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Course Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Manners @ The Table: A Modern Guide to Dining Etiquette

Daniel Post Senning

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Lesson Info

1. Course Introduction

Lesson Info

Course Introduction

my name's Daniel Post sending and I'm here today to talk about dining etiquette. I'm an author and spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute and Emily Post was my great great grandmother. I think when many people think about etiquette or even about Emily Post, they think about table manners. They think about which worked to use or how to set the table. And this is definitely part of the dining tradition, a dining tradition that we all enjoy at the same time. There's so much more to it than that. Sharing food with other people is a really important experience that provides us a way to connect with others. It's important we enjoy our food. Definitely eating is something that we all enjoy, but really eating as a social experience. Sharing food with other people is something that's really significant. It's a meaningful, an important part of all of our lives. It's a really fundamentally important social ritual. So how do you share food with other people and enjoy it? Well, there are some pa...

rticular expectations that are useful to know and knowing those expectations, feeling confident and it ease with how you manage and navigate the table, particularly when you're eating out is a good way to feel confident and enjoy that experience. So today we're gonna talk about table manners. We're gonna talk about how to hold utensils and how to navigate the place setting even how to set a table. We're gonna look at manners for particular courses, for bread, for suit, for salads, for main course, and even for how to share a dessert. So join me. Hopefully, we're gonna enjoy the experience and the process of learning about table manners. And that's gonna give all of us the confidence to enjoy our next experience eating out and sharing food with other people all the more.

Ratings and Reviews

Michael Friesen

Daniel's course provides an excellent overview of the essentials of dining etiquette. The content is contemporary and reflects the more relaxed atmosphere that prevails in most dining situations today. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend looking to review the basics of dining etiquette.

Leela Biswas

Great, short class! It covers the basic strokes of table manners. I’d have liked to see more coverage of fork usage, especially with tricky foods like feathery salad greens and rice.

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