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Value of Pinterest for Your Business with Jeff Sieh

Lesson 24 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Value of Pinterest for Your Business with Jeff Sieh

Lesson 24 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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24. Value of Pinterest for Your Business with Jeff Sieh


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Lesson Info

Value of Pinterest for Your Business with Jeff Sieh

So I'm super excited for Jeff because I am definitely a little rusty when it comes to Pinterest and I'm excited he's gonna be coming on camera just like Paris awas. First, I want to just let you know that that Jeff is amazing at Pinterest and he he's known as the manly Pinterest Sky. This is a podcast interview that we did on Jeff Channel, and I just want to bring to your attention because we're talking about hearing and growing and repurpose ing. Look at the numbers at the top of this interview that we did together, and I took a screen grab of this recently. Total shares 538 but it's been shared on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and you know, this is his content where he interviewed me. So not only is, am I getting more noticed because of this interview we did, But Jeff engagement is also going up, which is awesome, so no one knows. Well, actually, I should say Peggy Fitzpatrick is the only other person I know that knows Pinterest as much as Jeff and I know that they collaborate in a lo...

t off content, but I am super excited I did not have a picture of myself with Jeff. So he's the only guess I don't have a picture of myself with, but you guys get a sense of his personality right here. Right? So I'm super excited to bring Jeff on now. Is he ready? There he is. I am broadcasting live from the man Cave is That's actually the man cave. So yeah, there's a picture. We took it social media marking world. But I couldn't find it to get it to you, so I couldn't find it either. But we've been together in person, and there is a picture on the internet. It's probably on your instagram account. It probably yes. Yeah, I needed. I've been taking notes all day from all these Great. From Steve to Rebecca Teoh You on the instagram stuff. So I've got a lot of stuff to go over later. Awesome. Awesome. So, Jeff, was there anything that I said that wasn't accurate or needed? Any clarification? I didn't hear anything, but we'll go over some stuff if I'm going through my presentation day and you have any questions? Make sure you can jump in and tell me you know what What was that? Tell me again so we can figure it out. Awesome. All right. So, um, I just wanted to first ask you a couple questions, and then you can jump into the presentation. Is that good? OK, so the value of Pinterest who should be using it and you know, the myth. Is it really for women? In my in my research, I saw that 42% of the people on Pinterest, their women and 13% of men There's 72 million users in one billion boards of these, like accurate stats are, well, the actually, This year it's up to 100 million Users and men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest. So they're actually mawr in the United States, their arm or men on Pinterest than there are subscribers to G Q and Sports Illustrated combined. So we are a fast growing demographic, so don't forget about us. Awesome. Okay, that's good to know. Do you want to just talk about the overall value in your mind? Jeff, if you were to put it in, like the value of Pinterest in your mind, the value for on we'll get into this in presentation But the biggest value for me is the long term traffic. That's what got me started from the very, very beginning on Pinterest. And so I think of business especially. You know, a lot of stuff you can repurpose and I know you talked you and you will talk about the difference between pence, Pinterest and instagram. But there's still some things that you can cross purpose between account, especially if you're a business. So if if you're you're taking pictures, you need to be on Pinterest. If you have a product, you have to be apprentices. Pinterest. It just doesn't make any sense not to be Okay, great! All right. And then I want to ask you what kind of visual works best on Pinterest in your mind and how can we create them? The best way is to get started for people get started. I love Canada and people would say What's the best size to pin on Pinterest and I always forget. But it's 7 35 by 11 02 pixels And the reason I say that because I went and checked candle before I came. They have all the great sizes for social media dimensions, and I use them all the time. So if you're getting started to create pins on Pinterest, I would point you to go there because tall images work a lot better on Pinterest. Anything else? The other thing that's interesting. And I know you're talking about a little bit later, but, you know, it's kind of opposite, you know, faces are great on Instagram. That's the selfie place to be Pinterest. They don't work so well on, um and so you kind of want to think of that when you're what you're thinking about what you're wanting to post on Pinterest