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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business

Jasmine Star

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

So let's start kind of in a different place. We're here to talk about business but we're exactly going to start there. One of the best pieces of advice that I received was to pursue curiosity not your passion. This was freeing for me because for more than half my life I believed that before I could actually pursue an endeavor I had to be passionate about it. We hear this often. People say I don't know what to do with my life. Well what are you passionate about? So I had convinced myself that before I could actually pursue something I needed to be passionate. But then when somebody gave me the chance, the opportunity, the insight, the permission to chase an idea that I kind of sort of maybe might like I started saying yes to new ideas. I started saying yes to the opportunity. I was curious about photography. So as a result I picked up a camera and a couple of years later was voted one of the top photographers in the world. I started saying yes to social media. So I was curious about soc...

ial media. So I said yes to Instagram. I said yes to Facebook. I said yes to Snapchat. So you're seeing a pattern. I just said yes and I said I want to learn, and I don't want to learn it specifically for fun. I want to learn it so I can grow my business. That's what happened. What happened as just saying yes to curiosity to pursue social media I grew my social platforms to hundreds of thousands of followers. Not because I was cool and not because my life was particularly interesting, but because I used a strategic pattern of growth and engagement. I was curious about entrepreneurship. So I said yes to starting businesses. But when you say yes to starting a business you also say yes to things like paying taxes, and finding your mission statement, social media, and hiring a team, and managing a team, and outsourcing, and staying up to one o clock in the morning to finish the last minute tweaks to your website. So when you say yes you are also saying yes to a bunch of other things you have yet to fully quantify what that means. All I'm saying is this all happened as a result of saying yes. I want you to do the same today. I want you to say yes. Yes to everything today. Tomorrow you can reassess those decisions but here we're going to be standing with our hands open wide to receive. To come from a place of abundance. To come from a place of saying yes I agree and these are the things I'm going to apply today in my business to see if quite possibly it can work. If you're one of those people who are an entrepreneur and you are saying yes to curiosity and to pursue what this could possibly mean for your business. I want to say welcome to the club of entrepreneurship. We all know this club is filled with people who are hungry and hustlers and they're crazy cause you gotta be crazy to run your own business. Why not just show up to a job and get your paycheck. No, we want to complicate our lives. That's why we're here. The Merriam Webster defines an entrepreneur as the following: A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. Or one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of business. So there were two words in here that struck me, and according to these definitions if you do not have risk then you do not have a business. You are not an entrepreneur. That resonated with me but I'm going to actually take this a little bit further, because it's not just risk in our business. It's not just having a business. What I have come to believe is running a business in the 21st century requires us to have a multitude of roles in our business. So it goes beyond risk. It goes beyond business, and forces us to think like a creative. This is where I feel my tribe, the people I have a tendency to attract, this is our lane. We like being creative. We make things. We create things. We write things. We assemble things. This is our zone right. So this is not a pressure point for a lot of people. I know some people at home are like it takes so much of me. That's okay because this is one of three more things that we're going to add to the myriad of things that we do in our business. I think it also requires us to act like a manager. This goes back to if you have a store front you're sweeping it. You have a website, you're the one making the final decisions and or assembling it yourself. You are paying your bills. You are paying your taxes. You're doing Quickbooks. You're logging that you're driving to your destinations. This is a big role in our business that some of us in this room I.E. me, I'm like ugh. Email right, I'm in my email more than I'm actually with my camera. That's not the thing that anybody's talking about. That's going to change today. I also think that when you run a business and when you are an entrepreneur you have to think like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is not just something you call yourself. An entrepreneur is an attitude that you embody. You have to think about the future. You have to cast a vision. You have to say this is where I'm going to be in six months. In 12 months. Heck this is where I'm going to be in five years, and some people prefer just to say I'm doing what I can. I'm making it work, I'm just making it work. But the issue that we're going to discover later on today is if you're only focused on today you cannot possibly grow to where you want to be next week much less next year. So when you play all these roles, when you talk about risk, when you talk about your business, or you're thinking about getting creative, or you're thinking like an entrepreneur, or you're thinking like a manager, it can be very overwhelming. Since this room, I know there are people on line, but let's just pretend it's just us in this room for the sake of my nerves, okay. For the sake of my nerves I'm going to be real and say it's not just overwhelming I think a lot of it's going to be really painful. What we don't talk very often about is the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. We love talking about the shiny. We love talking about the pretty. Let's just talk about what it is. Some days are awesome and some days you want to bang your head against a desk and say what am I doing? Okay so now that we have that open I'm guessing you're here because you are here to have a new thing. A new start. Something might have happened last year and you're like I'm going to do something different this year. If you're ready to revolutionize your approach and you're not sure how to do it or the right steps that's why I'm happy you're here, because a lot of us when we get stuff what we tell ourselves is I want a plan. But then we fail to actually create a plan. So we walk around saying I need a plan, I need a plan, and today is simply to get you started on that plan. I'm going to walk you through an action plan for the next 30 days. I really mean this. I sat down and I created 30 assignments for y'all to complete so there are no excuses. Here's the thing but wait there's more. The assignments each day, I have to tell my husband I joke that I have this like life long passion of being on QVC. (unintelligible) making the dream come true. I think that the reason why we become afraid of making a plan is because then we have to become accountable. We have to become accountable that means that we have to itemize the things that we have to get done and that in and of itself is so overwhelming. So I want you to succeed so ardently that I sat down and I created assignments. That shouldn't take more than 20 to 30 minutes per day. Can I ask you to be committed to 20 to minutes per day to revolutionize your business for the next 30 business days. I gave you guys the weekends off. You're welcome. Now we know that this is going to be a lot of hard work. But I know that you here in this room and people who are watching are not afraid of hard work. We're afraid of doing a lot of hard work in the wrong direction. So then we get paralyzed, we don't know which way to go. Today I know this works. I can't forecast what your business will do on day 31. I can forecast what your business will do on days one through 30. So if you are committed to do that welcome. Thank you for being here. Now, perhaps in the past the thing that I hear quite often the buzz words that people are saying is I'm tired, I'm overwhelmed, and the one that hurts me the most is people say I'm overlooked. People just can't find my business or if they're finding my business they just don't care that much. That hurts. So maybe you're at a point to where you're not overwhelmed, you're not tired, and you're just getting a lot of attention. You could be in the position where you're spinning your wheels and you're like I'm not getting anywhere. But boy am I running fast. I don't have a destination but when I get there. Today's going to be the start of something different. Often times we say we want to change. Nobody says hey I want to change. People say I want to grow. But you can't grow unless you make changes because what you're doing right now has got you this far and you can't seem to move the needle. That requires change. That's what today is about. So you are in the right place if you are coming here. You want a 30 day plan of strategic growth. You're ready and you're in the right place if you're ready to take your business to the next level.

