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Expectations and Delivery

Lesson 39 from: Voice-Over for Real People: Complete Freelancing Guide

Keith Harris

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39. Expectations and Delivery


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Expectations and Delivery

as we discussed in the previous lesson, I highly recommend buying services from other vendors on Fiverr because this is the best way to get a feel for the entire buyer experience. This also makes it easier to set up your gig as clear expectations make life easier for you and the client. Let's discuss more about what this means. As you read through other voiceover gigs, you might notice that many artists outline their services in detail in their gig description. This might include information like office hours, average delivery times and any special services that are included with a sale. For example, if broadcast rights are included and not a separately sold item, having a set of clear and friendly stated terms helps everyone involved in a project. It shows that you are a serious business person who offers a well defined service and it lets the client know they are in good hands. Next you'll have the opportunity to set up questions that the client is required to answer in order to buy ...

a voice over from you, you can ask any questions you want that will help you voice their project. But most importantly I ask for two items that are required required answers means they cannot place an order unless they respond to these two questions. Number one, please attach your script. Even if you have sent the script in another message, please make sure that the script and instructions are correct modifications to the script after the voiceover has been delivered might require an additional fee number two. Any additional instructions or comments for your project. All projects are delivered in high quality fully processed MP three or wave files unless otherwise requested. The script might also give you an idea of how it should sound but if the client is purchasing the voiceover for a video or special sounding project, this gives them the chance to share all of that information with you before you record. Having these two bits of information will save you a lot of time and hassle so make sure when you set up your gig that you mark these as required answers next I recommend following up with a client as soon as they place an order. Fiverr has a great service called quick response. A quick response is a form letter you can make for easy and quick communications. I find that clients and especially new users to Fiverr appreciate knowing their order went through successfully and that you have it and are ready to work on it, sending confirmation of the order also assures that they won't be writing you many times over asking when you'll deliver their work. Yes fiber has a time clock and they should already know you intend to deliver in 24 hours or whatever the time stamp is on the order but by contacting them first, your client will be able to relax knowing you are taking care of their order. Lastly make sure you deliver your voice over according to the deadlines and instructions if a problem or question pops up, be in contact with the buyer maybe you need more time. Ask the client for more time and often they will be happy to give you an extra day simply delivering your project late will not only upset the client, but will cause a downgrade in your fiber stats and might even cause the order to be canceled altogether. This is why I recommend logging into fiver each day By checking it often rather than twice a week. For example, you'll be sure to see projects and deadlines and this will keep your response, rate order, completion and on time delivery stats at 100%. A good rule for business is to under promise and over deliver. If clients not only get what they asked for but are pleasantly surprised with the speed of delivery or the quality of your work, then your business will grow even faster. In the next lesson, we'll discuss organizing your office and backing up all of your files

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