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Client Profile Q&A

Lesson 5 from: Branding Strategies to Grow Your Business

Jasmine Star

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Lesson Info

5. Client Profile Q&A

Lesson Info

Client Profile Q&A

You've outlined, I think pretty clearly defining your Elle as super important and the thought you've put into it is very, very clear. So I think one of the things that I struggle with, as I'm considering creating my own Elle is for example, I just came back from a great trip. New Zealand. New Zealand. Woo woo! I told you that just creeped in y'all. And it was amazing I told myself before I was not going to do any video 'cause that's what I do. But I couldn't help it, it was just gorgeous. So I came back, I made like a little 30 second. And just to be clear you're a videographer. Yeah videographer, I made a 30 second video on New Zealand but my focus is or at least I thought it was going to be on sports. Like sports is something that is very important so now I feel like I have this conflicted thing of okay I can do really cool tourism videos. I can travel places how do you refine your Elle to just one direction or how did you overcome picking a direction? Okay so I'm just ...

going to be honest I grew up really, really, really poor, like very poor. When I talk about the bag of white bread and the peanut butter, the bag of white bread was coming from the government, the jar of peanut butter wasn't a jar as much as it was a tin can that said like U.S. peanut butter on it. So like this is where I come from so for me I understand that my natural inclination is to where do I make money. Because if I want passion work I sustain my own passion work, I don't depend on others to pay me to pursue my passion work. Chase Jarvis the CEO of CreativeLive had said, "I make money to make art, I don't make art to make money "and the rest takes care of itself." And I told him can I use that, can I use those words and he said sure but it resonated with me because what I realized is I need to pay my mortgage and I need to take care of both myself and my business partners. We need to take care of our family and that's what we do and on the side we get to do the sports project. And so whatever you need to do is you target where you think your business is going to have its largest revenue stream. And then also create a little cache for you to do your passion work and/or what we try to do as many times as possible is to have a client pay for us to get to where we wanna go and then we extend our trip by a few days to do something for us. So that is a great question thank you. We have one more question here before we go to online questions? Are we gonna go straight to online questions? Okay perfect we'll go here and then we have a few online. So you say that you're dressing like this person. Not today. Well on your website you are, and you're trying to say things that would relate to this person so how close to who you actually are is this person that you're creating? Like are you trying to create someone that's similar to you? That's great, that's a fantastic question and I would probably say that I bare a 20% resemblance to Elle so the vast majority is no. I do not have children, do not live in Manhattan Beach, I don't drive a Range Rover, I don't make physical products I don't and I say this, my husband and I work together so this is a joint venture. I'm not depending on any body else as floater of income so I'm speaking very differently to this person. So you do not have to create an ideal client, I create an ideal client for my business strategy business that we're venturing on and I have an ideal client for my wedding business both of whom I bare no resemblance. I actually bare probably five percent resemblance to my ideal wedding client in that we're both female, everything else is like. She comes from a family of wealth and she has a much higher education and she's went on family vacations and she buys really nice jeans and really nice purses. She works with event designers, there are very striking distances so no there is very little overlay between myself and my ideal client. But I know her and I feel like we would enjoy a great cup of coffee. Awesome let's take a couple, oh I love see the questions are coming, let's balance this out. Let's take a couple online I wanna make sure that everybody feels they're a part of the conversation. So when we are ready for the online questioning it will appear online okay. Client profile from Diane Diaz, how to create this if your business services three types of clients? I'm a manicurist servicing bridal, corporate clients, and home parties fantastic great question. Because here's the thing I wanna talk about business period because what I think is, all of a sudden you guys see me getting Puerto Rican right now. Oh I'm getting hot and bothered, okay what I see happening is that we want to embody this nobody understands what I am going through and we have this isolation process. I can tell you right here three different things and business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with the same ideology photographers included. I'm a baby photographer, I'm a wedding photographer, I'm a portrait photographer. Real estate I do corporate real estate, I do home real estate, I do rentals, right. So we can go through how this applies to a lot of people what I would say is on your website you wanna create a portal, you could either have three independent websites right so we would be Diane Diaz bridal nails. Diane Diaz corporate nails or whatever the case may be. Or she can have Diane Diaz manicurist and when you land on that there's three options which are the corporate events would you like a bridal event or is this a home party. Once they go into those portals that experience is tailored to each of those clients and Diane yes I'm gonna ask you to create three client profiles. It's gonna be a little extra work but guess what the content that you create and curate would be so honed in on who those people are they're gonna have a hard time saying no because they think that your service is tailored specifically to their needs. Great question let's do one more online question. From Julie King Jasmine has different niches to her business, does she tailor all business aspects to the same ideal client? We just answered that in regards to saying basically I have two businesses right now. I am a business strategist I am also a photographer. I have two ideal clients, I am choosing who I'm going to be focusing on catering to and we made the very strong and distinct decision that in 2017 I'm going to be focusing a lot more on Elle, this kinda just became a passion project and the passion project has really morphed off and took off. And I wanna do the things that give me life and I have chosen that this on the outside people are like that is crazy, my mom included. She seriously