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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I have already welcome to creative live. My name is lily tongue crystal, and I'm your host for our course. Turn your service into a product with tara gentilly. Now, many of you probably know terror. She is a creative, live all star. She has taught several courses here, and she's she speaks around the world night terror, is a business strategist and the creator of quiet power strategy. She helps business owners take smart ideas and turned them into sustainable business solutions, compelling products and effective marketing messages. She's also been featured in forbes fast company and design sponge. Please help me in welcoming back to our stage. Tara gentilly, I am wonder of all, we are so excited to have you back to teach this court. Yeah, and I am so excited to be back. This is my favorite place to be way like to hear that so, terror, you're going to be talking today about self employment and business ownership. Now I'm self employed, I've been self employed for what seems like forever...

and I and, like like many, my peers and colleagues sometimes get burnt out after we've been doing the self employment thing for a while in our careers, so I wondering if you can let us know why that is, and if there's a solution for that? Absolutely well, I'm glad to tell everyone there is in fact a solution, but yeah, I mean, I've watched friends I've watched colleagues I've watched you know, people that I had meyer get burnt out, just a hustling and hustling and hustling to make their businesses work to make more money to reach more people, and the reason that we end up getting so so burnt out with our businesses is because we get stuck in a time for money cycle does that resonate with you guys? You stuck in the time for money cycle? Yes, because you know, when you're when you're selling your time or went yeah, when you're selling your time in exchange for dollars, the only thing you could do to make more money is to set spell more of your time and that's stinks. Most of us want more flexibility, we want more freedom, we want shorter work days on, we don't want other people dictating how we spend our time that's why we got into this in the first place. And so with this class, our goal is to revolutionize the way you make money in your business by creating a product, a program, an asset that frees you from that time for money cycle well, I'm all about and we're all about revolutionizing our businesses, so I don't want to take any more of your time so the stage is yours we have a lot to cover thanks so much absolutely I'm excited to get started so welcome all of you welcome to you out there in internet world as well. Yeah, so as I was just saying you guys have been stuck in a time for money cycle, right? You've been selling your service, you know, maybe you're a coach, you're a designer, you're an artist your ah scrapbook er and you've been you've been kind of giving and giving and giving just to get back a paycheck essentially and we started our business is I think to get mohr than a paycheck and that's exactly what we're going to be talking about today because you're ready for more you've you've probably been up late at night, you've been in front of that computer at the you know, the tenth hour thinking really is this all there is because I want mawr I want more from my business, I want more from my life, I want more from my ideas and what's more is absolutely possible and that's what we're going to spend the next twenty eight lessens talking about this is going to be jam packed with exactly the mindset shift you need to make to get into that really business owner mindset so you can actually accomplish these things we're gonna do thirteen steps they're actually building a product and making it marketable and then on the last in the last set of lessons we're going to focus on howto automate all that so just like you don't have to be spending our selling your time for money, you also don't need to be constantly hustling to get people by your new product. So by the end of this class there it is you have a plan for creating one asset or product or program that can make you more money, reach more customers and create mohr impact in the world because I know I know all of these guys in the studio and just did an impact I have a feeling all of you out there are as well we didn't just get into businesses for ourselves we got into business too serve our communities to make an impact to change lives and I want to show you how building a product that builds riel wealth for you is also the way that you are going to create real wealth for your community as well where you're going to create real transformation for the people that you serve that's the goal of this class turn your service into a product now hear our objectives first we're going to discover the product that's waiting for you there's a product waiting for you it's already stuck inside your service somewhere stuck inside the things that you do on a daily basis we are going to uncover it ah second we're going to sell your product to ten to twenty right for you customers I want you to feel like at the end of this class not even just feel like I want you to have a concrete plan for selling your product to tend to twenty people how many of you have spent a lot of time building something only to see it not sell yes yeah okay and I'm sure it's the same out there for you as well I want to make sure that you're walking away from this class knowing your product is going to say sell and exactly to whom it is going to sell that is a key distinction numbers three we're going to market your product with marketing that resonates not just promotional stuff, not just like look at me I made this thing no, we're gonna connect with people threw our marketing through the very essence of the product what we've created so that you know that what you're offering is really going to resonate people forthe we're going automate your customer intake process that means getting people into your product and making sure they have the absolute best experience possible. Fourth, we're going automate the way you find new customers so that you're not always having to identify ten people that you're going to sell to no no no no no I want to help you create a system that brings in one hundred a thousand tens of thousands of people into your product, and then finally, we're going to automate the way you get feedback and improve your product is building a product isn't a one shot deal, it takes constant improvement and takes constant adoration. You look at big cos this is what they are doing on a regular basis. I mean, to use the most cliche example possible. This is what apple does every time it releases a new iphone, right? So I'm gonna help you build the iphone one, and then you're going to go away with a plan to create the iphone success. Okay, does that make it alright? Good? All right, here's, how we're going to do it first, we're going to examine the mindset that's getting in your way there is something that you think about your work and about your business that is the biggest roadblock that you've had to accomplishing these things today we're going to fix that today we're also going to identify the asset that's hiding in your service that's waiting to be discovered. We're gonna outline a system for ensuring that your product sells and we're going to create a plan for all automating or delegating future work are you ready? Are you ready, alright.

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I love Creativelive and I watch a lot of good classes, but this course is mind blowing, I can´t explain how much Tara makes me rethink my business, and how this class clears up what are the right things to do to grow my business. This is especially important as I am a sole propriator and at times I am just completely lost about what to do. I love love love this course, and to be honest, the course worths so much more than what it is priced. Thank you Tara and Creativelive!


It was a great experience, thank you Tara! I have watched and own other classes. This feels to me like some kind of broadening of knowledge every time with you. It has been very inspiring 3 days. My service is not a product yet but on the way to become. Great people in studio, too.

Gloria Roheim McRae

Ever wondered about the roadmap to creating VALUE in your products? This Creative Live houses that roadmap. I just finished three full days doing this training and can say that it's Tara's best yet, and that my business in 2016 will not be the same because of it. We will be better connected to our customers needs, we'll have content that transforms their lives (for free), and as business owners we now have the toolkit to sell our products more consistently. Thank you CL and Tara Gentile for this gift. You make small business dreams come true.

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