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Becoming an Actor

Lesson 10 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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10. Becoming an Actor

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Becoming an Actor

when we're in the studio, it can be easy to get bored or have low energy because we're all alone and performing for no audience or what can feel like an audience that isn't going to respond. But the truth is we are still actors and performers. And as such, there are a number of acting or theater elements we should use to continue to keep ourselves excited and fresh. Let's touch on a number of ideas briefly in the theater. There is a term called the moment before. What this means is what happened the moment before we speak. This is very similar to why are you saying this that we discussed earlier? But it goes into more detail. It helps finish and detail the entire scene. If this is a day in the life of no one when nothing happened, then there is no reason to read the script. But if something happened that makes us talk, then the script has a personal motivation and that visual detail will be felt by your listeners. So back to our read from the breast cancer foundation the moment before ...

might be that your wife has just been diagnosed with cancer or you're out for a walk and you see your friend and he looks distracted and you say, hey, what's going on? And he shares that a family member has cancer the moment before will help set the tone for your read body language and facial expressions. Why who can see us? What difference does it make believe it or not? But your listeners can tell if you're smiling or not, the facial expressions and hand gestures add a great deal of color to your voice naturally because this is how we actually speak when we're talking to someone that is valuable life experience. So use it, make your reads even better. Want to grow your repertoire of body language and expressions. Next time you're out for a walk at the park or at the mall for example, watch people's conversations and watch from a distance so that you can't hear what they're saying. That silent energy of expression is very powerful at the mic variety, staying fresh in the studio means changing it up, Change what and how often don't get overwhelmed. Maybe when you re read a script, you simply change one item. For example your hand gestures. If the first time you used short fast gestures, try another read with slow long hand gestures. Your voice will follow your hands. If you read with a big smile, try the next read with a neutral smile. Change the person you are talking to instead of talking to your mom, you're talking to your neighbor. Change the moment before the moment before changes everything right? The entire reason for speaking changes If the moment before has a different scenario, notice as you practice how simply changing one small detail, Not every detail every time, just one detail has a significant impact on your read today. When you're practicing try using hand gestures and facial expressions and watch how your voice follows you are doing great. And with these new skill sets, you're well on your way to delivering professional reads. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss delivering lists and numbers.

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