calls me and prays over me, "God I don't know "if she knows what she's doing right now." Like mom I'm gonna be okay, lemme just take a risk. Let me just do this, let me do the thing that is stupid, let me write a story that in ten years I am so proud to look back on and say, dang we were number one. We're the one percenter's mom and we walked away from it. And guess what we end up being the one percenter's again. That's the story I wanna tell, whether I will get to the one percent I don't know, do I believe I will be there? Hell yes, hell yes, if I don't believe I have the capacity to be in the one percent I would never be the one percent. And I want everybody in here to be the one percent. We all collectively believe we'll be the one percent and here's the beauty of this, I'm going on a tangent. The beauty of being the one percent is that your one percent looks so different from my one percent. There's not a collective one percent I might think that having a yacht is the pinnacle of success and you might think a yacht can you just imagine the rental fees and the boating fees, cleaning it who wants to be on the water, right. My version of success is so different and no I don't want a yacht, I'm one of those people who are like are you kidding me, no. I want a friend who has a yacht but I don't want a yacht. So here's the thing whatever takes me away from my version of success I don't care about it. My version of success can I travel the world with my husband, every time my family goes out to eat, we're a big Latino family there's like 17 of us. I want to pay for that meal every single time not because I have swag because my parents gave me everything they possibly could. That's success to me, that's what I want to do day in and day out, what do I wanna do? I want to have homemade meals with my friends and my family, I wanna put out a fold up table and park it in the backyard, put out beautiful candles, eat a great meal by the fireplace. That is success to me, I want to give what we contribute 10% of our proceeds for our online product and services to CHALK, the Children's Hospital of Orange County. We're so happy in that in 2017 we're gonna be donating to mental health for children, so children who have eating disabilities, mental illness. They're put into state organizations and they could be housed next to an adult suffering from what they're suffering with. And children need special needs, so we are really, really hell bent on 2017 to donating 10% of what we can. That's success nobody else has it so you might think that's not what you want to do. And that's great, that's fine, your one percent and my one percent we're all gonna be one percenter, Amen. Can your ideal client be both a man and a woman? I am pretty sure both men and women identify with my work, Stephanie G. Okay Stephanie let's walk through a little bit of an example like I started the day I think I rubbed you the wrong way so I rather rub you the wrong way 'cause I believe if I make you feel something, then you know your answer. My answer is no I don't think they can be both things, why? Because there are nuances in how you attract the person you're trying to attract, why. So a couple of weeks ago I kind of was just at a place so I just wanted to serve something out online. I was feeling something so I when I feel something I turn to JD no matter what time of day 'cause our rules in the house, yeah rules. We try not to be on the computer after 6:30 kind of like a thing for us. We work together, we live together, it's just a bit much. So that's one thing but if I feel something then I have a set amount of time to write. So I got on the computer I type something out when I got to a point, so basically if you want something get it but don't make excuses for you not getting the thing that you want as a result of you not doing the work. So often people say I want my business to grow and then they're watching endless hours of Netflix. No you don't, you know what you could've done with those endless episodes of Real Housewives? You could've made a new website that's what you could've done, so I got on that and so this was a time where I never got into Gilmore Girls but I think Elle did so I had to kind of get into what is this thing. So when it came out I started Netflixing, it was research and development. I wanted to be like what is this Gilmore Girls thing that everybody is raving about. So I thought no it's okay I get the gist, whatever. So a week later I'm writing this thing and I got to a point in the copy where I said you can stop watching endless hours of and then I had the decision to say ESPN, Gilmore Girls, CNN, MTV, I knew that I chose right with Gilmore Girls. Because the result it was 237 comments later, you need to watch the Gilmore Girls, the struggle is real. Okay that's fine but I hit a pressure point because I knew who the gender was and here's the thing. Guys could be reading this and they're just like I hate Gilmore Girls but they understand the underlying theory of it and I could've said ESPN, I could've said the strongly, manly show which I don't know. Somebody give me a manly show, manly show, manly show. What? UFC. Oh okay one I like UFC but yeah the UFC, we'll do the UFC you could sit there and watch UFC. But the copy I chose specifically resonated with someone I was speaking to. So when it goes back to this ideology of who am I working with nuances matter. Let's go back to a question, okay, do you have a question? My question is just a follow up on the question before. When you're creating this would you say that your values align with Elles' values? So like from a psychology standpoint, from in terms of working with someone, I notice the difference when in real life when I have an ideal client come across my plate I get so jazzed when I find this client. So I was just curious about that. So I'm gonna answer this in two ways. You get really jazzed when values align, somebody might not pay as much credence to that energy. If you do then you need to add 26, 27, 28 questions about political values, religious values because in my mind I have made a distinct decision and let me just tell you that 2016 was a year that I just wanted to be like (typing noise) I have opinions about politics. That's what I do everyday I was like ugh and I didn't right because that is not my platform, that is not where my ideal client is gonna be. I'm gonna be more polarizing but here's the thing if that is so strongly an alliance to your brand, your vision. Do it, rock it, we all have a very familiar shock jocks and political pundits who are so out there and they have hundreds and thousands of followers and fans and tribes because they're resonating. There isn't a right or wrong, it's just a line to your compass and so if values are under it absolutely add a question and multiple answers so that when it comes to creating content that's value driven it's gonna come much easier to you.

