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Segment 14 - Senior Session: Hair & Makeup

Lesson 16 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 14 - Senior Session: Hair & Makeup

Lesson 16 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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16. Segment 14 - Senior Session: Hair & Makeup


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Segment 14 - Senior Session: Hair & Makeup


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Segment 14 - Senior Session: Hair & Makeup

today we are. We've had to do a little rearrange of the schedule because originally we had planned on doing a live shoot right now, but it's raining, so you gotta do what you can. And so we're hoping the rain will go away and we can do that in the next segment. But I'm excited about that. Kendra, who you saw yesterday is gonna be our model. And she is going Teoh do a fabulous job. I think she's model once before for creative library. She's an old pro way are going to do a live shoot up on the roof, raise the roof. Right. So we're gonna have a good time with that. And we're also going Teoh, I'm gonna share a video. Appreciate that. I did. Once we got out here at Golden Gardens here in Seattle, we did a shoot with a girl and a guy. So we get to aspects of senior photography. We're going to talk about finding the right location, lighting, natural natural poses, natural reflectors, all that good stuff that has to do with shooting and, you know, posing as far as guys and girls. There's a li...

ttle bit of a difference between the two, So we'll talk a little bit about that. We'll talk, then we'll get into workflow. Andi, For me, workflow is editing, but also workflow, meaning from the time you get an inquiry all the way till ordering session and beyond, so we'll touch on that as well. We will edit some images from the roof shoot and actually took Kendra out two days ago. Now I think on digital shoot with her as well. So we'll edit one from that. You guys will see that actually took her around Seattle and, like, you know, like I would normally do for a photo shoot. Normally, I would get up on a roof, do a photo shoot. We did a little bit of what I normally do. Taste. You can see a couple of metres from that. We are going to talk about social media. It's huge with teenagers. So we're gonna talk about that. We're gonna have a special guest who is 18. Blogger guest blogger for C Neurology says she's gonna be joining us. Sarah Cooney is her name. Shout out to Sarah excited toe, have her. And, um and then we're gonna have a team panel which is gonna be awesome because you guys get to ask these teenagers what you've always wanted to know. I think it's a great idea to do for yourself with your own clients as well. Ask the questions and they'll give you the answers. They're pretty honest and straightforward, so they'll tell you exactly what they won't how they want it and all that good stuff that we're going to do that and have a good time. So if you guys want to be thinking ahead of time about questions for that, that's a good idea. You might want to jot those down. You guys out on the Internet if you want to be thinking of head for that segment because I think that segment's gonna be huge, I think it's gonna be a lot of great information right from the source. I can sit up here all day long and tell you stuff, but, um, hearing from the actual teenagers were trying to attract is going to be even more been officials. So that's what we're gonna be covering today. A lot of great stuff, super excited, a lot of interaction with the shooting and the, you know, team panel and Sarah, so we'll have some fun with that. But right now, let's just go ahead and jump in with. First. We are going to talk about hair and makeup for your wardrobe. Admit for your senior clients, and then we'll get into a little bit more about wardrobe, even though I know we talked about that love it yesterday, but more so for the guy because we did a little video clip on me helping him his wardrobe. So we're going to start with that. I want to talk a little bit about hair and makeup before I showed the video a couple of key things for hair makeup. Sorry, had toe get closer to my table. A couple of key things is really finding the makeup artist. So if you're somebody that maybe hasn't found one yet, how do you go about finding one for me? It happened to be that my child went to preschool with another student whose mom was a makeup artist, so that's as simple as it was for me. But I know it's not always that simple. So looking for here, makeup artist. How do you find the right one? You really want to find one that meshes with your style. You know, if you're not somebody that does the super glamorous lots of makeup look well, you don't want to make up artist that does that. You know, domain. If you are somebody that wants a natural look, you want to make sure you pick a makeup artist that can achieve that with the right amount of makeup so that it shows up on camera. But not too much of the girls feel like they are overly made up, right? I know. Yeah. You never want that look right. Money. You never want her to go. Oh, God. What do I have owned my face, Right? Finding one key. You need it to fit in well, with your bring end, and you guys need to work really well together. The more you work with a certain makeup artist, the more you'll mesh well with them, and they'll sort of start to know your style and automatically know what to do for hair and makeup. So I found nine through preschool connection. So how can you find yours? Always tell people go to the makeup counters and everybody usually has a store that has a makeup counter and most of the time they will freelance s. So that is a good start to trying to find one. You definitely need to try them out because you don't want to just trust this new makeup artist with a client and say, Oh, gosh, but a concept