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Segment 13 - Wardrobe Consultation with HS Senior

Lesson 15 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

Segment 13 - Wardrobe Consultation with HS Senior

Lesson 15 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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15. Segment 13 - Wardrobe Consultation with HS Senior


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Segment 13 - Wardrobe Consultation with HS Senior


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Lesson Info

Segment 13 - Wardrobe Consultation with HS Senior

Let's bring Kendra over here. Come on over our awesome model. Kendra and I have already bonded Rubio by this point yesterday, but typically this might be the first time I was meeting a client is at the wardrobe consultation, and what I would have them do is to bring their war drive basically, and that's what she's done. I tell them to bring anywhere from 68 10 outfits. She brought a little bit more because I told her, fill it up for the camera. But yeah, they bring anything they think they might wear again. They may be already looked at the what the where. Guys that have gotten some ideas and pulled things accordingly. And so that's what we do. Have her come overs. She would come over to my home. We would have this in in that room that I have set aside. We would lay them aloud or hang them all up, and we would just start talking about the close of what you want and things like that. Of course, he's already filled out the senior questionnaire, so I kind of had a sense of her style and t...

hings like that from her answers which is good, because that prepares you for the wardrobe consultation. So let's get started. Check out. Just do it. Okay? You tell me if there's an Adam that is your favorite, like, absolute favorite you really wanna wear. Gosh, I'm terrible. Choosing favorite. I love all clothes. Give me a cup. Well, this is one my favorite colors. And I love lace yet, and so this is one of my favorites. I say like that. I like the color. That's awesome. Yes. Um, let's see, Another favorites. I really enjoy the skirt. Okay. Floral on it. We actually wore that E. Oh, yeah. Well, I like to ask for her favorites because she does have a specific favorite. I really want to try to incorporate that into the session. And I do think this color for this dress is awesome. So I think that is a good choice. I see you brought a bunch of shoes, so I'm going to pull a couple of things. I love this. You're doing you? Yes. That would be really pretty with your tissues. I have point shoes. Yeah. Okay. So either one of those would be really pretty. Um, I do like that dress. You've got a couple of dresses in here, which are pretty, and then you've got some tops. See, I might not should, but she's right there could get in here. Okay, So, jeans. We've got a bunch of different staffs on the look it So usually I'll just go through her stuff and I'll look and see which outfit I'll put things together. So I've already kind of done this since we had a shoot yesterday. So I'm gonna pull the one outfit we wore. So she mentioned the skirt was one of her favorite, so I pulled it. And then I pulled a vest again with a layer, and then we pulled a tank top way. Might have taken it home, but anyway, so I pulled a white tank top. Eso I This would be one option. And you like this, So I think that's good, I think definitely. Maybe address would be an option with your toe shoes. Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have a favorite? Probably this blue. Probably the federally Okay. Yeah, That was my homecoming dress. This wire? Yeah. Good. Oh, my gosh. It's so pretty. 11 lovely love it. And then definitely. Let's take this since you said that was your favorite. Now what? What shoes you typically wear with it? With that, I might wear brown shoes to tie in the adult, um, black heels. Okay, good. Norm, that's yeah, yeah, yeah, that would look good on. And then we could do the toe shoes with the with the homecoming dress. And then I think it would be fun to do something funky that we actually did yesterday with the florals and do something fun like this because that is super cute with a low floral. So thinking of something that's a little bit maybe unusual, that would look cool and fun. And a photo shoot is a good option to So these air three outfits that I would immediately pick for her on go over with you and put things together. So I think these shoes with this first outfit and then So let's take this first outfit and look at jewelry. Do you have a typical anything that you were with? This brought her jewelry and then I have my door here as well. So you told me yesterday this was one of your fist Yeah, this myself for that Was he really pretty to wear with this over that tank top? And it really would finish this outfit off. So I would say this together. So yeah, I think that we really cute. Of course we have a white tank top that would go with that. So if you like that, I would say this is definitely outfit Outfit number one, right? Yeah. Okay, so that would be that. Now we have this which we are going to do with toe shoes. Right on dso maybe point. She's like, Yeah, maybe something simple as faras. The necklace goes or are really a bracelet because that would be really pretty. And you've got this with your So I feel like what you brought for this outfit is probably really cute. And let's with that that you do here, poses like belly. Yeah, exactly. That would be awesome. And it's flowing. So you could actually get away. Yes, I get a leg up on all that gets a cramp, and then we have this thing. So actually, I would pull something from the style closet for this one because this pink necklace would be really pretty with that neckline. I love it on the pink and the green Go together, and then we'll just pair it with some of your shoes. Um, and I think the brown to bring in the brown belt would be awesome. And nearly you think he'll thank you? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, you could really almost maybe bring both shoes, right, Because that changes the look completely, and then it ties in the pink. So that would be really cute, too. So I think that's a must and then I don't know if you want to take a look at anything in the style closet to see if there's something she's usually about 3 to 4 outfits and maybe we do three of yours. And then maybe one of these now, Granted, I traveled from across the country have as much, but I've got a couple of things here that and then thinking about the fact that we already know where your session is gonna be, which is gonna be on the roof already. Know that? So I'm thinking color. I know that that on the reef is white. Really so pop, all color. My suggestion would be that I love, which was little Romper. Yes, and it's dressy, but it's a romper. So it's have fun and different. And then you've got some black shoes that would go really well with it. Honestly, you could do anything from that payer, even a little laced. Oh, yeah, that would be Yeah. Really killed. Okay, I love those shoes with it. And then it's far jewelry. I would pay er the necklace I mentioned earlier. It goes with everything. It kind of just gives you a little bit of bling. It has no color, so it's not competing with the pink of this. Sounds, of course, is ultimate Sted on gold ties in this little girl, a little bit of gold on the shoes or my 11. Like, I think that's also I mean, if that makes you happy with those four outfits, I think it's a right a hide range of different looks. You've got casual fun with sneakers. You've got somewhat dressing with the lace, even more dressing with that, and then this is kind of somewhere in between all of that. I think you've got a huge amount of stuff, so I would do that and I will tell you guys out there in the audience. What I typically do is I have a form that is a template from Mr Davis of pink life photography that I fill this out. So after we've gone over all the looks and we've sort of pick stuff and and we've put jewelry with things, I jot it all down on this form. So then she knows what to bring What we went over. I know what I'm supposed to bring so out of the style closet. We've got the Romper got the necklace, So I know that's what I have to marine on, but she knows she's gonna bring her point shoes, the dress, that way she knows every outfit, and then we can kind of go over the location bridge outfit. So if this word typical photo shoot where we would go to maybe one or two different locations, we would pair the location with the outfits. You guys all have probably the same locations that you know, maybe a two or three locations that you kind of go through so in your head, you know, some items. So when you're looking at the wardrobe, you can say OK, So the pink romper to me somewhere like downtown, not downtown grungy, but like in 19. We have, I guess, more of an uptown where it's all glass and you know, things like That's not grungy. It's not like that kind of area, but it's We have this place called the Peace Center, which is a performing arts center, and it's got all this glass, and that would be perfect if I were in my own hometown. But that's how you can start to pair it up and you can jot it down on here so I would write down outfit number one. We're gonna go to the peace Center, and we're gonna wear dipping Cropper the necklace. She's gonna bring her black shoes, and that's gonna be out. But number one at that location, and then we would move onto the next outfit, and I would have it all filled out right here on the sheet. And I would just make a copy of it and give her and I'd keep a copy, and then we've got that session planned out. We've got the wardrobe planned out. We've got, you know, the locations planned out yet you have a question. I do it about a week ahead of time. So if for some reason they still needed to buy something or something like that, it would give them time. But I do it close enough that maybe they have already bought something or Unity main like you don't want to do it too far in advance because maybe they haven't even gotten to that point of thinking about what they're gonna do. But you don't want to do it like the day before, because then I mean, I don't like to do a shoot that quickly. I want I want to have a point, you know? So I usually do it about a week, a week ahead of time. Yes. And then I would look at, you know, the floral skirt in the best and the tennis use that to me, seems like a cute little either park or even maybe even more of more of a downtown area because it is kind of funky and different. The skirt is really cute, see, But we paired it with sneakers and things that you wouldn't necessarily put together. So you could do that in a more funky location. If you wanted to on then you know the dress. We definitely need a place where she can do her ballet moves. So think about that for that particular outfit. You want to make sure she's got room to do, maybe elite. Or, you know, yesterday she did her can't do a back. So maybe that's the location up here with that dress. Maybe two outfits per location. It doesn't have to be a new location for outfit. It could be two here and two there type thing. Speaking of locations, it's always good to pick a location that provides variety. So maybe you can do to different outfits in one location, but looks like you're maybe into locations. Maybe Alec pick Ah park for two of the outfits that you know, I could go of one section of the park and another section for the other, and then maybe we could do downtown for the other 2 to 1. But that's what we would