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Case Study with Johanna Fritz

Lesson 29 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

Case Study with Johanna Fritz

Lesson 29 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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29. Case Study with Johanna Fritz


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Case Study with Johanna Fritz

I am super excited. So I'm gonna bring up Johanna, who's been in the audience doodling the whole time. But she's doodling with intentions. She's doodling every speaker. She's drawing them. She's doodling them and taking notes based on everything that we're saying. But she is really I'm gonna go here, meet you Johanna She was here first course. He met me on Creativelive when I spoke the first time. All about instagram basics for your business. You had no strategy. You were just posting and I'd like to hear what you were first posting I forget you really understood how to embrace Instagram for your business, for your brand and because you are a visual person you just nailed it from the very get go. Syriza has been here drawing. I'm in Stresa. Johanna has been here drawing. And as you can see, she's been very busy. Rachel's in the middle. That's the drawing she did of me before. And is this one of you or someone on the far left? Someone else? OK, but you have some in your in your notebook...

as well before you get on stage. I just want to talk about we're gonna go through this cycle and the success that you have had because you are rocking every part of the business cycle. And I'm really excited that you flew all the way in from Germany. You left your one and three year old behind to be here on stage and you're and you're tired. So come on up and take a seat. I know I know that you have so many fans watching you because Johanna is so much the epitome of a creativelive a person that's tuning in right now, a great artist trying to have success because you're holding up the phone and it even has your branding on the phone. So that's great. Yeah, All right, so So let's let's sit down. I have some questions for you. And before I dive into the questions you want to quickly just talk about your journey, your journey from when you first took that course. Then you were watching at home like so many of you people watching like what was going through your mind and why you decided to embrace, embrace instagram and really be intentional with your business and start using it for business. Yeah, I watched. I think it was actually the one make ourselves with Instagram. If this one bought the one where service, it wasn't the in the audience. I don't know. I want to win with Lewis on the audience and chocolate Johnny and within. Yeah, exactly. And yeah, this was almost a year ago, I think. And I was just, like, posting this, like, using Instagram as a private person. Sought off, and sometimes I posted some doodles. But there was not about much engagement with people from my illustrator community or so, and I don't. When I watched you and all those tips and all the guys in the audience and everyone was so excited about this, it was just like, Okay, I have totally get into this thing with this business account. So I actually also deleted toe some off my private pictures. Like I had pictures from my vacations. Maybe clean up. Yeah, I cleaned out the feet. Yeah. And email business. Yeah, and only went with pictures off duels, pictures off illustrations that that if you publish sometimes an inspirational book that I have, like something about building a brand. A book? Actually, I posted one of those getting from what you're posting. Yeah, so? So if you could summarize for everyone. What has your social media strategy been like As of now? Like, what is what is going on with your social media strategy As an artist who is busy creating yes. And you're not just doodling, you're an artist and you you create books and you Yeah, yeah, So I make my living buys by selling my illustrations to a publisher's manufacturers, companies, fabric students, books, all this kind of stuff. And I was actually brutally doing actually at least one doodle every day for two post op to have something to post on Instagram, cause it's not like every day something is getting published off my illustrations. It's like turns. Book gets published once a year or twice. We talked. You create the yes. So I had to do something toe post something. And then one day I wasn't periscope and I just thought about I don't know. It was maybe a week before I thought maybe someone else wants to actually door with me, and as I'm posting them anyway, almost every day, let's make it a three under 65 total challenge. And it was like in Paris cover. Okay, guys, I will do this. And if anyone wants to join, join me. And that's absolutely no pressure for you. Join me whenever you want and post as much as you want to. Like, a test should be fun. And the only pressure is on me. I will have to do it every day. Okay, so on. And that's what I did. And we have, like, one hashtag which is actually kind of long. But it's were 65 doodles with you, Hannaford. So it's really long not