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Understand Hashtags with Rachel Polish

Lesson 8 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Understand Hashtags with Rachel Polish

Lesson 8 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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8. Understand Hashtags with Rachel Polish


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Understand Hashtags with Rachel Polish

Now we're gonna switch gears a little bit, talk a little bit about Hashtags because I wanted to get this in here cause I kind of on the go to person on the team for Hashtags. And so I felt like I should probably talk about it here. Um, let's talk a little bit about how they work the etiquette with them, how to create a strategy, where to put them hashtag pull conversations in tow. One place. So it's not just about like promoting yourself. It's about collecting all the conversation for one topic into one place exactly like we're doing today with the Hashtags to be get social, right? So Hashtags pulled people into one place. You can see the entire conversation anyone is not using. The faster I get online, hop to it. You're behind. This is what it looks like on Instagram. So they look different. You can use it on Instagram here. This is what a hash tag feed looks like. How do they work? Where do they work? You can use them on multiple platforms basically for anyone doesn't know use. Put a...

hash a pound sign in front of word. It becomes hash tag or combination of words. And it helps people to know what to say and to find community and to discover you, right? This is what it looks like on Twitter. If we use the hash tag when you use the hash tag Creativelive, this is if you search creativelive on Twitter. This is what it looks like on Instagram again. Creativelive This is what it looks like. Oh, hey, we know that person. Um so you can see they look different So it works on Twitter. Instagram, Facebook. Yes, it works. Most people don't use them on Facebook, but they do work. And if you search creativelive, this is what you would find on Facebook and Pinterest. You can search Hashtags on Pinterest When it comes to choosing Hashtags, you need to choose one's. Your audience is already searching for hash tagging The word love Is your customer searching for that? Are they literally putting in the word love? Maybe, Maybe not. Probably not. How do you find the ones they're already looking already searching for? You have to look, look at what they're using, though there likely ones that they're clicking into and looking at word combinations are often really helpful. So if you put two words together, you you are customizing a hash tag to work better for your, uh, audiences. It's more specific, so I like to use a lot of lifestyle hashtags that go along with the lifestyle that your customer has. So let's talk about a few ah examples this. Now these might not apply to you. I'm just explaining what it means to combine hash words together. So fill in the blank location plus life. Hashtag Boston Life, San Francisco Life Job Title plus Life Designer Life Illustrator Life It's like putting the mind set of like you know. So if I'm marketing to illustrators, maybe I'm a I sell kopek markers. I use illustrator life. I know people that are using kopek markers might be searching back there. Illustrators. Okay, you know Johanna in the back there life of a plus job title. Life of a designer Life of a baby sitter. Now that might be a great one for you. Life of a baby sitter. Baby sitters air right in that target. You know that target age range, right? So life of baby sitter, they might be specific to your audience because that resonates with your group. So hashtag life baby sitter. Even though it sounds like it's not related to your business, it is because those are your customers over the ones They're already using their sitting there with a four year old who's just, you know, throwing stuff all over the place. And they're like life of a baby sitter, right, taking a selfie and sharing with their friends. And then you can see a couple other examples here benefits of using a custom hashtag So those air kind of, you know, like you have to play around with the ones that are already out there and customized ones for yourself. But then why? Why does it make sense to customize one for yourself? It keeps the conversation in one place about your business. Okay, If we didn't put up the soup begets social Tash tag, it would be all over the place. We wouldn't see every single thing that people are sharing about this day or this course, so that was really important. It pulls the conversation to one place. It encourages sharing, so somebody knows that they can get into your hashtag feed by tagging your custom hash tag. They're more likely to tag you in that post, and that brings their own audience into the picture. Hope that makes sense. It's easy to find user generated content. If you're somebody that's looking for content to share, always and maybe you sell different things. This is a great way to source user generated content once he's build up the momentum and people are sharing on your behalf on a regular basis. Now you have this whole selection of of content to choose from. If you want to repost something or share something or get to know your audience a little bit better, builds