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Segment 15 - Senior Session: Guy Wardrobe & Locations

Lesson 17 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 15 - Senior Session: Guy Wardrobe & Locations

Lesson 17 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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17. Segment 15 - Senior Session: Guy Wardrobe & Locations


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Segment 15 - Senior Session: Guy Wardrobe & Locations

what I wanted to touch on a little bit with wardrobe before we get in a wardrobe for senior guy. Is that the model that you saw on that video? She brought a bunch of clothes, and they were all great. But they maybe were a little dressier for the beach. Or or, you know, she was really into debate. So she brought a bunch of her debate clothes, which is it is a specific look right that you don't wear to the beach. So what do you do when you know you have a girl? Bring some wardrobe that has a limited amount of things that can work for what you're doing. You really again? The style closet would come in handy for that. Or you just gotta work with you. Know what? Your what you've got. She had this great, cute little top that you saw. It was white with polka dots, and I thought it looked young and cute and would fit well with the beach. But we had a mountain wardrobe malfunction because she didn't bring the appropriate undergarments and you could see through it. So what do you do? There s o i...

n your style closet, having things like Commies super cheap. You get him to target the canoed can me is a great thing because then they could put it over whatever they have, and it might not show up. Also, things like fashion tape of you. You guys ever heard of that fashion tape line? There's a line of things that girls can use to keep close in place. And, um, I mean, they even make stuff for shoes for blisters And like, um, like, when you wear sling back shoes, they make tape that will keep that sling back on. So it's a great thing to have on hand a stylist riel stylist, not pretend ones like me, but they would have that kind of stuff on on hand fashion tape, cam, ease things like that. Yes. Um, yeah, to my covers for things. So, yeah, they all that stuff is good to have and it's not expensive. You could just have it on hand. In fact, I was at where waas I somewhere unusual. The world market, or somewhere where I'm not really sure. I think to look for that kind of stuff, but they had a little packet of cute um, lint things that they were, like, individually packed. And these really cute packages have bright colors on the package. And so I have those just sitting in a basket, so we have to take off. Let it's better than using Scotch tape. And so those type things to have on hand, just in case you have a wardrobe malfunction or things like that. I mean, hopefully you won't be. Who was that Madonna that had the wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake a long time ago? Gina Jackson. That's it Was Janet Jackson. Yes, we were. We don't want that kind of wardrobe malfunction, but little things that you can use toe keep things in place and bra straps they make. They make a little thing for bra straps. If they have it on tank top, it it secures it, and it doesn't keep coming down. And you don't have to worry about. But, you know, sometimes they'll sneak out and you had to photo shop it a little bit. So fashion tape. That line is really good. Okay, that covers that. Okay, so now we're gonna get into wardrobe first in your guy. We touched a little bit on this yesterday. I personally think guys need even Mawr guidance just because, like I say, they don't they don't do this every day, not the girls. Other photos taken every day, But I do think girls about nature are a little bit mawr into fashion now that I'm not not everybody. Me. There's some guys that are in the fashion, and that's totally cool. And But I'm just saying, in general, they might not be as into it. Sometimes maybe they're doing the federal session for their mom. So sometimes maybe they just don't even care. You know, mate, So I think they need a little more guidance. The other thing is, guys don't have as much variety as we do, so, you know, really kind of looking at men's fashion magazines. Maybe you even look at the trunk. Was that placed year said it's called Trunk Club or trunk something. It's a stylist type thing for men. You could look on there to get some ideas, just kind of just make sure you're up on guy fashion. Or at least what Oxford trump. Thank you, thank you. I knew I had drunk in the in the name, but things like that to really help you, of course. Pinterest to look and see, you know, get some ideas and then really give your guys a specific. I think I think they like specifics. At least the clients that I've dealt with, like specifics. Bring this. Bring this. Bring this. Not just leave it open for them to just kind of bring it. You know, whatever you tell them, bring a pair short. Spring a shirt, bring a long sleeve, button down shirt, jeans, a vest, a sweater. You know, depending on time of year. You don't wanna wearing a sweater in South Carolina in August, but, you know, a tie bring a dressier outfit and a casual outfit. Make sure they bring the right kind of shoes. No sneakers, as in Nikes. I mean, you know, like they wanna wear good shoes. Not, um I don't know. You don't want to wear your their running shoes, I guess, Is what I mean, because there's