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Toasting and Alcohol

Lesson 8 from: Manners @ The Table: A Modern Guide to Dining Etiquette

Daniel Post Senning

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Lesson Info

8. Toasting and Alcohol

Lesson Info

Toasting and Alcohol

toasting. It's a great way to honor an occasion or honor someone at a meal. Now, when many people think about toasting, they think about weddings. But it doesn't need to be an occasion like a wedding. Toasting particularly informal toasting is a great way toe taken experience up a notch. Now, some thing that often comes up when you think about toasting is Do I need to be drinking alcohol to toast? You don't. In fact, there's never an expectation that you're drinking alcohol at a meal, particularly business situations. You're never expected to drink, and you never expected to explain your reasons for not drinking. If you do decide to drink, it's important to know your limits and stick to them. Remember, safety trumps etiquette. If there's ever a situation where you don't feel comfortable drinking or someone that you're with has had too much to drink, don't be shy. Don't be afraid to mention it, to figure out a way to get home safely. Now, having said that, let's talk about toasting just...

a little bit informal situations. Everyone's going to stand. The host is going to lead the toast. The guest of honor is going toe follow on, going to respond with a toast of their own. Everyone raises their glass, and the person who's being toasted doesn't drink informally. Everyone can stay seated, and anyone can lead an informal toast. Say that you want to propose a toast. Be sure that everyone has a drink in front of them. Hold your glass up. You don't need toe touch or clink glasses, but try to make eye contact with everybody before you drink. Saying this used to be an important part of formal dining situations. Newspapers used to publish the toast that were offered at public events today. It's just a great way toe taken occasion up a notch. I encourage you to give toasting a try at your next meal with friends and family, or even if you have people over to your home for dinner.

Ratings and Reviews

Michael Friesen

Daniel's course provides an excellent overview of the essentials of dining etiquette. The content is contemporary and reflects the more relaxed atmosphere that prevails in most dining situations today. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend looking to review the basics of dining etiquette.

Leela Biswas

Great, short class! It covers the basic strokes of table manners. I’d have liked to see more coverage of fork usage, especially with tricky foods like feathery salad greens and rice.

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