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Online Business Cycle

Lesson 3 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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3. Online Business Cycle


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Online Business Cycle


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Lesson Info

Online Business Cycle

So this is what we came up with. All of you should have this download. And when you registered for the course, this is what you got. So you should follow along. As we go through the day, we're gonna be referring back to this online business cycle consistency. And this is the framework that we're gonna be working off of. I'm gonna be touching in on each of these points throughout the course. And then Rachel, who's gonna be joining later, is going to dive really deep into this, we are going to primarily focus on the promotion aspect of this cycle, which is the social, the social channels. But I wanted to really to understand the cycle so you can understand where those channels fit in with your business. So what you really need to understand is how social media can actually help you convert your followers into customers. Because if you guys are here for business, you want customers. You're not wasting your time doing social media right? You want paying customers. Much of it comes into pla...

y with your email, which we're really gonna talk about throughout the whole course, as well as building your email list and the importance of building that list. So the first part of the cycle is deciding on your business values. And this includes your company's vision, your brand of messaging and what you sell your vision, your messaging and what you sell. Okay, you need clarity on all of this in order to make productive decisions for your social media strategy. For instance, in my business, I give daily tips, tools and strategies on how to grow your brand on Instagram, and I also give you tips on how to grow your business online and online. Because I'm not I I'm noticed the INSTAGRAM expert, but they also do a lot of online business tips and strategies as well, so you need to be very clear in this. The next second part of the cycle is the published content, and we use published content to give value bill trust and form relationships with customers. This is where you build your community, and this is where you build trust within your community. And again, we're gonna be diving into details of the whole cycle. But I want to give you a quick overview. Published content is the next step, so in order to have published content To get value and build trust, you need to create publish content. So what you're looking at here is a blawg post that's on our website, and this is an image of that block. Post me teaching instagram and this provides value to my followers. This is free published content that remains on my website, so you need to have published content that builds that trust. Now, the third part is promotion. This is gonna be the main focus of the course, as I said, and we're going to dive into five channels that you can use to promote your business. You get your published content. When you promote your business, you get your published content in front of your audience and you want to use social media to bring value to your customers. Are so that's how you push people to your promotion. Promotion gets eyeballs on your published content and helps create a community on platforms where your customers actually exist. So here's an example of that Meet Alley web and the driver I was there yesterday. This is my favorite place to go where I get Blow dries and I was so excited out the dry bar is one of my favorite accounts on Instagram. And when I direct messaged alley web toe, ask her if she would do an interview with me on blab, she said, Yes, I was beyond thrilled. I mean, just imagine asking your favorite business person if they would do an interview with you or collaborate with you in some way, and she had never done a blood before. I think that's probably why she said, yes, you want to experience it. And so I was able to interview her and talk to her about her business on Instagram, because when you walk into the dry bar, you literally feel like you're walking into her instagram account. And that is doing branding Well, that is being consistent. That is me, knowing that this buttercup yellow is the drive our color. So this is an example of graphics that we shared on several different platforms, including Facebook, instagram and Twitter. So you don't have to cheer it on just one you can cross promote on other platforms. So the next stage, as I mentioned earlier, is growing your email list. This is gonna be the theme throughout the course. Your email list is the only thing that you own, so it's invaluable that you grow your list. Twitter can shut down. Instagram can remove your account so you just never know. So pay attention. When we talk about the email list, you own your email list and again, this is where you provide value. You build a relationship with your audience Over time. I just wanted Pause here because this is really important that you guys understand the value of your email lists in your business. And I really want to hit home with everyone watching that this is so important to be growing your email list because as you grow your email list, you will grow your business