already so you can dive into your presentation, Jeff. All right, well, today we're going to talk about the value of Pinterest from your business and, um, I want to give you just kind of a brief overview, uh, to introduce me. But I'm Jesse from Longview, Texas, where I've had a digital marketing company for about 13 years, and I also started mainly Pinter ships where I do a weekly show and podcast on Pinterest and visual marketing, which su has been on which he was awesome at and the story kind of behind the beard is that this is when I first started thinking about personal branding and decided to relaunch my shows the pockets, I thought, you know, a good beard takes about a year to grow, so I'll give it a shot for a year. And if the podcasts and concept fails, I'll just shave it off. Well, the beard actually turns to in March, and the the brand has really boosted my business, so I think we'll keep it a little longer. So the story behind it is I was actually driving back on a road trip, and I heard it was Michael Stelzer social media marking podcast. And he had this guest on the show who talked all about Pinterest and how it can drive all this traffic. And that was Cynthia Sanchez, who had also interesting podcast. And I had just started a relatively new blawg for my business, and I was really wanting to drive traffic to it. So I start experimenting and and with Pinterest and lo and behold, it started to drive traffic just like she said. So I decided right a block post about it, and I called it manly pinchers Tips number one and it was kind of a little funnel article because there's kind of a mis conception about pinchers That's just for women. Like we talked about before and I wrote on this Post High shared a secret board of my daughter, and it did so well. I could Tyne you the Siri's. And this is when Google hangouts star shows were starting to take off and someone said, Jeff, you need to do a show about this. And so I did with three other guys who actually had a larger following on social than I did. I don't know how that happened, but it just did. And we did a series of showed called Manly pitcher steps, and that led to another show. And then I actually relaunched my show as a podcast, interviewing Pinterest experts in 2014 and and started this weekly podcast. And that led to being a guest on Mike's Delsener Social Media marketing podcasts and then being here with you all. And the next year I get to speak it social media market world. So this little platform called Pinterest has really kind of changed my business. Now I know what a lot of your thinking you must have to be the super awesome designer to create pins that work on Pinterest. Now I have had people think that we see in my pens that it must been since I was kid in kindergarten. Teacher must have called my parents into the parent teacher conferences and said, Mr and Mrs see, your son is so talented You must enroll him in these art classes because he must share his gift with the world. Well, the truth was a little bit closer to the teacher saying Mr Mr See your son is eating paste again. If he doesn't stop, we're gonna have to separate him for the rest of students Now, maybe pace gives you creativity. I don't know, but I am not a classically trained designer. And if I can succeed in Pinterest, you can too. You hear some pins, recent pins that I created again, I'm not a designer And honestly, if I could do this, you you could do it as well. And one of the keys of branding yourself or your company on Pinterest is being consistent. And you see, I kind of chosen kind of do a retro style look and feel and drilling down to your with your design style really goes a long way on getting visibility on Pinterest. So why in the world would you choose Pinterest with all these social media platforms out there? Why do I need to spend time on another one? Why Pinterest? Well, the creators of Pinterest have said this. They say your most coveted audiences are on Pinterest planning for the future, so you need to take advantage of the world's largest, most actionable focus group. So that's exactly what I did is I decided I wanted to go because of the traffic. Just like the joke that Twinkies have a shelf life of a 1,000,000, years, Pens on Pinterest have the longest shelf life of any social platform out there. MAS has reported that tweets last around 15 to 20 minutes. A good Facebook post last around 45 minutes. If you're lucky and Instagram, I'm sorry, Sue, but I don't have much data on that, but I think it's probably close to Facebook. But Pinterest is a different story. Pecora says that 70% of all the clicks happened with within the 1st 2 days, which is which is natural. You assume that, but 30% of all the cliques back to your website happen all the way through 30 days and beyond. So I'm still getting pins and traffic from from pens I first pinned on Pinterest when I first started, and my clients are having that as well. So this is really, really good, especially if you have evergreen content. Also, 80% of pins are repents, and you mentioned that in the little intro as well. So if you're in the 20% of people who are posting new content, then there's a higher likelihood of your new