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Why It Matters

Lesson 3 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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3. Why It Matters

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Why It Matters

much of the conversation around SEO and marketing in general focuses on content, but without a healthy site that can be easily navigated and understood by search engine bots, All the creation of this content will be useless because no one will ever see it. Technical. SeO is about visibility. The fewer errors you have on the site, the higher its visibility will be. Another important component of SEO is usability. The website's technical soundness ultimately dictates whether a user can properly access the site before they even begin navigating. Once the user has reached a site, we want to both keep them there and guide them easily to the content that they're looking for. So, for example, If someone is on a fashion website and they click on a link for handbags but they receive a 404 error message. they're likely not going to stay on the site. However, if they do try to give it another go and the next page is taking a long time to load, then they're likely not going to return to the site. ...

So because of this technical S C. O. Should be both the first and last part of building a website, checking all the boxes in the beginning of the build of a website will save a ton of time, money and hassle in the future. It will also give the website the best chances of success, just like people, it's hard to change google's mind after its first impression. So next we'll go over the poor components of S. C. OO

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