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Bonus Video: Beach/Park Senior Shoots

Lesson 1 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Bonus Video: Beach/Park Senior Shoots

Lesson 1 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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1. Bonus Video: Beach/Park Senior Shoots


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Day 1


Bonus Video: Beach/Park Senior Shoots


Bonus Video: Concept Shoot


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Lesson Info

Bonus Video: Beach/Park Senior Shoots

Hey, guys, this Leslie. We are here in here makeup getting ready for a senior federal session with a me. Our senior Christina is going to be doing her makeup, and I like to hang out with them. Just Teoh. Make sure that they're doing exactly what we need on their hair and makeup to make it look perfect for the Fed to shoot. It's also a great time. Just hang out and gets another senior. So that's what we're doing. We're about to get started on Amy's makeup. Okay, so today we're going to the beach. So I think, keeping with that same with her hair and her makeup, really, she's got nice curls like me. Let's keep the bt wave, maybe abrade across the front or something. Teoh kind of keep it out of her face, but still have it down right on, then for makeup. Just do the corals bronzy kind of color. Like like you're going to the beach. But maybe a pop of right. Okay, Yeah, maker. I stand out and then maybe a little pop of color on her lip. So how much makeup do you usually dio on people when the...

y're getting their makeup done. We have to put enough own to make sure that you can see it on camera, but not too much to where you'll feel uncomfortable. So, yeah, that's exactly why we do here. Make up is because we want to make sure that own camera it comes through actually shoot a little bit overexposed. So that tends to wash people out, which is great for getting rid of wrinkles, but not so great if you want to see that they have make up on. So my makeup artist that I typically work with she knows that. But I also do shoots all over the country. So I have to make sure that the makeup artist I'm working with wherever I am knows that I do shoot a little bit over exposed. So we want to make sure there's enough makeup on to see it on camera, but not too much makeup to make her look. 25. She needs Philip. 17. Resending 18 have, anyway, she needs to look like hard, just amped up a little bit. We're here with Forest, our senior model he is going to be. I'm getting hits photos taken today, and we're gonna go through his wardrobe and pick out the best options. Sometimes it seems your guys, you really have to help them a little bit more than the girls because they're not looking at fashion magazines. Every single day, like most girls are forced, is the exception. He brought a ton of stuff and brought some great color and stuff like that. But sometimes you really do have to help them and really tell them exactly what to bring. Since he brought such great stuff, we're going to go through that and pick out the best option for him to wear for a shoot. Okay, so far, she brought a lot of great stuff. Thanks for hanging it up. It lets me look through it and kind of going through it and seen all the great options you have loved. The color that you brought with you really pop on camera. So that's good. But since you told me that you really like the shirt, miss your favorite. I think let's go with this layered over the shirt you have, because layers will give us a lot of different options. You can take it off when we could take some with just the T shirt and the pants, or you know they will have this. And then I think it will look awesome with the hat that you brought the rattle pop on camera. So if that works for you, I think that's what we get with that work and those pants and the shoes. And I can say, Well, just layer this and then we'll take some with the hats and without Okay, perfect. So tips for guys when you are trying to help them with what to wear, like they actually really sometimes need a little bit more guidance to bring the right thing with guys. As with girls, you can talk to them and find out what their style is. They might be a little more hipster or they might be a little more pretty in my area. They're all pretty, so they all have their touch. But that's perfect for a photo shoot, cause it's super cute on. But if they're a little more hipster than you know, talk to them about that and give them pointers as to how they can really wear their personal style that looks good on camera things like pattern stripes, color all of those things are key things toe. Have them bring layers are also just as important for guys as they are for girls. Hats are really great because again, you can add something and take it away. Same thing with layers. You can layer a shirt over a T shirt, and then you can take the shirt off and just have the T shirt jackets if it's fall. Um, you know, suspenders are always good because it gives the guys