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Finding Your Story Patterns

Lesson 5 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Finding Your Story Patterns

Lesson 5 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

5. Finding Your Story Patterns

Lesson Info

Finding Your Story Patterns

Okay, so back to the whole finding patterns. Here's just a sampling of some of my recent posts just at a glance I don't spend a lot of time on this but do you see some patterns in what I post about going with what we did on washy with facebook anything like that here, by the way not why she's not one of them here my campers are glam pers by like twelve. Yes, little vintage campers is certainly one of my sub common repeat post mags, mags there's a certain part of mags oh, I'll show you. Yes, my daughter. Yeah campuses one my daughter is one one thing about my daughter can you? Well, it's hard to know unless you are in my family. She's like a little pirate hiding her treasures all around. So here's my washing tape tree and my tray of why she everywhere but there's a baby in there? If you look closely it's like well dear baby doll and they're looking at me, right? So that she does this from here that's our wine rack which she's we dusted this is why I over crop my life and there's a bird ...

whistle inside there where her potty training toilet and I opened it should be easy I think in this one yes, I know, but there's a rabbit in there's always I'm always coming upon things I didn't realize but they always caused me to laugh and post but they didn't like there's my story that's a cool story one layout not individuals but there's one way out so pop hashtag they're awesome potential page layout title so maggie's treasure hunt evidence maggie was hear breadcrumbs button heist oh yes yeah hi sheets in my dog and it all kinds of shenanigans with my craft supplies so when I did originally what sequin high so I came in the room and they were on the floor and sequins were everywhere and there were like what? And then recently just today she did with the buttons he's the same hashtag because I'm seeing a story starting to build there um dessert okay like uh oh there's a lot of this place read us to have read is everywhere oh man, come see me in the salt lake it's from jersey I think it's really good fruit the art city don't have treats I like the treats them like the food truck so sweet to food trucks that enough monitors don't realize this either my mom even from tiny tiny baby I was always when I'd catch daddy and with my baby girl that's a really touching thing to be spying on, you know you feed on looking kissing his baby and his revenue no that's wonderful so I would not share that's nice, but well, I have a lot of monitor photos I didn't realize that so monitor moments caught on camera besting peaking oh, it's a funny thing so I was doing I sometimes when I have my narc let's say I go into kind of sleep state, I get tired and it just happened when I come back out of it and session and working on a computer for any length of time, and I woke up from that it's like just a little moment like a few minutes and then you're back and you're just like your back. But I wrote after birth is a little less as they like what if he's still your body still does stuff, but you're asleep after birth when the world hashtag is going for there? I don't know what that was, so I wondered if maybe the online audience khun suggest how that actually made sense is a title here because I don't get it what that was, I thought I leave it in for communiqu relief a lot of these toys because it's kind of nostalgic to my youth, you know we'd go in right those little quarter things that go round here's the mags so she and I have a very common thing we don't like mornings they were not morning people on this just sums that I have so many pictures of her on their show, like, oh, kill me now turn the light off I relate to that campers eyeball create projects from in my friend brooke rated that one, my friend emily but I also have one. I finally got my own to fix up. So I do layouts about that and so yeah, wow it's a story tip for you is follow your heart so this photo I love so much and I know it's christmas rated but on my wall year round because I just love it and I like it was kind of an accidental thing, but I want to follow that I know brought me great joy. So then I kind of I say don't stage and over crop, but I want to set that up again to make us like I said, start thinking in a siri's or how you can recreate event. So now every year I want to put her in this cute or keep santa hat and capture photos. So this year was the red hat and her looking at the presence of next year, who knows what, but you can kind of start. I guess seeding your lay out a little bit ahead of time, plan ahead and take a lot of work it's not like you have to think it through if you do, you probably shouldn't do it it's to force it is just naturally something you gravitate towards that makes you happy no that's okay? And you keep that in my life and you keep bringing that into my life and you can stage some so in this case I wanted to make sure I got a picture before have the parts for missing or the dog chewed up the toy of her things so when I say don't over cropper don't stage I don't mean entirely there is a time in a place but don't be such the detriment of your real life planning ahead monthly one sees that that kind of photo documenting like I did with my chalk boards a good, clever ways that you can tell your story through your imagery who was a lot, huh month the gratitude every day in november I post a picture of something I was thankful for, just like my friend was doing on facebook with her words and then holidays I did kinda want to plan ahead for my holiday so that when st patrick's day came I could have that ready to rock and roll I didn't know where I would be or what I'd be doing a few days earlier, this awesome wall downtown salt lake with a rainbow on it on down there snapped a picture, and that was kind of in the wings ready that could have a sentiment to wish my happy holiday of whatever sort saying with this that wasn't