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A Printing Party & You're Invited

Lesson 13 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

A Printing Party & You're Invited

Lesson 13 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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13. A Printing Party & You're Invited

Lesson Info

A Printing Party & You're Invited

In our printing party today let's get to the goods we have two different brands on I love them equally for different reasons that's why I wanted to represent them both the first is ebsen epson as I've talked about, I have a crush on I love this part I have it at home use it to death I actually teach around the country I haul this bad boy with me a lot to be having on the cruise we didn't they wouldn't let me it was too big you have restrictions but if you're on land if you're in a landlocked event and not on a cruise boat odds I'll have this with me because of the scrapbook friendly nature of it twelve by twelve most scrap bookers create on a twelve by twelve palate eight and a half by eleven is also common, but more often than not when I take a poll among my friends and my students it's a twelve by twelve and that's a harder thing to find you know at home printer you can send him away which will discuss the at home they're few and far between so that's one reason I have my pct print a...

crash thursday the other reason is the quality I want to show you yesterday we created that cool mascot that choosing our facebook comments look about it I didn't send that out that's just me printing on here and I remember I had told you was a really lousy photo, the quality it was all grainy in the bathtub from a phone in a dark bathroom is not incredible that print qualities beautiful on this and then we've got our mask. It shows really nicely. So that is the artisan fourteen thirty and we'll show you slide with stats. He could know how much it costs. And now that the it's brother here is the absence of x p ninety. Well, I'm not sure the flight. I don't want to say it wrong. It's another absent it's a little bit smaller. This will do up to twelve by twelve this one is eleven by seventeen he can't get that square. You could still get big, but you can't get the square but the prints are beautiful philistine mind sharing your experience with that yesterday you don't have to name the other printing source by name, but just say, what happened there? Do you mind summing that up for us, friend it's? Um, fotos out for this class and and outside outsourced, um off my printer sent him out, pick him up, and then I printed it off of the eppes and yesterday and it was a world of difference, I mean, it was like a real picture what I'd actually seen in my camera on my computer versus a very dark picture it it I wasn't happy with it all but the ap if someone was awesome she's on cloud nine oh yeah my picture again and that is a gamble you kind of have to test drive things when you're sending them out to different places both online and in your local towns you see it one way and it could be the settings on your screen you know how your screen is calibrated it looks bright and happy but it really isn't it's just so many variables that are factored into it but then when you pick it up it looks different or it could just be the service you're using so the epson hit at home and gave her the print she wanted the smaller guy and which I let me show you his I'll give you the name I don't want to call the smaller guy that's tacky will come back to these in just a minute sixteen nine fifty nine fifty personal its wireless mics wireless printing from your telephone very very easy love that retails for two, ninety nine and this is pretty fancy four by six in his little eleven seconds so it was a quick shoot out of there pretty fast all right love it so right I really appreciate absent for supporting our class and sharing such really high quality materials with us and saira backpedaling for one moment I want to show you my next favorite friend here and this is from fuji thean stacked share a little behind the scenes story for you it has a predecessor but we didn't know this because I was in japan it would never made it to the states called the pity I did know because our student from yesterday alison had it our friend that laurie sitting in for today and told me about eight years ago I said how did you do this? She said well it's printer from food she called the pity if I was stocking absent I have a contact there a guy I know matthew baby here yet no basket and every day when I was writing a magazine column and I wanted to be the first to get the story right that he wasn't here yet it no, no, no I'm like all right, fine and then all of a sudden I get in a newsletter hey meet the instruct share and it is basically the pity but improved allison said I asked allison who has both the pity and the insect share and she said it has a higher picture quality as faras brightness in the color it's really tiny I shall show you in a minute and it's a simple as you don't have to have anything but your phone and your printer to create that using simply a free app that you can get through the app stores for the insect share and he can throw it through there which will demonstrate in a moment then that cool and the best part probably why it's so fun and kind of kitschy is that it has a poll right style to it which I think is awesome so there you go let's get to the stats on that artisan fourteen thirty again up to thirteen by nine and does for enough of in cartridges if you buy this through epps and I'm not sure if this is universally true or not but you get a copy