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Bonus Video: Concept Shoot

Lesson 2 from: Senior Portraits: Create the Ultimate Experience

Leslie Kerrigan

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2. Bonus Video: Concept Shoot


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Bonus Video: Concept Shoot


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Lesson Info

Bonus Video: Concept Shoot

Hey, we're here in our concept Shoot location in North Georgia at the North Georgia Canopy Tours. It's a great campground, really fine if you ever get to Georgia for zip lining, etcetera. But today we've chosen as a location for a Fed issued because of the glamping theme that we're doing with our concept. Shoot, We are in front of these awesome Teepees, and we're gonna incorporate those into our shoot. The reason I chose glamping is because I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest. Everybody knows how inspiring pinchers could be. The photo was actually away a wedding photo, but it was just of a tent with flowers on it. There were no people involved or anything like that. That was enough to get my wheels turning. And I thought, Why can't I do that for a senior concept? Shoot also had toyed away around the idea of summer camp, which I think is a fun thing. Teoh incorporate into a concept, shoots kind of meshed the two together and came up with glamping in order to be a little bit more glam...

orous. And, um, you know, really stretched the editorial sad of shooting. So it's something that I don't typically do so. It's a chance for me to practice that side of shooting. A concept shoot in general is, is just for that. You can have fun. You can step outside the box. You can do something different. Try something new. It's not an actual client. Generally, that's paying you to get the perfect photos, so it allows you a little bit more time and creativity to just really branch out and try something new. Concept can be wide or very specific. Um, anything from just wanting to trying to clip new location or just wanting Teoh try different time of day. Those could be reasons to do concept shoots or something very specific, like a theme or something you just really wanted to try. A lot of times people will incorporate movies or things like that that inspire them. You know, hunger games is really big, so I've seen hunger games, themed shoots and things like that so you could be their specific. When it comes to that, I think of things that really relate to the age group that you're trying to market to because these photos will be used for marketing purposes, Teoh put in your portfolio and just show people what you can do. So we're gonna have fun today and shoot a lot of really cool shot that this awesome location. So a lot of times when I'm doing location scouting for a concept shoot, it is remotely I don't have the luxury of taking a day trip away from my kids to actually scout a location that's out of tail. Now, if I were doing this concept shoot in my own town, I would certainly have time to do that. But we needed something specific to illustrate the glamping concept. So got on. Google did a search, and the closest place to me was this awesome site campground site called North Georgia Canopy Tours in Georgia is about an hour and 1/2 from my house, which is about the limit of what I would probably travel for any type of shoot. I try to stick to about an hour and 1/2 max just because time is money and you want to try Teoh, try to find places is close to you as possible. But anyway, I googled this place. I found it. I thought the Teepees were awesome. they would make a really great backdrop for our shoot. Provide us with a unique color because the tops of the Teepees air different than the bottoms and would really be a great backdrop to pop against the girls. So we're gonna walk around and see a couple other places around here that this huge ling in So we will find all kinds of great places, but the Teepees will definitely be a part of our backdrop. When we were location scouting, we're looking for unique places, and this caught my eye because of the leading lines. This bamboo stocked up in the line is gonna be a great way to oppose the girls and have the lines. Leads you directly to the subject that I'm trying to showcase. Um also provide texture. It also gives them somewhere to pose with a lot of times, having something to lean up against, lean up against, like this. All of those different things will help give you variety in your photo shoot. So it's not just a girl standing somewhere, but you can incorporate this environment or the structure with posing. This is another good spot because it also has somewhere for the models to lean on pose against. You can have him sitting on this lean against this, standing on this, leaning against the rail, also another leading line. Really. Even though the individual lines are going horizontal, the main line of the path is going directly to where I would probably pose the the models. This group of trees would be a great backdrop, and looking at it from this viewpoint would be something different and unique. Might not be something you'd use in an actual senior photo session, but definitely something to try out when you're doing a concept session, because the concept shoot is somewhere something that you can try new things. Try different vantage points, do different posing and things like that. So this might be something that would be a good thing to try out shooting from up here and