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Segment 25 - Senior Panel Q&A

Lesson 27 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 25 - Senior Panel Q&A

Lesson 27 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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27. Segment 25 - Senior Panel Q&A


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Segment 25 - Senior Panel Q&A


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Segment 25 - Senior Panel Q&A

we've talked a little bit about what you are looking for and what attracts you to certain photographers. What is the worst thing that photographer could do that you would say? Oh, gosh, I don't wanna I'm not gonna use that person. What turned you away from I taught her my would Probably, like not picking my own clothes like I really would like to express myself and who I am, but if they're like you have thought this type of clothing, like, I can't wear anything else that really like. But I hope with your clothing, that would be nice. But like picking the whole wardrobe and saying you have to wear this, you can't wear any nails, right? That is that's no good, right? Yeah. I don't blame me. E way Probably too many directions, to be honest, telling you really to go there, there, there, and just do whatever. But it makes it very stressful because you are there to take a picture that sometimes you don't actually want to take right. So I mean, someone harping at you toe do multiple poses or ...

just run around everywhere and multiple pictures. You kind of get a little annoyed and stress at the same time. What about you? Almost kind of opposite of his. But mine would be if they didn't give me enough direction like they didn't. If I just got there and they're, like, OK saying there and expected me to just pose myself, like, even though I know how toe pose my seniors. And I think if I was the model, I get there and, like, I don't know what to do. Like, I'm not usually in front of the camera. So I need them to give me, like, specific, like, put your hand here. Like, relax. Your finger isn't all that right. So basically a fine line between the two, because you don't have too much, so used to If you're, like being comfortable on you like being yourself, you could just kind of jump in front of a camera and right, because everyone, But if you don't usually, like, take having your photo taken, you kind of want a little bit of direct tonight, but not too much for years. Like you kind of get Yeah, fantastic. So okay, this question has a number of votes. This is from a dance for for you guys say you, it's photographers that you don't know. So we've talked a lot about people that you have gotten from word of mouth. Where do you find out about senior photographers other than word of mouth? Are you seeing them in the school? Newspaper ads, social media fliers around the school of the community? Where should people who are looking to reach you and market you? Where should they find you? School, I think straight up, Yeah, just right on the newspaper. I think that's that's a good newspaper. That's a good way to go. But you kind of want to do it. In a way. We're like you. You don't want to seem lame. It's a touchy zone. I don't know. Yeah, I would say, contacting the school and then just giving. I mean, that's like a first step, but I mean, for me as a dude, I'd probably type in Seattle photographer senior photos on Google, and then I would look through the 1st 3 on. Then I would choose what looked cheapest, right? Maybe not too cheap, because then you might not like newspaper school. Newspaper thing probably depends on where you are in the country because where I am, this school's probably wouldn't let me put an ad in the newspaper because all of our seniors have to use the school appointed photographer, so his answer is great. But it probably applies to certain types of schools where he can use any photographer. So there could be tons of ads in his school newspaper because all the students are looking for a photographer where other schools you have to use a school opponent photographer and so I'm guessing they probably wouldn't mess with that contract and let you do that. So I think that's you know, that's the thing about senior photography is it's different all over the country. So having your you know, the way you just said that if versus away that may be where they have the school appointed photographers is a great thing. So we haven't talked a lot about Price, and you just mentioned Price. Is that a big issue? If sort of everything else was equal? Are you looking at the lowest price photographer? Or how does price play into the factor of quality price? All these things that you saying you do want, I think, for quality and price. It's kind of you should really have an idea of what kind of price orange already going for If you want to look, if you're looking for to take, take your have your picture taken. But at the same time, you also want to know what kind of picture you want. Like, uh or where you're going for your picture. Really? So d are y'all as concerned with price or is it more your parent that were so did your did your parents fun? And you know, you guys have all special situations here, but you really wanted your photographer because your best friend did your parents then look at price Or did they just say, Oh, yeah, you want her were using her? Yeah, kind of exclude that one, that one. They You made a connection with somebody and they wanted to be a part of me that first my mom was a little spectacle about it. She's like, Why don't you look at other people's like, see what you like anyone else, but it was mostly focused on her. Was like, No, that's who I want to go with. This is who I feel comfortable with I mean, I met her. I'm done ish. I was at a writer, so I know her. And I know how she does it, does it. And she was like, Check it out. Maybe So. Okay. Okay. Sara, do you? And you also used a friend. But what do you think people shop for? Um, photographer. Do you think they look at price first, Do they think you know? What do they look at first? I think that well, as faras the teens, they'll obviously be more on the social media, which you're probably not putting your prices on that all the time. So I think that they'll see your work first, and then they'll go to the price and kind of see if you're in that price range. And if it's like work, if it is more expensive, if it's worth it for them, toe make that investment depending on, like, the quality of your work. And do you feel that the parents make that decision the most? Yeah, as far as price. Yeah, I think because t will At least around here it's always the parents that paying for the session things never dio so