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How Leads Upsell To Future Sales.

Lesson 30 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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How Leads Upsell To Future Sales.

Lesson 30 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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30. How Leads Upsell To Future Sales.


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How Leads Upsell To Future Sales.


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How Leads Upsell To Future Sales.

so when you're driving leads in order to track from the lead down to conversion, the simplest way is to follow what we call the ascension path or so in a sense through this past. So the first is they see your content when they actually become a weed there's a use legion right? They give you their contact information they say yep, here's my name, email address, phone number, whatever you're looking for. And in return you're gonna give them a free quote, a free consultation. So I was going to call them and do a free set up with them. You're going to give them a list. Ical video something right? There's some transfer that happens from there. You have their contact information so now you can send them up and drip campaigns you can send um a blast. And the next part in the ascension path is the Trip wire. A Trip wire is a product that's discounted because the first transfer transaction that occurred was they gave you their information. The second one is a financial transaction transaction. ...

So the trip wire they're actually paying you, they're becoming a paying customer and to get the most people in the door as possible. You do it by discounting. So maybe I have a course or a product that's really popular and I just want people to make that mindset shift where now they're paying customer mind what's on pays you want as long as you deliver a good product or service they're much more likely to pay you again right become a repeat customer. It's like once you buy one IPhone you buy the iphone four, next thing you know, you bought it every single year 56789 or Nikes any of the big brands coca cola. They just need to get you in the door of that initial time. Like that's the most important transaction in a lot of ways because once they're in the door, they made that shift in the relationship between them and the client, we're now they're an official customer as opposed to the consideration stage where they're just vetting saying I'm aligned myself with any company. Yet once you become an official customer, there's a mindset shift that happens. So that's what you're trying to accelerate with the trip wire. You're saying I want as many new customers as I can because I know that it's not just this one trip wire that there's a certain lifetime value. These people might buy things over and over and over again. It's like red box. You don't just buy one video one time, you're probably going every weekend and red boxes going away. So whatever. But you take some good product and offer it for a discount for the trip wire because that incentivizes the most amount of people to buy it and the last part of the ascension path is to go from trip wire to the core offer. This is the main thing that your client wants people to purchase and it could be a product or a service. It's at normal price. But you field from your trip wire purchases to say anyone that watches my content. I'm gonna try and get them to become a lead. I'm gonna retarget people that watch my video. I went to my website with my lead form, anyone that signs up become a weed. Okay now it's maybe not happening on facebook, it's happening in email or messenger these other platforms. Now I'm going to try and get them to go to my trip where to buy a product for a discounted price. Anyone that signs up for the trip wire, I'm trying to get those people to the core offer like the final right? This is called the extension path and this is what you want to set up for most of your clients to increase the overall conversion because if you just try and get people's lead and then just stone core offers all the time or just try and hope they'll buy that won't work too well because you haven't had that transactional shift, there's a lot of people, some people that will work but there's some people who need a little more convincing so to get the most amount of leads into customers possible and into the core offer at the end, send them through this ascension path. So it's really simple right? Those four steps content legion trip wire core offer and then hopefully by other products, you know, you can have the core offers multiple core offers, you can have multiple trip wires. You don't have to just be one. Just like you can have multiple piece of legion multiple list eagles videos. You're giving away discounts. You're trying to find what's working we've seen on facebook one In every 10 posts or pieces of content, what we call a winner. So 90% of the things you try are likely going to fail in all honesty. Right? Just just like leveling with you. That's okay. You might try elliptical or a trip wire that just doesn't work. So you want to just keep trying until you find what's working and then that's where you allocate your resources and your spend against what's already working. Alright. Spending 90% of your time against what's already working cause that's how you can scale scaling is not just about testing random things about testing until you find one or two things that work and then pushing all the traffic in that direction. So maybe you'll be blessed and have good clients have multiple trip wires and multiple core offers that convert but ideally hopefully they'll have at least one or two and even that will be enough to send traffic through this ascension path. So if you guys have a good understanding the ascension path in this next chapter we're going to discuss how you can scale as a freelancer because up until this point, the whole course, we've been talking about how to drive results for your clients, how to do things like Mr marketing, lead ads, canvas ads, how to troubleshoot problems, make sure you're tracking is in place how to run people through an ascension path. Now that you have those skills under your belt, you understand them. Hopefully you practice them. You're ready to start scaling your services so you can get paid more, you can learn more, you can have more long term clients. Less invite Dennis back and Dennis and myself, we're gonna teach you how to scale as a freelancer.

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