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Results + KPIs

Lesson 5 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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5. Results + KPIs

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Results + KPIs

in an N. C. O. Project taking into account KPs and results is super important because the measurement of a site's performance is the best way to quantify its success. The ultimate goal is to have your landing page rank on page one of the surf since barely anyone goes beyond page one. But it's not just about where you show up. It's also about how much real estate you occupy in the syrup. If your site is visible in every possible position from the answer box at the top of the page to the featured images on the right hand sidebar, your site will have the highest chance of clicks and impressions no matter what the searcher's intent is. The next one is site health. Site health can be quantified in many ways but the easiest is by tracking and assessing the number of site errors over time. As technical issues with site get resolved. The number of broken pages and other flags will gradually shrink to zero a clean bill of health. If a site has been penalized by google, the recovery process will...

take longer and require more diligence and measurement to right the wrong. Finally, we have domain authority which is a metric that calculates the degree to which a website can be trusted. You can think of this as sort of online credibility. In other words, is this site in authority. Among other sites offering the same type of content. This score is on a scale of 0-100 and uses back links as its primary metric. The health of the site is also necessary for the vote of confidence it receives.

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