of photo shop elements it's kind of nice ad on prince twelve by twelve which is amazing covered that guy so he's an average is if you get your in stock share printer with ink or excuse me with film included it's around two hundred dollars we just get the printer is one fifty and it does I said within quiches and human right doesn't work from ink instead eases a film cartridge so here the box looks like this and the film cartridge looks like this and you actually put these this exact same film if you have the camera that goes with this thean stacked share camera then it sounds exact same film you don't have to go by different film and it drops in their prince little pictures out in that cool so that is the the way it works that is where the price point it's a little higher it's around a dollar will average is about a dollar a print you can get him on sale so if you go to zulily dot com they fell it marked down everyone smile not always they just feature it sometimes on beacon check ebay and different things to get it that that is the share and I want to show you this adorable because how can I resist? This is a printer cozy by my cute friend happy scrappy fam she she hankers shays these this is the printer this is how little this printer is a printer and a little bitty bag. Yes, and then you like she just crucially let me turn the background show you open this up. I carry my purse at all times I was in the park the other day with my friends and my kid and hurt their kids and I was scrapbooking not kidding because I'm not obsessed, but see and then it just comes right out. Not great and the cool thing about this is when you turn it on, it has these lights on the top that tell you how many pictures air left the green lights off, you know when you're running low I mean you're going to need more film just drop it in you do have to oh yes ten thank you for asking that great question ten is the standard and it's it goes quickly we'll get another boxes anymore anymore so I want to show you how they and that's anyway that's happy scrappy so if you're at home and you know I had to have that cozy if you just google happy scrappy which is with that I'ii both of them are with an e h a p p I e c r a p p are you not happy with really spells so that's her and it's awesome and then you can create just piles and piles share and share alike, right? So for my husband, I created this project for him for his birthday kind of this is your life I pointed him at different ages all the way from birth to current on these little things I just put him on standard shipping tags and I made the whole tree of life thing and I hung them on. There was a nice centerpiece we had friends over for dinner slides put it in the center of the table and on the back of these tags like I want to show you the back of the tags have stuff about each year that I highlight I didn't do every year because he old I'm not going to do every year right? But I did I was given grief because he's six years older than me not really that old but um here's the front of the tag with the photo and then on the back of each one is the year and just a little note yeah, this part you know, it's nice and that look good as a centerpiece, but I'm gonna also take a jump, just a basic finder ring and put these together as little flip book in the many albums done just have to do one sentence about what happened. So what? This one is his baby picture and just said the best year of all the year you were born, the world was blessed with the arrival of this to your baby boy. So and then all you are missing him today on dh this is not I just took a digital for a traditional photo, and in this case, I probably should have, but I knew it was going to be a very small image should have used one of those abs we talked about yesterday that acts as a scanner, but instead I just took this picture. This old baby picture put it on my table and took a picture of it with my phone president and really it looks fine, so if you're going to do much larger scale, you'd want to have it scan in professionally are with it scanning tool but and you just get all these years right it's so fun, so fun so that is that you can also use these pictures for guest book my daughter's first birthday I had people coming and I wanted to make sure they wrote her no in this book this is actually the same book that you all have the brag book by fancy pants design and I love that again as I said yesterday has the lines already there for you? It works for so many reasons we're going to use it as an art journal but it's a great is a guest book I had my guests come stand behind I had just pretty burlap I purchased at joan's hung it behind them as a backdrop and they snapped a photo, taped it in and actually had everyone snap to it doubles is a party favor, you know that quick? And they wrote a note one tip here that you can see this is actually done before the printer I just used the camera that does the same thing is how blown out it can get that was outside on a really sunny day in the middle of summer. The same is true with the printer, so if you are going to print photos that you've run through instagram or another photo editing app to you know we almost always have the tendency to lighten them might in those images that you want to use, as I mentioned before, take the picture from your phone, not from instagram, and save two copies, the edited version and the original you're going to want to use the original version when you're printing with this printer because it has a natural tendency to lighten, and it does that photo editing for us, right? So I was printing things on the printer that I just posted to