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An Introduction To Lead Forms And Facebook Canvas

Lesson 16 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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An Introduction To Lead Forms And Facebook Canvas

Lesson 16 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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16. An Introduction To Lead Forms And Facebook Canvas


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Lesson Info

An Introduction To Lead Forms And Facebook Canvas

you guys should feel pretty comfortable with messenger marketing. Now in this chapter we're going to discuss how you can drive leads on facebook as opposed to a landing page. The reason this is effective is because it's a more frictionless experience. The average landing page loads fairly slow. And Facebook has done studies that show that if the landing page takes more than three seconds to load when someone clicks on the ad on Facebook and then they start making the journey over to the browser. If it takes more than three seconds over 50% of people will abandon the request. So collecting leaves through a landing page just by that nature, you're losing so much traffic that is going to cause your cost per lead to be quite high. Doing everything natively on facebook is more frictionless. There's two types of formats you want to use. The first is a lead form lead form. You can take whatever information you need as as little as first name and email or it could be phone number address. But ...

it all happens there. They submit on facebook, they don't have to go to the browser or anything else. They're going to capture more leads that way. One really powerful thing about lead forms I see almost no one using is retargeting. This is one reason why you should use lead forms as opposed to landing page. So you can retarget based off website visitors but a weed form facebook has opened up so that I can say anyone that opened up the weed form because it works in their facebook feed named the weekend. Hey, so and so you know, would you like to receive our list on the five things you need to know to decorate your house properly If so enter your email below. So someone clicks and then there's this form where they can fill up their email and first name, if someone opens the form, it doesn't submit, you can retarget them and recognize that most of the traffic is on mobile. There's a number of reasons why people might open but not submit, they might get busy. Maybe someone calls them right then or shoot them a text or a Snapchat or some other kind of message or a friend comes over because there are mole means that often their on the go or doing something else simultaneously. At the same time they might be in the back of the classroom, they might be at a restaurant in the back of the Uber. So there's a lot of people that are actually interested that just don't make it to the end goal. You can retarget those people specifically with this kind of retarded. So In our targeting course we did, we talk about how there's 11 types of custom audiences. This is one of the custom audiences that I see almost no one using and just by using this custom audience, you'll be driving great value for your clients is a huge win. The other type of form of ad that you want to use on facebook to collect leads is canvas. So what canvases is its rebuilding the landing page. Natively on facebook again to expand so initially maybe they see a headline with some copy and an image and then there's a little carrot button. They can click that opens it up into this fuller form so it's just drag and drop your, your rebuilding your landing page so you can add images, you can have videos, you can have blocks of text again, more frictionless experience. So that way if your clients have a slow landing page, which they probably do because most people do, it's okay. It won't impact you That way. You can put the responsibility of driving quality leads on your plate instead of displaying your client well your landing pages too slow and it caused over 50% of the traffic to abandon the request. That's going to happen. I'm just telling you that that is the data. So avoid that by also using canvas ads and then you collect collect leads natively on Facebook through using canvas. So those two types of forms and canvas is the same as the lead form. That's one of the types of custom audiences. I can retarget based off people that open the canvas but didn't purchase or didn't sign up or that we're clicking around on different things but didn't give me their email right? So I have email maybe as set up with plumbing as a lead. So I can say people that didn't sign up as a lead, but we're clicking around in the campus retarget them. So retargeting is huge and you can retarget based off these specific types of content, which is really awesome. Make sure you are doing that. It's just another custom audiences. If you want to know more, go check out our entire course on on custom audiences and and on targeting in general. But make sure using those two types of ad formats to drive leads, You can use the landing page as well. We expect that these will be cheaper. The average cost per lead on Facebook is $5. So that's your general ballpark, depending on what vertical you're working with your clients are, what their content and targeting is. You may find more, you may find less. We did work for the Golden State Warriors for the past five seasons and we're driving leads for them and we got our cost per lead down to $1 because they have this new stadium. And of course we're doing things like giving away kevin Durant jerseys or free tickets. So even the Golden State Warriors only got $1. So don't expect that you're going to get really quality leads for 25 cents. Probably that's not very realistic, $5 is the average. I'd say that 3 to $10 range is probably where your average, we just gonna fall. But again, B two B or if it's a really higher price niche or you're trying to drive something that's, you know, it takes a lot of research. The cost per lead might go up. But again, the value of those leads will also be going up with it, which we've talked about how to determine the valuable lead. So let's dive in the weeds. Again, like we've been talking about, show you guys how to set up a weak form, how to use things like a leeds bridge that connects facebook to the crm, which we recommend doing is not necessary. But that way Winstone submits the bridge automatically drops him over to the crm. So right away they start getting dripped on or if they sign up for an e book or a video or code right away, it sends it to them as opposed to you having to go manually pull the list of contacts and then drop it in yourself. We'll show you how to do connections like that. Some things that your clients need in terms of terms and conditions things to be able to run lead ads. Just that we can solve the challenges before we reach them. And then for campus ads will show you guys how to set campus ads as well, how to optimize what tips and tricks work best in terms of copy images, video of course using video and I'll tell you, I'll tell you that one right now. So let's dive into it and we'll see you guys back here in the classroom on the other side.

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