content getting shared and a better chance for it to go viral. Rebecca was on list yesterday. She's got a pin that's pinned, I don't know, a gazillion times. It's everywhere, and that pin it just took off. But she had a chance because people are always wanting new content on that platform. Now one of my good friends, at least MEREDITH has a great example of a client who is killing it on Pinterest. It's a drug nutrition company that has a decent following on pictures. It's not huge or anything like that, but this one pin the surprising truth about artificial sweeteners has given them 100,000 visitors over 100, visitors to their site. Now also has given them over 1000 leaves because she's able to track all this. So now Pinterest accounts for over 59% of all leads for this company. I mean, this is huge. So how did they do that? Well, this piece this pin leads back to a page that is providing great content. But it also has a great call to action that led to a free download in exchange for an email address. And I know that Sue and her team has been talking about this the entire time. And so really think about that, even on Pinterest, because this this company is killing it on Pinter's. Another thing you can do is you're not limited. Just have one pin pin back to content. She's also got multiple pins that have different images, the same call to action, the same title on it that lead back to the same downloadable e book as well. So I was lucky enough Teoh be able to visit with Mark Shaffer on this aircraft carrier mixture party at last year. Social media marketing world and he said something that really stuck with me, and he says Great content is just the price of sitting at the table And I thought, Man, that was That's really good But I think we need to take it one step further and I say, Excellent visual marketing is what gets you invited back to dinner because this is especially important on visual networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Great looking content does better hands down every time. So I wanted to give you some great examples of some great accounts of people I think are doing it right on Pinterest. Uh, Sue has already mentioned mentioned Peg Fitzpatrick. She has an incredible Pinterest account. She does a great job of branding each and every pin that she does with her little pink peg logo. You need to follow her account. I mean, I attribute most of my success on Pinterest because of the advice that she has given me and that she, you know, she she and I talked and we collaborate, but she has really, really helped me out. But she's a great account on pretty much on every social network, so you need to follow her Ashley Fox's somebody who remember who Rebecca mentioned yesterday from mad lemmings dot com. But he has also has a really distinctive style that really stands out in the feed. He uses filters on his photos to great effects. He uses images there sometimes that are a little scary sometimes to get his point across. But he has another great account to follow his well. And, of course, Rebecca, a decent Rebecca released dot com. She has another great pitcher stick out. I mean, when you see a pin from Rebecca, you know it's her because of that distinctive orange color that she used. I mean, come on. Orange is a hard color to match with anything else. You can't even rhyme orange. Try orange, for instance. There's no word in the English language that matches with All right, so anyway, you need to watch Rebecca and see what she does. She has a great account to study for a case study. Just it's just incredible. Now my style is retro or vintage, and that fits with my my brand. Now Sue talked about how photos convey a feeling which is very, very important. It hopefully gives me ah, feeling of timelessness that I really, really like, You know, when it could portray. And I always try to tell my story with my photos, but not make it obvious. You know, I don't have a picture of a guy there shaking hands at a business luncheon or something like that, really cheesy that we all see, like, for example, the one on the left using micro content, I really struggled with How in the world do I convey with an image micro content, and I just happened to find that many pencil that I thought worked, and that's one of my most popular pins because of that image. So it takes a little brain work. But if you can really work and drill down in your image, it's worth the time. Now I want to make it clear it took me a while toe arrive here. If you go look packs of my early pins. There really, really bad. I mean, really bad, but I stuck with it and I gradually refined my brand, so stick with it, be consistent. So hopefully by looking at these counts, you see the similarities of these between all these accounts. Um they all have a consistent look and feel. They have a distinctive look that will stand out in the Pinter's feed, and the fonts are consistent and most all of them. And I've talked to most everybody on this who I shared. They all use a style guide in the style. Tonight, all that is is something that has your colors that you're going to use for your brand and also the fonts. And they put it on a You know, we're document or