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Adding Music

Lesson 30 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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30. Adding Music


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Adding Music

another great way to maximize your income and become a full service business is to offer background music with your voice over. This may sound complex, but it's really not that hard. And in this lesson we're going to go step by step in adding background music to your project. Where do we find music? It is important to know that not all music can be legally added to a voiceover project. Many songs are protected by copyright, which basically means you have to pay a special fee and get special permission to use those songs or you cannot use them at all. That sounds like a lot of work. Right, well there is a much easier way to get the music you want without all the hassle with a quick google search for royalty free music, you'll find sites online that offer either free music for download or large folders of music for a single and very often reasonable fee. I like this option because it is simple and ensures that the music you use is legal. I keep a folder of royalty free music on my comput...

er and have it separated into different categories like serious, upbeat and holiday to make it easier to find what I want when finishing up a project as a side note over time. I have also developed a folder of sound effects like a bell ring or a water splash. Also from royalty free sites allowing me to add an effect when a client wants something special to highlight in their script for today. Let's simply focus on the music as you learned in the previous lesson. I like using the program twisted wave. Many programs will have multi track recorders allowing you to put music into a separate track, twisted wave is a single track recorder, but I have found a special workaround for adding music regardless of the software you use. These basic steps are generally the same, let's use the same recording we made in the last lesson, we are five er, a marketplace of incredible freelance talent like these people and this guy, this guy helps hundreds of people solve their graphic design needs, but this guy is not just a graphic designer, he's a photographer and an analog film shooter. In fact, he's thinking of getting into photo editing, you're doing great buddy, but you could be doing better meet, learn from Fiverr a platform of on demand courses specifically created to meet your professional needs featuring professional instructors, industry experts and Doers and just like Fiverr, learn is simple to use select a course, watch and learn practice with exercises and quizzes and prove your knowledge with a test, then receive this cool badge and what's even cooler, you can immediately transform your new skills into money and improve your marketplace ranking because with, learn from Fiverr, once you learn more you can earn more now depending on your system, This may work a little bit differently, but the idea is that we want to put the music into a separate track so that we can mix the volume separately. Now I use twisted wave, I love twisted wave because it's a very powerful voice over recording system, but it's because of that and because it's very simple, it's a single track recorder. So I use a bit of a workaround, but you'll still get the idea and my work around is that I convert the voiceover to stereo and by doing that, I can put the music in the other channel. Pretty cool. Right now, I've already picked out some music here. So all I need to do is copy, go back to my voice over paste and let's see what happens. We are fiber a marketplace of incredible freelance talent. That's not bad, but it's a little loud and I'd like it to start a little sooner. So let's turn it down and see what happens. Let's try this level. We are five er, a marketplace of incredible freelance talent like these people and this guy, this guy helps hundreds of people solve their graphic design needs. And that sounds about right, how I adjusted is by using my ear, Does the music complement the voice or are you struggling to hear what the voiceover artist is saying? Now, the only thing we need to do is see if the end needs any cleaning up once you learn more, you can earn more? All right now, that doesn't always happen, I will admit, but what we want to do is obviously make it end really nicely. So what I'll use is a fade out so that we get a nice clean ending to our recording and that sounds like this. Once you learn more you can earn more now because I want to be able to go back and make edits later. I'm going to save this separately as a wave file so I'll put in music and wave. This will allow me to go back and make changes at another time since this particular system doesn't actually save things as separate tracks. My client however, wants a finished product so I'll convert this back to mono so that it plays correctly. We normalized like we did before check our audio, we are fiver a marketplace of incredible freelance talent like these people and that sounds good. So I will go save as and once again we'll save this for the client as an MP three and then you're all set to go. It's ready for the client and there you have it. A project with music ready for delivery. This process will be slightly different depending on what program you use. But in short, edit the voiceover first and have it delivery ready, add the music on a separate track, adjust the volume and save. I highly recommend building your royalty free music library now so that it is ready to use when you need it. This also allows you to practice and learn more about how your system works. Make this skill and library building a part of your weekly practice schedule. If you build this up now, you won't have to scramble or panic when you get an order requesting background music. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss yet another simple way to maximize your business offering by placing your audio into the client's video, see you next time.

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