something do with their hands. Again hats give them something. Do with their hands. Make sure they have pockets in their genes or their shorts, whatever they wear. The only thing I would say is probably not the best item is Hawaiian shirts or anything like that are not the best, but anything that's really good color, that making pop own camera and just sticks. His personal style is probably the best way to go, but always have them bring several options so that you can help them pick the best possible option. Button down shirts, T shirts, jackets, even hoodies. Suspenders. This are always great over a shirt, but mostly pants and jeans and shorts for bottoms. Poor guys, they don't have as much options as we do, but you make it work with all those great things. Hey, guys, we're here Golden Gardens in Seattle. It is a great beach location that also has a park s. So it turns out to be a great location. For that reason, it's got a big variety of places that I can provide my senior without having to get in the car and go from place to place to place. I like to try to give each photo session a variety of different looks to go along with their outfits and things like that. So finding one location saves me time but provides variety, and this place has just that. So we can shoot on the beach. We can shoot in the in the park. We can shoot here in the grassy area. There's a lot of different places in a lot of different things we can use to give this photo shoot a variety. Okay, So yesterday we came out here and it was bright and sunny, and this was the perfect spot for ah, shoot as like, we have to come back here, but today it's overcast. When it is sunny when you have a location like this and it is covered with bushes and stuff the lights going to kind of be a little bit more speckled, so you can work with that. Or you can simply move somebody right here, right outside of that specially light and have a more even lit area with the sun still coming back from behind backlit. But their face and a body will be evenly lit. So for a portrait, that would be perfect because you want their face to be nice and evenly lit. So just by moving a few feet, you've got a completely different lighting set up. Okay? Come a little bit out right about there. The reason I pulled her out of that greenery is because if you get too far into the greenery, she's gonna take on a green cast, especially on a day like this. Just cause it's overcast and sort of has a gray s coring kind of cast anyway. So I pull it out so I can still get the greenery behind her, but her skin won't be green. So Okay, now, remember, Yes, yes, yes. Turn to the side. Tilt your head a little bit. That's perfect, actually. Can you do have a pocket? The front pocket? Okay. Just take your thumb on that hand and rested right there and give me that and kind of start your shoulder. There you go. That's perfect. I'm coming close. OK, Same pose, then we get a horizontal before I move. You okay? Perfect. Okay, now squat down for it. Yeah, And when you squat, make sure that the back leg is a little bit higher than the front leg. Yep. So like that And then just kind of like this they go perfect. Well, let's see how well I can balance there, huh? That's perfect. Cameron. Coming close. Look right up here at me. Awesome. The blue in your eyes is really popping. I love it. A little bit of a tilt. Their Yes. OK. Can you give me a big laugh? Can you fake it? There you go. Look up when you kind of, you know, like when you were, like, kind of like There you go. That's killed. Look this way. There. There you go. That's it, Right there. OK, now come down on your stomach. Lay down in the graph if you don't mind. Well, put your feet up there. Get across. Member will fix your shirt. Okay. Well, okay. There you go. And then arrested. Right there. Yeah. Perfect. Super killed. Okay, take that other hand and hold this one. Yep. Right there. That's perfect. Okay, I get it if angle awesome. Okay. Right here. Okay, So this pose is always good, because Mom's always love the cute smiley poses. Classic has been around forever. I think I did it when I was a cheerleader in high school, but, hey, it works. So keep keep remembering that whenever you're shooting to do poses that both the senior and the mom will like and get her smiling and laughing and having a good time. Okay, hop up for second and sit on your bottom with your legs out to one side. Okay? Perfect. And the maybe even drape that hand of crusher lap like that. There we go. Can we close? Okay, let's try no smile. Part your lips just a little bit and kind of breathe through your mouth. Okay? And think of something happy. So your eyes kind of looks. Do you ever watch America's next top model you have. So you know how she says surmising? Yes. Smile with your eyes, Not your mouth. Got it. Poor Peg. Most girls watch America's next top model. So that's all I have to say. Perfect. Okay. Don't bring up Arm up right here. Yeah, maybe tilted that way. That's perfect. Okay, awesome. Okay, so we moved locations to give a totally