good for a sign of yours. But the thing is, I wanted to have this with Johanna Flip at the end. Because sometimes people have, ah hashtag and about four challenges. So and I don't know where actually the sources who actually started the challenge. So I posted it at the end, and it's working. Everybody's. So would you say that periscope instagram of your two favorite channel? Yes. So when you're when you're scoping, you are doodling. I just only imagine and picture what your rig is like. So you have a camera. You're actually coloring the cameras up here? Yeah. Yeah, on a tripod or something I have. Like like you're answering all the questions. Your eyes in front of you. Yeah, I have them on the eso is an artist you're you're drawing Live your on periscope the phones up here and you are engaging because you're looking up it all the time. So it's it's zero, But you're able to do it comfortably and you sound awesome. I mean, you're I've been on a couple of years ago and you literally on the whole time you're drawing until you're fit long. No, they're not know everyone when they're watching me. And, like, I can't believe how faster doing this, because I don't do. I don't do a pencil drawing before and then go and ink I go straight into thinking and I also like with all this time thing, I'm have to pick up my kids every day at 3 15 So I'm I don't want to do a scope, which takes an hour or so, right? Yeah, and I just don't have the time for that. So I'm most of the times I go live between I don't know Germany time 2:30 p.m. Or something like that. And so I just have half an hour to do this whole thing. And you don't get lost in all the conversations. And because I have to get out of the house and we need to get the kids right. You're a of a one and three year old. Let's look at this cycle here. Okay? So how are you, like, what do you feel like is missing for you, But now that you learn it Like what piece of this is challenging for you? You know what your business goals are? You know what? Your values That you're very consistent with your branding. Your very intentional. You're on a lot of social platform. Yeah, I am. So right now, I just started, like, growing the email list, which is working pretty good, actually, because off this little challenge and scope, like my city is like, Oh, they're, um The thing is, right now, I don't have that my own product sort of thing. Like which I can actually sell. So I have the products. My illustrations go on products for publishers or so, and they sail that stuff. They contract? Yeah. Yeah. Hire you. Yeah, right. So you don't tell any of your things in NFC shop. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. Way to open up an empty shop. Well, but, you know, the thing is, I already had a shop two years and it was going really, really well. And then I had my first kid and I was like, OK, either I have to go big with this thing, or I have to stop it and continue with the freelancing. Where could? Actually, But I had more, Got more money with that. But I had to do all the packaging, right? N wise getting the packages to the post office. And it was like, my advice to you is a mother, but my kids are grown. I think that you made a great decision, like way too much of a commitment to be producing shipping organized, like that's gonna take you away from your kids. So I don't think that's a good idea. But what I do think that you need to focus more on wrong is growing your email list. Yeah, being very intentional so that when your kids get older, you decide to go back to making things and selling things and not just being a contractor. You're doing three Children, seven Children's books Right now I'm doing She's doing seven Children's books and and you're and you create art for fabric and yeah, yeah, yeah, I like, since your art is well, people, you've got a lot going on. Yeah, so But in this cycle is it grow the email list that you're just not like you're not growing the list because I think you're nurturing. You're definitely on scope a lot. You're on instagram. So you have your published content, which is periscope. Yes, you've got your social and you're on a lot of social. Yes, I am. And you're you're definitely nurturing, but you're not selling. That's not your That's not your income source. No, totally Not totally. Not like I would say, like 1998% is being a higher. So I say, I think that this places you as an authority and as one of the greatest illustrators that I've ever met, you know, and so that you you have a career ahead of you clearly going in a direction that you want to go in. But if I was going to give you an advice, I kind of feel like Oprah eyes that it would be to grow that email of because it will set you up for success when you're one and three year old or older like you have to get. I think like just making sure that you have at work life balance so that you feel President and that you're able to do what you love. You love periscope, your great instagram. You're a phenomenal artist. Can I just hold up the drawing? Oh, yes, sure. So Johanna has been drawing every single speaker not just drawing, but taking notes about what they're saying. Because this is how her brain works. And this is what works for her. So that's the Instagram expert. And then she just because you gotta practice. And then we had money. Who taught us all about YouTube. And then she did. Rachel and Rachel, she posted on her instagram account. I want you all make sure you go follow her by Johanna Fritz. Make sure that you follow her and comment on Rachel's picture because it's amazing. And there were many notes. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. So smart. Okay, which is true. And then she has Rebecca, which is great and then she's practicing her skills of a J. This is so cool. Like, amazing, like, man, I got Nathan has boxer shorts on with candy cane. Mason Latka? Yes, that would be you. And then we got a J rock in the Twitter. He's very fashionable to, And I love how you have the phone because he was on the phone, and then we have Brian fans. Oh, with his hat back with eyeball. Get your eyeballs on a And then we have Steve Dato. How perfect is that? The risk issue even captured from the Skype interview, which is and you said you did. That was easy because you knew. Yeah, Yeah, they do that quickly, and then we have Okay, so controlling us right now? I don't know. I OK, so this is amazing. And I think you're amazing. I'm I'm really excited that you you know, you you are doing great. I think that you're setting yourself up for whatever you want to have happen in your career. I mean, do you feel that way? Yeah, I'm sort of like Is there any laugh? If they're busy? Camera, It's red. Smile at the camera. Smile, everyone watching you. And is there anything that you want to say? Just with what you're doing? What you're learning? Everyone on the other side of the camera there. Artists. And they might be struggling, Um, with their says Cata. Yes. So they might Here, come up here. I'll get your position perfectly fine how this works, right? So they might be struggling with their success And you or someone that they admire. They look up to your so talented. Is there any words of encouragement or advice you want to give? You totally get your stuff out there. You totally have to get your heart out there. Like Like you said yesterday. So many are, um, cause sort of afraid to put their out outside. But you really have to get over. You have to get your out there, put your watermark on that right, as I said. But if nobody sees her, I've nobody knows you were there. Right? And when you put your watermark on it, you know Hannah, just such a beautiful job. So it feels like it's part of the art. Can you hand me that, Vicky Second, I just want to hold it performed so the watermark that Johanna has on her art is this. And that's the avatar on Snapchat and everything else. So you are very, very consistent branding, and I just want everyone to see that. So I am thrilled that you flew all the way from Germany. Did you hear that? Wasn't that great? Thank you. Wow. I am impressed cause I'm an artist at heart. But you those drawings are amazing. You might have a little business here at the end of all that. Okay, so here's what you learned. You guys in this segment how to grow, how to create a terrible content. And there's a lot of ways that you can do this. Every single speaker, I'm sure inspired you and gave you ideas around this. Boosting your reach with collaboration. How many people in the audience are gonna collaborate with someone here and do something? Collaborate Every one of you. Awesome. I love my action takers. Staying organized with a content calendar. So do you guys. You all have that you all signed up for the course. There's no excuse here. You just need to stay organized because when you're organized and you have systems which is the next session, where more Ian's coming on you will be so much more productive and successful. And lastly, how to grow that email list. And that was the one piece that Johanna needs to work a little bit harder act to set herself up for success. Ongoing success in the Future List Building is our number one goal in our business. Every single day is how can we grow our email list?

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I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

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Sue B. Zimmerman's *Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels* is one of the best I've seen of it's kind (or the best). It was easy to see that each guest speaker was prepared and truly loved what they were talking about - people can feel that. The energy was contagious. But, like everything else, one has to be diligent and follow those strategies that applies to them and their projects. It takes work! What I liked most was that although Sue brought all these experts together in one place to speak to us, she DID NOT make us feel as if we MUST master EACH and EVERY social networking channel in order to be successful. Sue B. Zimmerman made it fun, which makes one want to roll up their sleeves and get started and put in the work! THANK YOU, Sue B. Zimmerman! Roz Fruchtman (@PhotoshopHaven)

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!

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