some cute 10 issues out there and say about that. You know me to just be very specific with them. I think Tell them exactly how many outfits to bring. Make sure you remind them to iron their clothes. For some reason, the guys don't remember that as much on the show it with wrinkled T shirts. And then, you know, if your if your photographer likes color, make sure you tell them that, um, tell them what kind of patterns work and what doesn't work. Um, mixed patterns. A love to mix patterns. I have two boys, they're young, but when we have our photo family photos taken, I'm you know, I'm the one deciding on the wardrobes. I have to decide on three people three boys wardrobe, my husband and my two boys. But I'm not afraid to mix. Pattern do kind of. When I'm doing that, I'm kind of like, Oh, gosh, they really don't have anything but button downs like or polos. And But if you're creative, you can do it. Layering a long sleeve button down over a T shirt is always good. Maybe not a graphic T shirts, because that could take away from the look unless it's a very small graphic. Or unless maybe the graphic means something to the guy. You could always do something like that, but also mixing patterns. So a year ago had our family photos taken and my husband war, Um, well, first of all, found that my oldest son's clothing first and he had on a plaid shirt, so I pulled, you know, colors from that. So all the all the boys were some variation of colors that were in that plaid. When you're doing a senior, you can have him were a pattern shirt like a plaid, and then pull one of those colors from that plaid into whatever T shirt he wears underneath. And even if it's a short sleeve button up with a T shirt underneath, it gives a little more dimension. It looks like you took the time to put that together, which always looks good on camera. On Been like, I say, mixing patterns. If one pattern is a big pattern, you can mix it with a smaller pattern. So, like ah, plaid with a stripe is fine. To mix like you have on a striped shirt. If you had on a platter or for your case of floral because you're a girl, that would still look really cute, you know, to think about that on and help them so that not all of their outfits or just complete solid shirts, solid pants. You know, domain. That's that's kind of what I like to do is at least have some sort of fun pattern or color or something in their on again. You treat them just like you do the girls. You have them bring their stuff. You can do a wardrobe consultation or just have them bring it before the shoot and go through it. I would do a wardrobe consultation just because that's better experience and you have the chance to get to know them and pull things and help them just like you do the girls. I would treat it in a different other than they're not gonna have hair and makeup done. You know, so and hats a love when guys bring hats, the guys, the guy you're about to see. His name's forest. He brought this cute little red hat, and it was perfect that we all got excited when we saw that. I think maybe you'll see that on the video. All right, let's watch that we're here with Forest. Our senior model, he is going to be. I'm getting hits photos taken today, and we're gonna go through his wardrobe and pick out the best option. Sometimes it's seen your guys. You really have to help them a little bit more than the girls because they're not looking at fashion magazines every single day. Like my girls are forces exception. He brought a ton of stuff and brought some great color and stuff like that. But sometimes you really do have to help them and really tell them exactly what to bring. Since he brought such great stuff, we're gonna go through that and pick out the best option for him to wear for a shoot. Okay, So far, she brought a lot of great stuff. Thanks for hanging it up. It lets me look through it and kind of going through it and seen all the great options you have. I love the color that you brought, which will really pop on camera, so that's good. But since you told me that you really like the shirt, miss your favorite. I think let's go with this layered over the shirt you have, because layers will give us a lot of different options. You can take it off when we can take some with just the T shirt and the pants or you know they will have this. And then I think it'll look awesome with hat that you brought the rattle pop on camera. So if that works for you, I think that's what we owe that work and those pants and the shoes. And I say, Well, just layer this and then we'll take some with the hats and without Okay, perfect. So tips for guys when you are trying to help them with what to wear, like a say, ethnically, really sometimes need a little bit more guidance to bring the right thing with guys. As with girls, you can talk to them and find out what their style is. They might be a little more hipster or they might be a little more pretty in my area. They're all pretty, so they all have both. But that's perfect for a federal shoot cause super cute on. But if they're a little more hipster than you know, talk to them about that and give them pointers as to how they can really wear their personal style that looks good on camera. Things like pattern stripes, color. All of those things are key things toe. Have them bring layers are also just as important for guys as they are for girls. Hats are really great, because again, you can add something and take it away. Same thing with layers. You can layer a shirt