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How To Set Up A Chatbot For Your Client

Lesson 11 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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How To Set Up A Chatbot For Your Client

Lesson 11 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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11. How To Set Up A Chatbot For Your Client


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Lesson Info

How To Set Up A Chatbot For Your Client

Hi everyone, this is Kenny huang and I'm excited to be your instructor. I'm the director of optimization emulates metrics. Been really fortunate enough to work with enterprise clients like Tivo and Ashley home store along with personalities like Nathan Latka. I also helped teach digital marketing to hundreds of entrepreneurs in blitz nation and this is one of our membership communities like to say when I'm not sitting on my laptop all day and try to make it up training jujitsu, boxing and muay thai I like that balance and without further ado I'm really honored to be serving you and pumped to get this going. Today we're going to talk about how to set up a chat bot for your client. Now there are three pieces that you need in order to set up a chat bot for your client. First is a mobile monkey account that you're going to build the chat bonnet second, you're going to want to get access to a facebook page for the organic component and then if you're going to paid route, you're gonna need a...

ccess to a facebook ad account. So we're gonna start by covering whether or not your client has mobile monkey setup and you can either send your client to mobile monkey themselves here at the home page and they can set it up for free by clicking the sign up for free button or you can set up for them. However we recommend that clients own all of their assets. So that means their own facebook page there at account, their own chat bot and we believe this is best practice because we've seen other agencies sometimes they will create ad accounts on behalf of their clients and they end up owning all the custom audiences, the pixels, this is all data that belongs to the agency now instead of the client, so if the client ends up pausing or they leave they end up not owning any of it and the same goes for the chat bot, we want to do what's best for the client and that means having the client own all their assets because it belongs to them at the end of the day. So here homepage mobile monkey dot com you can have your client go ahead and click sign up for free and it will write you to log in, name, last name, email bullying and all that good stuff and you want them to promote it to a pro account, you'll notice that our pages here are pro will give you more functions like being able to have multiple comment cards are running a drip campaign. Now there are three things within mobile monkey that we're going to want to connect And then that is one having a chatbot and you can just go down to advance in creating a new chatbots and they might even have at the top because we're already settled in creating a new chat bot, might be ahead, second is connecting your facebook page to your mobile monkey account since we're logged in using facebook, all we have to do is click connect facebook pages you know load up all the pages were connected to from our account. And then finally the third one like once all this slows up you see all the pages just go ahead and click which ones you want to connect. And the third one is having the clients give us access to their mobile and lucky account and where you do that is you go to the cops right corner here to the account, me having click settings and then there is a user right here. What we're gonna want is for a client to give us access to your account and click invite the user and then there are different levels of access they can give we recommend that collaborator that way admin. You know they won't have the fear of us deleting anything and then have them copy this link, click done And then paste it to us and it will last for up to hours before that link expires. Now the next thing we need is getting access to the Facebook page. So I'm going to go back here and you'll notice that for example this page right here Logan young page it's connected to the logon box. Same if I go to Dennis's is connected to a facebook page and he has his own Dennis you chap. Now there are several different ways to give access. One is going on the actual page itself for facebook now if they don't have a facebook page all they have to do is go click here and create a new page according to the type of page they want and then go to settings. It can give direct access right from the page settings. Page rolls and you can just have the client add you as an editor which is a second the greatest level of access which means you can also post on their page and see ads run ads, analyze ads and then click add or another way is in the back end of business Manager to get here we are in business settings the top just to secure icon and we land on a page like this to get access to the page we can either request access to their page or they can just plug in our business manager account and give us access and you can do that by clicking page. If we want to request access we go to request access and then type in the name of the page. So let's say mason lack of that's page of ours or a friend of ours. We'll just click editor access. Second highest level access and then click and request access. In this case we already have access to his page or you can have the client at us and assign us as a partner and how you do that is under user go to partners and our business manager account is bliss metrics go to add and you would still in the business I. D. And in our case ours is Michael here are business ideas right here you can see at the top so would go to partners and have them at us as a partner and click next. And the upside of that having them at us as a partner. We can add our team once we're inside instead of them manually adding all the people on our team. Maybe someone else joins the project instead of them having to add each new people inside. If they give us partner access we can just go ahead and grant our team access further on. So that's why it's a plus and same thing for that account. Same deal if they give us partner access to the the add account that will also save us time you see here let's say we're digital influence and they gave digital influence access so you can assign page access or add account access. That's why it's so key. Next is once you get at account access of course you can also manually add it by requesting access. We prefer just giving our business I. D. And we do this through a checklist. So show you here this document has all the assets we own in one convenient place and we have a guide called the asset checklist and this is what we give to our clients every time they need to give access to their ad account or their page. So let's do a control fine. And the thing with this is rather than remembering the instruction steps each time we just send in this guide and update in real time that way they can give us access. So we see here similar to what we were doing, we went to business settings and then we went to assign partner and we already have the I. D. Already now so we don't have the copy and paste it each time for them to add us as partners or the same thing for the facebook page we give them access to the business I. D. We do this to a number of other assets to google and even twitter linkedin and so on. So you can pretty much copy and paste how we set it up here in this checklist. Just pause the video and find your business I. D. And give a checklist to your team. That's what we like to do. So now you're at the point where you've given a page access at account access. Now we just have to connect it all together in mobile monkey. Again you're going to click connect facebook page to link it to the page which is already connected to the add account and then you already made a chat bot by going down here to create a new one. You have the client given new user access by clicking settings and going to users so that is how you set everything up. Once you do that, you're going to be ready to start creating content within the chat bot and then you can run ads to your chat bot. So thank you for today and see you on the next one.

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