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Segment 26 - In-Person Ordering Session

Lesson 28 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 26 - In-Person Ordering Session

Lesson 28 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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28. Segment 26 - In-Person Ordering Session


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Segment 26 - In-Person Ordering Session

Okay. So last day, what are we gonna pack in for the last day, Right? Your chance to ask the last bit of questions. Let's get our last bit of this process go in and talk about how we have gone through everything so far. Getting to know your senior, the actual shoot. And now we're gonna end with the ordering session and how that works. So today we're going to cover. We're gonna have a live ordering session. We're going Teoh, talk about some products. What's popular for? For my markets? We can ask the in studio audience what might be popular for your market. We're going to talk about in person versus online. What's better building collections that your client wants and that will still, and pricing for your market and senior model program, which I'm excited about and also the concept shoot. We did a concept shoot in Georgia in preparation for this class, so I can't wait to show you guys it's awesome. Super excited about that. So let's get going with in person ordering sessions again. It's...

a part of the process that continues that relationship that you have with your clients. It takes that experience up a notch from maybe online ordering to in person. Um, I remember whenever I was at first, actually her about in person ordering. I was at a conference of photography conference and I was in a class and the person was trying to push some product that would showcase your your photos in an in person ordering session. And I kept thinking, I don't need that. Surely the way I do it's fine. Um, it's much better to be in my pajamas and not have to, you know, actually meet people. Sometimes that seems easier, right? And you just sit on your computer, you can put him online, they can take their time and look at them. And I thought I thought what I was doing was fine. I was just like, no biggie, right? I didn't really feel the need to have to buy whatever product they were tryingto push and change the way I did things. Of course, some of that is fear. You get used to doing something, and it's easy, and you don't want to try something new because you don't know for the work on, and I'm sure I was feeling some of that. But we all filed out of this class and we were all standing in the hallways and, you know, you know how women I tend to do. They're all in little groups and there, chatting about whatever we were just learning about. I overheard a Southern accent, which, of course, I went. Oh, who was that? Where she from, eh? So I started kind of listening because, you know, the voice sounded like mine. And she was telling her group of friends how she had changed to an important ordering session and how it had just, you know, doubled tripled, whatever her sales. And I was like, I don't know why the speaker in the class really didn't hit me, but for some reason, this Southern voice talking about it sort of hit me differently. And so I went over to her and asked her where she was from, and she ended up telling me that she was from this tiny I mean, tiny town that is literally 15 minutes from my town that I grew up in on. And I was like, Mac, be you do this. And Mac be, Of course, it's spelled. Look, be for anybody That's not from the South, but we say Mac be OK. But anyway, so I just kept going because I could relate to it, and I knew where that was. It's such a small town that it doesn't even have a McDonald's. Okay, it's small, right? It has one stoplight, one high school and nothing else, Pretty much so I could relate to it. It was easier for me to relate to this girl than it was that speaker who was trying to push that product and whatever. So I was, like, you know, started thinking if she could do it, Mac, be surely I can do it in my town. Maybe it will make a difference. So, you know, I didn't have any information other than she did it, and it worked for her. I didn't know how she did it. I didn't know what she used, But I immediately went home and said, OK, from now on, I'm doing in person ordering. I don't know what that entails. Don't know how to do it. I wasn't gonna buy that product, so I had to figure something out. So I used my laptop and bridge because, as I do When I'm calling images, you can change them to a color. Right? So I thought, OK, my clients can sit there. I can tell them to hit command eight and turn it green. If they love it, I can tell him to hit command. Six, I think, is rid. I can't really remember, but I had a color coding system. Basically, yellow was I went with the stop light green for G o yellow for maybe maybe I'm gonna run this red light. Maybe I'm not on red for absolutely not. So we did it that way for a while. And it it worked. It did improve both my experience and their experience. And then, little by little, I started to see a change in what people bolt, Don't get me wrong. There was an educational process there. I I had clients show up about their checkbook or they would show up and say, Well, I got to get my husband's permission because at this time point