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Manners @ The Table: A Modern Guide to Dining Etiquette

Daniel Post Senning

Manners @ The Table: A Modern Guide to Dining Etiquette

Daniel Post Senning

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Class Description

The place where our manners are really put to the test is at the table. Eating a meal with others is a veritable minefield of potential blunders and gaffes, so if you’re planning to dine with work colleagues, superiors or clients, it’s wise for you to be fully versed in dining etiquette.

This course covers the fundamentals of table manners, addressing everything from place settings to holding utensils, good posture to appropriate conversation. Business dinners and power lunches are where so many key decisions are made and relationships are formed. So it’s imperative that you go in ready to impress and avoid unforced errors.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate a menu and wine list and order the right thing.
  • Hold utensils properly and understand the differences between American and Continental styles.
  • Deal with specific courses in the meal, from bread and butter to soup and salad.
  • Have good posture, eye contact and appropriate gesturing.
  • Handle it if you don’t like what you’ve ordered.
  • Toast your host or guest of honor.
  • End a meal properly and know when you can leave the table.

Ratings and Reviews

Greg R

Thank you Daniel. I found this short course very informative in a nice, light, and fun way! I've done ok over the decades after watching this (thanks for instilling some good habits mom), but of course I learned lots I didn't know also. I wish I could have watched this course long ago to relieve nervousness at posh 5 star restaurants, and/or at dinner with posh hosts or someone's parents :) I caught this on free stream day, but have added it to my wishlist and will eventually buy it for occasional refresher! Great Course!

Michael Friesen

Daniel's course provides an excellent overview of the essentials of dining etiquette. The content is contemporary and reflects the more relaxed atmosphere that prevails in most dining situations today. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend looking to review the basics of dining etiquette.

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