actually on valentine's day, but I wanted to capture a picture of her first valentine's to share with you, and so I had that done a couple days before that's just a little bit of planning this one is controversial, I says now he's, rainbows and butterflies, my friend and I last night we're talking about this I think we should keep it riel I know instagram doesn't need to be like this heavy place, but you can share the not so amazing moments too, if there's things that arvis significance to you. So these magnets like, gosh, I have many things I'm revealing to myself as I talk to you where my grandma's and I didn't get a lot from her, so they're important me, my dog got ahold of him and shoot him and I was just some, you know? And I said, okay, I'm going to post this because so you know, you don't always have to do the stage beautiful, happy, perfect shot, and this is my favorite I want to show you something with that same topic it's okay to be riel. So what? Corey took me out for my birthday. We have a toddler, we never go anywhere. We're exhausted all the time, but we went, we kind of forced ourselves even been on a date. I don't even know how long, but we felt like this, right? We loved it. And it was my birthday. We had two pictures taken that night. We had this one from the waiter and we had this one and I opted to post the one on the right to my instagram account. It's pretty obvious way right as far as posting and having layers and meaning to your posts and making them more of a true offending representation of your life to enhance your scrapbooking this one is very flat it's pretty who doesn't have a shop? A waiter, we get us, you know. Ah, but that's the truth that says so much about us, we're happy we're together. We love each other so much. But while we need a nap, right, so just know that when I say it's ok to be riel, get away from the flat. Bring in a little more depth even if it's up the nose okay exercise in selfie control going to what had been requested by photo composition and how to tell stories play with positioning so that shot of my husband and I was the tape the phone was down on the table it's something to think oh dear I don't want to do that angle right itself is always like this because then you get rid of this right? But they could be that when you can see I love the sun coming through my sun roof and so I took the picture so that I had that behind me but I wasn't driving this part so just it's all good but eso play with your angles and you're positioning and that will help you with yourself in also that is another photo app that we'll talk about later has he's cool remixes is what it's called and you can get cool design treatments like that elizabeth karchner I believe created the original selfie and then with this program you can drop your own photo in in place of purse, which is lovely but not pertaining to me right? Use your camera's flip mode to take a selfie do you all know about this? Is this true with the android? Okay, great. So if you want to, you can turn your camera around if you use the volume button that gives you a little more control in that acts as the shutter on your camera so if you ever tried to do a selfie and you're trying to take the picture but it disrupts everything is your hand has to be out there it's very awkward said just hold your camera with your hand already position on that volume up or plus sign and when you push it same effect and you get more arm link oh yes your headphones even more length great tip yes if you have your headphones plugged in they have that volume button on there is still work thank you that's true yeah so that he tried don't do it with the screen it's too hard it's going to blur it's awkward and groupies groupies air self shots with a bunch of people and explore it from parts of yourself you did not just your faith could be the feet shop could be the shadow's take lots of pictures of you doing a selfie you're going to need lots of choices because most of them won't be any good all right so go at it a lot of times so the groupies assigning the oscars kind of got this going I don't want wanted to recreate mr who was it what's his name that took the shot in the oscars with ellen and anyway they had this chart of all the celebrities like this now on instagram started popping up of groups recreating the same thing a few tips for that is framing and staggering your heights of you want to do a selfie group shot make sure you're not all the studying and the wall you needed to be condensed they don't be condensed that we're all like that that you don't have to squat down some have to be up taller and I'm gigantor so I'm usually the selfie here he wants the person with the longest arms to be on an end they can take a shot and make it look less selfie okay, so see were angled that helps angled this was before check him do a little quick press check for mom's not going to like that I don't blame her I don't like her hair in my mouth came a move over there let's do it again it's better hey, so don't be afraid to check it in the moment one thing like to do it myself is this is a selfie but it doesn't scream it why is that? Because you're not looking yeah it looks like a candid moment I faked it but I don't stage your life and I think myself really I didn't I was just when I'm doing a selfie I just snap snap, snap I let life happen I was looking at my daddy made me laugh I love that you know, when someone's really smiling, you can see that in their eyes, you know and I just love that picture it's a selfie though if you can love yourself, is it there authentic same with this one, even though it's not that great angles again you're on a swing set and I just held my phone down as we're saying she was so happy and I got that moment. Another tip with selfies to help with your storytelling I think I just saw a friend of mine she was showing her new house, but she and her husband wanted to be in their very first house together, so they were way out at the curb, but they wanted the house and the shot, so all you have to do if you want to capture the background in yourself because they are so up close and personal is b far in