in time, I was still doing families and think kids. So I kept thinking, Oh, my gosh, what am I doing wrong? You know, I thought I told him they got a place in order, you know, But it takes time to educate people and get them used to your new standard. Whatever. That maybe. And so little by little, I just kept working it. I didn't let that deter me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I had days where I was like Well, great. That was an hour wasted in my time. And they left and they didn't even buy anything. I had those days, but little by little, I started educating them on the process. And it started working. Not only because I mean all of us want to make a little bit more money, right? That's what we do, what we do. But it also just it felt good to me to know that they had a reaction to the photos. They were looking animal mine. I mean, they might send me an email, and I might start reading between the lines and say, Well, gosh, she didn't put enough exclamation points like maybe she didn't really love him. You know, main like you start thinking I do. I start thinking Well. Oh, my gosh. She just said Oh, yeah, Thanks. Did she hate him like I didn't What Does that mean that wasn't any words? You know, she didn't talk about how wonderful I am and blah blah, blah. So I'm like, OK, so for nothing else, it was worth it for May to see their reaction on DNO that they genuinely had a reaction to the photos. I could see if they like dumber. If they didn't like him now, granted again, When you're in person, you're probably not going to say, Oh, my God sucks to somebody because most of us have some filter, right? So I don't know if it's, you know, but it seems genuine, and I get to see it, And that's what mattered to May eso. Little by little, I started working with different processes and trying to figure out what was right for me. I did the laptop thing for a long time because, like I say, I didn't. I didn't want to go out and buy anything, and it seemed to work. Then it started noticing that people would pick up the laptop and try to bring it to their face. Okay, got to do something different. Onda will say My my really good friend Courtney, who speaks at sea neurology tours. The first person ever heard about Apple TV from So I you know, I Maybe I should try that. And then my friend Missy, who have mentioned before, told me about the portfolio app. So Well, maybe I should try that, and there's tons of different APS out there and things like that. But when you're talking to your friends like your genuine friends and they're saying why I use this and what do you use? And I use this, you know, you kind of play off one another, maybe try out a couple different things and see what works for me. I did the Apple TV for a little while, but then I ended up moving my ordering session from my din in my home to my living room in my home, which is right off the front door. And I don't have a TV in their or I didn't at first. There is now, but I didn't at first for a while. I just used my IPad and it works great because they can pick it up. They can look at it. They feel like they're in control. Holding the IPad. They could make it bigger you know, whatever. I actually only have an IPad Mini, and it works great. So I don't even have a full IPad. But either one works great in combination with the portfolio app. And so that is what I started doing and with the portfolio out tickets star of the photos. So it was kind of the same thing that I was doing with the color coding. It's just given it stars on DSO that started really working for me and that's what I do now is I have we don't we have a house that has a living living room like a traditional living room that nobody ever goes in. So that is now my ordering session room. And like I say, they don't have to come traipsing through my house. They literally walk in the front door and there in the living room, and I've got it all set up and I've got displays just like this, Um, and you know, them hanging on the wall got all the products out, and that's that's where I do and it's easy. If you have a studio you could set up, you know, a television or an IPad or whatever with with the couch kind of like we've got here. It's super easy to set up. Just find a place to do it. So what are the benefits of in person ordering again? It makes you get the clients get to see, touch and feel things. Um, and you get to see the emotional connection. So it's two fold. It provides a better experience for your clients because you're taking it one step further. You're doing something personal that's gonna help them. And then you personally get the satisfaction on and honestly, validation for all that hard work you put into the session so far. So those are two really great benefits As a key, you get to help your clients with decisions. Again. If you've built this relationship like we've been talking about for the last three days, they trust you now, so you can genuinely help them make the right decision for what they're looking for. I mean, you know, I asked him, Do you need prints for Grandma and Grandpa? Are Do you Do you want a wall for it? What is it that you're looking for? I'll help you figure out which photo and a lot of times. They'll come down to two photos, and I will then give them opinion. And it's my honest opinion, and they trust me for that so I can help them with that. It's opposing