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Segment 10 - Senior Portrait Experience: What to Wear Guide

Lesson 12 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 10 - Senior Portrait Experience: What to Wear Guide

Lesson 12 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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12. Segment 10 - Senior Portrait Experience: What to Wear Guide


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Segment 10 - Senior Portrait Experience: What to Wear Guide


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Segment 10 - Senior Portrait Experience: What to Wear Guide

What is the biggest question that almost all of you get One for my book. Secession. A girl Senior session, is it? What do I wear? Yes, it is. I'm telling you, it is because it is for May. So So I got that question all the time and I thought, How can I really help them, like, truly help them? And I thought about me and who I am. I'm the girl that sat in church. And instead of paying attention, I was drawing clothing on the bulletin that they give you. Don't tell my mama, but yeah, so I waas. That was May. I was designing clothes I wanted. That's what I actually wanted to be was a clothing designer. So for me, it made sense. I'm like, Okay, that's that's what I love. I love fashion magazines. I love, you know, shows that are really heavy in the fashion Project Runway is the best show ever. Love it. It's just it's something I love. I usedto I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then I figured out I had to go to New York and I'm a Southern girl who's a little scared of big cities at the time,...

so that kind of cancel that out. And then the next thing I wanted to do is oh, my own boutique clothing boutique. But, you know, things happen that didn't pan out. I didn't end up doing it. But now I figured out a way to get that sort of thing into my photography. So that's really where this whole style closet thing came from. It is how toe answer their question. The most common question they asked, which is what do I wear and how to answer it in a way that allowed me to give them the information that I just eat, sleep and breathe, which is fashion. So that's kind of where the idea came from. That's how I started creating. It s so we're going to talk about that. Okay, so again we go back to the same thing. It is a consistent thing. Inspire, inform and educate When it comes to what to wear. You got to do the same thing. I know When I first started seniors, I didn't inspire, inform and educate, and they would show up in a T shirt and shorts. Nothing wrong with the T shirt and shorts But did it really look like anything other than a snapshot? No matter what I did? Not really. They would show up with wrinkled clothes, or they'd show up with, like, black, like a black dress that had picks. You know, how close Sometimes. Like Nick Close get this little picks. Oliver. They would show up with that because I wasn't doing my job to help them educate Unit to help educate them on what to wear. So that's where this comes in handy. You take it from a level of anybody could have a photo taken to a special experience, you elevate their style, said. Therefore, it elevates their experience, and it gives them something special. They are, after all, spending this money for me. They're doing an extra shoot because they've already gotten your yearbook photo. So I need to make it feel different and special and make sure they look how they want to look in their session so it doesn't look like an everyday thing. They need to look like themselves. Don't get me wrong, and they need to show off their style for sure. But they need to be in something other than a T shirt short I mean again, that just looks like a, uh a snapshot. Really? So how can you inspire, inform and educate Pinterest? Polyglot are awesome. Awesome tools. We all do it right? Who gets lost on Pinterest every day, right? Raise your hand s Oh yeah. And Polyvore is also that for fashionistas. Really? So both of these things could be great tools in sharing these things with your seniors and helping them come up with what they will wear. So Polyvore is a great place where you go on and you pull different items too to do a Nen Sparacio board and you put together outfits and they have name brands and they have everything. They already have the pictures for you just pull him onto the board and you pair a you know, a shirt with the skirt with the shoes or whatever you can title it. You can email it to when you can put it into your blawg just with some code that they have available for you. So it's also Pinterest is awesome, obviously for that same reason, you can inspire them. Not only can you see what your girls are pinning, but you can pin things to inspire them. So one thing I did was they used to have a Pinterest board. That was just what to wear for senior girls. And I had a what to wear for senior guys. Then I started thinking about okay. Not everybody has the same style. Not everybody has the same look, right? So how can I get make this even easier for