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Periscope Demonstration

Lesson 17 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Periscope Demonstration

Lesson 17 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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17. Periscope Demonstration


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Lesson Info

Periscope Demonstration

So now we soon we will be doing our periscope demonstration and soon very, very soon. I know you guys are all waiting for this. I'm gonna have Brian fans Oh, up on the stage with me. But of course, I want to give a story because I like to give stories of how I know every single speaker that has been joining me here on creativelive and these relations that ships that I have all the speakers are riel. Brian and I connected on Twitter initially, and we both have three daughters minor older than hiss. But there was that initial like, Oh my God, how do you handle three daughters? And I can't believe, like, I'm working and like, What's that lifelike? So we connected with that. So it's also often it's just an emotional connection, not a business connection. And I really want to stress that. And both Brian and I love Twitter and we kept seeing each other, and people kept saying we could should connect and meet, and we just spend more time together communicating on Facebook on Twitter and then ...

in person at Social Media Marketing world was our first time, and then again It's Social Media Day in San Diego. And so what you're looking at is which I'm really excited about. I don't know if you know this, Brian, but if you look at the hashtag social media Day 14 were still at the very top of the hashtag hub, which I'm gonna talk about later. And this is exciting because we took this photo months ago, but we're still there at the top. And our good friend Pat Flynn is right there with us and then obviously yucking it up at a superb to be meet up when we had my signs. And we just always has so much fun together. So I am thrilled to give Brian a huge creativelive get on stage. Can't wait to have you here. Wait. A beer? Yeah, we're gonna do a little demo. So we're gonna talk. Periscope, I think. First time, let's show off exactly what periscope is. Basics demo time. So everyone get out your phone and we know that they're following us. So first off, I think you know, the basics are understanding what you actually need. And I think you know, you can see we're talking a little bit about different things that we have. I have lots of different tools, lots of gadgets. But my secret is actually that you only need your phone good WiFi and at least some good sound, even using the IPhone, uh, setting. So we're gonna go ahead and open up the app, which is periscope. You can see the three kids right there. So there's $3 in my background there. So periscope is a mobile app. We're gonna talk about live streaming all the APS as far as what is really the power off live streaming. But the 1st I think, probably most popular right now. Periscopes owned by Twitter. And so this is the app right now. And the nice part about periscope is once you download it, there isn't a new account to create. It authenticates with your with your twitter account. So as you can see, these are some of the people that are currently live. This is my feet that you guys are seeing on the on the stream and what I'm seeing all the people that I follow. So, just like every other Twitter account, every every instagram account you see in your feet who you're following. We're gonna go live. We're going t o live right here from the on air. So I'm gonna click the the little camera button and up pops this icon here. So the nice part about this is there isn't something you have to you. I had a youtube channel way. Talked to Sue. Are you had Sunny on here earlier? Steve's gonna talk about there's a lot of work that goes into anyone who has, You know, s CEO. There's so many things. I love Twitter like you. Um, really, The genius of periscope is all you put together is a tweet. And you put the tweet together as the title right in your press play. So it's giving you because it's gonna actually share out the link. You're gonna get less than 140 characters, so you don't want to keep it kind of tight in the title side of it. But really, we're going to the top. It was gonna create a title for what we're doing here. So I'm gonna say, going live from stage at Creativelive. And of course, you can use the at symbol for at mentioning, because when someone shares this broadcast to Twitter, which I'll show you about In one second, you'll actually be able to see that the person will get at mention. So right now I put Soo's name and there, of course. And I'm gonna put the hashtag of the because we're going to get that going. So what's the hash I get sooty gets social? Yes, on the tag board right there. One of them. Let me just jump into when you type. One of my little ninja tricks about the title is I type it and notes a couple times. I've had a typo in my title because I did it right in the phone and one of those typos was my name and I I'd like to just hear from you, Brian, putting your name in the broadcast. What does that do if you are broadcasting? I know that you're at mentioning me, but if you're broadcasting you, the value of putting your own name in the title is so there's two things there. So you when you were so in shares of the twitter. If you don't put your own name in there, it's not gonna at mention you. It doesn't automatically add that Hopefully that feature comes soon. But one of the things that I think is really nice that if you put your name and then your notified about it for me, I use the Hashtags. We know you like hashtags, right? So I usually put, like, thinks like a fan, which is my philosophy in there. When I put the hashtag, I don't need to put my Twitter account because I didn't on social listening on the actual think like a fan account. But I will put the put mine here. And so what That is really