them, sitting at home, looking at it over and over and over again, critiquing it. Try and decide. Oh, I don't really know which one should get what size should get. Whatever you're there to help them with that, um, orders in place right then, which is nice. You don't have to go tracking down, um, money or, you know, getting them to mail it or getting credit card over the phone and getting all that stuff. You get it right. Then they pay for it. You're done. You know exactly what you got out of that session. So that's also and then you create a sense of excitement. They get X ice is excited about coming to see those photos. It's a little bit more exciting than okay, just to me link when you get him done, you know that doesn't send as exciting, right? So all these things are great benefits to having an in person ordering session. Um, and of course you can most likely increase your sales because of it. Because there there, you're helping guide them. They don't have to overthrow. I think it they think about it right. Then they make their decision and you're done. So I like that. I also like the fact that maybe you talk over your collections and maybe one doesn't fit exactly for that client. But you're there, and you can decide if you want to offer a switch out or ah, well, let's do a custom package for you are, you know, whatever. I also feel like for me, I am not a huge sales person like I don't I don't want to beat somebody over the head, pressure them into buying something. Whatever eso. When I first thought about in person ordering sessions, I kind of thought that that's what the way you had to be. But the way I haven't structure now we're just friends looking at photos, making a decision together, and I don't really feel like I have to push them one way or the other. I'm a guide. Them I may help them make a decision, but I don't let you know. I just like I say I'm just I'm just may I'm talking to him, and it's comfortable. So if you are somebody that loves the sales of it, um, go for it. You probably make more money than I do. But that's just not me. And I'm not gonna ever try to be somebody different. I figured that out a long time ago that I'm gonna be me. And that's the way a treatment business on. That's the way we do ordering sessions. So that's just a little bit about ordering sessions were about to have an ordering session. Do you guys have any questions before we actually have our clients? Um, come in. Yeah. You do a slide show? Yes. So, yeah. Yeah. A national told you that? Yes. So basically, with the portfolio app, it plays a slide show, You know, they sit back, they watch it, they enjoy it. Then we talk about some products, ask them what they're looking for. Aan den. We'll go through them individually so they can scroll through them and star them. So if if they've decided, you know, really need some. I really need a wall print. So when they're going through him and maybe narrowing down things or starring things. They're doing it with that in mind with what they want. They go through him and they star everything. Then generally, that ends up being the digitals and because they don't want to have to make a decision. And that's fine. But but yeah, you educating your client before they come in with Okay. Before you come here today, I want to make sure you've looked at all your walls. You figured out what size Text me a picture. All that? Yes. Well, first of all, you put in my welcome guide. I tell him that that's the process. That's your first step in educating them. So they'll know that. Yes. After the photos you have got your coming to an ordering session, it's at my house. This is what can be expected. You'll be able to view this. The photos will be able to make a decision. Anyway, We'll see the products, and we take the order right then and there. So that's your first step. Then, at the at the actual session, you can start talking about Okay. When do you want to set up the ordering session? You know, if you can keep it to light within two weeks of actually taking the photos. Then you know, right then there you can make an appointment. Just talk. Talk to them. Then on Ben. When it's right before the appointment, you can send them an email. I've even sent them a list of possibilities like hey, or I had this list from. In fact, it was a template from Kelly France shakily, But it was a template. That was a list of things that you could buy. And so you could attach that to an email, and they could say, You know, just say, Hey, you know, you're ordering sessions coming up tomorrow or in a few days. I wanted to send you this gift list so you can be thinking about how you might have to buy for. Maybe you want to start thinking about what you want to purchase for your own self. Look at your walls just like you said eso an email before the ordering session to remind them of the date. The time, your address and to be thinking about what they want is a good idea. But again, they've already seen the products and the pricing and the fact that there is an ordering session in that welcome guide. So that was the very first thing. So educating them along the process from the get go all the way through is key. Yeah, Yeah, totally random question. But you said you do the sessions at your home. So what do you do with your kids? Well, I usually luckily minor in school until three o'clock in the afternoon. Now, summertime has