distance away from it. So you know that's a tip that you can still get your background details selfies don't have to just be all me all the time thing with my dad's car, ok there's, an app called these timer app and that created this, which I don't look so I had to set up on a shelf but it's just like a countdown app on your phone, but when you crop it in it's fine, you know, so I don't think I'd be perfect and this is what I mean by self is not for your face that your feet actually horton created this for us to see she's amazing do you tell of acute feet my fear that cute I might do more that's my hand I was feeding a deer potato chips petition admit that's trying not healthy thing that not cool still me my daughter this is one of my hash tags I use is maggie's first because I want to document her different first she's experiencing as a new person that was her first time on an escalator I wanted to indicate I was there with her I want to make sure we're safe because they only have so long before you know it gets a little difficult so I just my arm holding her so still a selfie right selfie destructive situations that base jersey shore kind of ran that out of the rotation don't do it keep in mind when you flip your thing around your text you see above that I had this posted someone once said where you russia they were being serious oh no it's cool I use the reverse camera turns things mere image also the resolution when you do that selfie style your resolution drops down to seventy two dots per inch or does pixels per inch so if you want to do anything beyond about a five by five you should not use the reverse camera option because beyond that it gets very grainy but if it's just for instagram that's fine it's totally fine mirror shot you that's my bathroom you know don't do the I was trying to show my friend that it doesn't matter anyway don't do the shots in the mirror that are with your bathroom behind there in your old record well I say don't drop your life and then if they don't do that but your shots are a little awkward there a little forced if it's like what was it o t d outfit of the day that's one time people doing a lot we need more space to show the full ensemble and arms last thing with selfies try to avoid you could so tell my arm is doing this but that one looks a little bit more natural doesn't it same setting same day but I got my arm out of the shop why selfie why instagram? Why face back facebook it's simple I mean it's life and then you get it in your book which will do soon my daughter I was trying to photograph that for you for class she wouldn't even let me I can't even have a minute with that she was so excited me slide slide shell of flights there was a picture we're sliding you know we do this for them we do this for us to it it's so much more powerful in the book this is why you do these selfies and these things on and now on pinterest there I don't have a lot to say about pinterest except see it as a mere so that's why I have this here it's very insightful into how you're feeling what you're experiencing I lost my job a little under a year ago I was kind of bummed I've been there about eight years I missed it so I didn't actively do this but I realized I spending a lot of quotes about things you can tell you can feel my mood when you read that part of my time um and then you can kind of see me it's need healing so as I'm as time is passing and I realized ok, we're going to be ok it's fine my quotes get more and more listing more more positive more more encouraging into the point fall seven times stand up eight you know you could it's fun to look at yours with that in mind whether it's quote or ah home remodel or a pregnancy or part party planning from concept to completion and see a time capsule of different stages on pinterest and I don't think people often think of it that way and I can't wait to pull out if he slipped quotes from here and which will talk about tomorrow and put them in my book to show look I'm healing I'm going to be okay and this is a great it's already gathered for me a pin these things and I if I don't do any of you delete your pins as you're kind of less interested in them you d'oh I know some people dio I don't think it's super common unless there I don't think most people do I don't I'm kind of sloppy you must be very organized yes you're not alone you're not alone I don't so this works for me this may not work as well for you because you don't keep the time capsule you kind of clean house you can now going to be a little bit more attention without it yes all right, so the best of all worlds these support each other you know, I had the post on facebook when I lost my job and felt sad and I had so many kind words I have my pinterest you know, reflecting that through my pins and then I have my imagery on my instrument those coming together you have a really solid story you have the foundation is there it's ready and then that's when the cute happens that's when you make the books right so without telling you to get organized do not be this this was my computer yesterday I'm not kidding you. I brought it here in these kind creative live people like is it going to stay like that? Oh no yeah, what is that? It was just so get ready for class but you don't want your life to be this so what? We're going to d'oh is we want to determine your stories I've been talking to you about mine? I see a lot of nodding and smiling have any jumped out at you of your own stories that you want to tell and what helped you find that, like, what triggered it? He went one to share, I mean, to put you on the spot or even when the chat rooms when they share. I don't know you mentioned with your daughter stories that she tells anything else like that, we're thinking, oh, I want to start doing the hashtag about this for I wantto can I mean, I know a lot of people hate selfies or catching a bad rap. Yeah, it is a mom who photographs everyone else like I always say there's, you know, even if there's just one person in the image there's two pictures, two people in the picture taking it in the person in the picture itself. But the selfie for mom is really good because