different look before you would have thought we were in a field or somewhere like that. But now at the beach. So it looks like we're a totally different location. That literally was, like, 10 steps. So that's a perfect location. Now we're gonna have her walking so we can do some poses, like with her moving and stuff. And we've noticed that a set I have heard this way and then realize that the winds blowing this way. So I'm simply gonna work with wind and turned her turn her around and have her walk into the wind So her hair is not all in her face. Less photoshopped somewhat Look at me and sometimes dont um just like you would like, kind of walk normally. Look out at the water. You can even kind of look down a little bit, and sometimes an over exaggerated step will look more like you're actually walking on camera. Okay, I'm gonna be right over here, and you're gonna be walking toward May. So take just slow steps on. And, like I say, you can put your hands in your pocket and just kind of walk looking a little bit down, smile, look out of the water. And then when you get a bit closer to me, just kind of stopped and give me a little pose like this. Okay? I got it. I'm going back. Okay. You ready? Hang on board. Perfect. That's awesome. And the right here. Perfect. Okay, let's run through it one more time just to make sure I got it, OK? Yeah. So good. Right back where you are. I like to do it two or three times just to make sure that I got at that. It's in focus that I got the right expressions, etcetera. So any time you're doing walking stuff, you want to make sure you run through it maybe two times at least. Okay. You ready? All right, hold on. Let me just my light just a little bit, okay? before you get started. But you did perfect. Okay, Go. Oh, I love the hand in the hair. That's perfect. And then right here at me, I som OK, what kind of want you to Dio It's come behind me, and then I want you to walk kind of skim. Yeah, And then kind of stand right here and kind of play with the graph a little bit. What? We're gonna try it. Okay. Okay. We're trying that right? Huh? That right. Just what you wanted to do with Okay, Stay right there for a second. Let me get one right here. Yeah, that's perfect. Okay, go ahead. You don't know your senior fighters. We're gonna take you through the jungle. Did you? Their guy right there. Okay, look at me. I got a picture here. That's right. Less photoshopped for me. And right here. Perfect. I love it. I like this location because it provides green and this, like yellowy color, which is really good, because where I'm from, everything is green. And we don't have this really cool wheat grass. Um and so therefore, you get a lot of green cast, but because this has a lot of different coloring. We have less green cast on her face. Um, and it also gives more dimension and cool color and a love color, so it works out perfect. Okay, stand right there and kind of look off. I'm gonna get a, um, live it more artistic shot with the branches kind of in front of you, So yeah, you can totally use them. The nature grasses, etcetera to give some foreground dimension. So I've got these, uh, weeds or whatever they are in the foreground, and then her in the background. It looks really cool. And then you can also use it to frame her. If you have, um, an opening in the trees or anything like that, that kind of covers it. It also makes a great framing, um, of of your subject. Okay, Now I want to turn around that way, and I want you to look over your shoulder at me like this, Okay? Yeah. Turn your body a little bit more with it. They get right there. 61 Here. It's always better to fix the hair now, Then in photo shop. Okay, I'll turn your body even more toward me, but not a full sit right there and pull this on the back yet Right there? Kind of. Yeah. There you go. You stay right there. Ah, that is so kill the lights. Beautiful on your face, your eyes or pop in. Pull that hand up even more digger right there And get that gold fingernail. Five she painted it looked off of I think it was also okay. Let me get one like this. Me moves. I don't get the people in the background again. Less photoshopped for me later. Like I love it. Okay, Perfect. Okay, so we picked this location for forest. I like to look for places where you can sit or incorporate some element to where you don't have to bring a prop. I used to take couches and chairs and all this stuff and drag him out to the location. And now I really just want to be showing up with a camera, remembering garden the lens and use anything. I can find the ground. A log just like this. Ah, stump Iraq, Whatever. I confined to have him sit because he's playing his guitar. It really works well for him to be sitting. So you prop it up on this leg. We could do a couple of different things like that. Okay, So, forest I want you to display. OK, but don't sing this time. Only because I don't want your mouth moving in the photo, OK? Do you have to pretend you can play? I don't mind your hand movements so much. There you go. And look. Definitely. Keep that smile. There you go. Awesome. Look right here may be playing cute. Okay, we're coming. Close. Okay, Look right here. Way that you turn your face a little bit more toward me now will pose you with it. Okay? I wanted some action shots. Okay? So take it off your shoulder or whatever. Just have it right here and rest your arms. Can you do that? Even like yeah, like that? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. More like, more like this. Yeah. Yeah, Well, it's day. Maybe put one arm down and hold it. Let's say sometimes after do something before I can tell you that I don't even have a guitar, But I'm gonna figure it out. Maybe something like this don't tilt your head because you're a guy. Get this. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just casually putting more of your forearm on it. They get right there. Give me a smile. Yeah. Don't turn your face more. This one killed que que cute. Okay, perfect. Okay, Now, um, let's take this out. Give it to you. Okay. Now, I want you to lean over just yet. Give me that. Yeah, Yeah, Exactly. E right there. Oh, that was cute. Right there. That's good. No smile. This perfect. Okay, Now, I want you to look out, okay? Just kind of like, right this way. Yep. And I like your hands just like that. That's perfect. Okay, so, uh, we never again like you are, and then look out like you were, and we're gonna I'll take it from right of here. Oh, by the way, I change lenses because I wanted a little more wide shot before I was used in 85. Um, and now he's in a 35 millimeter Kremlin's um, So I moved to adjust for that because noticing. Okay. Ready? Yep. Just like that. Love it. Okay. Turn your face a little more toward May. Come there. Your brother. Okay, Stay right there. A perfect asthma. You really drifting off thinking about the music you're gonna right, right? That's pretty killed this time. I want you to have the guitar own, like you are playing it, but I don't want you play it. I just want you to pose with it, okay? We're going to use his guitar because it actually means something to him. It's a great prop because it has meaning. Instead of using a proper props taking or just bring something just to have something that used this actually tells the story of who he is. He is music. That is what he loves. That is his passion. That's actually what he's going to school for, so it works out perfect. Okay, have a seat right there. Okay. I just want you to Yeah, I just want to sit just like that, okay? And look right here. It may awesome. Okay, I'm gonna get a different angle. Okay. I want you to kind of look out of the water. Okay? Right there. And then Now, look right here. May. You're too young. Deny friends, aren't you? You know, friends. You know how Joey? Yeah. You know how Georgia's are you doing and does that Give me how you doing that. Okay, now, just rest your arm up there on the guitar. Yeah, right there. Yep. Perfect Right there. E get one like this. I get a different angle. Look right down here yet. Perfect. One more. OK, take that. Other rest. Keep this. When were you had it take this one? Arrested over that? Yep. Just kind of Yep. And then put this one back right there, OK? Yes. Melo. You doing, Seo? Oh, that's cute. That gets you laughing. Hey, that's the goal, right? Actually taking the Joey, I'm taking the laugh after the Jilly I see. Ah ha. I get a little tricky. Tricky on you there. OK, Perfect. I love it. Okay, Now, can you You come down here on the beach and what can you Can I walk and talk? No. Anyway, yeah. Can you walk and play? Okay, so we're gonna do that. Some love it. You're doing good. Keep going. Yeah, you're doing awesome. I like the action shot. Okay. Got it. Awesome. You got to get you playing good. Yeah, it's like, awesome. And that coop Super red look like that. I love that post. You do. You don't even tell you how to pose Because you're just naturally getting into your guitar, which gives me posing, so I don't even have to think about it. Okay, so with a girl and a guy, there's a difference. Imposing the guy always needs to say masculine. The girl needs to save women. Um ah. Guy could do a straight on hands in pocket typos. Ah, girl, maybe needs a little bit more of an angle. Bring her foot in, tilt her head a little bit. Hand placement is also important with a girl. You want her to have a sort of ballet hands, keep him loose and not tense him up and grab things. So just a light touch of a hand on a shoulder with a guy you want more of A A masculine posed something like this. So we're going to show the difference in two different, like ways to put hands on the two models here. Okay, So, Amy So I want you to turn a little bit to the side and place your hand gently right here on your neck and kind of lean into it with a kind of shrug your shoulder a little bit. Exactly. Let me get a full shot that Oh, my gosh. Wouldn't get that sign. Perfect. And you kept that hand nice and loose. There you go. Perfect. Okay, Now, Forest. But I want you to do is something more like this. Maybe even put a hand