something, something you could share with your team or a designer later on. That makes it really easy to keep everything consistent across your brand. Another important thing is that text overlays are easy to read on mobile device, and also Rebecca is a great example of this. She is always testing what works. Go back and look at some of her pens have evolved over time, and you could see her experimenting and then running with what is working real quick. Um, J Bear says Mobile First Brian fans. Oh, says mobile. Now, whatever term you use, it is urgent that you start thinking mobile at the top of your brain. Uh, sources inside of pitchers have stated that 85 to 90% of visitors are coming to Pinterest through mobile. So you have to have that optimized website. It makes me so mad when I click on a pin and to go back to a website to read it and they have a little call to action or opt in and I can't click out of it. There's You can't find that ex on your mobile phone. Oh, that drives me nuts. So I just leave. And so make sure, especially if you're doing a call to action. You're trying to get people to opt into your your content that it's optimized for mobile. The other thing is, is you got to make sure your fonts look good on a mobile device. It may look great on a desktop, but make sure they look good on a mobile. This one I did resurrect directing a block post with Pinterest. I probably tried toe copy the walking dead logo. Um, I probably should have made it bigger just because it looked great on my desktop, but it probably isn't optimized correctly for a mobile device. So really think about that. Also, think of your thoughts because, ah, Lotte, I see a lot of crafters on Pinterest with etc. Accounts and also wedding event stuff. They like to use the script. He fonts. They look really, really good on desktop and in photo shop when you have it blown up really big. But when you shrink it down, you cannot read those things at all on a some of these IPhones. So always test your devices and see how it looks. The other thing is is make sure if you're doing action shots because action shots really look work good on pinchers. When you're trying to explain something, let's say you're a carpet cleaner. You know, don't just have a wide shot of somebody vacuuming a carpet, you know, do something really, really close. Where you have him. You can see the vacuum sucking the wine stain off the floor because that will pick up better on a mobile device. So remember, you only got this little tiny window for people to see, so you want to make sure that action is big and bold and happening really, really good on the mobile device so really quick, I want to go over some new features that have just rolled out. I mean new features, as in fact, of last week. So we're gonna roll through these. The biggest one, though, is buyable pins blue millions by. You know, I hate it when people say it's a game changer, but this really is. I mean, this allows you to purchase straight from Pinterest. Um, you can sign up with your credit card or apple pay. The interesting thing is, Pinterest is not taking a cut. It's actually they're going to monetize using their promoted pins. Their ads feature So But the people I've talked about who have used this say it is scary how easy it is to buy stuff for Pinterest. So, uh, I would advise all gentlemen to lock up their wallets during the Christmas season, So it's gonna be crazy. Um, but anyway really, really, really cool. But it's only available for us right now. If the big boys have it. The big kind of department stores are using it. If you're a small time business, you probably the best option would be something called Shopify or demand where those are the two right now that are available for you to go out and set up promoted. I mean, set up buyable pins. Right now, the other thing is place pins. Now, this rolled out a relatively in the last couple of months, and it gives you extra information on the pin that lets you visit right from the screen and gives really, really valuable information. So what I mean is, this is theirs because the map closely, it will pull up the you know, the best time to visit some comments on the place of businesses like a restaurant or a bar. It will actually give you directions with one tap to your navigation on your on your maps. So it's very, very cool. And we're actually thinking about using this for a social media market world next year to create a board for attendees to find like restaurants and tourist spots when they come to the conference. So, uh, realtors, um, event planners, big events that you're having these air a really good thing to think about. Um, when you're trying to put your event together and drive people to actual location and last but lot not least is this brand new visual search feature on Pinterest that's actually rolled out for for me last Friday. So if you don't have it, it's coming shortly. It rolled up to me on Friday. I didn't get the mobile version of it till late Friday night, but it is supercool. It's gonna change the way people search on Pinterest. So what happens is this that you have a big, um, good catalogue shot or a pin of, ah, living room set and you've got the, you know, the