instagram directly, and they were really faint and I went back to my camera because I try to always have a backup of the original printed that were, well, that's kind of dark. It was perfect. So it's a two step, but the ap that I want to show you in a jump over in my phone for a minute here and show you the app and how this works. Well, do some editing for you, so we'll go into the phone and the app again as I mentioned it's free it's that one on the third row down at the end, this is in stock share, and then these air some options for you can just reprint what you printed last time, which is a nice time saver, especially in the sense, like the birthday party where we want to do two copies. You can take a picture from the app, but I usually they said, don't do photos within the aps if you can help it choose from your camera will post from here and then there's some editing and setting options. I'm gonna she's from photos, okay, let's, see what we do? Our collage egan no square one thing with this to keep in mind, it's not gonna be perfectly square, it's a little bit more it's, like a credit card size to buy three actually will do me geeking out because I'm on the tv and super excited through that photo. Come on to the geek out there it is all right. So I could just leave it like that. Or maybe I don't want that lamp off behind me. Then I can go to edit up in the upper right corner and it gives me some options. There are templates that can do some fun, playful things if you want to. I'm not. Are you interested in that this time there are filters, so maybe you just it was a bright day and it's light and you want to try to bring the color back into it. You go to your filters and the effect of the intelligence filter I use pretty frequently. Could just bumps up the color just enough that where this kind of washes it out it's that happy medium you do that and you hit and had done and be done or you can hit at it again and do a crop so you do the but see in large in large on the right that's your crop and I can just bump that lamp or I could take it down more and move it over slide it like this with my finger so it's not the crop like the tool we're used to seeing but it does in large and shrink and then it's cropping for you so I have that ready I had done and you're going to want to just go okay connect in print but there's one more step you have to take outside of here. The good news is when you exit the up for a moment all of this isn't lost it will stay there for you and wait for you so you go out of your phone you do want to go into your settings? I think my yeah on airplane mode, we're goingto get off the plane for a moment we need to have that activated and then you go to your wifi and it should with the printer on I apologize when turn the printer on but the printer on it's going to send out its own wifi signal there it is, he said, the very bottom in sex o eight so no five click that flag you're selecting a wifi signal, but you're actually just activating this connection between these two and then go back to your app and the reason I do this this way, it seems kind of cumbersome. Why don't I do that first? And then, just to a seamless process is the printer I had a really nice function built in I'm gonna hit connecting prints that can happen while I'm flapping my lips. There we go has a function built in that is a battery saver because the batteries are these little specialty ones. You can't just run down a seven eleven. Well, maybe you can buy they're harder to get so if after a couple of minutes it shuts itself off, and if it shuts itself off that wifi disconnects. So I like to get everything ready so that rocks and rolls as soon as it's done and then in a moment and this is what it's cool it's it's like a little magic trick, right in just a minute. This is going to reveal girl geeking out in front of the tv because she's up on the screen is not neat. It's a very, very neat little guy. I want to show you an album I created with it too. If you're not sold yet, I know you are awesome, but little how easy it is to scrap book with us. Someone set this down, and then it's, just a simple is putting him on journaling cards that you get from your pattern paper and I'm jump ring. So I just cut out a bunch of you could buy twelve by twelve. I was in my suitcase. It impact very well. But you know, by twelve by twelve paper with these three by four cards already printed on it. Cut those out in the individual cards. These prints put on her perfectly. I just carry it around in my purse. I do have something to kind of protective. I doodle the little bag with some sharpie markers, and then I have more cars than a second bag that I keep in my purse. I print stuff out when I have a minute, I'm telling you anywhere and everywhere, it's like where's waldo, where is megan scrapbooking today? And then I can just put these moments from our summer it's called snapshots, the album snapshots and it's all the stuff that we've done on one side of the card is the details, like the written details on the other side is the photo, so I don't do everything every day is just kind of maybe like one a week that's all of our summer activities with my daughter in particular it's focused on her adventures in the nutshell here we are playing badminton and cousins coming over you know, just one photo each time fun easy, awesome gift I do these for birthday cards jennifer yesterday mentioned in our jennifer mcguire in our chat checks put photos on her cards I do that with this printer a lot like I gave it my brother photo or a birthday card from us from maggie side, but a picture of her and him together on the front of the car he