you can control your angles. Yeah, that's what it looked like, yes, you can love the pictures and sometimes when you release that control to somebody else it's a little difficult, but it also gives you an opportunity to be in your scrapbooks and it's, not just family centric, where you're the person behind the camp it is so true. And it's such a bad habit of ours. Absolutely, yeah, thank you. As a photographer, I really value you sharing that cause I don't know if that was acceptable in photography world or not, and it is good, thanks. S o for you that haven't you're not quite sure what your stories are you want to tell? I want you to think back on things you shared on facebook, whether it's your private groups and healing moments or strength moments or celebrations like when you put your cute baby was born else, and I remember that very well. I was so happy for you, you know, things like that think of the ones that are the more prominent stories and start there. I don't want you to start with today because you posted oh, I can't find the parking lot or you know that that's not quite ready, it's half baked it may turn into I can never find parking lot. So it's my problem and I think that's a little weird, but anyway, I don't like it has before someone just to feel very natural to you, and I want you just kind of make a list of things you remember, and then as you list, maybe those are interwoven into a story instead of seven separate stories because they have a common denominator that you've didn't realize before. So I want you to kind of view your social media activity. I know phyllis your newer to the instagram or was it? Yes, so this won't work here, but facebook it'll certainly apply there. Yes, and I love that you're newark, as you can go into instagram a very savvy user, you can use your hash tags the way that best works for you right out the gate, so if you haven't done that like me, what I would just do is go in anything that was like megan ten made that actually put migs instead, if you go into the comments, maybe it's a picture of an album, just inter comment from yourself and hash just put megan's handmade or your hashtag it's not too late to apply your filing system and it will still work. It'll still hyperlink so that's a great you don't have to start from here and move forward you can play catch up a little bit way. Do we have a question? In fact about pinterest christina lose seen lucido wants to know, she says, I'm curious how how you organize your boards do you have a board for quotes and one for your daughter? She wants to know how to pull from pinterest to tell those stories in an organized sentence gonna go into organizing a little bit more detail but not a ton with pinterest I want to answer that right now I that's a great question I'm glad she asked that pinterest you kind of it's not a one size fits all and I think when you're a newer user that was my very first question and I would do very broad categories so I would do crafting and home you quickly quickly outgrow that so don't start there and you may do like crockpot recipes and have one thing in there and you feel kind of silly but that won't be the case forever, so for one thing when you're organizing your pinterest boards kind of get more specific in the things you you will paint even if it's a year from now don't get to broadcast and what I had to do later was clean house I had to go back in and you can move pins around and stuff that's tighter nobody got time for that right? We don't need to do that. So on that's a perfect tip also based on hobbies or on areas of a hobby so I have a board I'm a scrapbook er more than I'm a photographer, but I have a photography board because photography is a key ingredient in my scrapbooking, so I didn't want all my cool photography tips to get lost in the scrap booking shuffle. So that is a good idea is tio think about areas of that same with writing, and I also have just aboard for many albums, even though that is scrapbooking versus labs, right? Twelve by twelve or whatever. S o I think my key here is specifics be specific and the organized it's not my my right handed nature, but it really helps you wanted to do it later and yes, I do have one for quotes get kind of fun with it if you want that is not so much about finding followers, you don't have to be was ceo searches and optimize, so I just said words of wisdom and all my quotes are there, but even that I'm finding now is a little too generic, you know, I almost wish I had had, like, quotes her maggie quotes for home quotes for work, so I may have to ultimately, I mean, I'll grow that, but yeah, I'm less thanks for asking that's an excellent question, all right. S o, when you're combining the three together, just know that this is kind of the chief elements. Facebook your stories and stammer images pinches story themes, but they can all work around a common topic find out what stands out, what your patterns are. What do you want others to know? Maybe you're not even representing yourself the way you want to kathy's ill skis and go into this in more detail with this later but she actually deleted a bunch of her instagram because it was she'd done early on it's not what she wants people to know about her anymore it doesn't have to be set in stone it can modify and evolved with you but do kind of be don't kind of be an active participant don't just have had and later regret that you know has a special issue for my younger viewers take it from me when I was so anyway um think about your facebook's perspective from a storage and organization standpoint the way you can keep your facebook organized for your storytelling is through your album set up so in your will you post your photos make your album specific I one friend whose brilliant at that she does just the month and the year and every month has its own album kind of project life he right that's amazing it's all there it's easy to find for me it's more around topic so I have a craft album on facebook and they have the july fourth event on facebook but don't just I it takes an added step you can't just post like from instagram to facebook into an album you have to