shoot or just, you know, a shoot that you you put together for that reason we'll always have in images for your portfolio. So that's good. So you could test them out and then see how it looks on camera. And then you're always gonna gain images for your portfolio. So I would suggest that definitely talked to him, interview them. I would say You want your personalities to fit together and you don't want somebody that's super unprofessional if you know, because that will fit in well with your brand, their representation of you there, the first person truly that your clients might even see. I mean, they may have talked to you on the phone and stuff, but the beginning of a shoot is hair makeup. So you really want that that hair makeup artists to be somebody that can be representative of you and your brand. My girl does both hair and makeup, which is super convenient, but that's not always possible. So if you have to find somebody separate for hair versus makeup again, that person ship that all the criteria that fit your brand on gun also look for somebody where you know, if I like. I don't have a studio, so I really don't want here Makeup done at my house. I don't want my kids running around. I don't want to kick my husband out like Sorry I got here Makeup. Come into the house. So finding a hair and makeup artists that has somewhere for me to go with the girls is important. So if you go into the department store whatever and you're talking to somebody that might freelance, you may ask them, Hey, do you have a place? Because they don't. That's a consideration for you. Course. If you have the studio, maybe some like that could just come to you. So think about those things when you're looking for a hair makeup artists because it is super and boarded. Now, I worked with hair makeup artists all over the country because with C neurology, we do see neurology tours and we do shoot out. So we do all these things where we I'm going into a new area. I don't know, hair and makeup artist. So I have to find, you know, my personal one was super easy for me to find. But I do understand having to find somebody new because I do it all the time and I rely on referrals. I talk to people I will, you know, sometimes ask a photographer in that area, you know who did you know. But then, sometimes I'll go and call a makeup artist or even an agency. Sometimes talent agencies have make up artists that they send out to jobs and stuff. Said they might be a good resource is, Well, just do your research in an interview several people and make sure and then pricing. You know, pricing is huge again because I do it all over the country. I've been quoted as little as $50 as much as $500. Eso You have to know your budget and what you are willing to pay, because it if you are including it into your session price, that's gonna be taken away from how much you end up with. So make sure you find somebody one way around. Having to pay a huge amount of money is to tell them. Okay, look, I really want to work exclusively with you. I'm going to bring you a lot of clients. These girls are going to go to prom and they're gonna love what you did for their senior session. And they're going to book you for prom. So work it that way. Maybe they'll give you more of a discount because they're going to get more quantity for me and they're going to then book, get another booking out of it. Almost every one of my girls end up going to my makeup artists for prom, and she is booked solid. And luckily, my makeup artist has girls that work under her, so she's not available. She said somebody else that works for her and they're all very consistent with what they do and all that good stuff. So that's another thing to consider. If it is a one person show, you are gonna have to really work on scheduling with one person, as opposed to Maybe if they have several people under them. Now I know a lot of places. The lawns across the country also have makeup. Eso That's another option for you to try to find somebody. Um, call him up, you know, And that's a good one for hair and makeup. And it's a good one to send somebody to on Ben. Here. Make up for me is the time to just hang out with the girls. I like to meet him there. I don't ever send them to hair makeup by themselves because I know they trust me. They've never met the makeup artists at that point, so they trust me to kind of guide hair makeup to make sure they look good. Make sure they have enough home, but not too much. Make sure it goes with the outfits that we planned from the wardrobe consultation. So I think it's a really yet again, another time to continue to build that relationship because I just hang out with, um, I talked to them again. Things coming from the questionnaire come up at that point. You know, we talk about school, we talk about, you know, whatever's coming up. I sit there and make sure I'm following him on Instagram, you know? Oh, wait, let me let me make sure I got your instagram correct and let make sure Facebook because we'll be doing behind the scenes shots and things like that. So hair makeup is a great time. Teoh really keep that relationship going. Just just hang out with them. You know, domain. Tobias said yesterday that she plays music and stuff. Make it fun, you know, like girls hanging out and we all were. Well, we are all girls in the studio. Eso, you know, just have have a good time talk girl stuff, talked makeup. The hair makeup artist gets into it, Make suggestions about makeup. I'm always asking some questions about what was the best foundation and what's the newest eye color and what's your favorite products? And the girls really get into that because they're all very makeup conscious usually. So that's a really, really good chance to, you know, continue to build the relationship. So let's go ahead and start the hair makeup clip. Hey, guys, this Leslie, we are here in hair makeup, getting ready for a senior federal session