credibility. If I'm somebody new to your business and I land on your hashtag feed, well, then now I see all these other customers. Oh, she has 6000 people in the feed. Okay, I'm not alone here. She is a really business. This is legitimate, not the only one. This is example of what we used for the last few courses hash tag, instigate alive. Some of you in the audience around the world might be familiar with this, and you can see that there have been from the start of the first course, almost 7000 photos have been shared here. Now a lot of them are soo. But there's although a whole network of everybody around the world sharing right here. You can probably even see you on stuff right there, right in the top. So this is an example of how we pull the conversation into one place again, shifting gears a little bit. I want to talk about how you can shape your content based on your specific goals that you have, and this is really about a camp, you know, developing campaigns that work. So you want Teoh. Think of a campaign like a plan to promote a specific business goal over a specific timeline. Length of time, campaign specific business goal that you're executing and you're promoting over a specific length of time. Let's talk about a few examples. You want to register walks for your next event about the campaign. That's not the entire business. School is not registering walkers, cause you obviously, you know your goal is to raise money in most cases, probably, but the campaign goal is a shorter length of time. You want to register walkers his rockers bring in money right So you've got this monetary goal. That's fine with this one of the clients for next season. Shoot. Many of you might be photographers out there. Okay, so you're launching this campaign to book your shoot. You want to build awareness? Let's say you have a new feature on your software. You know, you might some of the tools that you guys might use in your business every time I know our email system, entre port comes out with a new tool. They you know, you want to promote it to get people to use it. That's you know, that could be a focused goal for them. You want to increase enrollment for fall classes. Let's say you work for an emissions in college. You want to increase enrollment. You do on social media and email marketing to increase enrollment. Or, if you're a musician, promote a new album. So these air just like examples of shorter goals for your business that are not, you know, that's not the overarching goal. This is how you have to break it down into these shorter time length of time at a specific time. Okay, you need to decide how long this going to last. Not every campaign should be the suit. You know, the same length of time for us when we're law in, like, really launch mode. That's usually 3 to 4 weeks. It's not 12 months. The campaign time for this course was a week, you know. So it's different every single time. Depending on what you sell your car company. It might be the full year. If you're releasing a brand new model of a car, you have to consider what you're doing, how long it takes for somebody to take action the longer it takes. You know, if it's a higher price point, you might consider making that a longer length of time. But you have to put a timeline on it. You have to put a timeline on it, because if you don't you're just going to be working and working and working. And you never feel like you did anything to do this. Why you start with a marking resource guide. This is where I put important dates for the launch or the campaign. Any time I'm sending an email, any time something car opens or closes, let's say you've got a limited edition collection for something. I put our email marketing plan on there every single kind of email I plan to send during the length of the campaign that goes here. I put our creative social media plan. Let's say we want, you know, I want you want you to periscope. On the day that we send this email, I want you to make sure that you get ah, Facebook video into our Facebook group about this any creative social media posts that you've got going on, let's say you're working on a special video. What day is that gonna be launched? All of those should go in there your day. One action item. I'm moving through this kind of quickly just cause I'm running out of time, to be honest. But I want to make sure you guys understand this and definitely reach out with questions online. And we will follow up with that later in the course day one action items. These are things that on the very first day, what are you doing? What are you doing on that very first day to make it feel like a campaign? I'll talk about a few of those in a second. Any important links that you need to be sharing. Okay, So if there's any links that are going they're going in this document. This is one document it's and Google drive. It is a go to resource for people that are on your team for yourself, for your future self. If you want to do this over again, it already exists, Okay? And key marketing features. This is where people get lazy is where I get lazy occasionally. Andi, you you don't want him to, like, listed all out right up front. But if you put in that document the benefits of what you offer, what you sell, you're setting yourself up to have success and be efficient through for the long run. Because now you have it there. It's just