and you will make more money doing what you love. So these air so many different options when it comes to email marketing software, and I don't want you to get distracted with this now we're gonna touch on this again later, but I just want you to see what some of those options are. And I just quickly like to touch him with a couple of the audience members to find out. Are you on one of these platforms for your email marketing, and if so, which one are you using? How about how about sued? You have one. And yet I just want I want to just find out this If you guys all have your email marketing content, Yes, I use infusion soft. And I use it mostly because I can segment my audience and then do campaigns. You know, all that nurturing thing. I'm really curious. Are you? Are you the one that does your infusion softer? Do have thrown on your team scarily enough? Yes, I am. And granted total overwhelmed. Don't be impressed. Don't be. You know, infusion soft is a tough platform. But I also did. I was in constant contact, but I decided in constant context. Awesome. But I needed to jump over him soft before they for my future growth. Right? And you've been growing right? So just just to get a sense of that growth, have you When did you start getting on? When did you go from constant contact to infusion? Soft in your business? Like when Did you know that it was time to take that jump? Because I think ah, lot of the listeners would appreciate knowing when you okay found out I jumped over to infusion soft probably three years ago. And constant contact at that time did not have multiple streams where you could segment and then do multiple auto responders. They do now, OK, But I also was looking towards an online training program where it could just mass feed, you know, in the funnels and all of that automation, which is what? Infusion soft provide. So that's why I went, you know, I took a big jump cause I didn't want to jump twice. Yes, but for many people, you would never have to go to a zoo. Bigas infusions often. A lot of my customers, I advised, They don't need Teoh, right? You don't take that expense. I think you're definitely the minority in the audience and probably with people watching. But I'm impressed that you know how to do it. Kudos. Steel is us all. So I spend this year building my online presence. So if you have a budget, male chip is the one that makes sense because it's free up to and email subscribers and beyond that, I would say start exploring others. But for me. It works because I can build campaigns. Everything I have to manage manually. It's not as robust is an infusion sauce, which doesnt autumn automatically for you, but I enjoy it. It's easy, breezy toe learn, user friendly. It's working for you and it's working. Yeah, I I expect that many people listening are probably in the same situation as you are, right, So thanks for thanks for you guys. So let's go back to the cycle. Because now, once you've added someone to your act to your email list, you need to nurture that relationship, and it's really important to do that. And a lot of people don't do this. They don't nurture the relationship. So how do you nurture the relationship? You need to build trust via email, and you really need to stay in touch and engage with your tribe with the people that signed up for your email, they want to hear from you. There's a reason that they signed up for your list, and it's your responsibility to stay in touch with them on a regular basis, and this could be different for everybody's business. For us, it's one time a week, and for many others. It might be twice a month. Whatever works for your business. So here's one of the things that I do to nurture that relationship above and beyond, staying in touch online any time I travel, which is quite frequently because I speak a lot and I travel a lot. I always make it a point to meet up with anybody who I can in person, and this is how I really solidify so many of those great relationships. In fact, Nina, who's in the front row with her yellow jacket, met me at a hashtag soupy meet up in D. C and then hired the SPC team to coach her. And this is how this is what works for May. So nurturing for me goes beyond the online. It's like taking people off line that works for me because I travel a lot and I know that I can connect with people in person because honestly, when you can look people in the eyes, there is nothing more magical about that. And I think this goes back to Johannes Point about live streaming is that you actually see those eyes and you can feel those eyes and you can feel that passion, so I make it it point to do that. And of course, when we do these meet ups, I bring the hashtag signs. I bring the pillows. We have a lot of fun taking photos and broadcasting that online and sharing that on social, which helps promote what I dio globally. So this is all part of that strategy that works well for May. I just want to give you a visual on that. So finally, here's the fun part. Or at least I think it's fun. You might not like it, but I've always loved selling so selling you need to You need to love selling. If you're in business, you need to understand how the love selling, because if you don't love what you're making in doing, then there's a problem in your business. So you have to understand how to sell. And honestly, since you've built these relationships since they opted into your email, it's