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Make Your Offer

Lesson 19 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

Make Your Offer

Lesson 19 from: Turn Your Service Into a Product

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

19. Make Your Offer

Lesson Info

Make Your Offer

All right, let's talk about making an offer. What if no one wants what you're selling? Oh, that would be such a bummer, right? Hopefully the work that we've done to this point has made you a lot more confident that someone is gonna Not only someone but many people are going to want what you're selling. Do you guys feel a little bit more confident that people are gonna want what you're selling? Yes, in varying degrees of nodding. Well, the good news right is that we've already built this product to sell. We built this product to sell based on what you know about people. What people want to buy. That's huge. More good news is that you already know the 1st 10 to 20 people to buy it. You already know the 1st 10 to 20 people who will buy this product. I almost guarantee it. Michelle, do you know the 1st 10 people who would buy speak for impact the home study version coming up with? I bet you could. I bet you could, But you could. Natalie, do you know the 1st 10 people who would buy your cou...

rse and website theme? Oh, yeah. Even just yesterday checking my emails. I got so many people just messaging me about, like, when are you doing this? I want it. Like yesterday. Yeah. Melissa, do you know the 1st 10 people who would buy your product do accept that they're all in my membership community? Ah, well, not all of them. Yeah. No, no, I totally understand that challenge. Try selling e books to remember, Try sending E. Well, it's not try. I sell e books, but I give them all away for free to the people in my membership community. So my numbers of sales on E books do not look as magical as they could because I've already given 400 copies away. You know, I'm okay with that. I'm really glad our community is reading my books like, not a problem, but I totally understand where you're coming from. All right? Yeah. You probably already know the 1st 10 to 20 people who will buy your product. And this is your opportunity to make an offer to them that they've been waiting for you to make. That's the most important. That's the most exciting part. This is a quote from Paul Graham who's one of the co founders of Y Combinator, and he wrote a ness A on the things that start ups have to do that don't scale. We think so much about startups and scale, like getting as many users as possible. But the only way you can get as many users as possible is to do things that don't scale first. So, he wrote, startups take off because the founders make them take off the most common unsalable thing. Founders have to do it. The start is to recruit users manually. Nearly all startups have to. You can't wait for users to come to you. You have to go out and get them. This is another big misstep that I see people make in the product deliver of product development and then marketing process is that they build something. They put it out there, and when it doesn't sell, they assume it's a product that's flawed. Even worse, they think it's them that's flawed, and largely it's because they don't understand that when you build a new product, you have to go out and get the first set of customers for it. I'm sure there are some of you and I certainly have to have at the lucky experience of just getting people to buy right away. And that's great. But the most successful things I've done, I've gone out to find the first group of customers, and then I've developed it from there. So I am not going to teach you how to bring people into your sales offer. Right now, I'm going to teach you how to go out and get people for that offer. Okay? This is hugely important. Those people that you see out there launching huge program launches, you know, that are making tons of money because everyone's talking about their program. That is not where those programs started. Those programs started by their creators, going out and finding the 1st 10 people that would buy it seriously, I'm not kidding. You is very important. All right, so that brings us to step 10 which is make your offer. And to do this, we're gonna write an invitation instead of a sales letter. I love this small shift of what you're thinking about, because if you name 10 people or 20 people who should buy your product and who you think would want to buy your product. You don't need to write a sales letter. You don't need to write a sales page. What you need is an invitation, and you can think about that list of people to inform the way you write that invitation letter. So if you if you if you would like an example of an invitation instead of a sales letter, I put one. In my case study, I put the one that I use to convert 88% of the people that I reached out Teoh. You can find that at service to six figure launch dot com. Not only has that invitation letter in it, but it's got lots of other emails and black post that I used to sell that program and get that six figure launch for the first time. Yes, I love to also ask you about the class you have in the Creativelive catalogue. Yeah, market launch and sell your notes on how that might be related to what we're talking about. Eso There's another class. The class that I did last August is called Market Launch and sell your next big thing and it's the next step from this. So I talk a little bit