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Lesson 11 from: How To Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

Jared Platt

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11. Selfies

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Of course, everyone wants to take pictures of themselves. And so for that there to options. And one of the options is a self timer. So if you constrict your camera either on a shelf for on a tripod or something like that, you can always go into the camera itself. And right at the very top, there's a little thing that looks like a clock. You click on it and choose either a three second or a 12th timer, so that's the first option. And obviously the second option is to flip that camera around and take a picture of yourself. But selfies air just lonely pictures, So I'm gonna have someone come in. So, Aubrey, would you come in and make my selfie less lonely? Okay, so you'll notice that once we flip the camera around with that little camera with the with the recycling looking arrows on it, we now are using the front facing camera, which doesn't have to, and it's not as good a cameras the cameras on the back. But it's good enough for a selfie. So here we go. That's it. Take yourself a So reme...

mber we've given you a bunch of settings for getting the best possible exposures that you can also talked about finding great light and all of the different modes of cameras that you have inside of your IPhone camera app. So go out and play, have fun, look for a great light and remember, the best camera in the world is the one that's in your pocket, and this is generally always there, so have fun.

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a Creativelive Student

This is a fast and very effective course. The teacher is excellent with his great teaching skills. Really recommended!


This course was quick and full of very specific ways to use the iPhone 7 Plus and its abilities. I only own an iPhone 6 and still found this class useful. Even though I've taken thousands of images with my phone I STILL learned a couple things I didn't know. If you have questions about your iPhone camera I would absolutely recommend this course. Well worth the money.

Vincent SMINK

Great class, with all the basics you need to take good photo's. Some interesting extra's that I wasn't aware off! Just start here and then move on!

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