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Extra Services

Lesson 32 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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32. Extra Services


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Extra Services

When we get into the voiceover industry, we are initially focused on the performance and figuring out our studio. This is understandable and should take most of our main focus once the studio is built, however, it no longer should take up your time and attention. Hopefully you've set up your studio so that it's user friendly, simply turn it on and it works. This allows us to keep focusing on delivering a good performance and while this is a skill set that continues to grow with us, it also gets easier over time with some experience, you'll find yourself delivering what the client wants on the first or second read and with those skills humming along so well we can now take advantage of expanding our offering and continuing to be a one stop shop. All of the skills we're about to discuss are rather simple items and are all services. You can charge extra for script proof reading. Often we are working with clients from foreign countries and as such, they may require some assistance with mak...

ing sure their script is delivered in proper english. Sometimes a client will ask you simply to deliver the script exactly as they have written it mistakes at all. But by offering a proofing service you give them the peace of mind of knowing their reads will be accurate. How does script proofing work? It's very simple. I just fix it while I'm reading or if you don't feel comfortable doing so, hire a proof reader on Fiverr and the two of you can partner together, You can offer a back and forth service allowing the client to see what you are changing but 99% of the time. The client will simply ask that you fix errors on their behalf. And since you are fluent in English this add on service can be very simple time to audio. You may find that clients need their script for a specific project like a radio commercial or special video. This means that your read has to come in at a certain time. For example a radio commercial might need to be presented in 15 or 30 seconds. And of course since the client wants to maximize their message, this may have you speaking about as fast as you can go and recording the script a few times to get the speed right as such. It is appropriate to charge extra for this service timed reads can be tricky and your client will be delighted knowing they are in good hands when they ask you for a time to delivery. Split files, Another great service to offer is split files. This means that you are sending them many individual files. Why would we do this? For example, if you have a voice mail system, the client might want each prompt delivered as a separate file or if you are reading an audio book. Each chapter comes as a separate file. The good news is that most dogs offer an easy way to record and save without having to actually create all of these separate files. The final service we are going to discuss today is same day delivery as I mentioned before. Voiceover is often the last piece that is added to a project as such. You may more often than not find clients hoping for a quick turnaround. In some cases you might even get a request for immediate delivery and when those clients are in a pinch, they often already come prepared to pay for this special service. This is why I recommend you keep your email open and your phone available when you are in the studio. If you save a client's day, you will become one of their favorite voiceover artists and repeat work is gold. Please note not responding promptly to messages. Doesn't give the client the idea that you are in high demand and that they should plan further ahead. In fact, they will assume just the opposite. I have picked up a lot of work simply by being available and it's easy to do when you're at your desk simply keep your email open as for Fiverr make sure to take advantage of the app on your phone. This will allow you to respond to clients even when you're not in the studio a quick response even when it's not an emergency will always make a happy customer. Now that you know how to record, edit and add music. We're going to start the process of making your own demo

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