couch in the coffee table and the others a photo on the wall behind you and there's lamps and stuff. Well, you can click on an icon on the pin, and it will bring up this cropping tool, and you can crop in on anything you want in that photo. So let's say I really like that photo they had on the back wall. Well, I can crop in on that. It will bring up pins that are visually related to that. That image that I'm dropping. So the example that I'm showing on the screen here now is they have cropped in on a lamp and it brings up other visually related lamps to that end up in. So what that means And it also brings up keywords, so you can see there is like pendant pendant lighting lights and so you can even drill down deeper. So this is going to change the way people search on Pinterest. So if you have a product, what I'm recommending to my clients is is that you have a ton of the big wide lifestyle living catalogue type shots, but also have a lot of individual close typed up things tight tight in images on for your products and put those in there so you have a better chance of coming up in the visual search feed because there's really nothing that says your competitors can't come up either. It's all on visual search, so the more pins you have on there, the more optimized you've had on Pinterest, the better off you're going to be. So this is going to be a huge game changer for visual search. So I know you're disappointed that our time together is over, but I hope interest. I want you to think about pictures because it holds some great opportunities for all types of businesses. And if you're not active, I hope this presentation today gave you some great ideas on how to jump on this great visual platform. Thanks for having everybody things I wanted to bring up. I'm so glad you mentioned since the Cynthia Sanchez because she is the person on YouTube that I did that interview with that sitting there right now the difference between Instagram and Pinterest that you all confined and go watch. And also, I just wanted to quickly ask, when I know that there's a couple other questions, your whole vintage look and feel and vibe. I love it. I love it, but it's in your man cave that it's how you look and it's everything. Everything you do across everything has that vibe. And I just wanted to take a pause with that thought, because this is what we're preaching is the consistency of the vibe in the brand living, eating and breathing it, and you are crushing it there. My question to you is, how long did it take you to discover t Nail that for yourself? Well, you mentioned it earlier is especially with even the platforms you're on. You want to do something that you enjoy, and so I always like that kind of look, and it really started with a logo, and then I thought, Oh, okay. I'm gonna build a set for my shows in that same style. Oh, I'll grow a beard and do that. I mean, So it didn't I didn't just come out with a master plan. I mean, I had an idea, and you test it and you see if it works, you know, I'm sure you did the same thing with your nautical style. You're like, I like this. This is working. My audience is resonating with it. And so that's the kind of and it keeps developing out, you know? Then I said, I'm gonna show up. A conference is now in my retro bowling shirts, and that's my outfit. I mean, and so that's just continuing the brand as you think it through. As you go down the path, that's awesome. And that's important for everybody to hear because everyone thinks it just happens overnight. So I love that you said that, and so we have a question for both of you. The question from online is, How do you re purpose content from instagram for Pinterest? Or can you? You can and like Jeff said a lot of what shared on instagram are those selfies and of those personal posts that don't work well on Pinterest. People aren't looking to be re pending. Your friends and the people that you're connected, Teoh or yourself is that this doesn't make sense. Um, you want to add to that Jeff? Yeah. You see those pins that I showed at the beginning? There's one like with a robot and stuff like that. I go ahead and pin those to my eye Crop them. Well, you don't have to do that now, But when I first started, you had to make him the square images and so I would post them on Instagram. And I got a lot of engagement on there because they liked that style. Um, I would actually go a little bit further and I use of and yet Vin Jet or whoever thing So it gets darker on the corners filter and people really like that and they engage more with it on instagram. When I did that, so but I But I also post other things too, so you have to think it through with what you're posting. There's tools that let you post up from Pinterest Instagram. I don't like to use those. I handcraft everything I do, and so I would shy away from that. But if there's stuff like if you're making awesome image for a block post and it would work on Instagram and Pinterest, I don't have any problem with putting it in both places, right? And I think Peggy and Rebecca do a little bit of that cross promotion, because it works for both platforms is the point.

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