel confident so it's I use little thing out a little bit differently. But you know, it helps me it works and I think there's nothing better than a card that has something personal to it you know can't get those at hallmark so by throwing a photo on that you may have on instant or something else you're ready to go that's perfect and you write so personable and what person opening that male wouldn't love it at least how about you do you have a way you bring this into your personal crafting world and lyta sure I'm like happy I used my phone for most of my photos and so generally if I'm doing something with it probably a phone phone oh I'm the biggest thing I've been doing is just ordering a lot of digital photo books so many places make it easy now where you just feel like you were showing one recently but our defense uprising has one and flor past one and I use both of those they just you could like have it take your tag that you want you can have a pick a certain area or you can actually do it manually input each photo and that makes it so easy and so I give those to like the grandma for christmas and our mothers saying all those things I give a lot of photo books I guess and then it just order like three copies and send it off and then I you know I want him you know, jennifer mentioned project life and so so often instagram photos come from there I love what she said I refer to my phone all the time to see the border that we took pictures not come up to me to eat and frame it for me, so yeah, I mean, I think the line has become so it's all so I'm documenting all the time with my phone photos that that's what I'm doing now, that's awesome and you have a very direct project life tie incorrect because you you designed to get more than one what's which in twenty twelve yes, twelve twelve, thirteen thirteen of the sea foam kit I most popular ones yeah, it was really fun that was awesome project, so I don't have much time anymore for project list the senate taking a back seat, but I think that I'm so so doing something that's awesome. Do you have any questions here and both in online in here? That one that we've already received with great but I don't want to dominate gals anyone ask at the moment great brains to pick here have a question about blogging ok, we did I think about how the blog's however things were with the blog's with all the different social media outlets now I feel like people are using blog's less and less yeah, I think that's true I think you can launch a business now without a blogger or not but you couldn't before but I think even more now you don't need it but I still I still posed as much as I have always so I post five times of weaker six times a week and my traffic is the same and rising so I think you know there's people are still hungry for information and they approach it I don't think that having a blood was the least of time but I also think if your boss down and you just want to focus on a different channel you totally can do you find that well traffic has maintained her increase comments have gone down that's something I've noticed we have we're perpetuating a skin society, right? Oh, I think the bigger issue and that is so many people are reading on mobile oh yeah so much more of a hassle to comment through your ipad or to comment through your phone than it is to comment through your your computer on law first on history and it's so easy to comment and so there's a ton more it seems like the dialogue is happening more saruman facebook than in the fall awesome jennifer, you have an awesome blow you wouldn't pick add something to this well somebody mentioned cotton never comments I'm a firm believer that the number of comments has very little to do with the success of a block so if you're in a block and you scroll down and there's like two comments ignore that because you never know what factors there are are in it so I tend to never look at that number and I encourage other people are starting out to not look at that because sometimes I can feel discouraging yeah and you know, for me I have my blood and I have all my social media but there are a lot of people in the car making industry especially and also in scrapbooking they're older and a little less hesitant, their little a little more hesitant to of weight so far to jump into socially so they're a little scared of social media double arm is a little cozy safe place where they can kind of hide and learn but not really have to participate much so I find that by using all of them it works best for me but it really depends you know, I have a friend who works in the industry and she chose her blond maybe twice a week that's it and she's doing great she's doing very well so I don't think it has to be something that you know you have to post seven times a week or more you know whatever works for you and you can get a nice mix between and everybody is going to be different yeah good point on kathie lee about you with your your block I love reading it and get it kind of goes to that whole real life you don't necessarily do as many tutorials there you do have them but what do you feel about that question? Well I do think the way people are getting their information is changing and it's been on my mind a lot because you know I don't do a ton of tutorials right? I like you said I mean I do post fifty fifty probably about my life about things that I'm dealing with right now because I'm actually I'm actually one of those older women I am officially middle aged so I could be blogging about hot flashes all day long if I want please dio that's gonna hit a certain audience you know, saying that couldn't be everybody's cup of tea but but it's definitely something that I've been you know, looking at thinking about because if I would do a post for example about something personal, a staging post about marriage, their marriage counseling which I participated that kind of post will get a lot of engagement a lot of comments because people have their story to share but then I'll do that save a great scrap of page that I am in love with and I'll even give design tips and why it works this and that and that might have you know, ten comments people, you know, they're coming for different things. They might not feel the need to come and say, well, that was a great page, and then go on and on about it. So it does. It does depends on the content we I mean, people don't have as much time. I mean, I am and so that's a challenge. I mean, and I think if you block is part of your business, you have to keep that in mind. You have to find ways to keep it interesting. And if what you're doing is not working, then maybe it's time, tio, you know, tweak it a little bit. So, you know, that seems to be a common denominator that comes up time and time again with all of us is is not a one size fits all. You kind of have to test drive, get a feel for what works for you. What people respond, tio, I'm so, so happy you came either my girls, they did this just to be kind to me. I wish I could give a big dollars. Do I? Can they came anyway? They're nice and cool like that. They are the real deal. I encourage you to check him out, I hope you will thinks girls way

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user 3dc619

This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

fbuser dbf1207c

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

Christina Henry

What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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