nice about that is any time so ensures this. I know about it because the power of live streaming is just to amplify your message. You want to continue the conversation and by putting your name on that, you actually do that. So as you see here, and so we are, we are at the top here. I put the title in So going live from stage a creative lie with Scooby and I have the hash tag and we have the board. There's always gonna getting a sneak peek the four icons across the bottom real quick, the one that's blinking on the left its location services. So it's actually gonna pop up and say where we're at. So it's gonna say we're in San Francisco, so I will say the good and bad of this, and I think it's just about knowing it's risk. First reward. What is really nice? If someone clicked the map, they don't have to be following me. Don't even have to know that I'm live and they're going to say, I want to see who's in San Francisco right now so they can click on that live button and they'll actually seem that I'm broadcasting in San Francisco Very nice, But as a dad of three girls, I will say that also something to be aware of. So if you don't care about people finding you and for me, you know I live in Virginia and where I'm living at, people aren't searching for broadcasts in my area. So I just leave that unclipped because I don't see enough of advantage for it. And I would hate for someone to actually exploit the fact they knew that I was walking through the park on my livestream with that location service. So it's it's up to you on how you do that? The second icon you see there is the lock button. So the lock button actually is for private live streaming, which is really nice because you can select all of your people that you're following on periscope. Who do you want to see? Your broadcast so doesn't get pushed out. The twitter. It doesn't get pushed out to the masses. But you get the select through all of your followers Do they need to be following you? They do need be following you on Twitter like directing them. So you have to be following each other in order to do that. And then the third icon, you see, there is a little chat icon or the little bubble there that actually is limiting the comments. So, you know, there's lots of I'd say rumors or things that go on. You can't stop hate. So there will be some people that will will troll different broadcasting such so you can actually limit the comments to be only people that are following that you're actually following can actually comment in your stream. Now, I'm not a huge fan of that because I love the global aspect, but I also know that some people have risk averse and I've worked with a lot of brands and they're like, OK, I want to limit it I think it's actually better if you kind of focus on okay, I'm no block that people that Chi'en right? And I kind of manager that way, it's not near a zoo. Bigger problems you might see. But it is an option that is nice to write. What I'd like people to know is that if this happens to me regularly, if anyone gets on your stream and they are being rude, obnoxious or just saying things that you just uncomfortable with, you can block them. You can block them. It's a distraction from your flow. You get all kind of worked up, and you're like, Oh my gosh, where's the block? But I can't stand. This is and you get out of your mojo. And but But But do it if you need to. Ah, lot of people say Ignore them. I can't ignore them. I just keep seeing them come back, so I believe you do what's most comfortable for you. I think that's the idea, and I think you don't give people attention The idea that they want to be heard. The nice parties once you start blocking once people know that your community does a lot of work for you, I can tell you I was broadcasting this morning from Fisherman's WARF and I was standing out there on the water and someone came in, was seeing a couple of things, and the community blocked him before I even read the comment and I was like, Oh, okay, there. I don't have to worry about it. The community's kind of policing itself, and for the most part, it's actually not a problem. I've been very lucky. I think the other element there is as a community. I think we're all kind of gang together. To make sure that people are, you'll focus on sharing the good side of of that part. And remember, the engagement here is really important. So right now, as you see, so there's the four icons. If that broadcasting button is not read, this is kind of a best practice. It means your signal is not good, because it actually won't even let you go live. If your signal's not up to up to what they want you to have. So that's what kind of options across the bottom. This is the rocket. Now, I'll tell you a little secret that I use is because sometimes WiFi goes bad. Sometimes you having a problem? I hit select all and I hit copy before I go live because that's what I'm gonna be going live. We're gonna have a great thing all of a sudden. Maybe I dropped my phone because I am a klutz. I dropped my phone also on the broadcast ends. I want to pick it back up and go live immediately. I don't want to type that back out again. I open periscope paste and I go like I love you. I love it. I usually again. I usually have a note when that happened and I even save it to my Twitter Jeffs so that I could do it. And that's that as well. Especially we're doing a very comments I don't like. I actually put the Bentley link for this one and the hashtag in my Twitter drafts because I knew I'd be doing multiple periscopes about it and I could just copy paste right over surfing. That's what we're gonna click this live. So you guys ready? Go live here in the studio audience. Yeah. All right. So this is the last part here. And I hope this is in the most recent update have actually fixes a little bit with the very first picture on the back of the camera is actually the thumbnail that it uses when people share. So you wanna be pointing at something that's not your feet because my feet are in a