having the models down there. I love the pulling of the close. That's my favorite part of a concept shoot because I like to pretend like I'm a stylist. I'm not, but I love to shop, so I love to pull clothes from different places that sort of fit with the concept that I'm doing. Three people is a great place. The feel of their clothes very much fit in with the mood and feel of this concept shoot. So a lot of these clothes actually came from three people like this dress, all these white dresses and then anthropology is another favorite place that seem to fit with what I was doing. So a couple of the other pieces came from there. So really, it's about knowing the different places to shop and knowing what stores going to provide you with whatever mood you're trying to accomplish. If I was looking for something super preppy, I probably would go to, like, you know, Lily Pulitzer somewhere like that. But that wasn't what I was looking for today. So I went with the stores that provided the feel of a very Woogie campy type. Okay, so I brought a bunch of stuff for us to trial on have two favorite outfit, somehow from works for the same glamping. That's why everything sort of glamorized can thing that you would ever wear sequins camping, much less blame thing. But we're going to work with. They were trying to get for, like, editorial fund over the top type thing. Okay, so, um, I'm gonna have Brooke. I want you to other song and see if this works for you. Okay? And then, Conner, I want you to try this. This top looks tiny, but it stretches. There is just one of those stretchy things you know to try that on. And if those don't worry, we'll go with something else. But those were my two favorite outfits that have picked for you. Okay? Yes, I think that was good. I think that looks awesome. Do you like it on? Will wear the hat with it. Yeah, Whichever one on a care. You like that one better. Okay, let's see it. Only I think that's what you need to wear. Are you okay with that? Okay. And then let's look issues real quick. So these are your shoes. Okay. So I would probably where either of those or those, whichever one and then for you, I think. Yeah, I think that's okay. Are you sure you want this? And we don't want a pair like the red black, and that that way span is kind of right distracting. So maybe you Well, let's try this way. Compare the vest with it. Let's why she's got that all or even care with cream on the best she has cream in. It would be over here. Let's see what this looks like on. I definitely think we can use this in some of the shot. Um, but then let's just have her try this dress own and see what it looks like. We Do. You mind doing that? Okay. And we'll just compare. The two could put the best on there. I think so too. All right. I don't know. I like that. I like that better. Your You okay with this? You don't I think I think that either one of the boots. That's fine. That's what I know. Because they have the red. Don't you all right? Yeah. This one doesn't make you pop more. I was afraid of the red at first, but the red actually just stand out. Morning. So let's do that. Okay. See, that's why you bring a whole lot of different options because you never know what's gonna look best on. Okay, so I'm pretty leaning out when it comes to letting you be artistic. OK, but this just sort of a guide. Think um, editorial would see glamping type thing. That's what we're going for. Um, because it's a concept shoot and not an actual high school senior shoot. Even though they are high school seniors, we can be a little bit more like dramatic and makeup, dramatic and hair, that kind of thing. So I'm cool with letting you go free with that, but just, you know, do something fun and unique and different. OK? Yeah. Go. And you can use the inspiration. Okay. So hope you want to check out what their way on. Yeah, right. So we could do more like the greatest. Okay, Yeah, maybe a little bit more of color since its neutral. Right. That's a good idea. Maybe a pop of and I are cheek or lip or whatever. Okay. Okay. Maybe something a little bit chunkier. Yeah. Like chunky curls. Yeah. Okay, again, maybe some grades in it or something, and then keeping it still neutral, but like a bump up? Yeah, that's good. OK, good. Maybe play up the as a little bit, so they stand out beneath that hat. Sometimes when you have a hat on that kind of cover up your eyes a little bit and they make those pop okay. All right. Oh, you look so pretty. I love it. Oh, my gosh. The Soviet. I love the lip. That's all. Film. I think that'll pop with the neutral outfits and you hear Looks awesome. We kind of look like Twinkies, girl. Okay, all is a all right? What? I want you today as I want you to put one foot up here, and I want you to kind of maybe I hear, like, the shoot to decide you need You need to be here so I can see more of your face. Because if you're here, you're hairs in the way. OK, but basically reversed one put up and kind of almost bring your knee in down a little bit. So it doesn't look like you're just like this, you know? Whoa. But like, we're gonna bring it forward a little bit and kind of break. Yeah, and just kind of lame back like that. Okay, come a little bit more in the middle. Okay. So when you're shooting with a girl with wearing a hat, you have to make sure that you get enough light in there because the hat will shade her face on. We already are, and somewhat of shade. Anyway. So a couple of things we did to try to help that is we've pulled the hat back on her