with a me. Our senior Christina is going to be doing her makeup, and I like to hang out with them. Just Teoh. Make sure that they're doing exactly what we need on their home make up to make it look perfect for the Fed. A shoot. It's also a great time. Just hang out and gets another senior. Or so. That's what we're doing. We're about to get started on Amy's makeup. Okay, so today we're going to the beach. So I think, keeping with that same with her hair and her makeup, Really? She's got nice curls like me. Hey, let's keep the beachy waves, Maybe abrade across the front or something. Teoh Kind of keep it out of her face, but still have it down. Yeah, right on, then, for makeup. Just do the corals bronzy kind of color. Like like you're going to the beach. That maybe a pop of right. Okay, Yeah. Maker. I stand out and then maybe a little pop of color on her lip. So how much makeup do you usually dio on people when they're getting their makeup done? We have to put enough own to make sure that you can see it on camera, but not too much, or you'll feel uncomfortable. So yeah, that's exactly why we do Hair and makeup is because we want to make sure that own camera it comes through actually shoot a little bit overexposed. So that tends to wash people out, which is great for getting rid of wrinkles, but not so great if you want to see that they have make up on. So my makeup parts that I typically work with she knows that. But I also do shoots all over the country. So I have to make sure that the makeup artists I'm working with wherever I am knows that I do shoot a little bit overexposed. So we want to make sure there's enough makeup on to see it on camera, but not too much makeup to make her look. 25. She needs Philip 17. Resending 18 have. Anyway. She used to look like hard, just amped up a little bit. Okay, so you can see how just talking to the makeup artist and given her some guidance. Of course, this is totally up to you guys. How much control or not control that you have over the hair and makeup, So typically, I give them guidance, but don't control every aspect of what they do, because again, I tend to trust them. They know a little bit more about hair makeup than I do. So again, I give him a guidance. I knew where we were going, so location can help showing them the colors of the wardrobe they're wearing can help, just so they, especially if they're changing outfits. But maybe the hair and makeup artist isn't going with the use. You need a palette that can go with everything. So if they're wearing bright red one time, then they're wearing your baby pink. Another time, they gotta wear something that can you go with both outfits, right? Eso or maybe your makeup artists concerned you a little sample of like lipstick, because then that's something easy to change. But maybe the rest of the face is something that goes with all outfit. So it's really important to like I say, guide them, let them know where you're going so they can get a feel for we were going to the beach. So I was afraid it would be windy just because the beach where I'm from is usually windy, so I just assumed that might be the case, I thought instead of me having to constantly pull hair out of her face, the Braidwood keep it off her face a little bit more. Also think about that when girls have, like super straight hair or super fine hair tends to blow a little bit more. My hair will stay like this for days. Things like this probably aren't so. You know, like I don't really ever have to worry about mind blowing too much because it's a thick and heavy. But some girls have fine hair, and so they're constantly that's drinking that's going straight through the eye, which is like, Oh, hate photo shopping, that right? Think about things like that that maybe you and your hair makeup artists can work round to help out with things like that, to make it easier for you when you're shooting to not have to edit stuff so much, Yeah, so give him a guidance. You can always do a Pinterest board of ideas. You can take ideas from your senior again. You took that you know, you did that questionnaires, and maybe they have a specific look that they won't. They might have a specific hairstyle that they really won't most often mind, don't come with very specific things. They may have a few things on their phone or something. They're like, Oh, this is kind of cute. So if we do something similar or something like that, that's a good idea. And then also, I really like for my makeup artists to do abrade or something over to the side that's very easily taken down holds curl really well. And actually, the girl were shooting today. That's exactly what we did. We ended up. She's gonna have her hair curled. She's gonna be pulling it over to the side for the first outfit. And then all I have to do is take out a few Bobby pins and hair is Dale. So it's not a completely new look, but it's something that, you know we can change up very easily. Just all the pictures not look exactly the same. So that's something to consider when you are dealing with hair makeup. Now, in addition to that Oh, yeah, I was just gonna say Yeah, we could take a couple questions before we move to the next. Yeah, yeah. And I wanted to touch a tiny but on this particular models overdrive, but we can do that after questions. So this one is from Stephanie Michelle, who wants to know what types of questions would you ask? Interviewing makeup artists in terms of whether you want to work with, UM, what are some things that you shouldn't know? Absolutely well, First of all, my thing is to get to know them personally, and then you can get into questions like what type of makeup to use. Do you deal with this age group? You know, ask them how much makeup they think is necessary because if they say Aton or whatever, then and that's not your look, I think the main thing is making sure that that that person understands your age group and doesn't make them look 25. I