lot of my original ones. But the new update that just came out this week, actually, they adjust the thumbnail throughout your scope. So it's just the initial one for the first people they're sharing early on. But people that come in, like, 15 minutes in and share it, it'll actually be a new thumbnail on the back. Hopefully the front of the camera back. I'd like to jump in here for a second with the thumbnail. So I so I don't know about this new update, So thanks for sharing that. I always make it a point to make sure that that the initial 3 to 5 seconds are awesome. So sometimes I'll have my business card in it. Sometimes it will be on my dog, Cody in the woods, but I always make sure that it's something good that you're looking at on. So we just kind of shop this in the Green Room and said, Let's get it on tag board and at mentioned tag board and give a shout out to tag board So his initial thumbnail is gonna be tag board and give them. And I actually use my hat a lot of times because my heart has my twitter handle on it. So I guess that is the time. Now we're gonna cook it, live here. So we're gonna click live with the thumbnail there on that side. So as you'll see now on the bottom left hand corner, it's as we are live on the bottom right hand corner. What you see, there is the people that were coming into the broadcast. So as people join, you see the names coming across the bottom left On the right hand side, you have to see that number of people that are actually watching, so that's so if you're in the audience and you're flipping on, just turn the volume down when you're watching it, but we have some people that are actually saying hungrily. I see. So we are on stage here right now talking about periscope. We're talking about the basics, and this is pretty cool. Yeah, it's awesome. Great background like No, I need, like, a study purple. My daughters would like that. So I'm curious why you're not horizontal in your So I was gonna show off both of what we're having here, so okay, for me, what I had to focus on is, where is your audience coming in? So if your audience is mostly a mobile consumer, your mobile consumers mostly holding their phone like this because you're walking around holding for uploading at the YouTube for doing a lot of the other things, they did add landscape. So now we'll go landscape, which is much better when you're doing to people. Yeah, you can kind of get both people in there. The other thing is you want to make sure that you when you're doing this, that you have good sound. So we're nice to be in a studio, worry about having a headphone and microphone, But thank you guys So much for joining I A lot people saying creativelive is great. So one of the things that I have and I'm go over my playbook, it's my last slide. But I have a playbook that you should do every single one of your live streams, and you always welcome people in the room. You introduce yourself because it might just be one person that's never been here, But let's do it. Let's do it. So thank you for joining. Were here it creative live here with amazing soupy Zimmerman, and we're broadcasting live from the stage. So my name's Brian fans. Oh, better known as I social fans on the twitters. Yes, I talk fast and I tweet faster. Thank you guys. So much for joining. Thank you for swiping left and sharing it with your followers were talking the basics of periscope and giving a little bit of insights. Make sure you guys, when you swipe left, check out the hash tag in the title that has texted and tweeted out all day long. All different broadcasts. So So I have to ask you Yes, I my very first meerkat, which is when the other one's your very 1st 1 was with we were with you know it was a me myself and you And you were like, Oh, my goodness. I said sue part The reason that we get along so well is we both talk a lot. We both our parents of three. But we just love people in love life. Where was your first experience on periscope when you first kind of got on there? My first experience, Waas. I cannot believe that I'm live and people are listening to May and they're coming in the room and they wanna hear what I'm sharing and at real quick. Funny story is, I press brought my very, very first time is I press broadcast in the car and I was going in my house and I I did. I know what I know what I was doing. So, like all of you, the first time you do anything, it's okay. We're not perfect. But in time, the more you practice, the more you do it, the better you get. And one of my favorite things about periscope is that it helps me practice my messaging and become a better speaker in a better speaker on stage because you can tell by what people are saying and how they're engaging what they like hearing for sure. And that's the best part. I think we have 100 42 people in here. Thank you guys. So much for jumping and thank you for tuning in. The difference between I think what traditional livestream or YouTube is, or any of those sides you know is really this aspect, that it is the engagement. So I've had people saying, you know, I was going for 24 hours makes me feel better. So failing on periscope isn't a big problem because people are so supportive, I can tell you, I've had microphones, not work. I've had the wind so loud that all they heard and people like trying to encourage. And I think it's part of the early adopter phase where everybody knows there is no experts. There is no perfection when it comes to live streaming. So that's kind of what we're doing here. Yes. And what would you do if you double tap the screen? I actually now slipped who are seeing the back camera. So I mean, what is really 10 crystal on the host today? So we have some questions for Brian about periscope. When are the best times to periscope. And how often should I be doing it? Love that question. So I have a kind of a rule of thumb. Nobody will say you're helping too much or providing too much of value. So therefore, there is no exact right time. I think you're testing Tweak. You try to