about this process in in this course. But most of what I talked about in how to market launch and sell your next big thing is actually how to go out. And then you put your offer out there and bring the people into U S. So if you're looking for that step by step, if you want to know what kind of emails to send out if you want to see me build a sales page on the fly, which was super fun I did that with Sasha. I wrote a sales page in less than 60 minutes. That was really good. If I do say so myself, um, then that that's the course for you. And that's on sale right now. So thanks for bringing that up. All right, so let's talk about what you should actually put in your invitation. First of all, your before and after. The good news is, these are all things you've already done. You're gonna put your before and after in the sales in the invitation letter, you're gonna put in your key insight. Why is this gonna work when other? Our solutions haven't worked? You're gonna put in your hypothesis so that you can bring the before and after in the key insight together So you can talk about the why were the how behind your product and the results that it's gonna get for people. You want to talk about why you made this? If you're reaching out to people personally, they probably have a personal relationship with you already. And they care why you made this largely you made it for them. You were tired of them dealing with this problem. You were tired of them stumbling over this roadblock over and over again. You really wanted to see them reach this particular goal. Put that in your invitation, make that personal connection with them And then, of course, your offer and called action. Just because it's an invitation and not a sales page doesn't mean you don't have to say this is how much it costs. This is what you need to do next. If you want in, you absolutely have to add that as well. Now here's what I'm talking about. Don't launch people get really hung up on launching. If you're launching a brand new product, you're doing it wrong. You want you want to invite people to it. You want a hand, deliver those invitations to exactly the right people. So one thing that you can do first and foremost is to make a list of the 10 to 20 people that you want to invite because that's going to help you not only write the best invitation that you can, but it's gonna give you the blueprint of how you're going to get those sales. Because what are you going to do with the invitation? You're gonna send it to them, Or you gonna call them on the phone or you gonna set up a time to meet with them so that you can so they can present this offer to them and say, Hey, I made this for you. Here's why. Here's what I want to do for you. Here's why it's gonna work for you when other things have it. So don't launch hand. Deliver your invitation to exactly the right people. Alright. It's time for a hot seat and re create some magic. And we're going to actually create an invitation on the fly right now. Michelle, you are up. We are gonna get this puppy sold. I want $15,000 more in your bank account next week. That sound good. Yeah. Okay, so we're gonna I am picking for you. I don't know if this is what you were focused on before, but I'm gonna pick the speak for impact home study version. Okay, But I hope creating creating with the first group. Okay, Yes. So what's the before? So the before they're speaking for free. Okay. They're Toastmasters addicts. Great, like, yeah, They've been in Toastmasters for a while. They don't know how to get beyond the club. Okay, What else? One more thing. One more thing. I think it's too much information. Too much information. How it currently we're going back to the whole cramming it all in. Okay, so they're still not effective there? No. Effective with their massive. OK, so they know they're not effective. But there? Yeah. So they're doing things like, Oh, I have 20 minutes to speak. So here are my seven tips for success. So I have seen that. No, I said it. I know you have. I'm sure I've done it before. I mean, heck, I came up with 13 step for building your product three day. Yeah, I think I'm doing all right. Okay. What's the after look like the after is that they're landing their first speaking gig for the Toastmasters people. If they're speaking beyond the club like they're not okay. I want to say that they drop out of Toastmasters, but else, But, you know, they're able to, like leverage what they learned in Toastmasters Teoh, right? One message and speak beyond the club Teoh who they want to be speaking to, OK. And that they have a message that effectively meets where their audience is right in the moment and takes them where you want them to go. Is that important to them? I think what's important to them is that they are able to have developed some type of relationship. Okay, that How about a message that connects with the audience? Yeah. Are being remembered there. Yeah. There's a study that says 24 hours after a presentation, people forget 60 to 80% of what he said. Yeah, so they want to become a memorable speaker. Yeah, that's not more. It's not about more information, right? It's a lot less. Okay. So what's the key insight? Is that the key insight I don't think that's the key insight. No, the key and said I'm currently using for speak for impact is like putting the audience at the center of your presentations. You create transformation for them. But now I'm thinking about my change because for what did I write earlier? What's your