over a T shirt, and then you can take the shirt off and just have the T shirt jackets if it's fall. You know, suspenders are always good because it gives the guys something do with their hands. Again hats give them something. Do with their hands. Make sure they have pockets in their genes or the shorts, whatever they wear. The only thing I would say is probably not the best item is Hawaiian shirts or anything like that are not the best, but anything that's really good color that making pop own camera and distinctions personal style is probably the best way to go, but always have them bring several options so that you can help them pick the best possible option. Button down shirts, T shirts, jackets, even hoodies. Suspenders. This are always great over a shirt, but mostly pants and jeans and shorts for bottoms. Poor guys. They don't have as much options as we day, but you make it work with all those great things. Okay, so you saw Farsi brought a lot of stuff, which was awesome. A lot of color, which is awesome. He had some pattern and there a lot of stripes s. Oh, I thought, you know, he did a great job bringing his wardrobe. And then I just love the fact that I asked him what his favorite shirt waas and he told me, and that's what we incorporated into the shoot. So I do like to ask that with girls and guys, because they might have something they love even more than what we might think would look good. And sometimes it's nice to at least give them That's and then they're like, Oh, yeah, I got one of my favorite shirt or, you know, again, the hat maybe meant something to him. It might have been given to him by somebody. So if you can try to find that out and incorporate that into what they wears, always a good idea. Um, OK, Do we have any questions before we move to the next one? I think we can keep moving. Yeah, and then we can if we have time at the end we can ask more questions. Yeah, okay. That's okay. It's in. The next section is about location. We went to the beach the other day, but, you know, you might not have a beach option. So what do you look for in a location? I'm gonna go ahead and show the video first, and then we'll talk about it after. Okay. Hey, guys, we're here Golden Gardens in Seattle. It is a great beach location that also has a park s. So it turns out to be a great location. For that reason, it's got a big variety of places that I can provide my senior without having to get in the car and go from place to place to place. I like to try to give each photo session a variety of different looks to go along with their outfits and things like that. So finding one location saves me time, but provides variety. And this place has just that so we can shoot on the beach. We can shoot in the in the park. We can shoot here in the grassy area. There's a lot of different places, a lot of different things we can use to give this photo shoot a variety. Okay, So yesterday we came out here and it was bright and sunny, and this was the perfect spot for Ah, shoot as like, we have to come back here. But today it's overcast. When it is sunny, when you have a location like this and it is covered with bushes and stuff the lights going to kind of be a little bit more speckled so you can work with that. Or you can simply move somebody right here, right outside of that specially light and have a more even lit area with the sun still coming back from behind backlit. But their face and a body will be evenly lit. So for a portrait, that would be perfect because you want their face to be nice and evenly lit. So just by moving a few feet, you've got a completely different lighting set up. That was at what time was it taken? Um, but we go out there lazy. Think. Yeah, Yeah. Six and location Scouting day. It was like we went out there that around that same time, it was bright and sunny and on. And then the day we shoot, of course, overcast, so you can't just have to work with whatever you're given on. Go with it so we'll talk a little bit about how to find the right location for your style and for your client style. Having some locations in the back of your mind that you can always go to is a good, good idea on Been searching for new locations all the time just to change it up a bit. So what do you what do you look for? I consider the client when, when picking a location, we touched on that a little bit when we talked about the questionnaire because I asked them questions about, like, what location do they think would fit their style? The best eso pay attention to that. So when you're looking for a location or when you're thinking about your catalogue of locations, you're like, OK, I think this girl will fit Best. Hear things like that. Remember your style. Your style When looking at a location, don't force yourself to shoot on a railroad track just because maybe that's what's the trend, although that's illegal, so don't do it. But it was a trend there at for a while, and don't feel like you have to go do it just cause it's a trend. Remember your style if your colorful photographer find locations that give you background color so that that can pop, even if even if the client doesn't bring color in her wardrobe, and then you can still get your color across or whatever that the case may be. Also, are you somebody that likes a little bit of contrast? So you might want to pick a location in the background That is maybe not the same shade that would blend him with the client. Skin like like a creamy Beiji kind of backdrop doesn't