been hard, but I also have a two kids that sleep late. So that worked for my advantage. And I also have a playroom that's kind of on the other end of the house that I can shut the door and just say, Hey, guys are the hour you need to be in here. Don't come get me unless you're bleeding. But that's just during the summer. During the school year, I tended to make my ordering sessions. A lot of times my seniors get out of school early their senior year, so maybe they're coming at 12 o'clock or even two o'clock. I could still fit it in before my kids get off the bus at three of five eso I try very hard to schedule it, then. That doesn't always work, because maybe Mom's work and you have to do it at six o'clock. So in that case, I will try to do it with my kids, right? Football practice or a baseball practice because of their dads taking him anyway. He's coached, so I know I can do that with a house of empty kids. But I have done that. I have done them with my kids in the house. They've just been upstairs. But men are also 10 and eight. Not to me. I don't suggest that for baby. So if you had to get a baby sitter to come over and just watch them in a separate part of your house, just keep him somewhat quiet behind closed doors that it works fine. I mean, my seniors have never really been bothered by the kids if I've ever had them around, But I don't Typically there, boys, I don't care anything about it anyway, But yeah, uh, you know, the other thing is, you could find you could meet somewhere like a coffee shop or something if you don't have a studio. Um, I don't really I've never gone in a client's home. I know people that have done that. That's a possibility. Um, you know, so it's just it's how you structure it. But I just I really do try to make it work while my kids are home. Okay? Yeah, That's my preference anyway. Well, let's say we have a lot of questions coming in from online, but I'd also, like, just see you do it, and we can have a perfect. Okay, Come on in. You guys know Kendra and this is her mom. So they are going to come check out these photos here. Are you excited? All right. Okay. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys, look at this. It's gonna play on the air for everybody else, but it's just gonna play slideshow. So you want to hold it, or do you want to hold it? You want you to hold it? Okay. So you guys just sit back and watch the lunch. Yes, I think it was the first way way with model wind that we ordered right now. One way. Oh, wait. That's cool. That coal. Wow. Does showing off that tower. Wow. Cool. Michael, I really like that Yeah. Oh, finally got that one. Was I right? Look, and then we might hold. It was good, right? It was a win. Okay, I think that's a start. Okay. Okay. So, e tell everyone again about what was the app that you were using portfolio at 12. just from the ITunes store. You do have to also go on the portfolio website and download the Mac loader. If you're a Mac user, I guess there probably is a pc 12 I don't know. So basically, you have the apple IPad, and then you have the loader on your mac so that you can load wirelessly your photos from the ones you've edited on your Mac to your eye. And then I can even show you guys if you want me to, Real quick. Um, so basically, you load them in there. If I could get this going, uh, you could you would create a portfolio for each client, and you can attach the mine Actually has lots of them down here because I just keep adding to it for whatever. I guess you can see that. Don't need all that. So you load your photos, then you can customize it. Managed galleries select the gallery. You can see I've loaded these photos. Then if you wanted to configure the slide show, you would hit that you would add music. I add music from my ITunes so you know, triple scoop or wherever you might want to add music from, um so you would just hit ad and go to your choices or whatever on and add that there. And then And then you're done with that. That's all you really have to dio. And then you pull it up when it's time, and that's how it comes up and you hit play and you play the slide show. And then in just a minute, we're gonna have them just at this screen go through and just one that one. They scroll through him and decide if they like him, but they want a star one because their favorite, they would then just tap the photo and see at the bottom where the stars come up. I always have them hit the Fifth Star because you like it or whatever, and let's say they're going to start that one, and they're going to start this one so they would hit five, and they would go through all of them. And then they would hand the IPad back to you, and you would go here and only look at the ones they start. So then start to figure out what they that's what way they had to know how to do it. E o Teoh reenacting. Now we just want Mom is crying way down side of having in person ordering sessions because I cry every time somebody else cries. So, yeah, we're together on that. We're watching, right? Okay, so anyway, OK, so you think that now what we want to do is go through them individually and you start the ones you really love, But before we actually go through them, think about what products you might be interested in. So we have you know, anything from wall prints storyboards, which are are AWOL print, but allow you to put more than one photo in it, coming like a