fascination? Advantage? Maverick Leader, which is innovation in power and then I have trust is my third okay? I think the key insight might be something around goals like delivering a message that's goal oriented or action oriented. I think it's about action oriented and also delivering a message that is, I think one thing people struggle with is there's so many rules about speaking that they feel like they have to fit into while this is gonna sound like your sales pace, they feel like they have to fit into somebody else's formula a plan, but realizing that they can break those rules and and have their like, I don't see a unique voice, but be them be themselves, and I have to change who they are. No, no, um, I think so. I think that you're on the right track with putting the audience at the center but I think that that's not I don't think that's landing enough yet. Yeah, and I think it has. I think it comes back to What does it take to be a memorable speaker? I think it takes one clear message. So I call it your big idea of a big idea behind your presentations that the audience remembers so that they can basically spread it and use it. Okay, Because I always think if you turn your audience in tow, advocates for your message, you've done a phenomenal job. Okay? All right. So when you find your big idea, your audience can remember it. Spread it and use it returns you into a more memorable speaker, More of a thought leader. And it helps you land more gigs. Right? Okay. So Okay, so we're getting there. That's good. So, yes. So I feel like the we'll work it out when we're actually writing it, but I feel like the hypothesis is now it's kind of there. Now this I think I think this is it. Getting your audience to remember your big idea, spread it and use it so that you are a more memorable speaker. You're connecting more with the audience and your landing Additional gigs. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Um great. So why did you make this Trying to think of a nice way to say this. I made this because I There are so many bad presentations. There are people who have such great ideas on the way that they're like wrapping it up and packaging. It is absolutely terrible. And it's not doing any favours for them. Their expertise, their business and definitely no favors for the audience. Yeah, I'm tired of great ideas being lost in bad presentations. Exactly. That's exactly okay. Great. What's the offer? So the offer in my head, it's basically speak for impact, but kind of a six week program where we go stuff I stuff through it in more of, ah, group setting. I thought had this idea for like, they could form their own little idea posses, so I won't have to be involved with, like, developing their message for them. And then I could like, maybe have, like, a weekly call toe, see where they're getting stuck. And this is a big idea, Masterminds. I still want them to have some kind of speech or a redone version of their speed. Okay. All right. In a supportive powerhouse community. Yeah, cause I think this is also good for people who have been speaking for free a lot and have some type of talk already. Cool. So then, at the end of the program, you'll not only have your big idea, not only big idea, but a completed speech you can use to get your first paying gig or next. Hey, see, this also sets up the value like that sets up the like. OK, well, if I'm gonna get my first paying gig, I'm willing to pay more for this, right? And so it costs $1500. Yeah. How many people are going to take no more than time? Yeah. 10. Okay, 10 people on. What do you What do they need to do next? Do they just email you back? Do they need to call you? Do they need to apply? I think applying because I would like to have a conversation just to make sure that they're right. Because there are certain people who this would not be good for Yeah, So I would say when you're setting writing an invitation like this, you re selecting the people. You don't necessarily need them to apply. I think this is a good next step. You I would say the best for me. Anyway. The best next step would be emailed me back. If this is interesting to you, I'm pretty sure you're the perfect fit for this. But let's just hop on the phone quick and make sure that where you're at is gonna help you get the best results out of this program. Okay, Okay. Makes sense. All right. Um, tell me the first name of someone you have in mind or not. Make it up. But don't tell me that you're making it up. Okay. Um, Ellen, Dear Ellen, um, I've been thinking about you. I start off that way a lot because I really do that. Yeah. I am clients to get back in touch with me. Um, you know, after a year and I'm like, I've been thinking about you a lot and I mean it because I dio so, you know, if you if you haven't been, don't start off that way. But I dio I've been thinking about you and your emerging speaking career or your emerging speaking goals. I know you're addicted to Toastmasters e. You're addicted to Toastmasters, and you've been speaking for free. Um, and I know you've struggled with exactly what to say and what would stick. Okay. Okay, that's good. Now what? Um, so this is a little bit different than the normal format that I would use for a sales page, but I from this particular point, I would jump. Teoh, I'm tired of great ideas being lost in bad presentations. Okay, I'm gonna stop writing everything down. I'm tired of great ideas being last in bad presentations. I want to help you land your first speaking a paid gig really