necessarily make a client pop. Maybe that's your style on. That's fine. But if you like a pot, then you want to pick a location that has color or darker color than your client's skin. Whatever. So think about that finding locations that provide variety like you saw in the video. It was a beach, but where I was standing in the intro, the video didn't look like a beach at all. So I love those kind of locations for that reason, because I don't want to actually get in the car and move, and the client doesn't have to follow me and things like that. I can give her a bunch of different looks per outfit that are all in one place so we could shoot on the beach. There were some rocks so we could shoot by. There were part of inches. There was an actual park with green grass. Then there was the overgrown stuff that was, like green and and that week kind of grass. Which, by the way, love. We never have that until, like, oil into November. So psyched about that little location. But look for something that provides variety, so you don't have to move, but you can give your clients a lot of variety location at the time of day that you are going to be shooting. So if you know you're gonna shoot that morning or you know if you have a morning shoot or whatever, go look at your locations in the morning. If you have a catalog of locations, know what that light does at all times of the day, so you'll know when you might go shoot there. What the lighting could possibly be like now, of course. Obviously, mother nature is is in control and you may not have the same lighting, but just know like, OK, the sun comes up this way and so it's crazy bright on that particular building. I wanted to shoot out at 9 a.m. But then it sets behind the buildings. So I know like later in the day, I could totally do that, things like that, and then pay attention to the light instead of the backdrops. I know. When I first started, I thought, Oh, all I have to do is find a brick wall, right? I mean, that's the cool thing to do. I just put him in front of a brick wall and I've got a anything. But I didn't realize that the light is what really makes that amazing photo. Of course, I've learned along the way that that's what's more important. So even if you have a parking garage that is not pretty. If the lights amazing, which typically they are parking garages, um, the photos look amazing. So things like that just remember to look at the light. I mean, don't get me wrong. There's gonna be a There's an iconic wall in Greenville that's got like coke on it, Which love coax Lovett Onda. A lot of the girls might ask for that because, you know, it's well known, but the light is horrible in that wall. So I know that. And I'm just like, you know, I know you really want that wall, but, you know, as a photographer, I know the lights, not the greatest. And you're gonna be squinting because you're gonna be facing the sun and did it. So know that ahead of time so you can make a professional decision until them why you're not gonna choose one thing or why you chose something of the other. If you could take somebody to a parking garage, you got to be able to tell them why. Because I'm pretty sure most girls don't think Oh, I want my photo taken in a parking garage. You know, at one time, a long time ago, I did a wedding. It was for my baby sitter, which is the only reason I did it. But the only available good light was in front of a door and it wasn't necessarily the prettiest door. And she looked at me like I was crazy and was like, Are you sure this is where you want to take it? And I was like, You gotta trust me. The light is amazing here about the time I get all your bridesmaids in and blah, blah blah, you're not gonna see the ugly door. So trust you were in sync with locations and be able to explain why you choose something over the other on. Then look for national reflectors when you work by yourself like I do. I don't always have somebody there to hold a reflector so I might look for spots that can naturally reflect. So I'm not trying to one hand it I don't have my hands are not that strong to hold a big reflector and a camera and not shake and all that good stuff. Now granted, you can you can proper reflector up against a bush. You can prop it up against you, but that's always not. The best scenario may be having a natural reflector will help you things like white buildings, etcetera, and I'll show you a picture of a white building that's in my town. That that really does reflect some great light. So on location, lots of variety. Okay, so this is downtown Greenville. Andi literally has a park with all these different locations. These 1st 3 photos and then right across the street is anthropology. But But it has all these cute little yellow tables which will have chairs, props that I want to bring props. I know I can just go to those chairs. It has all those benches. You can see the consulate like steps over there in the background, but their benches that are concrete. So that's the natural reflectors. Have them sitting on one of those than the one below them is gonna pop some light into their face. Eso love this location for that reason, because I can go to so many different areas and shoot and not have to get in the car all and then knowing your locations, this section right here of that park gets really dark. So if you want to shoot there, you gotta go earlier because it gets really, really dark fast. So knowing that so maybe you start your shoot back there. But then as the