do one in the morning in the afternoon at night. Figure out where your audience is. Everybody is kind of unique when it comes to where your audience is. A audience here say hi way have all these people coming in from Texas. We have people coming from all over, But I also think when it talks about how often you wanna broadcast, as long as you're actually providing value, as long as you're focused on engagement and you're not polluting the feed, think that's that's how often you know, I I recommend trying. You're trying to get started. It really helps toe watch a lot of other people's broadcast, but it also helps to do it in almost a 24 hour period because as you got to see when we sign off here in a couple minutes, there is a replay that exists inside of the APP for 24 hours. And what that means is, if I followed suit sues account. I went on her account right now. If she hadn't done a broadcast the last 24 hours, I wouldn't be able to watch anything that she's done because it only keeps the replay live for the 1st 24 hours. So the builder, following its great toe, have a most recent broadcast in that most recent hours. Yes, got it. And if you're just starting out, what are some good topics to Paris? Go to grow your audience. So I think it's about storytelling. I don't think it's about for me. Every brand, every person has a story. The best person to tell that is you yourself. So I think telling a story, giving the unique perspective my philosophy is think like a fan. Everybody has a family matter what your business is, no matter what you're doing. If you think like a fan, what I actually think you do is provide unique access to say you're a brick and mortar store. Give them access to what you're setting up before you opened live when we're back here I creativelive I was doing it from behind the stage behind the cameras, giving people access to stuff they couldn't get elsewhere. And they can't get on your other content. I love that. All right, so All right. Thank you, everyone. So much for joining. Check out. The Bentley link is actually in the broadcast year. So if you swipe to the left and you copy paste that bit Lee Link, you can actually watch the creative live live stream, So follow the hashtag out there. Thank you, guys. So much for tuning in. Thank you for supporting. And we're going to a little bit. Talk about livestream stories. Get on the channel, get on the channel. I can have a sign off to for every time. So I kind of I love to do is called actions. But there's also something for me that is about how do you make yourself memorable? And I have a social philosophy called Show You Care. And I always say, you know, find ways to show you care. Go above and beyond to tell someone. Thank you. And make sure you let them know they made a difference in your life. Will remember you with that. I love that. I'll see you next time. And then we swiped down and you see that stock broadcast and we had stopped broadcast. So now that broadcast is over and what you can actually see years we're seeing we had total viewers and had a short amount of time. Jump in there and watch the feed and you can scroll up now. You see, I did have location services on So it is showing you it's not just San Francisco, but it's actually giving you a pretty good map location of where you're at and I'm showing you a sneak peek of some of the some of that audience so you can see some of the people that watched it. But what? I want to show you real quick before we get off the demo sine 19% considered good. Like, what's the retention rate? I don't worry about that number. I think the number is I would actually think that someone just made it up just to mess with us, but I retouch inside. It isn't when I worry about so across the bottom on the main screen here, you'll see four icons. Those four icons. You have the current news feed the global map, which actually just gives you access to everyone that you have. Remember I told you about the map. So here's the map. So what's really neat about the new map is I can zoom into Sandy San Francisco and I'll actually show me. Let me find San Francisco. Let me and I'll show you replays and live broadcast in the area. So watch when this kind of renders real quick it's gonna pop up with all the dots and you'll actually be able to see us here in the second. So as it's coming together, maybe I zoomed in a little bit too much, but you actually click on there they are, so I can zoom in and say, OK, who are people that are broadcasting in this area and you see down below? This is a great discovery tool, So if there's an event, I can tell you UFC UFC fan you have see goes on and before the UFC goes live, I want to see what the fans are doing. I want to see what's backstage so I zoom in a Las Vegas and I lost. Zoom into the MGM Grand, and I just click on people's broadcast. I don't need a follow them on Twitter. I don't even need a follow them on periscope. I care about that one unique piece of content so I can tell you when the Super Bowl is going on, just just f Y I. You're going to see my broadcasts from the Super Bowl, and you can zoom into the San Francisco Santa Clara and you'll be able to see all the ones. And the blue icons are replays. The red ones are ones that are currently live at that moment that you could even jump into a live one. They used to show the replays until about a week ago, which is really nice little feature that So then the third icon, of course, with one to go live and the 4th 1 that you see up here is actually your kind of landing page. And the new pieces they used to have what they called the most love list but have changed the most love list where they actually just show you some of the trending people that have scoped recently. So this is a great way to find new people that are actually doing it there. Here's one someone from, you know England Liverpool TV broadcaster of user, his stand. You can actually follow them right there in periscope. But what I want to show you is the top right icon is your profile