go into facebook toe upload into an album it's worth it it's worth categorizing and filing in albums if you know later, you're going to still tell stories from those photos because they're more organized. So it's not like we're talking about hollywood's like, where is that video? I'm the same way and it's suddenly a needle in a haystack I've been on there since two thousand eight, you know, if I didn't have albums, I would never find anything you organize your albums once they're kind of, they're kind of like that, yeah, I think they were making a looking I'm like, I have no thank you, that thing I love that you're getting something useful from this that you can I mean, it does again take a little time, but as far as a memory keeper is time well spent, so yeah, you can move things around, you can shuffling here and there, and I think you just hit on the editing function and yeah, I mean, so I I think the question behind that question so you don't lose the comments, attach some things like that, right? Yeah, because you don't want to start over and delete and redo. Yes, good question instagram, you're if you're chief filing system is your hashtag from pinterest, that was a great that she asset is your board, yes. All right taking the big step downloading the savings seen scary it seems hard it was the main thing people said they didn't know how to d'oh it's so fast and so easy so I want to show you I'm going to go over to I'm gonna start with my phone and I will show you how you get it from my phone on my computer ready to print in just a few simple steps so let's head on over here they got me this fancy gizmos in this great so let's say I'm on my instagram and I go to my library here they are from the coke with my name on it how about that it is well close so I want to put that on lee out actually didn't save the rapper and I'm gonna put this funnel that so I'm getting a step done with you that's great so instagram I think is the one with the most confusion around it because it's not a four by six it's not that standard size however as we'll discover in our printing portion of class later a lot of companies are adapting to that and offering you square prince which is wonderful in this case however if I'm using my home printer and it's just four by six how do I get my coke bottle one way you can do it it's just what we talked about where you could screen capture it I mean it's gonna not that kind of flash, you know that saved it to your camera roll it's just set up to do that you don't have to make settings do that is that truth android ege populates the camera camera icon I believe will do it and we'll bring it right in there that's perfect and then from here I'm gonna close my instagram I'm going in my case because now what how do I get from what we just did on my phone into my computer I stay on my phone for just a minute you have options first thing you could do which I'm not going to do but I'll show you how is simply go oh, look at this eight thousand eight hundred sixty three photos no wonder my stuff crawls I know we'll get our gate for mel oh yeah it's a little of seeing like pictures so there it is from here you can either he had this whole icon in the corner of the arrow coming out of it and you can email it to yourself that's probably easiest the quickest way to do it because you just open your email it's made is an attachment and living in your computer now bridges that gap some phones minus full obviously you get some complimentary backup like clouds software and it will just automatically every night when you plug your phone in your daily activity goes up into that face I can't do that anymore I've outgrown it so you can pay for more but I'm cheap so I didn't do that we're not going to the email we're going cancel out of here another way that I will show you that I love is dropbox I'm going to open my dropbox account this is free to appoint and let's say for my coke bottle on my block organize your dropbox into different things you d'oh with different companies or whatever different aspects of life here's my block it still me you can tell if you have a drop box that shared through little bathroom people on it whatever they're called you know the these guys that means other people have access where if it's account the folders blank just for me so usually when I'm doing this I only put him in my folders and it put open my blogged then there's these three little guys at the top in the right corner I can hit those and it's his upload the simple is pushing the upload and this is so great I could pull of many things that I want to and you can select them all at the same time it does take a little time but you just set your phone down and go about your business you know you make your dinner or whatever you want to d'oh this case will just select the coke so it's going to be quick, you upload my I'm dead my skin's like sorry this basket instagram again lower resolution so it's not a huge file and now if I move over here to my computer and we go over to my dropbox same folders dropbox is so great because it's all sink what you see here is what you see here so you can open the a c get off the phone here and we moved next sort of the desktop there you go and you click blawg now I will tell you that sometimes and this looks like it's happening here there's a slight delay if not long but it takes a minute but let's say it was this cute picture, maggie, we did instead of the coke for tight for the sake of time. It's right there now and from here I know it seems to us I promise as you do, it's just second nature it's really fast you simply click on the again those three dots when you see those you know that that's going to help you move stuff around for the most part and then you just hit download this one may take a little longer because the larger file that's from misty lane photography is that she often um but it'll download to your computer will ask you what you want to do with that you could save it to your desktop and then however you already print your photos whether that's sitting in the costco or putting them at home and we'll talk a lot more about printing specifics in the