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Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Lesson 22 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Lesson 22 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

22. Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Lesson Info

Create the Ideal Customer Experience

Create the ideal customer experience because here's the thing I know that you want your customers toe love your product as much as you d'oh, right? You want your customers to love your product as much as you do? We don't. We don't spend our time and energy and let's face it blood, sweat and tears, putting together products that we don't love, and if there's anything that you can do to help your customers love your product as much as you do, I know that you want to do it. The good news is it doesn't have to be tons of extra work there's actually a system, a process that you can follow that will help your customers get the most out of your product, get the most value out of it, have them get the best experience, have them feel most positively about it, and that is a system of on board a how many of you guys have heard of on boarding before? Very smart and savvy group if you haven't heard about on boarding before, basically on boarding is just a serious of steps that helps customers have ...

the best experience, and I know of no one better to help teach you how to do this than the person who helped me figure it out. Her name is brianne dick and she's, the founder of mn ibeacon assaulting ink on dh she's also an adviser and consultant to quiet power strategy, my business and my program and she developed our on boarding process, which was brand new for this this last time I used to know you know how to get customers into this into the floor um and send out the e mails and now we've got a whole system for it so that everyone knows what to expect could feel really good about what we're doing on dh knows exactly who to go to for information, how to ask the best kind of questions how to get the most out of every single module and it's really revolutionized the way our customers interact with the product that we have fantastic brianne is also a learning and operations strategy consultants, so she helps people learn how to teach better she's been instrumental in how I've transformed the way I've taught and how that transformation is that helped to transform my business and she's also the creator of the master class, which is a program that quiet power strategy offers on how to turn your world class idea you're smart idea into a world class a framework for teaching it to other people as well. So brand come on off I'm in a hand off the magical clicker machine and what what are we gonna know how to do by the end of this work? By the end these lessons by the end of these lessons I want you to banish the curse of expertise by on boarding your customers in a way that feels efficient and easy eyes are from there all right I want to start off with a little thought experiment I want you to imagine that it's nineteen ninety nine okay it's nineteen ninety nine the nineties air back actually made a comment on facebook a couple days ago the nineties or back in canada because we have a liberal government the blue jays are in the playoffs and there's a new star wars movie going to be out in theaters so I want you to imagine that it's nineteen, ninety nine and cell phones are just becoming a thing in fact the iphone isn't going to be invented for another five years yes there there was life before the iphone so want you to imagine sw nineteen ninety nine and you or a cell phone expert and I'm a researcher and I come to you and I say hey cellphone expert how long do you think it's going to take for someone who's never used a cell phone before to learn how to retrieve a voicemail for the first time now if you remember those candy bar flip phones and all the steps it took you know you have to dial your number and then press us I know the hash and then another like blah blah blah blah blah I am sure just throw it a number. How how long do you think it would take someone to master this new task of figuring out how to retrieve the voicemail any an hour? Seven minutes? Anyone else? Thirty minutes? Okay, so we've got, like, seven minutes to an hour and kind of everywhere in between. This was actually a question that was posed by a group of stanford researchers, and what they found is that I don't have the exact numbers that they gave, but they asked the experts, and the experts gave a wide range of answers. You were almost excellently, they been the one tested it, right? Like, how long does it actually take? And the experts predictions, we're so far wrong, like they weren't even in the ballpark, and so then the experts are the researchers went to the experts said, we'll think about how many steps there are think about pressing that's, probably what what corey was doing as he was thinking about all those buttons you have to press and like, wait for the voice prompt and then hit one and then hit one and then hit seven and then hit one and then you write like that was the process, right? You think about it, they said, we'll think about that and then give me a new estimate and the estimates weren't a whole lot better and then they said we'll think about when you were first learning and how long it took you to master this process and it still didn't help and finally the researchers did this not just with cell phones but with lego actually, which is one of my favorite things is one of my favorite studies. As a result, they said, it didn't matter what they tried to use, as they call it a d biasing technique didn't matter how they try to predict how long it would take, the experts couldn't get it right. And so, in the name of the paper, they coined this phrase the curse of expertise. What the curse of expertise means that you, as an expert, can not predict reliably how long it's going to take someone to master something new. This presents a problem for on boarding, right? Because normally when we think of onboard and we think about what does someone you know, how long they're going to take them, to be able to fully use my product or my course or whatever this thing is that I'm developing. But that's the wrong question to ask because it's one that we can't actually answer instead, what we want to think about is on boarding is about helping customers to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to be successful using your product this is actually one of my favorite definitions of learning is that when someone learns something, you're helping them to choose a different behavior, then they could have otherwise chosen. Learning is about helping someone to choose a different behavior, then they could have chosen previously through acquiring new knowledge, new skills and a change in attitude when were on boarding, then what we're trying to do is help