modern day collage. We have gallery wrapped canvases which look awesome without a frame. So if you want something on the wall but you don't want to frame it, that would be my suggestion to go with with a canvas gallery wrap. You like those? Yeah, I think. I think they're also my over my mantel. I have one big one of my family. And then one of Jack, one of Eli went on me and Jack and Ely, one of Dan and Jack and Eli. So they're all campuses. So they make a statement and just think about you know where you might hang it. If you want to get up on the mantel or if you want to hang it up, Stairway or if you have somewhere in your four year. Wherever I think about that in terms of size can have a wall of Kendra. You got it right. She's your only child, right? Yeah. Yeah. I have a wall about my kids. I don't understand. So maybe you can think about where you might put it within that wall. Andi, what sizes and stuff. We also have a double sided wallets, which are really cool. I don't know. You want to give this to your friends? Those are you? Get a different pose on each side. Stander. Nice it card stock. So they laughed a little bit longer than like, back in my day when they were just, you know, photo paper. Think about that, its something you might want. And then I love the image box because in one of the collections, which I'll hand you that just a second you get this box and it's a really good thing to keep like your keepsakes in, in addition to the CD would come in here on Ben also found that seven of all the images that come in here, so that's always a good it's always a good thing, because if you have people to give photos to like, you have aunts uncles, then you automatically get a 57 of all the photos that you saw with this, and then you could keep the boxing. But whatever you want to do it and you put your tassel in it, you know, like that from your duty groups for your will. Those in here keep it on yourself. Of course, we can design it however you want. Show mom this just so you can get an idea of pricing and duck in the collections so you'll see that you can purchase all the cart on. And then there's also the collection choices which are a better bang for your buck, if you will. Because if you were devout you to those items out of the collection ala carte and there'd be more expensive. So So that's an advantage to buying a collection. And then, of course, you know, if there's something that maybe you want to switch out for something else, we can always talk about that as well. So just kind of get an idea of what is appealing to you. What items are appealing to you, and then we'll scan back through the photos. And that way you can pair a photo with what products you might want. This is going to be Oh, right. That's always not Exactly. And this is a once in a lifetime experience. Yeah, that you want to capture a total. Yeah. Yeah, Totally. And I had so much tell me you have different idea. May be what you want, Mama. I might I don't know. We generally like the same kind of I also love the canvas. Even I'm the storyboard too. But it's cool. Yeah, I think I want a lot of pictures. She does like actual meaning? Yes, the album. I wonderful I am a kinetic purse, right? You like to have started in the visual press, and I got to pick it up and touch it. Look at it, right? Exactly. Enjoy the exactly All right. Okay, Well, often that and then we'll let you guys just scroll through it with your finger. You could be in control and fail through it. And then, like a say, just tap it and the stars will come up. Just hit the fifth star on all the ones that you love. Okay, Okay. Sounds good. I liked the story. Needham and you can always start more And then if you need todo now, waken do that's probably will go with a reaction to what you love first. I like this one too. I like that one. Yeah. Okay. This is we're gonna have a lot of things. This one I like. Definitely. Yeah, I love. And this one Yeah, yeah, yeah, that one. That's iconic, right? I mean, you want OK? Yeah, maybe that's OK. I really liked this one. That one That was yeah, that I like clothes Ideo ideo. And actually, I have to force myself to take the ones of full body only because I like, personally. I like close ups. Yeah. Is it a mom getting anything? Okay. She doesn't like the non smile. And I just You dio right? I think that's cute. Video. I have to go with your mom on that one. It's sassy. It is. I think, this one I like, Select the mold and I know it. Okay? Yes, that's right. No. Yes. OK, yeah. It's so stop. I like this. Really? Like That's a sweet We're in trouble again. That's where a lot of clients tend to get this thing because you get the digitals. Definitely that you can go. They can also do that. I could make it bigger. Yeah, We're gonna have to be a little bit more selective right now how we get into the ones that I just really love That the lighting. Stop this contract. Waking every way. We're not getting any. Oh, okay. Okay. These one video we're gonna start. You get all of these I love. I want dance electricity again under Nance pictures. For sure. One of my past client was a dancer, too, and I took a picture of her on the top floor of a parking garage doing one of those leaks. What do you call that? One was a Firebird. Wait. Yes. She did something similar to that. And then she showed it to her dance studio. And now they use it is like the cover of their like dance program. And like, Yeah, it was awesome, that's what. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Okay. Like that one and then Okay, well, okay, I hear what you start Way. OK, so these are all the ones you did start. Oh, wow. Yeah, Well, lately, what size canvas or wall print would you think you might want? Like, if you were to pick a big a big one? Because that might be easy if we start breaking it down, and Okay, well, I know I might want a 16 by 20 or something like that, or whatever size you might want. Yeah. Yeah, that is. I think that's a 2024 or so, which is a great size for campus, because you don't frame it. So you want it to be a little bit bigger because you don't have the framing to take up space. You know, mean, and it makes the bigger impact to be honest with you. The first time I ever ordered canvas for me personally, I felt 11 by 14 seems really big, ordered it And I was like, No, no, no. It's like little tiny on the wall. And I was, like, a whole that terrible. So for campuses especially, I probably would go with a bigger size just because they do make more of an impact. So that's something you think you might want that maybe look through the ones you've starred as what you might would hang in a house that might make it easier. You know, my purpose would be one of the full bodied. Yeah, because and well, and also with the canvas, because it does wrap around the side. You gotta have space so that none of her is wrapped, so that is a good good point. So a full body would give you more like this. Next one would give you a little bit more space to wrap around the sides. My preference would be one of your ballet, the ballet action ones. You have that one. And then the in the morning print one of like the one that one are Oh, yeah, That was really pretty. I like that one. Sure. Fire. Yeah. Found cool. Uh, what do you think about that? I like that one. Yeah, I think that would be a good one. But that idea of doing the actions of Ali Yeah, I like I like the small, actually. Yeah. So I let you choose that. Good for you, girl. Doesn't matter if it's horizontal or vertical. Note. It is a matter now. Oh, not that I'm terrible making decisions on these kind things. Actually, I think footsies but this one, my favorite out of all the things I like that one. So, yeah, that if a canvas is something you want, You know, that way you sort of narrowed that down. You could go with something that one for that and then maybe get some smaller size actual print, right? Or from a Kendra? Yeah, for you. Control. Exactly. Exactly. You have framed in the same frame. Are they different? I am going to, But I love this canvas. I mean, I do have a framed yes, in the same frame, but I'm canvas idea. Yeah. Intriguing. Really Cool, right? Right. And you could always get some smaller Caymus is like I said over my mantel. I have one big one and the smaller ones around it. So that's always a non option as well. And you could really make it, Kendra. All right. Shows it off. Everyone E I e. There good, buddy. Yeah, OK, Well, if that is decided and then what else might you be interested That we can help you figure out which photo for each item that you might want. I do once also least in a bite in and because we have another wall and definitely for your grandma and then aunts and uncles prince for that, right? You know, I love the double sided wallet. Yeah. You know, if you went with maybe either the middle of the top package, you would get the middle one. You get 10 gift prints, which is anything a pattern and smaller you to have 10 to give away or some to give away, some to keep. So that's an option. Um, And then if you live with that top package, you get by by sevens of everything, so you give those away. But even one of those would give you some that you could give to it's uncles and whoever. So, if you want to take a look back at that and see if maybe either one of the middle or the top one on def. If you go with the middle one, then you can start to pick out which which 10 you want. You know, it really sells me. On the top of the fashion collection is the all digital negatives, because then we can if we decided we wanted something later, we've got it in that Christmas is coming. Yeah, just other idea and then chicken Chairman Facebook or what you might want with, um, I mean, that is that is why that that package is one of the more popular. I would say in the middle of the top are the most popular, and the reason is because of the fact that both of them have one has some digital and one has all digital. And a lot of times, when you like a many's you did, it's easier to get them all on digital than having to decide only five that you would get on digital so so that I think I think is a great option. And like you said you would have them forever. Always. They do come on a CD. But I always tell people toe load that clearly on your computer. But then take the actual CD and put it in like a fire safe, tight box or something like that. So you have two copies, you know, to maybe make a backup on, then that way that doesn't get damaged. If something were to happen or anything like that, and then you know it comes in the box, it comes with Bob exactly on. Then it comes with 57 and then you get to make a decision on which ones you keep give away way, too. And then you could get the canvas as well. And just be, you know, have