talk about here. And we would determine that because of that Seattle. I don't know where I would go, so I'm kind of relating it back to Greenville. Yeah, I would totally write down everything I give her a copy. You know, if you have them come to your home, you can have them try that owned. When I have her do that here that you could have her try on outfits to make sure they fit. Make sure they look good together. You could even snap IPhone photo and texted tour so she can remember exactly what we put together. Those are all things that you do in a wardrobe consultation and honestly, we sit here and chat and after, you know, she's excited, she loves, we've got planned. It's really just a great time. That's it. They're and and and, like I say, playing recession and get to know her a little bit more and really be able to pick those locations with staff. So yeah, So you have tried like that cute lace dress on and it doesn't look good on like it's too tight or something like Nice. Leave a A. Yes, But you know what? I've got another outfit mind. Let's try that one. I like better. They trust you. In fact, we went to the mobile Nordstrom's last night, and everything she tried on was cute, but that, you know, there was one that was my favorite. You know, they expect you to. I think they want your opinion. They want to know what you think will look best. They trust you. So I think just offering up that suggestion. No, let's Let's try this. Let me see which one I like better and then took the one that maybe wasn't as tight. You don't necessarily have to point out that it's too tight, although most of them probably I mean, you know, when something too tight, you know, So just just be honest with them and be the professional that you are and just offer reasons why one would look better than the other. And that will make them feel comfortable and confident. Know that they picked the right outfit. So yeah, anybody out there in question? Unless we have any more questions for Kendra and they would probably say goodbye. Maybe not. Goodbye way. Do a final Q and A. Does that work? Yeah, that works. Thanks. Alright, Awesome. Kendra, thank you so much. So, just to re clarify for everyone that may have missed it. Can you tell us what is over on the right hand side versus the left hand side of everything we've just been looking at. And we also had a question earlier about Are there shoes in your style corner analogy that so this side is what my client would bring and this side is the things that I would have in my style closet. And in fact, I do. I brought to some items from my style closet. So what I do is I always have the girls bring outfits because obviously my style closet cannot. It's not huge. It's just pieces that people can add to their current wardrobe to finish it off type things to think about it. In that respect, you're not necessarily giving them, ah, complete outfit because you can't possibly accommodate every single girl with the new complete outfit. But it allows me to take things payer with other things, that kind of thing. So just like, um, you know, with this outfit we paired her shoes with outfit was mine. Or, you know, maybe I would do this outfit, but with one of my necklaces or something like that. So that is what that is. So we have. I have them bring, like, a say anywhere from 68 10 outfits. So I have a huge amount of things to choose from. Ah, lot of times I'll pay or something with it that they would never have paired with it. I'm not sure if Kendra's ever worn in the vest with the skirt, but but it looks really good. And she trusted me to put that together and ended up would be in super cute on her yesterday. So things like that is what what I do. And, yes, I always have them provide their shoes again. There are certain items of clothing that you would just have to have way too many sizes. They don't get me wrong. If somebody wears a 5.5, I don't mind them where my shoe, but it's mine. It's not a style closet thing, so but for the most part, they have to have their own shoes because there's just too many sizes that you would have to have things like that. So again, you're trying to give them a little bit of something that they can add to that you are gonna have to use some of their close to. So that's what these two things are there's mine Perfect together way. Have any final questions in our studio audience? Yes, we do. Have you ever had a client pay for the session that includes the style closet and then not find like either something doesn't fit? I mean, I know you have jewelry. So is there Have you ever had that happened? I haven't because mostly I compares jewelry are for had or something like that. They're outfit now. I have had them not wear any of the actual clothes. To be honest with you, the most common item is jewelry, scarves, hats, things like that. You know, every now and then you'll get somebody that can actually wear some of this. And I don't have, Like I say, I don't have a huge amount of it because I can't accommodate everybody. But usually they will pay for the style closet. And if nothing else, I have helped them with their wardrobe. So that's why I kind of structure them that way so that middle package per se or that middle session it really includes the wardrobe. Consultation is really what they're paying extra for. And then yes, part of that is the style closet and an option to borrow. And, of course, they can always buy something out of here if they wanted Teoh. But even if they couldn't wear anything and I didn't pair joy or anything else, I still took the time to a wardrobe consultation. And so that's where that comes in. So I've never had anybody you know, regret booking that or whatever. Yeah. Can you tell us again about relating the questioning Her that Kendra filled out to everything that just went