sun changes, air goes down or whatever, you move more out into these other areas that get a lot more son. Now directly across the street from that park is alleys downtown. So I've got so much variety within a block. One block, that's it. That's where all of that is. So that's important, because I know that I don't have to make the girl walk and heels very far, but can give her a lot of different stuff. And there's even more than what I even took photos of to show you guys. I mean, there's it's all right there. Now I know that not everybody's tailing this set up like this, but maybe find a location that is gives you a little bit of variety that is close in the in relation to each other, even if it's maybe the assure. Even if you have to drive, maybe it's still short because you don't want to spend ah lot of your session time going 20 minutes down the road. Or what if you get in traffic and then you start running out of light or whatever? So you want to make sure you pick a location that really does provide a lot of good variety, and then this is a photo of a white concrete wall that just reflects like nobody's business. And actually, the way the sun hits it comes in this way. So it hits right there really well. And then you could just put the girl right here. And I know that gravel on it doesn't look very pretty. But if you shoot it in a way that's really focusing on her, all of that's not gonna be what anybody looks at. So it works really well for that reason. So that's natural reflectors. And again, you can even wear a white shirt. Um, I have a friend of mine. A long time ago, she used to live in Montana, moved in New York. She used to wear a big white puffy jacket because it was white and it reflected, and she didn't have to wear. You know, she didn't have to be hold a reflector. She had this big, white, puffy jacket that she warned it reflected, like nobody's business. So little things like that you can use for reflection to me reflectors. Great. And if you can use one, if you can get the mom to hold it and things like that, that this is just an option. If if for some reason you are by yourself now. I shoot on location. Always. I never shoot in a studio. I don't have a studio. So that's why location is really important to me. I have to find locations that work with my style that I know the lighting of that I can give variety with because I don't have the option of shooting in a studio. Okay, so now we're gonna go to location scouting app, which is always great to use. There's some really good ones out there, and there's a ton more than this. But these the ones I know about shoot local is follow people that are also own shoot local that are in your area and share um, locations with each other. Always say I don't ever have a problem sharing locations except for one location that I never tell anybody about. Then anything else? I'm open, but that's just one, and really it's not. Maybe in Selfish is more that I is in a neighborhood, and I have a friend that lives in that neighborhood, and I don't want to bother the neighborhood with a ton of photographer showing up. So it's more for that reason than me just being selfish. But shoot local is all about sharing locations so you can follow. You can share. You can do all that stuff, a map, a pick location. You take a pic and it maps it for you. So then you have the address, and you know exactly where to go the next time. So when you're out location scouting, you can do that so that one's awesome Pocket Scout is just another location app that you can download to your phone. A compass app is always great because you need to know where the sun's coming up. We're setting, you know, depending on what time of day you're shooting said. That's always good. And then sunrise and sunset App is good, because if you are somebody that maybe shoots at the golden hour, maybe sunrise, you need to know when it comes up in your area. I use this a lot when I am doing shootouts in different areas of the country, because I don't know what time it sets in other areas. And so when I'm planning and trying to figure out how many hours we need to shoot that, I need to know when it sets. One time I did a shoot out in Vegas and it was in this awesome location and I could ghost town. But it was there was mountain on this side of the mountain on that side. And all I did was look at sunset. So sunset really, truly didn't set till, I don't know, 7 38 But I didn't know it have mountains on both sides, so we started losing light fast. So, no, you're a know the area you're going to shoot in because you might lose. If you're shooting downtown, the sun's gonna go behind a building, and so it may not actually be down, but you may not have as much available light because it's behind a building or whatever, so make sure you know that

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I can't say enough great things about this course! I went into it thinking I gain a little bit of info on posing and social media ideas... boy was I wrong! Leslie covers topics that I didn't even know where apart of Senior Photography. I highly recommend purchasing this course, if for no other reason then for the awesome senior panel that lets you know really want seniors want, are looking for, and actually care about in regards to their photos/social media/etc... I hope to meet Leslie one day and thank you personally! :)

Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.

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