everything you want, you know, domain. And then, of course, you can take that CD and make prints from it. So if for some reason you wanted something bigger later down the road, you would have that option and then the service, I mean the wall. Is that the purchase? Yeah, I am not in that package. But it is an awesome extra that I would that I would say there's a set of 50. So that was more than adequate, right? Yeah, usually did. Yeah. And that's just from where our Durham makes him a set of fifties. That's Father that. But I think they're a great adult into any of the package is really fun to give out. You can put them. I don't I don't know about graduation announcements here in Seattle. Autumn. If they if you do the ones that have photos if you do more than traditional, like school crest kind, you know, talking about I like to do it with pictures, right? Yeah. So that's that's always an option to Although you won't be graduating for what, a year now? Well, this next year and I will be Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Think about for for your your graduation. When do you get in them out? And probably not until next April. Yeah. Yeah. And when you would dates your graduation, Dina, I don't know the exact yet. I think late in just a second. A second? Yeah. Seniors get out a little earlier than that. Yeah, Yeah. Usually are graduations. Their like Jean four. Yeah, I think those I think those. The option that you're leaning toward is a great option. So, um, you know, you get all of them on the on the city, get the get the five sevens. You don't have to decide which ones, um, images for your smart. So that is I was I'm a phone. It's called a sticky album, and it is kind of like the best way to describe it is, Did you have a brag book of Kendra when she was a baby like that you had in your purse and you had actual photos in a little book and you might would pull it out and show people it's the digital version of that. So on your phone you have a photo album that you can show family and friends and just scroll through it and say, Oh, look, I know it's superb, And then you would get it on your own team. If you want to share with your friends, you would have it. So that's fine. Have because, you know you always have pictures of her on your on your E, right? Exactly. I even have a Kendra wallet work. Okay. Instead, teach. It's nice and quiet. Be tucked away. Right? OK, ok, so all my phone, it'll it'll be my logo, which is Okay, so on yours, it would look like that. You just click on it and then all your photos air in here, and then you would just scroll through just like that. Cool. Really neat. And all your photos air there. It's just a fun way to share with your family and friends. And you can just look at him when you want to. And you're missing her next year. Don't even go there. Yes, So that we come with the tea, which is awesome. Um, and that's came out another shot at the home screen there. Okay, soon. Well, I'm glad you like. I think I had so much I really appreciate it about it was the your strategy of meeting with Kendra before the shoot and, yeah, that we connected you right? And you're able to get to know her a little bit. So when you were actually doing the shooting, you're able to maybe pullout personality traits and and work better together. And I thought that was a really awesome way The started way. Had a blast was together shopping. We went shopping together, which was the best part of the whole thing. All three of us went shopping, and it was so much fun. We had a good time, right? And we tried on clothes. You look Mom sweet. Yes. She drove around, drove us to the market. Yeah, exactly. I e appreciated was your artists. I were in urban downtown Seattle and who were the thought? They were interesting, um, little venues and things to take pictures with. I would not have seen that. And then the result of the photos, you know, from where you saw that day toe what you see now, is it Is it what you thought might come out of those photos, or is it a surprise? No, it was just a jungle Teoh. Well, good. I'm glad. I'm glad you're trying to pick out stuff that way. Specifically picked that location because we thought it went with her wardrobe and it was kind of cool like that, cause you had that look going, that kind of urban looking, that outfit that we picked the brighter colors for the cute skirt that you had on and on. And then I even love how the ones turned out on the roof. I know we were We were having to do that for the class purposes, but they turned out awesome. With space need on the background. I mean, who else gets that? Not everybody gets to do a photo shoot on the roof way. I'm glad you like.

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Lightfoot Studio

I can't say enough great things about this course! I went into it thinking I gain a little bit of info on posing and social media ideas... boy was I wrong! Leslie covers topics that I didn't even know where apart of Senior Photography. I highly recommend purchasing this course, if for no other reason then for the awesome senior panel that lets you know really want seniors want, are looking for, and actually care about in regards to their photos/social media/etc... I hope to meet Leslie one day and thank you personally! :)

Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.

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