head just a little bit instead of instead of her wearing it all the way down on her forehead. So that helps opens her up a little bit, allows more light to her face, and then we're gonna pop a reflector in, and you can see the difference. No, Reflektor Reflektor. That's good. Hang on. Okay, so I'm gonna have you wait on the back foot. Lean back a little bit like this arm. Just grab the arm like this, OK? And I'm gonna be standing right there, and you look over at me. Okay? Okay. Let me move. You keep doing that. Awesome, Gorgeous. Okay, now we'll have you sit on the edge of this. You can just sit all the way down. Needs end like this and lane over just real kind of slouchy. It's always better to take the time to fix their hair now than have to fix it in photo shop. So I'm going to go up to our make sure she's OK with me touching her and because she can't see what's interface. So I'm just slightly removing hairs if I can. Fixing necklaces, making sure the clothes are exactly where I want them. And then we're ready sheet and maybe lean over a little bit more. Yeah, Just kind of an exaggerated kind of slapped. Okay. Okay. We're coming close to you. Right there. Believed that necklace. That's perfect. Chin down just a little bit. Yeah, I love the head tilt. That's awesome. Beautiful. And the orange back there is playing off of your neutral clothing. I mean, look at that. You can see what you look like. The nature doesn't provide a mirror, but the camera does. Right there. That's awesome. Oh, I love it. I could pull that leg in just a little bit right there. That is gorgeous. Okay, one more close up. You can tell you've done this before. Uh, or your dried out. I don't You have. Tell you what to dio. Awesome. Oh, my gosh. This separating. Oh, yeah. Okay. Till she had just a little bit the night they got perfect. And then let's bring that arm up right. Here you go. But it every almost up there. Go chin down like this. Awesome. Okay. And I like to kind of make it look pretty silly. So I love any sort of angles. Chris Carlson Arms, um, you know, knees a little bit of different. Maybe slide one leg out. Sunnis or a little bit of different angle. Exactly. Dropped his shoulder. I love that. That's perfect. Awesome. Here, here. And I like to dio several of the same pose before I move on making sure I get vertical horizontal, etcetera. So sit tight for just a few more seconds in the same pose. Awesome. Love it. Okay. And then let's switch it out. Maybe bring it one arm up on your shoulder around your neck like that. What? You just did that perfect. I love it. A lot of times when I'm shooting, I'll be telling you to do something and you'll do something on the way to trying to do what I'm telling you to do. And I like it better. And that's what just happened exactly like that. That's perfect. Perfect. Awesome. Love it. Gonna come up close and get that same thing, OK? On the count of three, I want you to glance up. It may. Okay. Perfect. Now bring this one up a little bit closer to your face. Almost lean on it a little bit. And then Right here. Got it. Okay, I'm gonna do it. Words not already rested on your actual neck. There you go. Right there. Right there. Been coming. Really close, David. And then Perfect. Okay. And then we'll get one more. A little bit wider. Same thing ready. Perfect. Okay, with some try. Different location. Okay. Okay. Stand right here. And what I want you to do is I want to put your forearm right here. And I want you to kind of dropped the shoulder and lean into it just a little bit, okay? Oh, yeah, that's pretty. Okay, but where's the reflector? Let's grab that will bounce a little bit light right in your face. And that's going to gorgeous. Good. Getting a little bit more pop. Well, it's sons here, right? Yeah, OK, legal right there. I got perfect. Are you ready? That's gorgeous. Right there. Oh, my gosh, That's really pretty. I love that. And it's also like hitting your shirt. So it's kind of like making that pop. So we've got her position. We love the light coming through the trees, backlighting her, given her a nice hair glow, but really need a little bit more light on her face. I like to see a pop in the face that we've got these two reflectors here. We're gonna use the white side of wine the silver side of the other at a little bit of pop, and we're gonna put those in there and see the difference. Okay, so we're gonna hold this one up on right there, and then you keep make sure they stays this way because once you turn it, it gets changes the light a little bit. Okay, Right there. That's perfect. Let me step back. Gorgeous. 11. Right there. Love the hands. Loved out on your hip. That's perfect. Um, and even if you could bring that the back leg, let's switch legs the back one back there. Yeah. So we've got triangles s curve. Perfect. So the reason we chose the white and the silver is because the sun's already really gold. So if we did the gold side of the reflector. It would really make her very golden orangey. Almost. We can demonstrate that a little bit with this. Um, it's just not I would rather a nice clean image than I'm any sort of color tent. So that's why I chose the side that I do used Now this reflector has gold and silver, so it's not quite as strong in color caste, but it is really strong on her. So you can't. I had to make sure not to blind your subjects. If I got way up there and show this right in her face, you would be like, whoa, so I kind of try to position it. And then I stepped back a little bit, so it's not