a bulleted list of what are the benefits of this. I'm gonna help you save time. I'm gonna help you save money. I'm gonna help you look more beautiful. I'm gonna help you lose weight. What are the benefits to what you sell, right? Your key marketing features. Here's a little behind the scenes of how I organize our folders for launch. It's a little cray, but I start with so you'll see these air some overarching folders. This is Google Drive for anyone that's not familiar. I've got an affiliates folder. Anything that has to do with affiliates goes in there. Blog's. Sometimes we write specific blog's to lure people in on a specific topic. Right? Any bonuses? This and this is applying to our business. But, you know, think about what you're selling. What you're offering. How can you organize some kind of system here? E mails that were writing If you clicked into this tab, it would be even more specific. Which I think I have a slide on. Yes, I do. Facebook ads and some other modules. Testimonials. Training serious. So I'm collectively putting everything in one bolder in my Google drive. This is our launch folder. What it looks like. Okay, then I'm organizing our emails. I've got a follow up sequence. I've got the training. Siri's webinar invitations. The different phases off the launch is how I break it up. So anything that is pre cart open goes into one thing from just building hype, right? Goes into one folder, and then you know, a few miscellaneous things, but I try to lump them in here. Guess what you're doing. You're saving yourself time in the future. If you launch this again, you have everything sitting here. You know exactly where everything is, and it's really simple and easy to find. Prepare your social media Collateral is all relating to campaign branded Facebook banners for each phase off your launch. Okay, so we know when we were first launching a training Siri's or we've got our webinar coming up. And now the carts open. Some of you may have seen that over the last few months. That's what it looks like. You're changing your Facebook banner social images for all your active platforms. They're different. Sizes don't use the same size on every platform. You've got to customize them to make it feel like a campaign pre right. You're perfect social media post, and I actually drop that into our marketing guide. So you've got it ready for you when you're sharing when you want to share, it's already there for you. It's done branded quotes. This goes, This looks. This is really effective. People love to share quotes, but put your website on it, even if it's written by somebody else. You know, Chris broken and then website at the bottom. So if it gets shared, they're coming back to our website. Make one list of graphics for a graphic designer. This is for anyone who's working with somebody separate from you know, they're like a contractor or somebody on their team. Make one long list for them. It's helpful for you with helpful for them. Just just do it up front. If you've got a series of videos and each time you want something new, you'll get a better idea of what you need. This is an example of what we dio we've you know, you can see there's different logos for what we're promoting and they, you know, different sizes. But it should always feel like you're normal content. Like Does this look like sewer? What? You know you've got buoys in the background, for God sakes. There's nautical and bright and colorful, and she's got Navy on, so it feels like so. It's just an example of what images for a campaign looks like for us. It's branded, you know, even just the simplicity of weaving in that little rainbow line at the top makes it feel a little bit different. like it's part of a collection of something but still branded for us. Lincoln may create your campaign calendar. Look ahead. 12 to 16 months, if you can see in the future what you've got going on. You know, if you guys don't know what you're promoting through march at this point, like now is the time to think about that. Um, not January 1st. You know, you want to think about that now that when you do execute the campaign, you're much better prepared. You know what's coming up? You'll be good to go. So right, guys, You know, this is why we just want to summarize. I know I kind of flew through things there, but again, throw up some questions. If you guys have them in the audience, Lily will be happy to see them through to us. But remember to always reflect back on your cycle, Okay? That's where it comes. You want to make sure that you're always going back there, that's like the dry That's the machine, you know, that keeps everything moving published content that allows people to find you like you and buy from you. Okay. Doesn't have to be all about you. But you want stuff to pull people in that that might like your business and want you What you talk about, your goal should be come to the go to resource for industry, Not for exactly what you sell. You focus on what you sell your too closed minded talk about things that you're not selling that also interest your buyers post natively to each platform again. This is my summary here. Post natively Teach Pratt platform. Treat them differently. They're not all the same and share a variety of content. Hashtags help you become discovered and keep a campaign mindset always. So when you move between