Definitely the parents eso our audience. We've got Sarah here who is closer to you in your age. But a lot of people that are watching at home are a little bit older photographer in their fifties in their sixties. Is that a problem for you? Not at all. I just want someone who's really patient. I think that's a great quality toe, especially in a photo shoot. That's like I just wanted to become feeding. So they're patient with me. Then it was more that connection and how they make you feel in their patient fact. I bet you a six year old woman, is probably more patient than a 20 year old. Age is not discriminatory, which is awesome to hear because we have a lot of people in our audience who think, Oh, I'm too old, too old to start. Or maybe people won't relate to me. So I think it all comes down to perhaps your personality and how you get across. That s a really eerie And does it matter about gender? I mean, do you guys want guy photographers? Do girls want girl photographers or do you not care about that? You just want a connection with somebody. I prefer to have a female photographer. Books. I feel more comfortable there touching you. So it's like I don't Yeah, so that's interesting. Feel more about you guys got a female, but I don't know, It could've gone both with a female and a male photographer. It really didn't matter on say it was just more of as long as there They have a really relaxing personality route. OK, Didn't matter too much like who they were, right? And there, do you photograph Guys are mostly girls, mostly girls. I've had, like, two guys so far. Yeah, mostly girls, and it's always the girl's boyfriend. It's not like Theo Theo Girl, the girlfriend and boyfriend want their photo taken together. Yeah, okay. Are they dragging that boy to shoot? I guess so far, like actually, just yesterday it was the girl Senior pictures. And then they're gonna get the two of them together. And the guy just wanted, like, a few just for the yearbook. He didn't want, like, a whole accession. And I do, actually, I call it the question. Can I ask you? OK, you guys like, pay attention to contest like, say, on Facebook or Instagram like photographer posted about a contest. I know. Usually the parents pay. Do you guys pay attention to that, or do you just not care? Because you're not the ones pain like a payment contest? Like Like that somebody was giving away a free session. Would you be more inclined to submit? Like to enter that or do you not care? Because you're not the one paying for it anyway? Way my parents said they might want to dio Personally, I don't think I would look at it. Bother you if you want one for you. Got that? Answered your questions. Yeah. That is a huge insight, right? Yeah, that's huge because we think about what we would go for, but not necessarily our target client. Right? Awesome. Awesome. Okay, another question. We know that Leslie does a lot. Does all of her shoots are on location. Do you know this is from Monica Huffer says, Do you like outside picks or in the studio, or would you are you open to both? When I did my senior photos, it was so great that I could hardly opened up my eyes on, and that was really stressful, so I don't know. I'm more a fan of in studio, and that's E like. It's more comfy, but I don't really like it if there's sentiment. So where you are? That's really like, If you're sailing like what? I like it outside. I don't feel like being in a state of studio kind of makes me feel a little cramped and uncomfortable. I prefer to be outside and sunshine. Okay? I prefer to be outside tuks. You got more, more stuff to work with Me again. My sales. So I really wanted to sail boat horse for the studio stuff. If you are more comfortable in the studio, do you have a certain like, Would you care if it was the same backdrop that everybody has Maybe been photographed by that photographer in the studio? Would you care about the backdrop? Um What any of that come into play? I don't know. Yeah, sure, Yeah. I mean, I like really both outside of stadia. It's cool to have a nature and there, but at the same time, like, you know, if it was just like me in a studio with my guitar and holding it and just be classy, that's cool. too. That was just all about how they do it. And how come you are in the shots. Okay. Okay. I like this one. This is from latchkey photography. So we've talked Love that question from Sarah on the same topic. What about contest? Where the prize was non Tatar thing. Like a concert tickets. This person has seen Wait a little bit more than just, like a free throws you. But at the same time, if you get, like something, something you condone either use or do outside of the ship would probably catch your catchers in general board. Okay. For guys. What would be something you wanna win? What? Sports tickets or concert tickets? Okay, so okay. And for girls of anything, fashion related concerts. Okay. Okay. Good idea. So just, you know, a way to get a photographer's name out there, but not giving away the actual photography, But more just a contest that they can start being in front of the target audience type thing would be more interesting. Ok, good to know. All right, I'm gonna throw it back to you for one final question for our panel. Yes, or I could do it, but you here and answering these questions. Oh, God, no, I Yeah. All right. So what is the one single thing this is from Stacy. Jacob had several votes. One single most important thing when you're choosing your senior portrait photographer and we may have already covered it. But just you talked earlier about showing a unique style like who you are as a person and bring that into the photo. Okay? Having them comfort ability just being coming uncomfortable. Yeah, but how do you know that when you're choosing them? Um, that's that's really tough to know. To be honest, it's more of like, Second, I show up to the picture. And if I'm not being directed right away more of their making a good conversation with me, then it obviously makes me feel a lot better. So, like, if I call the agency or from speaking to the photographer, Yeah, if they're letting me speak, you know, if they're not talking over me, then I'm gonna want to choose them. Yeah. Yeah. Like talking on the phone there instead of them telling you what you're gonna do like repeatedly. Or just let them have you talk about what you want to do for your picture. Okay, that's all. Sarah. Very anything. I'm like sitting here trying, like and many different things. I guess I would say, like, we've been talking about the connection and just realizing, like if they actually care about you or if you're just another like number to them, So Yeah. Okay. Awesome.

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