really, really crazy, right? But just perfect. So, actually, if you'll come right here and hold this, I'm gonna get a few This A lot of times when I'm looking for a location, I try to look for a lot of leading lines. A trail is a really good option, especially for this particular concept shoot, since we are talking about a woodsy, glamping camping type thing. And so this trail right here is gonna be a great spot to put the girls do a bunch of different poses together and by themselves on and have the line leading your eye right to the girls. Our girls come here. Okay? I love this path of love The sun coming through here. So we're going to try to set you up now, Sometimes I have to put you here and moving around, so just come here so I can see where I want you. Right there. Okay. Coming here. Okay. I want you to come almost like this, Okay? Without exactly there. Don't you tilt your head a little and and then we're gonna need a reflector. Hello, There we go. And we thought that no step of the little car. And yet now go into her like you're there. Go perfect. Like I love it. And I love your closest heads and together like this. There. Get perfect right there. Now go in. They're okay now. We're gonna pop that light again. Right there. That's gorgeous. Girls. This lighting is a little bit different than what we were working with earlier, so that will give us a little bit of different variety to the photo not cool. Um, because you guys, uh, earlier we're a lot more even lit. And now we've got a lot of contrast going on with your face is being popped with the Reflector. Then we've got a lot of darkness in the trees and stuff, which is cool. Okay, Right. Actually, you know what, Brooke? I like you. Hold that necklace if you'll do that, that's awesome. All right. Right here. Awesome. Jim. Downloaded. Broke. There you go. Like that is awesome. Okay, I'm loving this because it's totally different lighting situation than where we were earlier. Earlier we were doing a lot of even lighting, which is always great for portrait work. But here we've got a lot more dimension and contrast. Backlighting. Plus, we've got the pop of light in the front and then also through the trees and stuff. It's a lot of shadows. So it really makes for a different look. Give a lot of different variety to our photos. Okay? Now, I kind of want you guys Teoh, stand separate. Um, did you guys okay? When you're standing, always need to try to make an s curve of some sort. So back, um, there you go. That's it, Uh, weight on your back leg angles with your arms, if you can. So something like, Yeah, like that. I love that, like the back to back like that. But I like the separation just for something different. I love this. That's awesome. And if you want to pull that arm right there, that's perfect. And Connor, take two steps in that way toward her. There. Still separated the little clip? I would guess That is gorgeous. Look, look at your shadows. Isn't that cool? That is, love it. Really. I think we should turn these into leg. We're going to some walking shots. I love to do these walking shots they consume, like, there on the catwalk, and they're going to have a good time. It gets them laughing and talking a little bit of interactions that changes up our so much pose shot for more of an interactive type shot. We may have to run through it a couple of times. Make sure we get the perfect shot, but we're going to have them just walk, look at each other and not look at the camera and interact with each other and have a good time. Right? Ready? Why? e Get that once you look. Oh, yes. You like you all right? Last time. Also former time. Pull this hair out of there were, you know, tried again. Just cause it's on your cheek and every right that's supposed to be Oh, Bobby. All right, Latham already. Why? Still telling a story about when you feed in your backyard? It really here? Yeah. These are vast. Take a look. Yeah, that was cute. I like that one. What a lot of times. After I'm props on location, I do like to shoot simply a lot of time. So usually it's just my camera and myself in the subject, maybe reflector. So when it's that I try to find places for them to sit, so I don't have to carry a chair or a bench or anything like that. So for this shoot while we were walking around checking out the location, we found all these great stumps, which not all. They're going to give us a great place for the girls to sit and pose differently, but also provide texture and Justin interesting element to the Fed. We're going to start out with you doing exactly what you're doing Where you look back at it like that, and I'm gonna take a few like that. Then we're gonna do a few where you're gonna swish it. Exactly. And just have fun with it, okay? But I love this where you're looking down, holding it out like that, even look down just a little bit more right there. You're good. Oh, I love it. Okay, I'll take this hand instead of home. The necklace. Hold your hat right there. Oh, my gosh. Scored. Okay, Now let's do the motion. Okay? And actually, you don't have to look at me when you're doing it. Probably looks more natural if you're just kind of swaying back and forth and I'm just gonna keep shooting. Okay? Okay, that's perfect. And look down. I love that. That's awesome, guys. So I'm gonna have her use this awesome tree stump for a place to sit, and I like to always instead of just having him sit straight up and down. I like to give it a little bit of a dimension. Have her lane. Ford says she's gonna