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Edit, edit, edit

Lesson 25 from: SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy

Sarah Gordon

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25. Edit, edit, edit

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Edit, edit, edit

you've done your research, you've put pen to paper. Now the most important part is editing and in this chapter I'll share with you some easy techniques and helpful tools you can use to make sure your content is pitch perfect every time Ernest Hemingway famously said write drunk, edit sober and while not hugely useful to us when it comes to website content writing, he kind of had the right idea. Well you can let your creativity flow while writing. When it comes to editing, you need precision and a clear mind. So no mojitos the author, Zadie smith put it better. She said the secret to editing your work is simple. You need to become its reader instead of its writer and that's exactly what editing is so important when you're writing, you may feel you've included everything you need in a clear way. But when you go over it you can start to spot mistakes or at least places where you can make improvements. Try to edit in three stages to really Polish what you've written. I always put the conte...

nt aside for a while even overnight, so that when I read it again it is fresh and I'm more in the position of the reader, not the writer. Our questions answered, go through and make sure you have answered any doubts the reader may have. Did you explain each point clearly, have you shown the reader how you're solving their problem and why they should buy from you and not a competitor read it aloud, You won't believe how many errors or awkward turns of phrase you pick up when you read the content out loud. It's a great way to pick up when sentences are too long as well. If you lose the thread or get breathless, you need to add in punctuation Or simply chop up the sentence into one or 2 with full stops. The final check. This should be a quick once over for grammar and spelling. Remember search engines do take this into account when they're crawling your web pages as quality content with great grammar and spelling helps them consider you an authority. If you're worried about picking up those small errors, remember there are programs to help grandma lee is a program that helps with not just spelling but also with style and clarity helping you enhance your writing. Another app you could consider is the Hemingway up, which is also great at helping you keep sentences short and sharp. Remember copyrighting may feel solitary, but you're not alone, rope in a friend or family member to read what you've written. That fresh pair of eyes will give you ideas and perspective and your writing will be better for it

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