on. Right. So, you know, you're asking them the question air. You're asking them what kind of outfits they plan on bringing. It really helps you prepare. I can go ahead, get in my head. Okay, so she is pretty so I can know ahead of time before she gets there That I've got certain outfits that the preppy profile or whatever. Maybe she told me that I'm gonna wear a You know, I really wanna wear my favorite dress, which is a green lace dress. I'm thinking ahead of time. Ok, I know I've got a pink necklace. Or maybe I don't have anything. Maybe I want to run the target and I see something that might go. Yeah, that's right. She said she wanted to wear her green lace dress. So it's always referring back to that questionnaire to help you educate and get the proper items. Not that I go out and buy New Adams every time. I don't, But I know ahead of time I can pull certain items based on the answers of that questionnaire, So Yeah, awesome. Okay, maybe a couple more rapid fire questions as we're closing out today. Question from event bracket. And a number of people voted on this question and saying it might be obvious, but where do you change? Where did the word of the clients change on location on a session. I'm usually in the car, usually in the car. And, you know, I tell them that I had a timeless and we're gonna be changing. We're gonna be on location, so we You're gonna have to change in the car. You can change in my car. You can change in your car. I happen to have the SUV that some some what tinted windows. So a lot of times, they will change in mind because you know no, I can see him. They do make pop up dressing rooms, so that's always an option. I've always found them to be somewhat cumbersome, though, because they can fly away and they're like, Not your sturdy. So the car just seems to be easy year, but that is an option. So generally and then sometimes we are shooting at my hair makeup artist studio happens to be at this really cool old mill, so a lot of times were shooting there, so we'll run up on borrowing her. You know, her studio change real quick, so that's an option to. And even when I first started, sometimes we'd way. We were downtown. They might would go in a restaurant, change in the bathroom real quick and grab something to drink, you know, so that we didn't just use their bathroom or whatever have done that. But to be honest with you, it's mostly the car grant. So not not so obvious, but a great answer. No, you gotta work with what you got. Most girls, I mean, especially people like dancers and cheerleaders. There used to be in, like, on the fly and having to change and stuff like that. So it works. It works on nobody's ever really been uncomfortable with that. Cool. All right, well, let's do one more question on that was, Does hair and makeup play into part of this consultation? And if so, is that with the hair and makeup artist? Is that you? Where does that play it? Well, typically, we for me. We take the final outfits to hair and makeup, and I'll say to Katie, Who's my makeup artist? I'm like, Okay, Katie, this is what she's winger in. You know, she's got a couple of different colors. So we really need you. She maybe didn't book the one that Katie would come with us. So I tell Katie, Hey, these air, what she's wearing, we need makeup that will kind of go the gamut of these colors. And Katie will do something that works for everything. So I don't necessarily talk about hair and makeup too much in the wardrobe consultation. Unless that asked the girls, Hey, you know, have you thought about anything for hair like, Do you wanna braid? You want this and the other let me know, and I'll make a note of it so that when I do talk to Katie at the actual hair makeup day. You know, I can say, Hey, you know, she really want to start out with a braid. I will tell you that a lot of times for Katie, and I've kind of worked out the system where we start out with a braid because I can take it down on location and it's still curly. So work with your makeup artists to come up with little things like that. The girl feels, you know, special or whatever. And all I did was take down, abrade and give her new hairstyle because again, that is for that top session. But I took down a braid, you know, today and still kind of gave him a different look. So that's a good thing to talk about two. And, of course, ask your girls if they have any Pinterest, you know, ideas. Some of them do have very specific ideas. I will say that most of mine really trust me to, you know, help decide. It also depends on their hair. I mean, I'm sure the hair stylist you get somebody that comes in with this hair and he's like, Oh, yeah, I want stick straight hair not gonna happen right. So right. I can do so. You know, you gotta You gotta work with what they have to mean. Somebody that has very fine, thin hair abrade might not last very long. So you know? No. Have your makeup. Artists really work with what they have to. So, you know, if they come in with this elaborate hairstyle, they want that you should not be able to do that. Maybe you kind of said, Well, you know, you got here that maybe would look better this way and things like that, So Yeah. Well, fantastic. The questions keep coming in, but for today we are out of time. So everybody we love exactly. We're saving your questions for tomorrow, Love. Zing All these questions. Do you want people to go to your Facebook pages? Where and and ask more questions. There. I can get on there tonight. Try to and tell them questions. You guys have any? Don't have to be tonight. You're busy while you're here, But in general, is that facebook dot com Leslie Kerrigan, photography or one more scene? Urology. Neurology. I mean, I do have Leslie Kerrigan photography. That's fine. Do Either way,

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