lean forward like this, and there's a couple of different things you can do with your hands. Just what you just did. Or then after I take a few can move this 12 here. Okay? And then after a few can drape both of them, Chris called. Exactly. OK, so we'll run through that. Yeah, I do. I like that. Showing a little leg. You don't. Awesome. Okay, now let's Chris Carlson down here. Yep. You know, perfect. Okay, I'm incoming clips. Okay. Right here. Oh, there you go. Okay. Now, here's another one. Stay right there. But what? I want you to dio cross your arms like that and then lean for with one shoulder, okay? It's like you're hugging yourself a little bit and then almost 10 his shoulder. Kind of You don't mean? Kind of like, flirty like Yeah, Exactly. Okay, let's throw that. No, um, put your arms together, like, on your stomach, and then move forward. Well, now that looks like your home. Your stomach? Yeah. There you go. And then shoulder. Yep. Perfect. Okay, uh, by having a favorite gonna get a better look good after, I cannot turn it. Really? How are you going to make it? A little work. All right, like right there. Okay, look at it like even they could do. Like this. One could be sitting here. Let's get stuff like that. That's what about any branch big enough. It's a part of a concept. Shoot is styling the shoot? Ah, lot of times that don't necessarily use a lot of props when it comes to an actual senior photo session. But when we're talking about a concept shoot again, we're trying to portray a theme or a concept. So in that case, I use props to tell the story, just like I do with the wardrobe, just like I do with hair and makeup and the location. So we brought a couple of things that sort of reminded me of camping would see feel I have these antlers that I got off at sea, added a little glamour with some sparkly glitter. Martha Stewart glitters the best. It tends to stick the best thing we've got lanterns and a little would spear that I had in my house. A lot of this stuff came from our house, some of it about new with this shoot in mind, but we envisioned the girl sitting here, you know, enjoying their best friend glamping weekend. So again, we like the whole interacting and like you guys touching somewhat. So maybe one of you leaning down and the other one could be up like this on, like her shoulder. So he wants to do what? You want to switch it up? I got a feeling down. Kneeling? Yep. Exactly. Lean in like that. I love that. Put your knees together like this up, and then we now, Okay. I love it. And I actually like you looking off and you looking at me. Okay. All right. Hang on. Two seconds. Um, right here. Oh, that's gorgeous. Y'all okay? Perfect book. You're awesome. Connor, you're looking great. We'll just turn. I'm just gonna be moving around a little bit of what you got saying in the same pose for a few minutes, so I get every angle here. Okay? Connor, you look at me and Brooke, You look off up there. Got is perfect. Okay, awesome. Love it. Okay, gorgeous. Let me get one like this. Okay, Brooke, Right here. Everybody. Right here. It may. So we've got this set up where they can interact, and it looks like a fun little girls glamping weekend got apple cider here. And mason jars, which is a great tool for just about anything in the South. Mason jars are awesome. So they're gonna have fun, enjoy their apple cider, and we're gonna take some shots. Okay, girls, you guys mingle together, interact with each other. Exactly. Exactly. Here we go. That also is a good Is it other, right? That's cute. Okay, Supercute. Okay, let's take these out while you can have another step been taken away from him. And now just hang out and talk, okay? Because you, you know, earlier you were, like, a little ahead of her, and you kind of look back at her and laughed. E don't. If you have to lean forward a little bit to do it for effect, I'll some All right? Now, let's come together. And I want one of you guys just your heads really leaned in like that. Yep. Perfect. Hang on one right here. Get a wide shot, actually. Yep. That's cute. That's really cute right there. I love it. Okay, Arjuna, you want any of this? Because I'm good, I think. All right. I think that's a wrap up obs unit. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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Lightfoot Studio

I can't say enough great things about this course! I went into it thinking I gain a little bit of info on posing and social media ideas... boy was I wrong! Leslie covers topics that I didn't even know where apart of Senior Photography. I highly recommend purchasing this course, if for no other reason then for the awesome senior panel that lets you know really want seniors want, are looking for, and actually care about in regards to their photos/social media/etc... I hope to meet Leslie one day and thank you personally! :)

Lynn Powell Roberts

I learned a lot from this course. I watched all day when CL replayed Sal Cincotta's senior course and I wanted a second perspective, so I bought Leslie's course. I'm really glad I purchased Leslie's course because it was a great complement to Sal's course. Leslie covered different things like using a style closet that I especially found useful. She also did a beach shoot with a male and female model, which I found very useful and different from Sal's style. Leslie is so excited about "her girls" that she photographs - it's very engaging. I highly recommend this course.

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