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Mini Audit

Lesson 14 from: SEO - Website Technical Audit Fundamentals

Kelly Murphy

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14. Mini Audit

Lesson Info

Mini Audit

the final step is a mini audit and particularly in the pitch process, showing the client the tip of the iceberg and highlighting different focus areas is the best way to kind of show value to the client and show the need for technical sc. Oh it's important that you don't give too much away here. We don't want the client to feel like they can do the rest of the work themselves. You're the expert here. So remember that and remember that you want the chance to prove that. So to get this balance right, you'll want to create a checkbox with details of the top 5-10 technical seo issues you spot when you run a screaming frog audit. Ordinarily this list will include some mix of the following but you want to base the check box on your own clients issues Broken links, response codes, non 301 redirects site maps, missing or needs edits robots dot txt file, missing her needs edit domain authority site speed and duplicate pages. So now I'm gonna show you an example of what this checkbox assessment ...

might look like with notes on the number of errors and what these errors affect. We don't want to provide resolutions in the notes but we will want to add some overview bullets. So as you can see here, you might say that a site has strong authority but it's impeded by broken links and slow site speed affecting its usability and accessibility and then you'll want to show what that means. So for instance the cleanup of air pages, duplication and information architecture will help improve visibility and provide a strong foundation to develop content efforts and you want to tailor this to whatever you and the client determined either the business or the project objectives are. And then you can see here below you want to create this type of checkbox that provides enough details about each site component that has errors to kind of give the client a sense of what they need to be concerned about. So some questions you might want to ask are does the client care the most about rankings or navigable bility of the site. Do they care about content or are they mostly focused on revenue and then incorporate these into your pitch or your kick off with a slide like this? So now you've learned how to develop a brief, do a competitive analysis and do a mini audit. And in the next section we'll talk more about auditing.

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