and your profile. As you guys heard yesterday on stage, I was flying in, but I was watching the live stream here from Creativelive. Your consistency is super important. I love that you talk about that. It's about telling your story, but you also want to customize a little bit for each platform. So when I first did this, I copied my Twitter one in there. I just left it in there. Did I leave it in here? And I said, Well, I want to kind of shape what I'm actually sharing about because people aren't following this to figure out what I tweet about their actually sharing. Want to know what I'm actually talking about? So as you can see all mine, it says emcee of the Periscope Summit 2016 which is here in San Francisco. Talk fast and tweet faster. What I kind of label myself as a change evangelist. Then I say scoping about streaming social media, tech and personal brand. Therefore, when someone gets on there, maybe I don't have a most recent broadcast. They can at least take away from their if they care about any of those topics. Question. What's your take on adding your website there so you can put a little website inside of there, which I think is a great idea for me? I actually when I added the periscope summit, let's just say it's positive for a second. So on my on my account, I do have Yeah, I do have almost possibly have the website. And the reason I want to let you all know this is we're talking about growing that email list, you know, yesterday and again today, because if you have your website, you can drive traffic back and and that is a hyper link from your profile right back to your website. So Brian ran out of characters, and that's why he didn't one of the things that you do really well with the call to action. It's nice because you can't put a link in your broadcast, but what you can say is Hey, it's on my profile after this. Make sure to check out my website. The links on my profile. It's a DTH. Remember your call to actions? Actually, yes. And so what? You're actually the other thing? It's nice. We can show this real quick in the demo because I am following, so you should see how many people she's falling, but the one that features like you download the app and they just got notified like crazy. But I can actually you can actually mute someone's notification. So yes, I want to follow them. So when I logged into the APP, I see them in the news feed. But I don't want them to bother me all the time with the pop ups in the notification. Knew it. So that's fairly new so that you can individually mute different people. So when you click, follow them. One of my decisions usually is okay, follow. OK, Do I want to be interrupted from my day or when I'm in the mood to watch a periscope? I want to see the speed, and that's kind of how I decide between those two. But it's really important to me is I don't want people, because here's the difference. If you share too many broadcasts or you're broadcasting too much, people will unfollowed right. And that's the worst thing. If you're taking up too much of their time off for me, that's kind of a nice feature there like that. Last but not least in the demo and show you were back in my profile. You're seeing how many people have followed. You said people are blocked, so you accidentally black. Yes, and I will tell you it's definitely female versus male average a much higher accidentally people and I had a blocking. They emailed me like I was just trying to be nice. I didn't mean to write that or something before the broadcast. The settings feature is important because there's one that I really love here, and I believe keeping the evergreen content to do something with so auto say, broadcast to your phone is why I ended up selling my phone and getting 128 gig phone because I wanted to save all the broadcast that ideo. But auto saving a broadcast actually saved the raw video file. Now it won't have the hearts. It won't have the comments which actually is a good thing because then you can use the content. What I love to do is go on Instagram and show a clip of my periscope when it's live in that 24 hours. And then I called. Action is if you guys want to watch what I'm talking about here it's only available for hours. The link is in my instagram cause I learned from Sue in my Instagram link is my pick director my periscope. Go ahead and watch that I'm getting a taste because you're here when I go through the slides to me is that this is a big change. We're going live or doing all these things that you've never done before. And it's about teaching an inspiring change, not forcing it. If I want to go on any platform, I tell somebody it is not good. Then you're not doing it. So the last but not least I want to show the replay. So as you can see here, it actually shows you the ones that are highlighted are the ones that are still live in the 24 hour mark for everybody else to see. So what I did this morning was I was there in I was here, down fishermen Worf and I actually did a broadcast. And when they're nice things about broadcast, you're gonna hear Su said she doesn't watch it on the browser. I used to always watch on the browser until now because I can hold down and fast for Whoa. So let's fast forward to where I went on that screen. And so now, as you guys can see, this is me walking the harbor there in San Francisco this morning and you're gonna see the heart to the comments. This is the replay, so you can fast forward Fast boarding is simply holding down. Actually gives you the thumb now. When did it so this just last week? I think this is great. This is great. All right, so that's that's what we have for the demo. So now we're getting to kind of the full asked before, because now I think you got a taste. Now I think let's get into what you can actually do with that. I love the message here. It's about how do we not only grow our audience, but how do we talk about what we're doing right? Ultimately drive some sales and grow the business

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