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Field Trips

Lesson 7 from: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change

Beth Comstock

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7. Field Trips

How do you structure time, place and energy for creativity? Beth shares the value of field trips during her NBC and former GE roles and how they aided in cultivating innovation.
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Lesson Info

Field Trips

What I really like to do is to take field trips with myself and with my colleagues. In fact, with some of the teams I work with, we organized Ah, every month we would do a field trip Friday. It was a way as a team to do this kind of orchestrated discovery. It's really planned. Serendipity. You're getting out. You're seeing things, and as a team by doing it together and jewels, this could be really interesting. Has a close something to do with your clients. Maybe this is a challenge to give you. Maybe this is a way to take your clients. I don't know what kind of work you do but potentially push you to take your clients to discover something weird and new together. So you're seeing it as one. So this idea of field trips of getting out of, ah, bringing people together, um, a couple of things that I these there some shots of different things that that I did in the course of my career, mean look, weird doesn't really show up. And in the work we do, we think weird is not part of work. Maybe ...

it's what we do in her down time, but it's not what we do at work. But I'm here to say You got to make room for a little bit of weird. And so not all of these things. In fact, most of these pictures are not that weird, but weird has taken me to have taken me to South Korea to judge boy band competitions. Toe Understand the future trends of consumer digital media. When I worked at NBC, it's taken me to the Israeli military, where I had Teoh learn from F 15 pilot fighters who are trying to figure out non hierarchical leadership in the start up way in Israel. It took me to Saudi Arabia is one of the first women in my company who went to Saudi at a time when women weren't encouraged to go there. Um and I This story had a very profound effect on me because, in fact, one of my colleagues, who was ah, female, she said, I never go to Saudi because I don't like the way they treat women well from everything I'd read. I didn't like it either, but my philosophy is you have to go see for yourself. And so I donned my abaya and my headscarf and I went with a group of colleagues, and what we came to understand was that there were women dying of Stage four breast cancer because they were ashamed, and also they couldn't drive so they couldn't get to be diagnosed. So it created a whole health platform for us to be able to clump with a new way of monitoring a mobile monitoring unit to take to see women so they didn't have to drive to be diagnosed. We never would have seen that if we hadn't gone to see for ourselves. So these field trips are about going to see for yourself. An example of one that I like to use a bit more organized was taking a group of people who do serve water service technicians in a nuclear factory and taking them Teoh to Formula One or NASCAR. To understand how pit crews changed the tires really fast in a race car that zooming around the tracks so we could have talked about it all we wanted. But until we took a field trip until the team went together to understand that real metaphor of were literally changing the tyres while the cars racing around the track. That's a metaphor for changing water in an ongoing nuclear factory. So sometimes you have to organize these things where people can literally go together and see for themselves.

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Julie Hankes

Wow, this class was such a privilege to be a part of! There are so many gems in here, but what I loved most, is that she opened my thinking even bigger and offered me tricks and tips to facilitate that for myself and others long into the future. This is a tremendous gift as I'm already pretty outside of the box (i.e. I just took a client kayaking and then out in a seaplane yesterday for a visioning session) and creative in my work, so yes, what a gift! She also profoundly underscores the vital role the creative/imaginary mindset plays in the role of innovation and greeting our world's most wild challenges and opportunities. What a joy, have shared her work with many since this class took place. Thank you Beth for your courageous offering of imagination and championing it's vital role in our everyday work place and in our world's next steps into a more thriving, creative and innovative future!

Arthur Yakumo

I really enjoy this class. If you want a mind shift, having difficult seeing opportunities in front of you, especially living and working in a corporate job, this class is for you. Working for a fortune 500 job, I see how work is constantly changing, I didn't see the opportunities and how we can influence the change or be part of the change. This class helps you see and be part of the changing job revolution.

Christine Denker

If you want a mind shift to create change for yourself or your organization, then this class is a no-brainer! As a middle school English Language Arts teacher, I thought about how I could apply the concepts Beth teaches to my students who I have the privilege of interacting with daily. As a writer, I thought about how much I'm holding myself back and how I need to give myself permission to try new things knowing I'm going to fail and it's okay to do so. I really appreciated this course and had several takeaways that I can't wait to implement.

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