your responsibility to stay in touch with them, and it's pretty magical. They're just waiting for you to give them that thing that you sell because they want it because they love the value that you bring to the table. So it starts with that email list, nurturing that list and then using your publishing channels, your social channels to promote the products and services that you sell. So this is where you can post on Facebook. You can tweet, you can post on instagram, or you can do a periscope broadcast. But it's important that you understand that you need Teoh cell to make money, doing what you love. I mean, because let's face it, I'm sure some of you start is a hobby. I've done that before. It started a couple of my businesses of the hobby. But I'm assuming that you're turning in because you really want to sell more of what you're creating, and then you need to go back to nurturing again. So this is the cycle. This is the cycle you need to nurture after you sell. And don't just say thanks for thanks for doing business with me. Bye. See you later. You want to keep that relationship alive and you want to revisit your business values to ensure that the value that you bring aligns with your core business values and your brand, and you may need to refine your core values and mission statement to align with your community so many times, we do a check in the spc teen checks in every quarter, and we definitely tweak and align what were doing, knowing what our followers want mawr of. You've gotta listen, and you've got to ask, and we're gonna teach you how to do all of that. Okay, so that is the cycle. And again, Rachel's gonna dive really deep into this. You guys have clarity. Hello, everybody in the audience. You guys with me. Do you love this? Give me a little bit. Yeah. This is good. Yeah. You're feeling this. Okay. Great. We have a few questions from the online. So immersed photography as understand questions She wanted to know. What? Which part of the process to sue enjoy most and why? Oh, so rest. I can't wait to have you on tomorrow. Thanks for asking that question. I I love selling. I love selling because I believe in what I'm selling. And I know that it's gonna help. Every person, including you, have more success in your business. So I'm confident with my services and the products that I create, and I know that I can help more people. And as I said at the top of the hour, that is the fuel that drives me every day. Is helping other business owners have more success in their business? And that's my passion. Good question, Sarasa. And thanks for asking. Other anymore. Yeah, some somebody wanted to know. How do you have time to create content to share who has a team? What if you haven't selected a team yet? Yes, and I do know that it is a luxury to have a team. And I would not be standing here today if it wasn't for my team, to be honest, but I was due at one time as well as well, I am just like many of you out there. I had a retail store. I've been a solo print or my whole life on DNA. Now I have a team, so I know what it takes to manage your time. And when I said to Angie, you need to know what you love doing. You need to do more of that. Jews. The one and we're gonna workshop this throat the two days. But you need to choose the one that you really enjoy, so you don't feel like it's work, because when you don't feel like it's work, it's not gonna take you away from the work. I know how to not do the things I don't like because I have a team, but I want you to think about what do you like to do? And what can you do to promote your business so you can get more eyeballs on the gifts, services and products that you sell Sana Bell and has a question. I'm a marketing manager. How can I convince my customers to send emails? They're so afraid they're bothering the people on their email list. They're so afraid of sent emails, constant contact. How do I convince them? OK, so I think you owe it to your list to stay in touch with them. They opted in for a reason, and you want to nurture that relationship we have learned, and this has evolved over time for us as well. We have learned that when we sell, send the emails and you feel like I am talking to you and just you and not all the thousands of people on my email list that you're like Wow. So just sent me. That email is so we know that telling you stories within that email helps you be more connected to me and what I'm doing And those of you that are on my list know that I sent an email this morning about standing on stage here at Creative Live today as if I'm inviting you all to often and be with me. So the more you can make and this is true with Instagram to the more that you make people feel like they're right with you by your side in everything you're doing, whether it's Snapchat or periscope are all the platforms we're gonna talk about, the more connected they feel to you. Your passion, your gifts, your services. And they want more of that. So you owe it to them to stay in touch. You've got to be consistent. And we're gonna talk about this too, because one email here and then one in three months. It's like, Who did I sign up for? This is this is not what I signed up for, so you need to have a consistency. And like I said, I feel like you owe it to them. They signed up for a reason, and it's your responsibility to deliver and nurture that

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