the girls? Maybe the girl is completely a preppy style girl. Okay, so I created a board called Pretty OK, Pretty pretty. I think it's the actual name of it, but yeah, So they could go street to that board and only look at the things that appeal to them. They don't have to weed through all these different styles that are all over the board and that one board that I used to have. But now they have specific boards that they can look at so they can look at the things that interest them so and also on Pinterest. I don't know if you guys knew this, but you can actually move boards and put them in the order that you want them to be. So when my pincers page comes up the first thing you see or all those fashion boards, because that's what girls are looking at. Then I get into more of my personal pinchers boards, like for the home and for my kids and stuff like that. That's on the bottom because my clients are looking at it. I want them to see that first. So think about how you can start pinning things, how you can use Polyvore on your blog's do fashion post on your block using Polyvore. Because, like I say, it's super easy to create a board and then just go and copy the code and put it right into your block post. And it's all pretty on git talks. I mean, anything from, you know, have themes, so you can do a pretty pretty Polyvore board. Or you can have a urban hipster Polyvore board. Or you can have dresses or rompers Or, you know, whatever the fashion thing is that you want to talk about creative Polyvore board that really, you know, inspires those people, those people that are attracted to those types of things. So that's the first thing. Um, the next thing is to create a what to wear guide on and this is super important because again it takes that experience up a notch. I could just in them the Pinterest on Polyvore, for sure, and that would help them a lot. But how can I also help them? I can also help the mess in animal what to wear guy and showing them really seniors that have worn different things and why these things are good. So the what to wear a guide is, and we'll get in a little bit more detail in the next couple of slides. And then the last thing is to build a style closet, which we will also get into. And I'm up here with some of my things out of my style closet. I'm up here with something, things from Kendra's Closet who's our model. And of course, I had to travel across the country so I couldn't bring everything. So this is a very small sampling of what I have, but I did bring some outfits and I brought some jewelry, so we'll get into why and how I picked these things where I got them from and things like that. So let's talk about the what to wear guy because this is a good, good way to educate, taking it up a notch from Pinterest and Polyvore. Okay, So what should you include in your what to wear guy? Of course it's yours and you can put as much in it or as little as you want. It's yours. These are some of things I include. The first thing is the interest. How fashion plays an important role in photos. How wearing a T shirt and shorts is great, but we are amping it up. And the reason is because we want you to feel special. We want you to really get the most bang for your buck for these photos. You're spending the money. We want it to look more like a photo shoot than a snapshot. So talk about fashion. Talk about how it can help them figure out who they are, are who helped them showcase who they are. So you know they're style plays an important part into that. There's a quote from Rachel's Oh, which I think is in a slide, probably at the end, but it basically says that style is who you are without saying a word. Your taking photos, you're not taking video. Maybe that you're mostly taking photos. You can't hear your senior, right? So how do you figure out who they are? Well, or how do you showcase who they are? Style plays an important role into that. So, um, so that's important. So that is the intro. Okay, So another thing to include is style tips, things that help your senior pick clothing. What? Colors look good. Iron your clothes. That's a huge tip. Because I can't tell you how many people don't iron their clothes. And who wants to put a shop out? Wrinkles, Not me. Yes. Make sure your iron clothes choose close to help you feel confident. So, yeah, I'm trying to educate them, and I'm telling them things that look good, But I also want them to feel confident. So they have to know that. And that validates them. It lets them know that, Yes, you can pick something that you feel confident in because that will read well on photographs. So that's a style tip, you know, don't forget Tomainian petty. If you can go get that or at least take your fingernail polish, all colors you could You could give a couple of tips on what color fingernail polish is the best. I really don't like it when girls show it with blue fingernails. I think it's cute and it's trendy. But when you're posing and you have hands in a photo or whatever, do you really want to see blue or green? Another one? Yeah. I mean, it's great for any every day, whatever. But