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Lisa Jurkonis

I have followed Jasmine since she first started and I am not a photographer. But I loved how smart she was in helping her fellow photographers grow their business back then and her enthusiasm and professionalism! I have am a honeymoon designer and have used her vision to help with my own website. This boot camp was great! Yes, I am one of the people who watched it for free online. I would love to be able to purchase her materials/workbook, but unfortunately at this time, husband has been unemployed for the past 18 months and my business has been put on the back burner in order for me to go out and try to find a job. But I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class and watch it even though there were so many distractions. I watched the entire class and SO GLAD I DID! I'm ripping off the band-aid and starting my entire website over again thanks to Jasmine and Promise. I'm going to implement the tips that she gave us today and hopefully that will be enough to propel my business back into the limelight! So glad that I stumbled upon your website/blog 10 years ago. Thank you so much and continued blessings to you!


Wow, where to start. When you come to a class you're hoping you can learn just one thing, and it will be worth it - and I can tell you, in just the first 30 MINUTES of the class I had furiously scribbled down so many takeaways that everything else was gravy. And there was a LOT LEFT (that was all amazing). But let's be specific: the biggest thing I learned from Jasmine is how detailed and purposeful her ideal client is. Absolutely everything was chosen for a reason, and watching someone at this level talk about that was incredible. Also, I know what you're thinking: "Ideal client" is not a novel idea - HOWEVER! she makes it accessible. Her honesty and hard work shine through, and I can safely say I'm walking away from this class as a changed entrepreneur. I have a direction. I have a goal. I finally have a way to be purposeful about growing my business. THANK YOU Jasmine!!!!!!!!!11!one!!


Do yourself a favor! This was an amazing class! Jasmine knows how to bring out the best in her students. The concepts she embodies apply to so many other businesses. And her friend Promise is so caring and honest about the advice she gives on how to build a better website, in a world where our storefronts are turning more and more into an digital one. I am so charged up and ready to take my business to the next level. Jasmine is a tremendous business woman and has helped so many people over the years. And she has had that helping heart since day one of her business. Thanks Jasmine!

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