printing section of class but it's there for you you don't have to do this there are ways to print directly from your phone, but I think most people at least as they're getting more familiar with all of this print from the computer and for me anyway it was like, well, how do I move from a to b to get my output and sea or any of you in that boat? You generally seen your prints out from your your computers? Are you all phone sinners no computers or you put it on like a drive and go to target and give it to them? Yeah so that's how you can do it and I like that this dropbox because it's not going to eat up all the space on my computer it's in a third party system or my computer has coffee spilled all over and searched short circuiting you know my photos, they're safe, but I think photography people will tell you that's not enough you want like at least to right is that kind of the common external hard drive and then somewhere out there in case your house burns down so it's another layer of protection if we lost those photos that's it that's terrible I taught a gallon and class last year lost everything that she had her with her house is burning down before her eyes fortunately grabbed her scrapbook album but that's just that hard copy you know so because of clouds drop boxes he's different services you can keep them out where they're safe but don't think that facebook is that service they're not safe there I mean they are but they're not permanently protected for your out access there out of your control right? So that is as faras bridging the gap that's about as simple as it gets I mean about my slide here in a minute and tell you other ways but are there questions about that? Anything we cover it doesn't really you don't have to have dropbox like I said if it's far easier for you and probably what I do if it's not a file I want to have backed up like the picture maggie here is just the email I just email it open it it then right that's pretty yes photo think a lot that's pretty fast yeah I can't get any tell me about her it's just a nap on your phone or on your ipad vote on it can it knows which photos are newer or that you've already loaded that I love and it can send him they don't duplicate yeah, I send it that is my tickets and that's pretty good. Thank you, but I'm gonna write that one down. Our guests watched the class that I guess a photo thing. And then to get an overview of your instagram photos on the computer we learned in the instigator all class spectacular dot com show it on your wall, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's nice of companies are getting on these trends and making it easier user experience where the site itself doesn't always do that. Yeah, it's it one more time for all of us. So spectacular, spectacular dot com. Thank you. That was r spectacular dot co maybe I think it's what? Oh, yeah, very good. So that would kill if you're on your big screen press visually challenged e u yeah, man, hands something that will not play with me and like sleazier over here. Yeah, and, you know, I want to actually go back to my phone permit. I'm glad you suggest there talked about that kind of talk about storage and organization within the phone hey, don't just say them on the camera will that's like on the facebook we don'thave album set up pretty soon eight that's and photos later maybe that's a little excessive it's a huge amount of photos and if you're trying to either make a post or something else and you want to access them your time is wasted scrolling strong so if you go back to my phone I am going tio so uh what away? Ok, sorry, everyone there you go on. So I have my photos here. I could just leave him here as needle in a haystack haystack or I can go over two albums and you simply hit the plus sign and you type in the name of your album you can save it in there and I have them for my kind of think about your hash tags. What are your common topics? Those probably most likely are going to be what you'll have albums for a maggie album? I mean, should I make a year in review projects? I have a year in review I saw someone z's and different elements so you know your albums could just be set up that way it's so much faster for you when the time comes to polo's and it's just like that it's not going to create a duplicate and eat up your space it's just a copy or a link so that you save time and you can get your photo let's do facebook this time okay? We're going to go into my photo album, my poor phone is just crawling, knox. I've used it too much and let's just do I'm turning one that have some comments on it. Well, this one of my no makeup gaza okay, I know a few people commented on that s o here's this picture there's ten comments I want to bring those into my scrapbook, I click on the comments, it pulls him up sometimes if you have multiple comments, you'll need to click show more because some are they condense it, then it's just I'm gonna screen shot it and it saved my camera. We're one step closer to that becoming a picture. If in the case you're cutting it off, you're losing data like poor stephany saying some I miss that, just scroll it even if it's going to have some overlap and you can do it again, right? So anyway, that's capturing contents and we're going to talk about in the next section of class aps that then take those photos, those comments, and you can print them as photos so that it's just one quick step before that to get you prepared for that and ready to rock and roll and it's so simple and questions learning new that I think we get scared and we think it's tricky and difficult, but it's, really not. So are the film got online. Other feeling really good? This is a lot of learning, yes, but you know it's so intuitive and user friendly is just getting over that fear factor. And, again, I can't says enough orderly categories and and filing to simplify finding things.

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This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

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What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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