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Lisa Jurkonis

I have followed Jasmine since she first started and I am not a photographer. But I loved how smart she was in helping her fellow photographers grow their business back then and her enthusiasm and professionalism! I have am a honeymoon designer and have used her vision to help with my own website. This boot camp was great! Yes, I am one of the people who watched it for free online. I would love to be able to purchase her materials/workbook, but unfortunately at this time, husband has been unemployed for the past 18 months and my business has been put on the back burner in order for me to go out and try to find a job. But I decided to go ahead and sign up for the class and watch it even though there were so many distractions. I watched the entire class and SO GLAD I DID! I'm ripping off the band-aid and starting my entire website over again thanks to Jasmine and Promise. I'm going to implement the tips that she gave us today and hopefully that will be enough to propel my business back into the limelight! So glad that I stumbled upon your website/blog 10 years ago. Thank you so much and continued blessings to you!


Wow, where to start. When you come to a class you're hoping you can learn just one thing, and it will be worth it - and I can tell you, in just the first 30 MINUTES of the class I had furiously scribbled down so many takeaways that everything else was gravy. And there was a LOT LEFT (that was all amazing). But let's be specific: the biggest thing I learned from Jasmine is how detailed and purposeful her ideal client is. Absolutely everything was chosen for a reason, and watching someone at this level talk about that was incredible. Also, I know what you're thinking: "Ideal client" is not a novel idea - HOWEVER! she makes it accessible. Her honesty and hard work shine through, and I can safely say I'm walking away from this class as a changed entrepreneur. I have a direction. I have a goal. I finally have a way to be purposeful about growing my business. THANK YOU Jasmine!!!!!!!!!11!one!!


Do yourself a favor! This was an amazing class! Jasmine knows how to bring out the best in her students. The concepts she embodies apply to so many other businesses. And her friend Promise is so caring and honest about the advice she gives on how to build a better website, in a world where our storefronts are turning more and more into an digital one. I am so charged up and ready to take my business to the next level. Jasmine is a tremendous business woman and has helped so many people over the years. And she has had that helping heart since day one of her business. Thanks Jasmine!

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