this hand in the in a pocket like this straight on and kind of Give me this look right here. Yeah, exactly. Right there. Tune up just a little bit. Maybe even bring the elbow out a little bit more. Okay, Now, I want you take both hands and put him in your pocket and just stand here just like this. Like the part a little bit. Yeah, right there. Yet no shrug just straight on. Like this should not just a hair. They're right there. Right there. Okay, So with him, I can sit him keeping masculine. Always that I consider him to where he can lean over his legs and stuff like that with a girl. You may not want to do the same sort of pose she may have on a skirt you may have on short shorts or anything like that. So you don't make sure you pose her a little bit more feminine in a way that looks good on camera. So, Amy, come here. So I would have you comes it delicate. More like this. Okay. As opposed to sitting like him way. Want you to have a little more curve and a little more femininity. Do you want to sit like that? That the frog pros and crisscross applesauce is always good to That's killed. Um, so that's really key to Yeah. You go now, your program and take another one of you. I'm also getting really close into her because all the rocks are gonna blur together, which should be really cool. And I just looked like a blue background, almost a blue gray background right up here. The closer I get, the more blur I get, which is also okay. And then right here. Yeah. You want to make sure you keep your girl and guy poses a little bit different. You want to give the girls a little more curve, a little more s curve. You don't ever really want to stand them straight. Because arms automatically mean you feel like it may have got with because I've got these arms and that's okay for a guy. But for a girl you want to kind of turn their body. You want to give them curves. You want to give him angles, different things like that. A guy can't do a shrug. Your shoulder typos without looking a tiny bit feminine. So you want to keep him masculine. You want to keep it straight? You want kind of give him the more like the Jilly. How you doing? Okay, so the sun's peeking through. So we've got to try to catch this while we can. But I noticed that her face was a little bit dark because the sun behind her So we're gonna pop a reflector in and you can see the difference away. And with the reflector, Lacey is gonna come hold my reflector for me. You hold it right there. Good. Lovely assistant. Exactly. He'll OK, do me a favor and cross your foot over and hold your arm like this. Yeah, that's guilt right there. She'll feel you, Ugo drug that shoulder all of it. There you go. Perfect. We'll right. That's also awesome. Yeah, kind of going away. But right here, right here. Can you take your too far back? You can tip your hat. You know how people go. Yeah, I turn your face a little more toward May. Yeah. So cute. And now give me one. Not smiling. You can do with that laughing. Can you put your arm through his and lean on him like that? Oh, that's feel. You've known each other forever, right? That's killed. Love the reflection on the water of a handle. That is awesome. Okay, cool. I love it. Perfect. Okay, so that's a wrap for our shoot. We picked a great location that gave us a lot of variety. Even though yesterday when I location scouted, it was brightened, stunning, and a I thought I might would have to work with the sun a little bit more today. It was overcast. You just really have to go with what you're given the location. You could scout all day long, but you really don't know what the lighting or weather will be like because it changes from moment to moment. Really? So no one had a work in both overcast and son is a great way to make sure that you get the shot you want, no matter what the weather. Ato Last minute here. The sun came out so we got a tiny bit of a sun peeking through the clouds, which was awesome. If it had been a little bright and sunny like it was yesterday, I probably would have started out in more backlighting because I didn't want I wouldn't want them to face the sun and bl squinty. But the lower the sun gets, the softer it gets, and then you can start facing the sun. Today it was overcast, so we could really go anywhere. But the Golden Gardens gave us a lot of variety and we got some great shots.

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Lightfoot Studio

I can't say enough great things about this course! I went into it thinking I gain a little bit of info on posing and social media ideas... boy was I wrong! Leslie covers topics that I didn't even know where apart of Senior Photography. I highly recommend purchasing this course, if for no other reason then for the awesome senior panel that lets you know really want seniors want, are looking for, and actually care about in regards to their photos/social media/etc... I hope to meet Leslie one day and thank you personally! :)

Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.

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