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Learn Courage

Lesson 3 from: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change

Beth Comstock

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Lesson Info

3. Learn Courage

Being the first female vice chair of GE does not guarantee confidence: Beth shares her challenges as an introvert at networking events and introduces the second exercise in learning courage and ensuring accountability.
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Lesson Info

Learn Courage

really want to do a quick exercise with you guys about Just Lauren encourages is a series of questions to take out your notebook. Take out your phone. Um, what I'd like you to do is make a list of a couple of things you're scared off and the shorthand You come back to this later. But ask yourself why you're scared of it. This is it. I'm not going to share all of this. But why? Why are you afraid? Like only you have to have this conversation with yourself. Okay? We're all afraid of things. So this you're a little truth serum in the air. Just a touch. Is it really the budget that's holding you back? Okay. Your manager said no. Is there a different way to get your manager to say yes? Do you really need that much time? So the next thing I want you to think about is, um probably is that summons up some negativity. You know, you're you're saying why you're afraid. You know, maybe you're just you know you're afraid, right? You're like my colleagues never going to go go for it. I like this ide...

a of kind to slay the dragon put it out there. Just say I'm worried about Bob telling me. No, I I What's it's saying to me because I feel like I'm gonna look dumb to Bob because Bob's not gonna promote me. I'm not gonna get a raise. Not gonna get that book of business. Just put it out there for yourself, then. Another thing I like to dio on and this is more of an ongoing practice is Okay. Turn that upside down. Now start your own kind of I can do this list. So what are a couple of things again? You're going to commit to leave here. We know Jane's gonna talk it. She's giving herself permission. Jules is giving herself permission. You'll have that. Now. There's a couple more of those steps. You're not just gonna do one. You don't get off that easy. A couple more. I can do this list. Simple things. I can do this. What will you dio? I used to have to, uh, because I'm an introvert and I'm shy. And, as you can tell from my Ted Turner story and really awkward Uhm so I used to have to when I go to an event like this? Um, let's say a networking event. Um, and maybe in the time beforehand, I everybody's meeting each other like I'm by the chip bowl. You're never going to call me the life of the party. And, um and so the child one of things in my I can do this list is I'm in the next event. Work related networking event is I'm going to go in. I'm gonna meet one person, and then I could go home. Then the next I'm gonna meet to and then I can go home or I'm going to go in. I'm gonna ask a question in that meeting. I'm not gonna leave their quiet because I get so angry when it's someone asked the stupid question. And I had a better question or someone asked the question I wanted to before I had a chance to. And then it's like, Well, whose fault is that? I didn't speak up. So those are the kind of things I started to put on my list. Or I'm gonna ask to have coffee with somebody in another area because they're on. They're investigating something I think I could learn. I'm going to take the initiative. How are you gonna hold yourself accountable? Did your list you go Look at it every day. You're gonna tell your office, buddy or your sister? Hey, I'm doing this. Can you help me? And then finally Just start. Just just do it right. Just do it. I think it's just so So this is a little conversation you're having with yourself. I'm gonna pause for a minute here and just see, I don't You need to share your list, but is there anything any of this resonates with any of you? I mean, I see a few heads nodding. I dont know can if if anyone cannot their head on the on the Webcast. But is there any thing that no one wants to share? Any observations? Has anyone tried this in another setting? Its story you'd like to share? Hi, I'm senti I think the notion of just do it It so resonates because we know so many of these things intuitively in our get and and there might not even be a gatekeeper there beyond ourselves. We just need to do it. I think it's a great point, Cindy. I mean, it's often we are the gatekeeper in our own mind. And we look for those alibis, right? My boss, how many times my boss is never gonna go for this? It might be true, but did you all laugh? Did you ask? No, I just I know she'll never do it. Well, how do you know? And then they come back and they're like, I got it. I got the opportunity. Right? So I think that's such again again. We know these things, but we don't do on if we it's, you know, it's just we get in our own way anything James whose timing in saying I'm afraid that I won't be in control. Uh, yeah. Interesting. That's a good one. And I think this is scary, Right? Because you're putting yourself out. It's It's Jules thing of asking for help, right? You're putting yourself out there with something that hey, I'm taking a risk in trying something new. I'm afraid you may not like me. Or maybe need to say I've got a new idea. I need help, and you feel like you're not in control. Did you want to? Hi. I'm Morita, and I'm wondering if you can speak to Theo idea of perfectionism with with learning courage. Yeah, I think perfectionism is one of those gatekeepers in our minds, right? It's It's that ability I'm across. I'm a recovering perfectionists and have not figured it out. It is that ability of not wanting to It's not gonna be perfect. So I'm not gonna even try. We're gonna get to some of that later about maybe some ways to alleviate that. But I think that is a that is a gatekeeper in our mind.

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Julie Hankes

Wow, this class was such a privilege to be a part of! There are so many gems in here, but what I loved most, is that she opened my thinking even bigger and offered me tricks and tips to facilitate that for myself and others long into the future. This is a tremendous gift as I'm already pretty outside of the box (i.e. I just took a client kayaking and then out in a seaplane yesterday for a visioning session) and creative in my work, so yes, what a gift! She also profoundly underscores the vital role the creative/imaginary mindset plays in the role of innovation and greeting our world's most wild challenges and opportunities. What a joy, have shared her work with many since this class took place. Thank you Beth for your courageous offering of imagination and championing it's vital role in our everyday work place and in our world's next steps into a more thriving, creative and innovative future!

Arthur Yakumo

I really enjoy this class. If you want a mind shift, having difficult seeing opportunities in front of you, especially living and working in a corporate job, this class is for you. Working for a fortune 500 job, I see how work is constantly changing, I didn't see the opportunities and how we can influence the change or be part of the change. This class helps you see and be part of the changing job revolution.

Christine Denker

If you want a mind shift to create change for yourself or your organization, then this class is a no-brainer! As a middle school English Language Arts teacher, I thought about how I could apply the concepts Beth teaches to my students who I have the privilege of interacting with daily. As a writer, I thought about how much I'm holding myself back and how I need to give myself permission to try new things knowing I'm going to fail and it's okay to do so. I really appreciated this course and had several takeaways that I can't wait to implement.

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