for a photo that lasting forever or you hope to be, you want more of a color that's gonna tan. Stand the test of time. So a neutral color ballet slippers is the best color ever. It's my favorite. It's S E that finger of Polish ballet slippers, and it's like a very, very, very light pink. That's perfect. Eso remind them of that. This is a tip that you can give them would be very helpful, helpful for them and remind them of what colors? Photos I I let them know that they can get a little more adventurous on the toes because, most likely, yes, they might have sandals, but you're never really concentrating on the toes so they might could wear a core or, you know, a shade that's a couple of shades darker still, probably not a blue or green or anything crazy, but they could, you know, they don't have to go quite so neutral the toes. So I let them know that. So, you know, I let them know their style. Typist started off with hair makeup because that is part of the process, and that helps complete the look. I let them know to make sure to bring jewelry because that helps complete a look. I can throw on a T shirt and jeans and then not really. I look like I threw it on. But if I add a necklace, I bet people are passed on the street with, though she took the time to actually put that together, right? Same thing for a photo shoot. You wanna look like you took the time to put it together? I mean, you are like I say, you're spending the money. You're doing all this stuff. So you want to make sure that you finish an outfit and jewelry can go a long way into helping achieve that. Another thing is to be stylish, but not be trendy. So that's a tip again. You don't want people to not be able to look back on these photos of a couple of years from now and think, Oh, God. Why did I wear that right? I usually tell this funny story. My sister in law is gonna kill me, but again, she's probably not watching. Um, but anyway, she wore 1/2 top in her senior photos. Not a good idea, because I promised 1/2 top is not gonna be in fashion more than a couple of months, Max. It might come back, but it still is. Only will stay around for a little. Also, Every time I look at that photo and my father in law's office, I'm like, Courtney, why did you wear that half top? So you know you don't want to be too trendy, OK? Eso where Something stylish but not trendy. So that's important. That's an important tip. I said, Don't forget about accessories. Make even the simplest outfit pop with jewelry. That's a great tip. Statement necklaces, things like that dress for the session. So if you're having your session in the fall and make sure you bring fall close, um, things like that, all of these air tips that you can give them anything you might have personally that, you know, look good. Just make sure you give them some tips, so that's something to include. Okay, so the next thing is combining colors. This is a good thing to include the CAIS. Maybe they don't know how to combine colors on you know they may have. There's a couple different ways you can come by and colors. You can do a monochromatic colors game. You could do a complementary color scheme. Complimentary means, you know, opposites on the color will. Monochromatic is all the same. Shade. All the exact same shade or varying shades of the same color is monochromatic eso. That's something that you can explain to them. Most often seniors aren't gonna wear monochromatic look. Most often, they're gonna wear complementary colors. And that's great, because on a photo that looks really good. So I think it does take quite a lot to wear. Monochromatic. You gotta have a lot of confidence. I think you know today like it looks great. I think it looks awesome. There's a picture of I think, Sarah Jessica Parker, where she's got all red on it and looks amazing, so it definitely works But for the most part, seniors are gonna be doing complementary colors so you can give them some ideas of what color is my favorite color combinations. Turquoise and coral, pink and green is not a favorite of mine, but it's a favorite of anybody lives in the South. So, yeah, I mean, right, right. So, yeah, give him some ideas of what looks good together. OK, so that's always good. Okay. And then another thing you can include is how to accessorize. Let them know so they know what to bring. And again, this is also something you could do on the session or in the wardrobe. Consultation. Put things together for them, but give them some ideas so that they either come to the wardrobe session or consultation prepared, bring in a bunch of different stuff or if they didn't choose that option, they come to the session with a bunch of different stuff and talk about the fact that accessories add the finishing touch. They really do. They add the the you know, the final piece to the puzzle, if you will. I mean, looking at you and looking at you both have own necklaces, and that honestly makes those outfits pop, you know, domain, like they're super cute by themselves. But that necklace pops and that necklace box. So tell him that it makes them, you know, build