campaigns, you know it's helpful to think of them as this enclosed bubble that will help you, uh, help yourself stand out. And your your audience will recognize that you're doing something a little bit differently. All right, so this was me again. If anybody wants to follow up with some questions on social will, be happy to chat with you after I leave the stage My twitter handle rage A polish and instagram Rachel Polish Great little bit of time for so I'd love to ask them. Sure. Voter Vondra Vice says, How should we Non English speakers here? She's a non English speaker. Act with our native audience. Should we create separate accounts, translate everything or something else should be separate them or just used to language posts. Like, I guess he's wondering how to do do that. Two languages. Okay, so what I've seen and that I appreciate and recognise, um is putting them both in the same post, which sounds kind of weird. But instead of trying to dilute your audience in two different places, whatever the dominating language that goes first and then right underneath, just follow it up with the same The same thing just translated right below the post. Yeah. So I've seen this on Instagram with video meals at video meals. They have English and in Spanish to that point, the values all in one post. So, yeah, I think it's a great and I think that's just the help way. You're saving yourself the headache of trying to manage multiple things all over the place. Your question? Yes. Um, I know that when you doing content creation, you use different types of tools such as, like maybe a clot or icon of square things like that. What do you go to Tools? Tools for me personally. Google Drive. I just like If I can't be organized, I go crazy. Most of my job is really writing, copy and planning content, so I use Google Drive. That's like I'm in and out of there all day, literally all day. Almost never not open eso. That's like the number one. If I couldn't live without anything, it would be Google Drive, also Dropbox, which Morgan will get into a lot of different tools. We use sprout social, but Morgan is covering a whole collection of tools and their benefits and features and stuff like that later in the course. So I'll leave that up to her. She's the technical gal. I'm the one that's like, If it's not on the first page of Google, I ain't going there. Morgan will be on page 78 and 91 other question from the online audience. How I'm sorry, hero. It's from Ambrosia Sullivan, who asked, I'm a freelance. I'm a freelance, but where designer on Instagram, how can I promote my services about giving away my designs? This is a common question. I get all the time. And I hate to say this, but like you have toe get over it in a sense, like you have to just do what you have to put it out there. Um, artists, I think, really fall into the trap of not wanting to give away their stuff. And you can do your best watermark something. But, you know, and the reality is, if you know, if there's this big watermark over it, it's does tend to become, um, less attractive to you the audience. So I mean, Johanna Love to hear like what you do. But I just feel like is something you just have to be okay with. Sometimes. If it's something really special to you, maybe you save it as a video, you take a video of it so someone can't literally print it out and hang it up on their wall. Um, but I'd love to hear Johanna What? You what you're doing s I'm using the Dropbox. I have, like, transparent GIF. It's like my logo and, um, it's like my brand Carlos no staff, so it always fits good in the picture. I put it in all my, um, illustrations that I post out other and on my website on Instagram everywhere because like what? Sometimes people like to share it and then it's nice if they when they shared. I'm happy about sharing. But when they just, like, have the my name when they just take me in the copy, people can still and it has no watermark on it. They can share with wherever else I want. And then the caption underneath the image is the way it's gone. And nobody knows anymore anymore. Who did it actually did the illustration. So I'm totally I'm telling everyone, Put the watermark got in there and just make it look nice. You don't have to put it like over there, right? So transparent watermarks really work well, make it fit. You know, if your don't make it so contrast ing to your work that you're doing that it's an eyesore, almost, um and, you know, don't just don't put it so its massive all over the photo. But I think it's just one of those things again. You just have to like, you got to get it out there. Somehow nobody can guess what it looks like. And you're studio, you know, any other questions Now, I just wanted to remind the audience before I head out that I promised if you download the registration bonus, that will really help you if you are filling that and along the way, so be sure to dive in with that. That's really helpful. And you can, you know, hear more from different sections as we go already. Think I'm good to go. So we before you go, I have to say a couple things. Okay? Can you see why I hired her? This'll girl does more than you can imagine. So the words create create coming out of her brain on stage today is literally but we're going to slow down in 2016. I promise. I hope so. Thanks.

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