loved it and he's a single guy and he was kind of emotional about it, so you know, not the big people have the emotional but men anyway touched him. It was important in the awesome so that's the insect share again, there is a camera I don't know if my cameras around here off to find out later and show you but to see the side by side comparison and then thieves do the twelve by twelve that's kind of the printer like at home aspect I want to get into the digital and the other options in our next segment, but before we do that do have questions on the um mechanics at all this or do you all want to come and still my printer yeah actually there is a question from jammy who asked can you print a landscape horse horizontal picture from the in staff I love her I want to talk about that what was her name? Her name is jammy jammy jammy girl I love you let me show that briefly think to yes that's one of the kind of hostile me and how he said lori rita lim said use some of these absolute time and then you realize oh I don't know what even did that stuff that was the case with this so let's go back to my phone maybe I wantto um do this the other way around so I can hang it you know, like clip these up on a banner so I wanted to be upside down on their it's mad it's just a matter of going into the edit going into again at the bottom the center words have edit the picture and then you rotate it you can either rotate it on its side like that if you wanted to do like a little mini album, I've seen people that do many albums like this and they just put the like a better tool or something to do with binding right there in a little flip book which it would be cool with my tags but I've done it that way instead that's one option or you do it one more time and it will print however you're seeing it and then I could have it, you know clip tonic a clothes line so glad she asked that that's a huge aspect of this is why I want the chat room to participate because that was amazing and it's so helpful to know those little tidbits about the images one nothing when crafting with ease and the reason you would want to turn upside down is this area you can see the transition or the scene between the base this flappy white part and the frame around the image the reason this printer does not require in is the ink is in the film and so if you get past that theme between the kind of the bulk of the white part and that thin area around the image and you puncture that I learned the hard way I stapled on like that's cute in a stable ish my scrapbook pages started to bleed black ink and it wasn't drastic but it's much ink all over it. So do not puncture whether that's, stapling or otherwise around that thin area here only on this very bottom parts that's when you would turn it upside down and staple it and then you're safe you're good to rock n roll another thing the back of this film is very slick, so it he says could be a challenge even some of my favorite strong permanent rum runners aren't wanting to hold this, which is why when I held up my sample, you probably saw a lot of washing tape decorative tape I just keep a little role of bitty tape with me and that way I can put that, he said on the back I always still do that step is not unnecessary, but just reinforce it with little strip of tape and the stronger your he said, the better I found from me personally, like the glue dot brand or the thoughts by thermal web that extra hold glue dot ar dot of glue works the best because this is not the easiest to it here. S oh yeah, they're anything else, but that was great, I e I o her one time really that she asked that get into all the other printers? Yes, yeah using I think the printers is covered, but we have so many other services to go around, so I cannot wait to talk hot. Like we said yesterday it's kind of a teaser ways to take your facebook and make it up a book and all kinds of tricks that I want to show you and I'll show you some of the digital options that are available to you because there are many you want some of the ones that I really enjoy from the online world in the afterworld artifact uprising so that book I showed everyone yesterday the maker one that with a hard on the front printed through them group, but I learned through creative live I was taking lane, eyman's course and she's talking about group of wow, this is amazing what it does, what will get into that in a moment? So group but mosaic is another one or a grammy, and I said that yesterday instant, so you mean origami and no it's, actually, or a grammy to both an instagram um, and then persnickety prints, which I've touched on a little bit because they're fantastic class sponsor, but I wanted to mint it's worth mentioning again. So those air, some of my favorites there are more, but I just like I said yesterday with the aps, I'll say that again here can it's nice to have somebody who's weed through some of that, sift through some of that for you and pull out the highlight. So that's, what I like the sampling is so artifact uprising is they create a very professional looking book. They're pretty clean, simple and graphic. They don't have the cute ceased like the shutter flies of the world have and alison men and she's doing her hello world into a shutterfly book. That's going to be cute? See, darling, baby on that there's certainly a time in place for all of that. And I love those, but in this case, you're going to find a very stylized, just graphic product. They offer both the heart bound and a soft bound. And I my little maker book, was like fifteen bucks. So really great price plan for high quality product. This is group book. So it's a subscription based thing, I