create a message that matters that create a message that truly connect with your audience and finally become memorable speaker. I know the way or the way that I do that with my one on one clients is to help them find their big idea so that their audience remembers it, spreads it and uses it. So I've I'm developing a six week program to develop your big idea in a supportive powerhouse community. Um, so that you don't just have your big idea at the end of that six weeks, but a completed speech for your first or your next paying gig. It's $1500. I'm gonna be co creating it with this first group so that I'm sure it answers all of your questions and get you the results that you want. It's limited to 10 people. If this is the kind of thing that you think would help you get to the next level and reach your goals, just email me back. Let's set up 15 minutes to talk and make sure it's the right fit. I'd love to have you in the group. It's very personable. It's very short. I mean, I don't know Ellen, but with this beast something akin to what you would write to Ellen. Oh, yeah, I'd probably change a few things like I know for her. She's like trying Teoh, step up to keynote speaker. Great intending breakout sessions forever. Got a perfect Yes, So you could You could adjust it person by person, or you might just include that, like if you do, you could do bullet points. You can copy and paste this. That's not that big a deal, but absolutely you could really you could really find tune it for people and get the exact right 10 people that way. Uh, yeah. How do you feel? Like you could send the sound. Yeah, I think that's great. And shorter than I would have ever. Yeah, because this is all you need, right? These people that you've written down This is all they need from you to figure out whether it's the right thing or not. And even if they just have an inkling that it could be the right thing or not, you've given them the opportunity to get on the phone with you. Yeah, right. So then you can answer any objections or, you know, you could figure out Oh, maybe this isn't the right thing for you, right? And so that creates a lot of trust. They're a swell Mm. Sound good. Awesome. Can you make it happen? Yes. And I have to go home and raise my one on one. You dio? Yeah, that's the first step. All right. Any questions about that? No, it's so simple. It is. Thank you. I over complicate everything. Yeah. No, that is not true. All right. So really quick. I want to hear from a couple of you. How Did you get your first sale, Bridget? Yeah, I did a mix of personal invitations to people that I worked with her. Some people, actually from quite parse origi. And then I sent that email out filled about half of it. And then I thought, You know what? I've had some email subscribers who've been, like following every word for five or six years. So I sorted within male chimp to my all star subscribers. And I invited that group one email. Excellent. And so between those I ran, my beta was evil Philip. Fantastic, Jennifer. How'd you get that? I pretty much did exactly this. This was like summer of 2010. I didn't do too specific people. I did it to my email list like Bridget did, but it was very personal and email me back if you're interested. And I sold 70 seeds in the course I first product eyes nice. This is so doable. This could put money in your pocket tomorrow and not just money in your pocket, but the opportunity to really impact more people than you've been impacting to this point. That's what this is all about. It's about creating a connection with a specific group of people that you've been waiting to get your hands on, all right, and it can put money in your pocket really fast, which is really cool. So your task your homework now is to write an invitation to 10 to 20 people for your product idea, which then gets you to the final step are not the final step. The almost final step. Step 11 deliver the value. That's the easy part. So enjoy it. It's not easy. Of course. There's a lot of hard work that goes, goes along with that as well. But I promise you, it is gonna be so enjoyable when your co creating this product alongside the people that you want to be working with it is so much fun. So enjoy it. All right, let's take a quick review of what we did in these lessons and lessons. 10 through 18 we outlined a process for building a product that resonates. We have a couple more steps to go with that. You research what your customers know right now and discovered how what you want to sell can fit right in. You tested your product with social media and content marketing you clearly and distinctly finally described what you have to offer. You created an invitation that resonated and a plan to make your 1st 10 sales. All the plan is is the list plus the invitation. That's it. That's the plan. It's very easy. Seriously, Tomorrow, do it. All right. In our final lessons, lessons through 27 you're going to create a process for gathering feedback from customers and using it to iterated, reposition or differentiate your product. You're gonna create a process for giving your customers the best experience possible. Bree Index gonna walk us through that we're gonna talk about on boarding and how you can really create a system out of that. You're gonna automate your lead generation process. The new customers are always coming your way, and then finally, you're gonna automate your sales process so that you can sit back and relax

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