people choose desired behaviors. We have behaviors that they need to take to be successful, that's what we wanted to, we can't tell them how long it's going to take to get from a to b all we can do is help them change their behavior in a way that will get them to where we know they need to be. So I have a question for you guys, and also a question for those of you who are watching online, does anyone have example of a time when you brought you bought a product or service or something like that? And you had a really fantastic on boarding experience, something where you've just felt taken care off in that on boards, but any any examples? Can anyone think of a really good on boarding experience? I could tell you, but one, while you're thinking, you know, go ahead, just that airbnb that I booked coming here, they sent in a very sequential set of e mails to me say this is what you should expect this is how to communicate with your host this is when you know reminders toe this is when your host expects you to arrive and so it was a very easy set up in an easy experience and I felt comfortable even though I'd never say that everyday before you knew what to expect corey thie massage therapist that I go to uh the, um company they have their large they have like five or six massage therapist at there and when you first sign up they send you an e mail letting you know what sort of experience tohave when you go in the person of the front desk is very warm and gracious and they greet you by your name because they know it when you're coming in so I didn't have to tell her my name and and then they offer you a glass of water they offer you warm tea they ask you you know about like if you have any physical problems that they should be aware of when you're getting ready for the massage and then afterward you know they remind you that you need to drink lots of water and how to recover after the massage and then they offer you tea again and candy and uh yeah, I mean it's it's a great experience and I've been going back there for three years that's great I think you had an example as well, right? I recently purchased a letter from ever lean and as soon as I purchased it I had someone facebook mea message me and it was just this whole process of we just packed it it's on its way you should get it at nine o'clock tonight how did you put it on? How does it look? It was just this play by play of and it was like a person kind of texting I could respond back saying I'm so excited they're like oh, we're so excited for you to have it so it was very delightful very cool did anyone online chime in with any stories I actually recently joined a program it was called coaches for him I got the e mail two days ago they've re branded now it's actually forbes coaches counsel but I'm a member of this organization which is for business and professional career coaches to you you network and they have a concierge to help you, you know, book travel on that kind of stuff and they're on mourning process was one of the best experiences I had ever had because it started off with you know, I I went through a seamless purchase zinc process right that's where all of thes customer great customer experiences start if if they can't figure out how to pay you that's going to be a problem right so it started with really seamless payment and then we moved into you know, welcome I'm so glad you're here could we schedule a fifteen minute conversations? I'd really like to know you know what? What brought you to us? What do you most interested in for me? I was interested in and they have press partnerships and I thought that's fabulous I want some press partnerships and so I got on this call and they said, you know what? You must have decided press press partnerships that was the truth got off the call and I got an email a day or two later and they said, hey, we remembered that you said that you were interested in press and here's the step by step of how to do that and here's, where you go on our web site, make sure you fill out your profile. Then a few days later I got another email and it was, hey, don't forget we have all of these, uh concierge surface is available to you and here's where you go for that was step by step by step that they introduced me. Teo. All of these different aspect of this product that I had purchased that otherwise I might not have known existed or I wouldn't have known how to get best use out of them, and so when we think about a great on boarding experience, the themes that I heard from your examples and what I've experienced myself is that great on boarding has basically three things it does for your customer. It gives them what they need to be successful, so in cory's example, they helped him to relax and get comfortable before and after, you know, the pre care on boarding and the off boarding process of, you know, make sure that you drink lots of water and that kind of thing gives you what you need to be successful. The second thing is, it gives you confidence, so my example of the forbes coaches counsel, I knew how to go get press mentions. There was no question in my mind about how to do it. I was confident and in fact, I went in and answered a few of their questions, and we'll see if they get some some playtime in the different media channels. And then the third thing is that it doesn't overwhelm you because we've probably the airbnb example of something that could have been really overwhelming if they had just thrown that information at you. I mean, you would not have been nearly as confident you would have been overwhelmed, right, correct, a little scared, because I don't know if this is you know these people are going to be serial killer how do you know that? And they there was a lot of context in their messaging teo give you a feeling of security? Yeah, yeah so that's what we're trying to do on boarding isn't about setting timelines for the point by which someone should be able to fully use your product instead it's about giving people what they need to succeed with confidence it's not going to overwhelm them and we want to do it in a way that's not going to overwhelm you either in my example with the coaches uh as service that was a situation where other than that fifteen minute call all of that I'm almost certain was automated, right? I buy I go into a cue, I get an email which read very personally I said, you know book your call went into a scheduling thing booked the call then I have the call and then I'm sure all that happened was they went in my file and they ticked off some box that said she's interested in press and so I started getting e mails about press they didn't have to manage that manually. So that's what we're going to dio over the next hour or so here is we're going to talk about how you create that kind of experience that gives people what they need to succeed with confidence without overwhelming them

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