believe. And you can take your it takes your phone photos it's a one hundred a month? Yes, one hundred photos every month off your phone puts it into this perforated little book and you can just hear him out as you want and put him in your scott books not the most incredible idea there on shark tank recently. They're just taken off like hot cakes. I lovett's fantastic concept because otherwise you have a camera roll with eight thousand plus images on it. And then what? Who am I speaking about? I don't even know, so I am certainly going to be signing on to this service. Mosaic is cool because it kind of goes to this whole concept that we've been covering with the clash, it creates these collaged books, and even the cover itself has a little peaks. Little windows which is awesome on again high quality kind of a clean basic not as cute sea but graphic design it's a wonderful way with your instagram activity in your facebook activity to get a lot of pictures in one little product whereas my artifact surprising I tend to just print one photo per page I like the way that full bleed looks but then you're you get your photos in there right? This one allows you to get more in there such as kind of depends on the project if it's a year in review for example, you may want opt for one that gives you some more options with your photos and an order grammy darling darling, darling, I love this site in fact, I ordered some they were so nice to sponsor a class but a beer and australia I think and shipping there at my house right now but my house is in utah that doesn't do it a whole lot of get it just missed him, but they are so supportive, so wonderful and why I think they're fun and from a storytelling perspective is they takes your instagram image on the back side of that is the actual image like this but then on the other side of the print it has different details like your caption that you put with it the photos that you received with us some of that documenting in that journaling they include on the print the date it was uploaded to instagram if you keep your geo tagging your mapping stuff on in your phone, I don't sign a paranoid person but it will pinpoint where you were when it was taken these different options and the bed well the icing on the cake I suppose it comes in a little box that looks like a camera there you go, cameron junkies and on the q tip thing ever don't use them before I do love it love him yeah and the boxes come in different colors teo and pick the different color like the whole rainbow, right? Totally. Are they pretty sturdy box like could you store project like ours and things in them after I actually give him his gifts it's like from people that don't print to try to encourage you know not that flickers tio print their images and they love him a break and idea you ever just slept the option where you can put your instagram information on the back here? If that need is cute, I will order sometimes to the same picture because I want the information but the picture and then I do side by side excellent tips for many album gift boxes as well with their senator yeah, like my kilo album that got kind of hammered in the cloth bag if I had it in a box it probably would've been a little bit more protected, and I just want to reiterate your tip just in case anyone listening at home missed it, you can order to set so you have a front back side by side or if he's pocket scrapbooking just know that when you turn it over, it'll be visible. Is there anything online about the aura grounding how that they're eleven that right? This is really exciting. Yes, and then the last one I want to talk to you about briefly we've already covered. A lot of it is the persnickety prince. I talked about the instagram options, but I wanted to show you this if you don't have a large format printer at home and you like the idea, something I do fairly often is I take my scrapbook photo and a twelve by twelve size that's, my great background paper, so I scrapbook right on that photograph, so sometimes even if you don't have this beautiful guy here, you can go to certain sites and it could be a crapshoot. Phillips, you can do a twelve by twelve and you love it or man, that was a lot of money twelve by twelve can be a little bit more expensive and I don't even love it I can tell you you will love it if you d'oh persnickety prince they do this is ten by ten but they do twelve by twelve and you wanted to show you the side by side cause my absence is a matt finishing this is glass kind of not high gloss but do you see the difference? There is not pretty and they dio different sizes they also put him on canvas is if you want tio books have photo books all kinds of things plus their bloggers pretty often for different photo tips just general photo tips and they're on instagram, which is fantastic see, I'd like to follow them and be inspired by them and they have little many tutorials very, very scrapbook oriented business because the owner her name is shari she is a scrapbook her that's how she started so you when you go there and he would work with them, you know oh she's one of my kind she gets me right and if you were to say let faith in an instagram photo to her and her team there and say I want this at a twelve by twelve on she would they will actually call you this is the level of customer service you're going to experience hey you know what? We'll do that for you, but it's going to be really grainy, really message to the resolutions to low, do you? Are you sure you want to take that step, or do you have an original file like they're very hands on and helpful?

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