like you know where you're talking about. And if you don't know these things, look, a fashion blog's look at magazines. I mean, there's tons of information out there that you can educate yourself to therefore, educate them so, you know, watch Project Runway and, um, like I say, teen fashion bloggers are all the rage. They're out there. There's amazing teen fashion girl, So that's also a good thing. Following these girls on Pinterest will help you also educate yourself so that you can feel confident saying, you know, this is why this necklace was good with this or these earrings or this ring or whatever. So basically, let them know that accessorizing really helps finish, look, and just give him some ideas on different things. Scarves, necklaces, earrings. You don't really want anybody to show up without some sort of finishing touch because then again they are gonna look like they just have on a shirt, a pair of pants that maybe didn't put a lot of thought into it, whereas if you finish the look, it does look like they put some thought into it and cared about what they look like. So that's something. Another thing to include is in section own layering. You guys know that layers you know you can take off. You can put on it helps in the photo shoot to give a variety. It also helps with having something to hold or, you know, so supposing if they have on a jacket, you can have him hold the jacket so those things help with layering from a photo session. But then, aesthetically, it's it's pleasing to the eye toe. Look at an outfit that you know was put to get well put together with layers, a shirt, a jacket, you know, pair of pants, the right shoes, the right necklaces, maybe a hat. All of these pieces add up to be the perfect puzzle, you know, domain. So layering is important like, say, scarves that can hold a scarf. So that's nice. And then you can take that scarf often like a completely different look, and all you do is add a scarf and take away scarf. So that's another. That's that's a really good way that layering is important or reason why layering is important. So make sure you include that. The other thing I included, mine is style profiles in their characteristics. So again, going back to that questionnaire, we asked the girls, Are they pretty? Are they country? Are they? What is their style profile? So in my what to wear guide, I give them some education about that. They may be a combination of these looks, but this way they can see and go Oh, yeah, I think you know, they can look at their claws and be like, Oh, I didn't really know this, but yeah, I got a lot of boho stuff in there, you know? Domain tells who they are. Maybe they're free spirit that loves flowy stuff. And, you know, that would kind of fall into a boho type. Look, um, you know, preppy is huge in the South, so that's definitely I should call it Southern because there's just the southern way to dress such a dollars to it. Earlier, I mentioned Jack Rogers that is a Jack Rogers of a sundress, probably a lily Pulitzer sundress is almost a guarantee for any singer. I have a pattern color dress s Oh, that's a very preppy waited way to dress. Okay, so they can look at these key elements. Colors that fit in Well, obviously, a preppy Southern look has bright colors. Maybe more of a urban hipster has more like army green and black and gray that fits that characteristic. Casual, casual chic is a good thing. That kind of incorporates things like, um, the animal print, you know, like, if you see a girl walking, walking in the airport, I always look at people what they're wearing in the airport, and I see a girl walking in the airport got black jeans owning like a a solid top. She's got leopard print shoes. You know, that's a chic way to add to a maybe not some flashy outfit, right, But it looks polished and put together because she added that little bit of chicness. So these different things they can kind of connect with one of them and start to help, you know, help them build their outfits for their senior session. What else to include definitely want to include riel senior session inspiration. So I just looked at my portfolio basically and picked out girls that sort of fit these profiles to show them the hay boho girl. Pretty preppy, casual, chic senior gland. These are all the style profiles, which one you know aesthetically pleasing to you, which one you relate to the best. So that's that's where that comes in handy with all the different style protest files. And you know what? If you don't have somebody that dressed one of these ways, that's a great excuse or concept. Shoot, take a girl out, have her wear something specific and photograph it so that you can put it in your what to wear guy. So that's always fun today. But most of these are ones that they actually wore on a session. Only one is this one, which I had her wear, but it totally her personality. So but all other ones, a regular senior sessions. But again, until you can feel that you can totally go out into a concept, shoot on the different style profiles

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