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Lesson 10 from: Manners @ The Table: A Modern Guide to Dining Etiquette

Daniel Post Senning

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10. Soup

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the manners for the soup course for eating soup are easy to remember because they're rooted in practicality. First of all, how do you eat soup correctly? Well, usually that means using a spoon. Of course, sometimes the Super Bowl will have little handles on it. That's an indication that it's okay to pick it up, but the vast majority of the time you're going to use a spoon to eat soup. So how do you use a spoon correctly? Well, it's not an airplane. You don't fly it into your mouth with handle pointing out away from you. Get off the side of a soup spoon. It was developed originally from a ladle, and we continue to use it that way to this day. Now what's another way? You might use a spoon incorrectly. Well, you don't suck or slurp soup off a spoon or poor soup off a spoon into your mouth. Open your mouth soup spoon. Go in, close your mouth. Whom comes out? Soup stays in. All right. So how do you get that soup into the spoon? To begin with? There's a little nursery rhyme that I've taught ...

Children that's helpful for remembering how to use a soup spoon correctly. You wanna dip away, drip away, tip away. What am I talking about here? When you're using that soup spoon to pick up suit, you want to scoop away from yourself. Oftentimes, there's a little drip on the bottom of that soup spoon that you need to clear off so it doesn't land in your lap, is you. Bring the spoon to your mouth. You can clear that drip off the side of the bowl that's away from you. And then finally, when it's time to eat that last delicious bite of soup, it's OK to tip your soup bowl, but you want to tip it away from yourself to do that. So dip away, clear the drip away and then tipped the bowl away from yourself. When you're eating soup, why is this so easy to remember? Because the whole point of this exercise is that you're not shoveling that food towards yourself and into your mouth in a way that it's likely to trip or spill all over you in the process. This can feel a little awkward, artificial if you've never tried it before, but once you've done it, a little bit will start to feel as natural and as easy as eating any other way

Ratings and Reviews

Michael Friesen

Daniel's course provides an excellent overview of the essentials of dining etiquette. The content is contemporary and reflects the more relaxed atmosphere that prevails in most dining situations today. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend looking to review the basics of dining etiquette.

Leela Biswas

Great, short class! It covers the basic strokes of table manners. I’d have liked to see more coverage of fork usage, especially with tricky foods like feathery salad greens and rice.

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