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The Ventsar ColorTouch

Lesson 17 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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17. The Ventsar ColorTouch

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The Ventsar ColorTouch

The Venn Star color touch was a really fun project because the client was on skype coaching and listening to my recording session. Let's take a look today. Life is lived at the press of a finger checking in at the airport, taking photos, chatting with friends. Even our kids are doing it. Why should your home be any different introducing the vent star color touch? You can control the color touch from across the room or across the world on those chilly nights when you were running late at work or on those hot days you can make sure the pets are comfortable. Let the color touch. No and it will take care of the rest. The color touch adapts to the way you live with time period, you can tell the color touch your schedule and it will make sure you have the perfect temperature all year round while the color touch helps you manage the day to day activities. The revolutionary sky ports. Cloud service is working behind the scenes to maximize your overall energy savings, view detailed reports of d...

aily, weekly and monthly usage, showing you how to potentially save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill. The color touches more than a thermostat. It is a part of your home with custom themes to reflect mood or season personal slide shows to relive life's special moments and interchangeable faceplates to match the decor. You can even send it text messages for quick reminders. All of these features make the color touch the most complete energy management solution but we didn't stop there. The color touches. Apple home kit compatible with humidity control. The color touch increases quality of life by maintaining proper air quality throughout your home. The color touches your home Energy management assistant with its intelligent alert system. Imagine being able to stop a problem before it even happens anytime. The color touch detects anomalies in the system. It will send you an email letting you know what it found. The vent star wireless sensors give you precise control over your temperature to maximize comfort. The Van Star color touch maximize energy savings adapts to the way you live control from anywhere in the world. The color touch is one of the outstanding members of the ven star connected family. Why would you want anything else in this session? I had the opportunity to see the video and hear the music. This is very useful because you get a feel right up front for what kind of tone the client is looking for. Even better. I met the client on Skype so that the client could here and comment on my performance as I was recording. This kind of collaboration is great because it saves you the back and forth of email and you know the client has exactly what they want by the end of the session. Skype works great because you can hear the client in your headphones but your computer is still only recording your voice. So it's like having the client right there in person but their attendance on Skype does not change the quality of your audio when a client is on the line. Often they have hired you because either they really like your demo or they really liked your audition submission. So a great place to start with. The session then is to ask them which portion of your demo. They like the best of course. If you sent in a custom audition and they hired you, then basically your job is to match your audition. Sometimes the client will say we loved your audition and we simply want to add thus and such to the final product. Like we want to increase the speed a little or we want to add a little more excitement or your audition was great. And now we've changed the script and the intent slightly. You might also ask if there are special requests or instructions or even what the intended audience is for the video for example, welcome video for college students will be very different from an informational video for home care. Since I had already seen the video and was hired based on a demo I made of their script. I already had a really good idea of what they wanted. A friendly upbeat guy next door read. I started by reading the first paragraph so the client could see where I was at. The response was that the energy was great but a little too fast. With that in mind. I gave the entire script to go. The client was pleased with my read and wanted a few more takes to choose from. This can be tricky because the client had no more direction to give but clearly doesn't need the same read recorded again. So I made small changes in energy with each take which made each run slightly different, offering the client many options when mixing their video. For example, as we discussed earlier, I would change one element like who are you talking to? The hand gestures. If I made small gestures one time, make them larger the next time or even the character. So if guy next door is perfect then you can tweak it by changing who you are. So instead of being the head of the sales department, you change it to now. I am the Ceo. If you practice the skills we discussed in the performance section of this course, you'll be flexible and able to deliver your client's requests and that will make for great final products that keep clients returning over and over and happy clients are good for business

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