mean, there's there's a lot of girls out there that might want to look 25 that you don't need to your only 17 and you need to go back to 17. I totally would. Yeah, I mean, just talking to us, getting a feel for for their version of 17 year old makeup, making sure that they worked with own camera type makeup because it is a little bit different. They have to have some sort of understanding of how much to put on without making it look caked on. And then you could even have them do make up on you. You know, pain as a demonstration, or bring one of your senior models. If you have one or one of your past clients or somebody that you know that might be 16 17 have them do it and see, Now there's there's airbrush makeup and there's regular foundations, and that's something you could consider doing. My hair makeup artist does do airbrush on, and it works really well for the fact that we live in the South and people sweat because or glisten. I should say we listen, wear, usually shooting and in June and July and August, and it is hot in September and even October. It's hot. An air brushing makeup tends to stay put a little bit longer, so that's always helpful. So and I'm not by any means saying that you have to go use the hair and makeup artist that uses airbrush. I think I've used because I've gone all over the country. I sometimes have to work with here makeup artists that don't do airbrushing, and I think that's fine. I think they both look really loves the make up artist is good. I don't care what kind they're using. However, things to consider are, If you live somewhere, that's hot. And how long will it last? And, you know, what kind of makeup do you have that's gonna give them that long lasting look, in case we are sweating or you get hot or whatever things like that? I think the most important thing is seeing their work, though, and having them do it is a great way and then personality, you know, just chit chat with, um you can get a feel of how you mish with somebody you don't want somebody that's gonna be necessarily combative or have a difference of opinion, is you. You want a mesh. I mean, you know, like I say, you want to present a unified front to your clients because they are going to see that person first, you know, And then, you know, make sure, like I said, the location where you might send them, because if they are, if they want you to come to their home might be great, but you might want to look at that first to make sure it's a home that's appropriate or, you know, whatever. So because they are Children and I mean, there's 17. They're not adults yet, So you want to make sure you're sending them to a safe place, a good environment that's gonna represent you and your brand things like that. So, yeah, that's what I would do kind like a first date trying to figure out right? Not a eight minute date. But you do make up in eight minutes. Exactly time. That's a good question, though. How long does it take you? Because my hair makeup artist sue perfect like super fast, almost to the point where brides that she does are like, Are you sure that's all because they expect this long drawn out process. But she does. A She does a job that a normal person would do in an hour and 1/2 probably in 45 minutes, and does it will. So make sure you asked that How long is it gonna take? Then? You know what time to schedule stuff, because if you are trying to do a shoot it. Let's say you want to shoot it five. In the afternoon. You need to know how long here makeup's gonna take. So you know how far to back that up and start the hair makeup process? Um and then also maybe ask them, Do they do here? A lot of times, my makeup artist will be able to do hair in a way that's not like a hair stylist, but will work for your senior community. May like typically, if you're into that kind of thing, you kind of pay attention to that stuff. You know, That stuff s so it might not be somebody that actually cuts hair or, you know, does that. But it could be somebody that knows how to fish tail or knows how to, you know, do enough do or knows how to curl or knows how to use a straight iron. And that might work for you on. And then you can use one person for the you know, the same thing. Yeah. All right. Well, let's keep going. Wait a question. I actually didn't have a question, but I did have a comment because I was running into that problem. The makeup artist that I was using. They were having my girls too. Too overdone. Probably everything's bigger. More in Texas. Too much though, right? Right. So what I had to do, I had to be I personal became trained so that I could do make up myself. And so I have my own kid. Wow, right? And so that in case like anything happens, I have my own kid. So with everything in it that I and I know how I want my client to look, so I think that's all. And so you're giving them an experience, right? I was giving them experience, but I found like if it was like Super Pac, like an April or March, I was like, drained by the end today, right? But I do have an amazing makeup artists that I worked side by side with with the same with the same relationship that you have with yours. And it took a while for me to get to that point. But she knows me, and she knows my personality. You know, before I would be watching like right, let me too much. But now I can totally like, go walk away and come back write and say that. Oh, this is amazing. Thinking time, right? And just that it's not gonna be like overnight process, but I like I would totally not leave anyone alone. I would just be like, That's a little bit too much eyeliner, but definitely I had to go and learn myself right now. Where did you go? Did you go to cosmetology school? I went to another makeup artists. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I think that's amazing. And I always wanted to do that way. Hours? It's a four later. Okay, good.

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